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  1. Since DMNT talks about it so much: The seyuu of Scharnhorst does something "unnatural" to the vowels. But I only mention it, because we can't have the Spaniard be the only one nagging. Did her grandfather at least serve on Scharnhorst as well? Is that the criteria for every Synchronsprecherin? I believe in the game you DON'T see all the flags above in the start screen? Or at least can't choose them? The fleet selection screen looks good. But why is that fleet called "The ugly sisters"? Not a nice fleet name. And what do the cogwheel and globe next to the Walküren picture do? What about that German flag? Why is the German diplomatic penalty so high if you sweep the Bismarck Sea of all places? Actually most of the diplomatic gains and losses seem random. I totally like Polas attitude in battle. And how is it chosen who does the banter before every round? If Bulldog likes good explosions..... why not line up those British (post-)(super-)dreadnoughts and I can see what I can do about it. After the battle there is no cunning line by the MVP? Bummer. And it's not Oil that got salvaged, is it? Americans...... Murder looks interesting. And I see Hood is doing Hood things. OMG THE BOOKS!!! Every Walküre gets one? With so many chapters? And every nation gets not one, but multiple ones? ALTOBELLI! *lechz* Can not chosen starters be obtained in a running campaign? Now I hope you won't need as long as you did for the next video.
  2. Here you go. Enjoy a small text with a ~13Minute video on the side.
  3. I love this version of this song on so many levels..... well, just listen to it. I love it.
  4. @ArcticuKitsu Happy Canada Day to you then, too!
  5. Something is missing, oder?
  6. I like her colour, her culinary taste, but what is the thing under her Umbrella? Also 10 mystery points to @Panay's Ghost, whose guess was correct, while everyone else had BB fever..
  7. (second gameplay update pending) (beta pending.....) 😴
  8. So far I got two guesses right. And considering my assesments of them, I like them. So 5 German destroyers are already known to own a Walküre.
  9. Link to 141 Link to the Update 98 discussion
  10. Great art by Melissa again.
  11. So HMS Narcissist has entered the realm of Walküren. I don't like Achilles in the illiad and I don't like Achilles here. I mean, come on! Who names her pigeons after herself? And I'd argue the shield is too small, has weird shape and depicts the probably faulty Monticelli version in bronze. In fact I could use a conversation about the shield as a prime diversion for a many great things. I won't start it here. I hope the Telamonian will get a Walküre as well.
  12. I disagree. A very contemporary example is the popular term "Hartz IV" in comparison to the correct term "Leistungen nach dem Sozialgesetzbuch II - Grundsicherung für Arbeitssuchende". And the only part of German government to endorse "Walküren" promptly and officially would probably be the (Waffen-)SS and then maybe the ministry for propaganda and peoples education. So it is the political official term maybe, but you clearly underestimate the precision needed in bureaucratic terminology. Also it deters Allied intelligence from even attemtpting to read bureaucratic communications for fear of losing their own sanity. 😉 That said, "Walküre" is probably "Selbsterkennende spontane Erscheinung welche über Identifikation mit und lokale Bindung an ein bestimmtes Schiff verfügt", or "Selbsterkennende Schiffserscheinung" for short and practical, daily use. Such practice is common in Germany. My example above has "Arbeitslosengeld II" as official short version.
  13. >>If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know as soon as possible.<< - You called? SMS Schleswig-Holstein? Who died to restore the monarchy? 2tes Kaiserreich bestätigt, Vorbereitungen zum Kaisersalut laufen. ...... I would like to remind everyone at this point: The prefixes "KMS" or "DKM" were never used until after the war. And the correct prefix would be "DFS" anyways..... Strait of... where? *vanishes for a while in the maproom* Ah. Now I'm curious about the RCN report on the same incident. Also thanks for the flowers. If they raid Buenos Aires in the Americas, I suggest Rotterdam better braces itself. The Petroleumhaven from 1929 should've developed well in the last 10 years. I really don't like how the Nixe seems to hit civilians primarily in the opening week. I suppose small coastal villages and towns desert very quickly. Is there an evacuation plan in effect? On to the Elephant in the room: Apoandrasis. Since the report only talks about "irregularities" (plural) I take it quite literally. A phenomenon where the ship or parts of the ship evades the control of the human/male crew. Iirc it takes the -confused- Walküren some time to actually manifest aboard. So a word which can be translated as "doing/taking away from man/human" would be fitting. I doubt that the US authorities of all would accept the manifestation of female(!) gods(!!) among mortals. It's the first time I regret having no Graecum.... although I know only one school in and around Dortmund which would offer one. But as I understand it, elevating/forming a god into a human is anthropomorphism. Which would fit the manifestation of a Walküre much more closely. Anyways, the word can be translated much less literal. As von_Lipstig and DYM both showed. I'll add some grimmer possibilities. Be warned: In case the word "Apoandrasis" hasn't a fixed meaning in a text which could be found in 1939 in Germany, I suggest the Kriegsmarine either uses a latin expression like "Demasation" (literally a apoandrasis in latin) or finds a German word for it. "Spontane Selbstkontrolle" nur so als Beispiel. A curiosity that perfectly fits the narrative..... aaaand gives us someone else to blame.....Nos fortuna ridet. Was kann da schon schief gehen?
  14. So you know what to rewrite. It never actually came into effect, but everyone kinda agrees it's the base for national laws and otherwise whatever "Völkergewohnheitsrecht" means in english.: https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/ihl/INTRO/255?OpenDocument I'll stick to this: http://www.u-boote-online.de/krieg/prisenordnung/priseno/inhalt.php On a side note: Article 5 of the German prize law prohibits enacting prize law around Spitzbergen, Äalandislands, Korfu and Paros, on the Suez-Canal and 3 german nautical sea miles around the entry harbours to the Suez-Canal, even if the nations those areas belong to are at war with Germany. I assume the game portrays that correctly. 😜
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