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  1. I still suspect Portugal to be the reason for the red uniform.
  2. I have to correct myself on one thing: My morale will not only be heighted by gameplay footage. What I meant to write was ingame footage. Like a remodeled Mainscreen (Hangar?), some talk about design choices. Nothing big. Just screenshots. I would like to start giving feedback on the game itself. Because we have all now seen plenty of stories and lore (a bit too much for my exploring heart). Y'know some teasing on the game side. Not only the lore side. I would like some Walküren rambling about the Hangar, or the R&D or the whatever other areas you have designated. You are like the parents who talk about the baby, but never show pictures. But this part of the audience would like some pics to go with the stories very much. (Okay you showed pics, but that was a while ago. A long while.)
  3. Maybe it's just me, but the first thought the moment I opened the Update was: Please tell me your authors haven't written in a Muttertagsszenario for Germany, oh most honourable @Legate of Mineta. A game in which Mutterkreuze are handed out to Walküren could steer into very, very, very heavy seas! Wow, 15 ships ain't it? Wow.... I imagine some might be really tough to get for non USN captains. I have a really tough time deciding. Okay. Option 1 seems logical, because if I, or anyone I know, heats up the Grill we use all the meat. Nothing excluding, so everyone gets their favourite. I have also no idea what's so special about Memphis, Kansas or Texan BBQ (Opt 2, 5 and "7"). Or in other words: WTF are they chinwagging 'boot? Option 4 is also strange to me, because why ... ? Why did the captain never eat grilled pork steak? Isn't it normal? It looks like the most boring option of all to me. Option 3 is.... well reasonable, but I personally don't like seafood, let alone an entire BBQ with seafood only. And my biggest issue as a German player: One does not BBQ on mother's day. That's what father's day is for. (And I had to look it up, but it too is an official holiday in 1939. And funny enough is celebrated the way it is celebrated today since the late 19th century.) But back to the american* BBQ issue: I vote in lack of a better option, Option 1. Because if you say all the meat, I consider it all the meat. Which includes ribs and whatever the others throw on it, in which sauce they prefer imho. Also Boise is cognisant. And to me that matters too. Now this really real spoiler about the [Redacted] Walküren: *See, I totally recognised it and didn't start to whine about the lack of Bratwurst.
  4. Only one question here: Who put Diether von Roeder in charge? And I pity that poor little plane.....
  5. The undivided attention of the Royal Navy? You peeps.
  6. This update gave me the urge to touch turrets. Especially English ones. Very especially the "lucky" Mk XVI, if I ever get Belfast into my fleet. And I do know how we do things in Germany. Also Gneisenau would never break the Gentleman's Agreement. That's what Scharnhorst is for. Good Walküre, bad Walküre. "Stupor Teutonicus" .... I have to admit I was confused about "Lucan" reference. In my mind "De bello civili" written by Julius Cesar popped up. And the shortening of Lucanus threw me further off. Also every German who had Latin in school, or payed attention in history class would get at least the intention of that pun. "It would be wise to keep such an ability secret from us, though." - See? Good Walküre. ""Complete and utter madmen." Is that compatible with strict discipline?" - If it's conditioned. Just don't break it. But if you break it make sure to put the broken human resource out of its misery after it served the purpose you broke it for. "One of the things that Zurich streamlines..." - Zurich? Or Zürich? What did I miss? Are there some "Zurich Accords" in place? Last time I checked the LoN (VB) and the meetings of it to form the INPF (ISSF) were held in Geneva/Genf. "Home nation" might be a very interesting concept if you're on a vessel of the Empire or la République. And what about the Phillippines? And then we tap into the juicy subject of "ex-pats" in the form of ethnic minorities. Or the question who to Anschluss if you run out of people of your "home nation". *looks at Denmark* "There are countries that might reasonably sneer at British cuisine. I'm not sure Germany is among them." - First of all I never heard someone really complain about German cuisine as a whole. Just snoop around and you'll find something you regard as tasty. And more importantly this quote shows the point of Gneisenau calling Belfast insecure proven. Gneis was referring to the warcrime of sending a crew made up entirely of non-combatants into battle, natürlich. Please check the Hague Conventions for further reference. I totally like how Gneisenau deflects the concern about espionage to the topic of sabotage. "Pff. So much for the Deuxième Bureau." - I encourage anyone not familiar with them to look them up. They're the tragic figure of the WWII spy game. "Now, of course, I am 'neutral' and we're all such good friends." - Yes we are, aren't we? *decaps a bottle of totally not poisoned beer for everyone reading this* "If someone wearing our colours does something meant to cause us harm, we're on the scene immediately." - But what if someone doesn't wear your colours? I hope you feel it too. "Information, in terms of technical specifications, ship capabilities, port intelligence, mine fields and the like, we do not have direct control over." - So IJN captain on USN ship would've to have access to those informations anyhow if you think about it. "That certainly won't prevent a Captain of a different nationality using us in ways not intended, or for propaganda purposes. I'm certain you won't lead us into that unpleasantly sticky situation, will you, Kapitän?" - Sure. I'll just park the HMShips outside Helgoland before I enter Wilhelmshafen and send them a postcard and a supplyship. "It was decided at Zurich was that you would intern yourself if the INPF dissolves and the War continues. You will have seen too much, and your presence on one side or another might confound the natural loyalties of the Walküren." - Zurich again. Also... yeah.... sure....I'd intern... myself. *coughs* Totally unrelated, but what do you all think would be a required size of a Walkürenfleet to carry out doing..... "rogue" is such a nasty word.... voluntary security work on our own before we intern ourselves? Also who speaks fluently portugese? *looks @Gerrion* I heard Brazil is lovely any time of the year. "Assuming they're not just shot." - She talks about barbaric Soviets and brute French, natürlich. No one who commanded a German ship would be shot. At least not immediately. Also you would be an officer POW. ... So nothing to fear. Unless you meet other... criteria as well, I suppose. Maybe. Just don't worry. But on a broader view of the last topic: I wonder if there is a possibility ingame for the INPF to dissolve if you don't support the INPF goals at all. Or at least to be kicked out of it. I noticed a lot of very proper German. Very nice. A round of hugs and cookies for the author(s). " Love, Belfast" -
  7. @Panay's Ghost Well it seems like a selection which almost exclusively features sources who leave no doubt about an U-Boot attack (U-30). But the link provided me with a transcript of a seemingly complete speech of Goebbels, which is something I haven't read often even in German.
  8. Has anyone by chance some US press articles from October 1939 about the Athenia incident. I ask because the entry here on the right page: https://archive.org/stream/wardiarygermanna21939germ#page/118/mode/2up
  9. Today (or was it yesterday) marks the release of a game some in the VB community talked about on the discord as a way to pass time until VB will finally launch in all its glory. Now here is the setback: At least two of us can't get it downloaded or up and running, because the publisher announced a "global" release, but it seems only english native countries were meant. So here's my question, oh most honourable Legate, will VB have a real global launch or do some parts of the world get it earlier, some later and a few never?
  10. Has anyone more info about this USN related stuff? https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20180507_03/ *looks @TwoHeavens *
  11. 1) Dang, I honestly forgot about those. Right.... now I look forward to them. Fleet exercises! scrutineer of the supernatural = "Überprüferin des Übernatürlichen" I like it. You even keep your disrupted alliteration, and it's even with an Umlaut. So lets stick with the one U-29 provides. superstition disprover becomes "Aberglaubenwiderlegerin" btw. Nice long German stackword. @Shirogane I didn't mention the baltics, because some don't regard them as slavic. Especially the Estonians. So I stayed clear of them. You write "were left to the Soviet mariners and navy", so they could actually be aboard Soviet ships in the game I guess. I think giving the Soviet Union random communist units popping up in the harbour would be accurate since at the time communists were fleeing from all over the world to Moscow. And about the communist Polish navy...... yeah I can imagine how that went. The communist German navy was officially formed 9 years later in 1956.
  12. First things first: Option 2 for me. Option 1 and 3 will or can happen in other ways. But if we don't choose 2 we will never know. First off, apologies to bother you again. However your posts are always very interesting and conversations with you very productive. But I notice a lack of popcorn lately..... Sancta Walburga is indeed a catholic saint. More about it in my nagging spoiler. Well '39 has 4 months left at game start. Slavic states at shores close to soviet harbours are: Soviet republic of Russia, Soviet republic of the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland.... kinda. Polish communists I'd guess? Shiro would be suited to scrutinise this specific topic. In addition Italy occupies the adriatic coast of the local slowenes, so they can have such a ship as well. *looks at Pola* Since you're kind of our russian forum tale, I'm genuinely happy to see you happy.... or do I misread that emoji? Times are already desperate for the CCCP. They have the emergency already in '39, so why not? I'd argue Soviet ships are the most likely to start recruiting female sailors. "BCS" commented in the KS comments on April 13 among other things: The Team is working on completing the integration of the Battle Engine, and that’s planned to be the next Gameplay Update the Team will hold. We want to show what that is, prior any feedback from Beta. and After that will come the work to integrate into the new backend the rest of the game- Story, Crafting and the like. And then, the Beta. We’ll take it step by step, so we’re sure of what we’re delivering at each point, but at least Gameplay Updates will probably be more frequent since those sections are significantly less complex. But in the actual update it changed to this: After completing the Battle Engine, the various other pieces of the meta game will be reassembled with the new backend. Apart from Research/Production, we don't expect these to be significant in complexity or time, and intend on showing each as they are completed. - I guess this overrides the April 13 comment bits cited above? Because the battle engine is still not done. I suggest you show something gameplay related within a fortnight or, if I read the air in some parts of the community correctly, a mutiny will happen. And if it's only screenshots. The CA thirsts for blo... I mean glimpses of gameplay. And why do you update a [redacted] piece of information? I honestly don't get it. An implication of this is that certain aircraft, which could have dual roles, now appear in two different variants. - I hope you don't have to acquire them separately. That's the same time we'll share with you the first of the Fleet Problems. - New Update format? Can you explain it a bit, most honourable Legate? The solutions are, of course, explosive. - Sun Zu teaches to use the power of fire (including explosions) as frequent as possible. --- So much for the development update on to the Walküren at hand and what they talk about. Voykov feeling "akin to happy" seeing the captain.... generalised it gives you a sense of the gravity of the impact the right captain has on any Walküre emotionally. I'm already happy with the performance of U-29. And this update made me even happier. U-29: You are wondering why I am aboard, of course. - No, I just wonder what mysteries you're after this time. I have trouble with this part of the text: U-29: I see someone is as talkative as ever.Captain: I wouldn’t give a Belle grief aboard her own ship.U-29: You constantly give Belles grief aboard their own ships. - Why grief? I can't seem to find a meaning of grief which makes sense in my mind here. And yes I checked not only three english-german dictionaries, but the Oxford Dictionary online as well. So I'd be thankful if someone could help me out here. Voykov: It should be safe for us to speak here. Kapitan, it’s good that you’re here as well. My apologies for not discussing this matter with you earlier. I did not wish to concern you. - Now a non-soviet or non-german or a non-well-informed-italian captain might wonder for a moment why a German Walküre gets summoned by a Soviet Walküre. But don't worry it's fine. It's pretty historically accurate in fact for '39, even if a Sherlock Holmes like HMS exists ingame. I'd argue. Voykov: A majority of my crew is Slavic in origin. And many of them have brought with them certain superstitions… which they’ve been using to explain our recent unlucky events. - Makes me wonder if "superstition" might be a crew stat ingame, affecting morale. U-29: I prefer scrutineer of the supernatural. - Opportunity for awesome german jobtitle missed, I'd say. Schade. Captain: Oh, good grief. - Is it you Charlie Brown? Ah, wait. Wasn't around until '47. Voykov: The second creature is known as Likho. She can appear as a one-eyed goblin or an old woman dressed in black. She’s known for spreading misfortune wherever she goes.Voykov: Some of my crew swears they’ve seen a Likho-like figure with their own eyes, floating through the night these last few weeks, moaning over her wretched misfortunes.U-29: Kapitän?Captain: Yes, U-29?U-29: Did you put Leberecht Maass back on nightwatch?Captain: … Maaaybe.Voykov: … U-29: … - I laughed very hard here. But on second thought it insults Lebi so much it infuriates me. Overthinking it further so this Duo requires Lebi and Leningrad as well? Because how else could you know that stuff with Baba Yaga about Leningrad and are able to put Lebi on nightwatch. And also have acquired a Walküre who was at one point disguised as a Morgana (when recruiting her or under your command). Because the captain has experience of that kind according to the Rusalki segment (yay, a new alternative name for Morganas...well i noticed it for the first time now). Furthermore the name "Morgana" has to be in use long enough for the Nixen to notice, like and adopt it. And "Vanity" sounds like a possible Nixe to me. ^^" Voykov: I want to believe that. I do. But I feel uneasy. I can't explain it well. - Option 4: I recommend more frequent drills and physical labour. This update convinced me for U-29 to be my Seelenschiff. (The german "Seelentier" translates into spirit animal iirc. In this case I use it with ship, not animal) I also enjoyed to learn a bit more slavic myths since I only knew about Baba Yaga and Koschtschei*, the deadless. Okay, sooo.... sailor going over board = hunted a seagull... or is so embarrased she made up something (less) stupid. And the insomnia was probably because Lebi was part of the nightwatch, which indeed would raise the alarm level for all the other night watches and could lead to insomnia for some worry-heads. Buuut..... why did the food spoil early? A captain should have a serious talk with his cook. They waste precious life in pursuit of transitory pleasure, but, sadly, they do not understand the deeper self-deception that prevents this abnegation from becoming praiseworthy. - What makes Voykov so sure about it? *German transscription Talking about German transscriptions.....(nagging hides here): The amount of text in this post is only a testimony of how much I liked it.
  13. re is an additional one. But as the author states at the end: It's only about politics and economy. If you look closely you can find the reason why Germany went down hard, harder, the hardest in 1929. If I find a video about the blooming culture in the "Golden Weimar Age" I make sure to link it here as well. Also I got at least one video on the cinematic side of culture:
  14. A very special ship began its journey: The nuclear power plant ship "Akademik Lomonossow" It left Petrograd for Murmansk, where it will receive nuclear fuel. Since the ship is not self propelled, it will be towed the whole way to Murmansk and then further east to Pewek in far east Russia to replace a land based nuclear power plant scheduled for shutdown. This german article has an actual photo of the ship. (slightly different from the concept art in the article above)
  15. Have an nice day.