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  1. Käpt'n Korky

    KS Update 127

    Well the Captain is talkactive for sure this time. Personally I would've liked a second Walküre better. And yes, I guess we now can assume that Z10 Hans Lody is in the game. Probably the worst "spy" boat in the game. A short overview over the namesake: Hans Lody was a able sailor, he got his cox patent in 1900, served in the imperial navy for one year and afterwards got his captains patent in 1904. Unable to get a captains post due to bad eyesight, he sailed as tour guide with ocean cruises mostly into the United States, which gave him excellent english skills, with reportedly american accent. This led him to offer himself as a spy at the outbreak of WW1. Due to overconfidence and bad prep he was discovered after only two days in England (but at least he got in) and personally revived the English tradition of executions in the tower of London after 167 years. He was the one executioned. I really like the revelations about Belfast nonetheless. Since she seems fond of C.S. Lewis after 1931 (his active conversion to the Church of England) and seeks a book of a member of the Orange Order/ Ord Oráisteach I jump to the conclusion she's a unionist. A question I raised in an earlier update. @TwoHeavens@Wellington99 As a German captain that puts her a notch higher on my "naughty" list than most ships of his majesty of England. I don't entirely get why Mr. Power is so very irish (his mother isn't as far as I could find), but also he is married since April 1939 to a french actress. So there's that. (Her first, french husband spoke fluent German btw.) Also by now the inbox of the KMM is flooded with letters demanding the person, body, head or ... other body parts of Mr. Wellington99. The rewards vary, but most of the letters come from various Irish militant groups and the unionist ones are rerouted to the British via the INPF as a sign of good faith. I guess their king will remind them what the HMS stands for. I also should get busier on the forum again I guess. And that's my new years resolution then.
  2. Käpt'n Korky

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    Can I request a special harbour?
  3. Käpt'n Korky

    A fan artist appears

    And that kids is how you get on Berias naughty list.
  4. Käpt'n Korky

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    They're at it again.
  5. Käpt'n Korky

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    Trust me, if they hadn't it would've been far worse than 95-0 in 2017. More like 200-0. The mens scoreboard is slightly different. All the more reason to cheer for them, right?
  6. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 125: Nevada and Dunkerque Belle Duo

    Yes, I want to know where exactly they take that money from. Option 1.
  7. Käpt'n Korky

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    Okay, can we all agree then to cheer for the ladies of the Royal Navy on May the 3rd 2019 to try to make their first win ever? And on May the 4th 2019, when the men play against the British Army and get ther long due win after 8 years not winning. Who cares about the Royal Air Force anyway? (The games are both on April 5th 2019) This was a PSA for @Wellington99
  8. Käpt'n Korky

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I know who you're after. Even TH smelled it instinctively. If they really put that possibility in...... if you'd raise me with your british crew..... I'd rather sink myself again. It's also true what he says about the spirit passing on. C/Köln, Karlsruhe and Brummer are out by this as well. But you know what they'd be perfect for, strictly storywise speaking? First Morganas to be encountered by the Royal Navy. Because they hate you but are also outdated..... but that's just me.
  9. Käpt'n Korky

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    I'm in the mood for Garbage. If you're not, don't open that spoiler.
  10. Käpt'n Korky

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    Since our british refs usually talk about it I initially thought of this handegg game. But oh, yeah that makes much more sense. @DrYuriMom That is an amazing commission. Pensa looks very cool. I was just confused about the skirt, but wikipedia solved that quickly. Thank you very much for that contribution. 😍
  11. Käpt'n Korky

    A fan artist appears

    @David J Congratulations! You won Leningrads eternal love and devotion. (the P.S. at the very bottom)
  12. Käpt'n Korky

    KS Update #124: On Destiny and Wrecks

    In other words all updates happen sometime in 1939, but before Sep 1st 1939. And in certain theories all at the same time. dun, dun, dun.....
  13. Käpt'n Korky

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    That was talked about and answered by Goeben alias Yavuz. Edit: I would like to know which U-Boot commander is the most favoured by the known U-Bootwalküren or if not favoured, the most inspiring? I believe the answer to that question could be useful to all captains.
  14. Käpt'n Korky

    KS Update 123

    The writers deserve a more qualified response than my vote. This is a really nice and beautiful piece of Text. I like it very much and read it with joy. The idea of a Walküren representative vote is very likeable and I hope Lebi won. It certainly would explain the state she's in. "WAAAAIL" - I'm pleased to see you can do this in english as well. I didn't know that. "Axum: But I know what it is to labor under leadership which does not speak for the good of all. " Am I the only one thinking of Benny M. reading this? "Aoba: I am not. But this is the flash before the powder ignites." - There's powder? Now that I've written it down I realise there certainly is powder. But what is the powder? "I-8: You’ll make sure we’re taken care of, won’t you, Kanchou? You won’t let her be the death of us all, will you?" - Jepp, definetively Lebi. "Hood: In the end, the number of votes I needed to push my candidate over the edge… was relatively small." - .... .... It was single cast, relative majority vote? Heh. (<- very much a laugh) Also I didn't see Hood coming as the Walküre disqualified. I had other Walküren on my mind to be honest. For the redacted one, my money is on Giulio Cesare. Now why I chose 2. It's obvious, really. Option 1 would've been a lie. Not even @Wellington99 voted 1. And he's british! Option 3 is a bit too fatalistic for my taste. Also, no. I want to hear every explanation. Option 4 can be figured out in other ways. If the Walküren refuse to tell me, I can ask the INPF. Option 2 on the other hand has all the things I like. Putting pressure on a HMS, cornering her and personal satisfaction. German (*snicker*) down here:
  15. Käpt'n Korky

    KS Update 123

    I vote 2