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  1. When I try to PM you it says " Legate of Mineta cannot receive messages. "
  2. Alpha Overlord


    Greetings. This question is directed towards Legate of Mineta. Is there any way I can E-mail you or PM you?
  3. It sounds to petty for me to say.
  4. This is getting disheartening.
  5. Do you have any information on what other tiers will be available before launch? Or perhaps when we will see them?
  6. Still got hope then. I do not care about the ingame currency, That can be bought. All I want is to start the game not feeling as though there is something that I need to complete my collection forever out of my reach for the rest of my ingame career. That is something that will keep me away from the game no matter how unique the game is or the fact there are none out there like it. I am glad to hear there is a chance I can still get my hands on the Art book at least. But my main concern comes from Exclusive outfits, Equipment and Themes. I do not see the backers being mad about them offering similar packs out of Kickstarter until the game hits Beta or release. Not to be rude but with 1200 backers I would think they would have done that from the start.
  7. Some what. Ever sense I found out about this game late and could not support it through Kickstarter I have been annoyed and frustrated. Why would they punish people that had no idea this project existence until after this Kickstarter? The type of game this is. Appealing to achievement hunters, Collectors, Completionits and the like. As one of those players this really bothers me. One thing I hate in almost all games is the idea of "Limited Time" Content. I understand they want to give a thank-you to those that back them. But as of right now this is the take away. "If you found this game by accident or by word of mouth in the 30 Day time frame then you will be rewarded. Other wise. Your a little less important. Oh but you can still spend $150 dollars if you like... still not as important." I so desperately want to play an English game like this. However if a rival game was to be released that I ketch in the Kickstarter phase or dos not have "Limited Time Content" Crap then I will jump ship without a second thought. Nothing drives me up a wall like a game that has "Limited Time" Content. I do not care about the Belles that will be available in a year. I am more concerned with the outfits, unique game theme, and art book. Most games will launch there own "Back to be rewarded" on there websites after the Kickstarter campaign, allowing new blood to not feel left out or late to the party.
  8. I see that there is still an option to back the game via PayPal. This gives me hope. Quick question: Dos that come with "Beta Testing Access?" as well as all the Items from the Kickstarter at the same Tier amount ($150?)
  9. I have been playing Panzer Walts, and have gotten a little into Kancolle, but not understanding the language dos slow things down a bit. As for anime, iv watched most of those mentioned above. Though I am move looking for a game rather then shows to watch. Thanks for the suggestions so far though folks! =)
  10. Not interested in a game that requires you to dedicate all you'r gaming time to it, or worse, you'r life. Though, I do admit iv see a LOT of art and doujinshi containing the characters and I find myself liking a few of them. How is the gameplay, what sub type is it? Whats to do in it?
  11. I am thinking about trying "Idol Wars Z" but not sure how long It will hold my interest,Not really a Huge mobile game fan. =/ the only game I play now and again on mobile is "Panzer Walts"
  12. Title pretty much says it all. Can you folks suggest games that people that are interested in VB would more then likely be interested in? I am primarily looking for games with pretty girls in, art style dos not matter as much however it would be nice if it was not pix-elated. Some type of management or progression would be nice as well. Thanks folks!
  13. Yes, getting the game to a playable state should be priority number one. I was just saying that at some point in time it would be a nice addition. Edit: I am sure this info exists somewhere, however it would be easier for me to simply ask it here. When is the target release date?
  14. Thank-you for the information, That makes me feel much better. In all honesty, the ONE thing that makes me quit games and leave projects are exclusive items. Not everyone can say "Oh, this game I play has a limited time THING I need to get to keep my OCD in check." to there bosses, spouse, duties, and what ever else life throws at you.
  15. First off, Greetings folks, I am new, Creeped on the forums for a few days then decided to post a few questions I had seeing as how for the most part the members that frequent this forum are mature and knowledgeable. Secondly, I know some people will get, triggered, with particular topics. I apologies ahead of time if you disagree with me or do not feel the same way. Victory Belles look fantastic and I can say for certain that I will lose countless hours in it. However If Kancolle did announce an English release, (or a western/global launch in general.) How do YOU think that would effect the support for this game? There are things that Kancolle has that this one currently from what is public knowledge dos not have. Such as "Loli" characters, Larger Selection of characters, and a "Moe" art style some people would prefer over the "Realistic" animated art style Victory Belles currently has. Another concern I have is that kick starter exclusive content will exist in game. For instance are there any Belles offered in the kick starter that can NOT be acquired in game? (Outfits do not count.) Because in my opinion part of the crowd that would be attracted to this game would be completionists,collectors, and achievement hunters. Part of that is getting ALL the things, Belles, outfits, weapons, etc. I am among them. Seeing as how I found this project recently I have no way to secure these items, and for everyone else that would feel this way as well. In my opinion, most things offered now a days in kick starters to some extent make players coming into the game/community/project later down the line feel left out, never able to ketch em all, or complete the collection. Something I hope that Victory belles dos differently is the combat. Id like to see a little more animation from the characters. No need to go overboard, but something more, something better then Kancolle. One thing I will say is if they do a good job on the story/campaign They will have a leg up on Kancolle. Thanks for reading folks, Have a good one!
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