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  1. The Updates, especially the Letters, are out of Continuity. And you just shift the question completely over to "how they acuired the skill". And there is a clear law about.... nevermind. Also I think it's safe to say, you're a cinema owner, von_Lipstig, because with the sheer amounts of popcorn you consume in this forum, there is no other way.
  2. This is a mean one, but I write on a piece of fanfic and I suddenly ran into it: Can Walküren write and read? If they posses the name of a human, I think the answer is yes. If they posses a city name, the answer is probably yes as well, but what if they are named after something related to the weather? Like thunder or winds or after animals or landscapes? And from the can Walküren write Question I can easily go to a lot of skills which have to be learned manually usually. Where do they get those skills from, if they can't inherit it with their names memory? And if they "observed" the crew before the awakening, how does this "observing" work. Can say observe everything happening on the ship? This question may have an embarassing answer, so I put it here and not into lore questions. I don't want to put any of the ladies in the awkward position of having to answer it. I hope the Legate can give an answer to it. And if it gets "elevated" as lore question: It's totally on the Admiralty, the INPF or whoever made that decision then.
  3. There was a french-thai war inside the second World War? I so have to look that one up. Thank you @Panay's Ghost for tipping me off on this.
  4. Brilliant work. I love it.
  5. Damn 12th of 1945 was intense....
  6. option 3 would be reasonable I guess.... But for reasons, I vote Option 2.
  7. Please see for yourself, if you dare. VS
  8. I've retold this piece of gold several times now to germans of various personal backgrounds. Even those with very little english capacity laugh about it. Bonuspoints: It may be a british classic, but no one has told it to us. (Don't mention the war, eh?)
  9. Somehow U-29 snuck into the fleet of my heart. This update just cements her status. Okay, so we have two Walküren, a lot of mystery and us in a Dingi.* Just for fun I'll comment on U-29 proposals. Jews: Nah, same as the Illuminati, but for more obvious reasons. They need open seas to escape on the one hand and to keep a scattered community together on the other. Illuminati: Yeah, she's right. It's likely they even start supporting the INPF, so watch out fellow captains. Aliens: I firmly believe the Walküren/Nixen situation has terrestrial sources and reasons. Some of the problems with the alien theory are addressed by U-29 and Belfast, but I'd also like to add that both seem to be bound to completely human technology. "The lonely fisherman": It runs against all my beliefs to grant one lonely fisherman and the demon/devil/spirit he makes a pact with such great power as to cover the whole eartch. One flying dutchman? Yes. Hundreds of them, simultaniously with "good" counterparts? No. The Ragnarök/Apocalypse: My money is on this one. The time has come where the forces of the light have to fight the forces of the dark. The reason though is unclear, since it's only at sea it seems. Maybe the creatures drowned to Niflheim have some reason to rebel against Midgard. I'll take the Mist as a hint towards that theory. Maybe we're just witnesses of a marital quarrel between the host and the robber. To check that theory I know where my first adventures will guide me, if possible. The tortured ship which only remembers it's last terrible feeling would fit nicely here, for the Nixen. And since OKM calls them Walküren and Nixen I think, they too lean to that theory. Ancient civilization: Hm, that theory also has it's charms. And I wouldn't dismiss it right away, but something very old, human made or inside the earth itself had to be "disturbed" to unleash such power/force/magic so suddenly. So yeah, that's my approach. About the two lovely Walküren in the Update I have to say, Belfast displays quite a developement here. From suspecting U-29 to be an evil witch to taking quite a liking in her. And I can't blame her for the latter. U-29 is simply the coolest Walküre around. Now about some bits those two dropped in the conversation. The Malleus Maleficarum, or "Hexenhammer" as we call it in Germany, is well known, since you get taught about it in school. At least where I live. And its use is certainly not without risk, since Belfast herself as a being could easily be called a witch, considering what a Walküre is capable of. If I ever get to meet Blefast in person, I guess I'll better have some Groschenromane for her to read. Either to gain her favour, keep her distracted and busy or both. "They started out damaged. They're getting stronger...." .... Uh-Oh... well I guess one more objective: Keep them away from resources. I guess Scapa Flow could be a more interesting harbour than others..... U-29 corresponds with Freud? That Freud? Well.... the story how she manages that communication, circumventing a lot of intelligence service counter measures of several services..... Now I'm curious. Also some of the SS now probably want to join Belfast in executing Hexenhammer procedures on U-29. Freud is a jew. I think U-29 jumping on the Atlantis trail of clues is partly because she would love that one to be true the most. So, finally, the German: *Dingi, not Dinghy is the german diction of that word.
  10. It's more the oddity of the news, that made me post it. Of course a few uninhibited square meters are irrelevant. But maybe it IS relevant, because in the past there were wars about less. And today two countries, who fought each other in the past even, since one claimed the other at least partially, just decide it's okay. No shots, no heated discussion, no annexation needed like i.e. in the crimea. So yeah, if I think about it I think it's damn relevant.
  11. Well not naval per se... but since dutch is playable to some..... I present you this Anschluss..... I mean ansluit. @Metis https://www.nu.nl/algemeen/4281916/nederland-krijgt-stuk-belgisch-grondgebied.html Comprehension, the Kingdom of the Netherlands got a piece of land from the Kingdom of Belgium (aka dutch south provinces or Bundsland Lüttich. ) along the Maas river, because they decided the Maas river to be the border, but both sides moved land around and the river shifted its flow, so they corrected the border.
  12. Hitler wasn't all bad. At least he killed Hitler.
  13. Guten Tag meine lieben Mitkapitäne! (Oh hey, I DID see you there. Blue text means english. Just look for it.) Da ich im Moment wenig zu tun habe und ich ein wenig gelangweilt, habe ich mir einen Test ausgedacht für alle die überlegen als Deutschland zu spielen. Der "Test" ist natürlich nur Spaß und völlig subjektiv und bitte nicht ernst nehmen. Und ich habe versucht ihn jugendfrei zu halten. Meiner Meinung nach ist mir das gelungen. Wem etwas auffällt, bitte melden. Achja, der Test ist auch so politisch korrekt wie es mir möglich erschien, damit auch alle die einfach nur Schiffmädchen sammeln wollen und denken, dass Deutschland einfach nur aus technischen oder ästhetischen Gründen die beste Nation ist, mitmachen können. Geschichte und Geographie sollte man trotzdem kennen. Ich habe versucht einen maritimen Bezug zu finden, soweit es mir als eingefleischter Landratte möglich war. Und jetzt viel Erfolg! Die Antworten sind immer im Spoiler. Wem etwas an den Antworten auffällt auch bitte melden. Achja und wer irgendetwas nachschlägt nachdem die erste Frage gelesen wurde schummelt und darf den Post nicht mehr lesen. Ätsch! 1. Warum liegt Ostfriesland im Westen von Deutschland? 2. Nenne drei unterschiedliche deutsche Kaisernamen. (Unterschiedliche! Hans I., Hans II. und Hans III. zählt nicht.) 3. Nenne drei deutsche Admirale von vor 1935. (Ja, prominente Flottenführer, z.B. der Hamburger oder Lübecker Flotte, vor 1871 zählen auch. Die "Lösung" ist willkürlich und nur exemplarisch.) 4. Nenne drei Flüsse die in Deutschland, im Jahr 1935, ins Meer fließen. 5. Was sind die freien Städte 1935? 6. Nenne drei deutsche Länder. 7. Nenne zwei deutsche Militärhäfen die 1935 in Betrieb sind. 8. Welches ist das größte deutsche Kriegsschiff 1935? 9. Nenne drei deutsche Fußballvereine! (Nur Gauligenteilnehmer zwischen 1933/34 und 1938/39) Bonuspunkt, wenn du einen Lieblingsverein hast (was vermutlich mindestens zwei Walküren auch haben werden). Auswertung: I made up a test for all those who ponder to Germany as a nation they’d like to play. The "test" is of course just fun and totally subjective and please do not take it seriously. And I tried to keep it totally sfw, political correct, rated E for Everybody and all that stuff. In my opinion, I succeeded. If you notice something, please contact me. The test is no test of mind or "Nazitest", all of you who just want to collect shipgirls and think that Germany is, just for technical or aesthetic reasons, the best nation can join. You should still know history and geography. I tried to find naval related Germany questions, as far as I was able to as a true landlubber. And now much success! The answers are always in the spoiler. If you notice something about the answers, please report as well. Oh and anyone who looks up something after the first question has been read cheats and may no longer read the post. Yah! 0. In case you are Wellington99, Everyone else, since you can’t speak proper German, you’ll start with -1 point. Die Befehlssprache ist Deutsch. 1. Why is East-Frisia in the west of Germany? 2. Name three different German Kaiser names. (Different ones! Hans I., Hans II. and Hans III. Does NOT count.) 3. Name three German admirals from before 1935. (Yes, prominent fleet leaders from before 1871, such as of the Hamburg or Lübeck fleet do count. The answers are arbitrary and only examples.) 4. Name three rivers that flow into the sea in Germany in 1935. 5. What are the free cities in 1935? 6. Name three German states of 1935. 7. Name two German military ports operative in 1935. 8. Which is the largest German warship in 1935? 9. Name three German football clubs! (Only Gauliga participants between 1933/34 and 1937/38) Bonus point if you have a favorite club (At least two Walküren will probably have one as well). Evaluation:
  14. Very interesting thread. Alas, I'd be more interested in Royal Navy slang. And german naval slang I could only find in german. Here, here and here.