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  1. Käpt'n Korky


    I put it here as a rare example of lower German. We even got it teached in school, because our half-polish music teacher wanted to preserve lower German in some of us. And don't be irritated by the pseudo medieval sound. The song is much younger. Probably 17XX's. And strictly speaking it's a tiny bit amorale for puritanic people.
  2. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 122: Fleet Problem Onepointfive y'all

    I think I understand now. right before Spee fires on Lexington, Kirov misses a shot on Henley. So it actually might be Kirov reacting, while Spee not waiting and returning fire. Very German. We're here to fight, not to chat.
  3. Compare the first one and the second one
  4. Käpt'n Korky

    A fan artist appears

    @datupsmash88 Welcome back, sir. XD
  5. Käpt'n Korky

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    As we say in my hometown, Guckst du hier:
  6. Käpt'n Korky

    A fan artist appears

    You spoil us, Mr J.
  7. Käpt'n Korky

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    Wha....how? I just rewatched it after reading your post and now I can understand it perfectly. Before I heard something like "Nimm das!" (I heard "Nims", to be precise). How in Äsirs name..... nevermind. Additionally I would like to applaud the voice acting, especially the Graf Spee one, for a job well done. I really enjoyed the update, despite my nagging above. And I look forward to the night battle. With flares and lights etc. Maybe we even get to see a new Walküre again. :3 For me having stereotypical silhouettes of the ships helps me to quicker recognize and organize unfamiliar ships. And then those X's could always stay in the same place and also help me with localizing damage, if I missed the text popping up. I still have some questions. Explicitly not nagging. I really don't get it. 1. Why is there still a dogfight after Kaga is sunk? 2. What do the little pennants with the roman numerals on the side represent? 3. Water in the portrait means flooding, fire means, well fire, but what does a partially broken glass mean? 4. Why did Nautilus surface? 5. Why did Fubukis fire still grow after her death?
  8. Käpt'n Korky

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    I second all of the above and add Exeter and Rawalpindi to the list. Also I would like to remind my fellow captains that voting italian ships for night battles is committing cruelty to bella Belles in case crew training weighs into the simulation historically correct. The Italians had next to none night battle training iirc. @Ninjapacman; you asked: "1) Will there be an option for subtitles? A lot of players might want to know what the non-English-speaking belles are saying. " My proposal is you learn the languages. Life doesn't provide subtitles. You should also give it a weeks time with the video, Pac. You wrote further: " My beloved Spee stands at the top of excellent voices, and so far I think the German fanbase agrees that she was done very well " Do I have to congratulate on your new citizenship? And if she was done so well, what does she say at 4:55 in the video while firing? I can't make sense of it, no matter how hard I listen. Can you help me out, oh most honourable @Legate of Mineta? And one other criticism is regarding the death of a Walküre. In Spees and Kagas case they died, but were denied their last words, because some other Walküre was allowed to talk. And when Nawlins and Kirov died simultaniously, only Kirov got to say her last words. I would like it better if "last words" were enforced by the script. Since the Marmara scenario didn't show Goeben, I now expect her in a secenario at the Solomon Sea.
  9. Käpt'n Korky

    Seasonal Belles Commission

    That is a very impressive artwork. I absolutely love it.
  10. Käpt'n Korky

    KS Update ~120

    I assume DYMs boots are clean now.
  11. Käpt'n Korky

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    Since there is no fleet problem this week, I have an alternative demand!
  12. Käpt'n Korky

    KS Update ~120

    Sikder lan, kaptan. I suspect @DrYuriMom behind that nationality bug. Hm, 4/4 ships only appear in Shiroganes proposed fleet fight. I guess I know who got the honour of the first Fleet Problem. That would also mean a happy pac. ?
  13. Käpt'n Korky

    World War 2 In Real Time

    Here they explain why they started now.
  14. Käpt'n Korky

    World War 2 In Real Time

    I like the cliffhanger of Episode 007 and Mr. Neidell called the beautiful sisters "battleships". As he should.