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  1. Nice tins. And waaay too much nuts for my taste. But let's not start that conversation, because it could compromise "family secrets". Let's just say I will not mainly rely on Nürnberg for my Lebkuchen supply. But she definitively has objectively one of the top 3 Lebkuchen supplies in the Reich..... and another revealed Walküre has probably the worst, but that's subjective. I know people loving her over-sweetened, texture-less .....brown blobs. I don't. A Lebkuchen needs character and with my favourites.... I can probably shoot holes into a Nixe. .... Actually now I have to run a projectile design through Hannahs workshop..... gaaah! I have to look up the caliber.....
  2. I'm really curious now, so if there are pics: I'm interested.
  3. New York, huh? Sure it's not Lekach he sends? I have no doubt there is something resembling Lebkuchen in edible quality available in New York and imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
  4. Now here is a lively thread. I don't get the two startled and one happy cook thing. Apart from that nice update. Good to see Wichita getting a treat for a change. Good thing only 25% of EU citizens use iOS on their mobile devices. Even less on their other gaming hardware. #yankiiproblems *gets a broom and swings it over his various caches* If you want proper Lebkuchen this year, you can find me on the VB discord to discuss a care package. Just saying.
  5. Direct matches: Nevada 4-5 Arizona after penalty shoot out, Arizona kicked Nevada out of the playoffs after Nevada and Arizona were #1&2 in the USL 2020 Western Conference table. Saguenay 2-3 Lexington Takao 2-2 Kaga Kaga 4-2 Nagato Kaga 0-1 Tenryuu INPF 1: Chiyoda takes off with 4 matches in which she "only" manages 6/12 points, but she's so far ahead at the moment, she can do whatever she wants. For now. Belfast actually made it better with 9/12 and the beautiful oddity because of her special treatment, of losing to and beating the same club in one week with both her teams. Arizona won twice, keeping her match advantage over Lex who managed to do the same. LMP and Hood also did well, so no change there as well, but Kongou only scored 3/6 possible points and Moskva blew her only chance, thus both created openings for their numerous midfield pursuers. Conte used this opening in the elite fashion which can be expected of her team and marches right past Kongou and Moskva with 6 points to her total. And doing it with only five matches under her belt. Only Walküre to be unbeaten in her first 5 matches and longest winning streak of the season so far on par with Chiyodas run from her 8th to 12th match. Unlike her sister, Leni used her only chance well and subsequently surpasses her. Wichita was also a busy bee and gained 7/12 points, which puts her right behind Conte on match count alone. Last seasons early darling Augusta however only got 2/12 points and misses out on climbing up the table, even losing two places. Tenryuu on the other hand makes 7/9 points and follows Wichita up the ladder. In the lower regions AGS loses her only match, Kumano even both of her matches, so Verdun gains 1 point and surpasses two rivals, but gains only one position. In from behind comes Houston, who parts ways with SLC, since Houston won and SLC lost. Also the league of both teams only had 4 matches(?) which confuses me. But apparently they will be out until March, when the 2021 season for their teams starts. Talking about teams waiting to play: Perth will start her season on Dec. 27th..... if there is no VB beta launch by that time, we should all get concerned. (Algerie starts on 28th of November, if there is no launch until then, we should demand a pillow fight with the devs.) INPF 2: As seen above, Nevada takes a hit by an INPF 1 Walküre. that leaves her with only 3/6 points and lets Kaga catch up to her with a mixed bag of 4/9 points. And Kaga battled everyone she could in the last two weeks. Drawing with Takao, winning against Nagato and losing to INPF 1 Tenryuu. Nagato herself had a rather weak 3/9 series, but Exeter and Takao miss es out to overtake Nagato with a 2/6 matchday bounty, even submitting her to a takeover by Takao who ties now with Nagato on points and matches after a 5/9 matchday. Busy bee of the matchday is Saguenay, who manages to get 6/12 points and ads insult to Exeters injury by sheer determination, if not skill. On the other hand Exeter has a comparatively low match count. The leading Kriegsmarine representant, Scharnhorst has a terrible match day with 0/6 points in a pretty vulnerable midfield position. And consequently, PK, Canarias, but especially Kitakami make short work of her. Only Dunkerque fails to score, making her now prone to hostile takeovers at the end of the table. Which starts with Pola who takes Dunkerque up on the offer and at least ties with her on points. Below Pola only Gneisenau manages to win, pushing her past Bearn and making her catch up with the other Kriegsmarine Walküren. Aoba also manages to at least score a point, bringing her on par with Bearn who lost. Axum won't join before December I assume.
  6. This week is national match week, so I take a break as well.
  7. Direct matches: Nagato 3-0 Tenryuu INPF 1: Chiyoda defends herself gallantly at the top with two more victories. Belfasts ladies conquered her 3 points. Lady Lex and Lady Hood have to make smaller steps, since they did not win and Hood in fact got no points at all. LMP seizes the opportunity, kinda-only a draw, and puts herself above Hood on match base. Arizona sees the others struggling in front of them and cuts through them easily, climbing from 6 to 3. Leni stumbled with only managing a draw against a Moskva club, but at least she did not blow it completely like Tenryuu and Kumano. And while Leni takes a severe hit from 7 to 11, Tenryuu and Kumano crash far deeper. For reasons becoming apparent below. Kongou and Moskva on the other hand scored victories, giving them a nice boost to the front of the midfield. Conte got herself a nice comeback with a rise from 12 to 9, but I'm glad I don't track the mens team. Oh, they too got 3 points.....just look up Juve vs Napoli. Awkwaaaard.... Anyhow, moving on with what is basically now the rest of the Americas in INPF 1....and Verdun. The latter threatening the yankii gals and AGS with 3 points. But Wichita put in some effort after her horrible last matchday and scored 3 points. Against "not Houstons team anymore". I changed her team description for the occasion. Houston herself also scored 3 nice points. And so did Augusta! Only SLC puts a dent in the merry US gal show with a draw, cementing virtual last place. Last, but not least AGS keeps up with everyone by also scoring 3 points. Algerié and Perth still waiting for their first matchday to happen. INPF 2: At the top of INP2, Nevada fights for her position valiantly with 4/6 points. that's barely enough to keep a splendid Kaga at bay, who has a 6/6 matchday, but well enough for Takao who continues her lacking performance. Scoring only 1 point in two matches. And it costs her dearly. Nagato beats INPF 1 competitor Tenryuu and secures 4 points overall and Exeter wins her match, so both, in addition to Kaga, surpass Takao. Somewhat remarkable in Exeters case, since she was the Walküre with the most matches last season and now gets ahead of Takao, because she has fewer matches. In the midfield, Sanguenay barely parries a 3 point attack by Scharnhorst with a point of her own, but Kitakami is not so lucky. In fact her 0 points make her even victim to Dunkerque and P-K, the latter two also surpassing an unlucky Canarias. She failed at the Baleares. In the bottom region, Pola gets ahead of Nürnberg with a draw, while the Kriegsmarine around her fails completely. Bearn manages to score a point, but it only keeps her in place, which is also true for Aobas loss, keeping her in last place.
  8. Mmmmmh.... catchy jazz numbers.
  9. Direct matches: Lexington 3-1 Saguenay INPF 1: With a little break between last matchday and today the picture slowly becomes clearer. Chiyoda continues her good run and gets some distance between her and her pursuers, which are now Belfast and Lexington, the latter getting some revenge for 1812 I guess. But both have Hood and LMP hot on their heels. Tenryuu had a terrible time with only 1/9 points sending her 3 places down from pursuer to midfield. Conte also plummets 6 places, but she will only rejoin next time, so she should be calm. Wichita was in for a ludorum diem perdidi moment, with 0/6 points, sending her down 4 places. Verdun finally scored, giving her good chance in the relegation region, she finds herself naturally in. Of our three joining Walküren, AGS gets out of port the farthest in her first two matches, with a respectable 4/6 points landing her as the only one of the three in front of Verdun, while SLC and Houston have to sail behind the grim French madame. Fans of Algerie and Perth have to be very patient as they will both certainly not join in October. INPF 2: What was kind of foreshadowed last matchday, now turns out to be true. The top looses steam hard. Takao and Kaga each get only 2/9 points. But that is nothing compared to Saguenay being so very polite as to leaving all the points to the opposition, with a 0/12 result. This catapults Nevada straight to the top with a very solid 7/9 score and making Exeter now the best of HMSs in the 2nd division. Sadly Canarias also had a bad time and thus gets overtaken a lot, since the 2nd division was much closer together. One ship which did not overtake Canarias however was Köln, since she also made a total of 0 points. the complete opposite however is Nagato, who had a 9/9 killing streak, putting her suddenly in front of Exeter and on par with Kaga in a battle for promotion ranks. She shoots up 8 places! Dunkerque and Gneisenau now are on par at the bottom of things, where Aoba finally scores her first point. I'm happy for her. In contrast Nürnberg and Pola perfom well this matchday, adding to Kölns misery and completing her 6 places drop. Axum is scheduled for December.
  10. I've got to make a voyage to Eckernförde..... "Pensive"... I'll write that down.
  11. Hmm... is the concept of radioactivity already that well known in 1939? Or is it, because they actually are radioactive?? And Wichita slowly gets on Mahan levels in what she has to endure. Btw, I like Calamares frito if anyone asks. I appreciate base investments and quality of life will be issues in the game.
  12. Of the triplets, I only haven't been to Königsberg yet. For probably obvious reasons.
  13. I updated SL Citys new club. Direct matches: Kaga 1-1 Takao INPF 1: Hood gets stopped in her tracks after her glorious start and Chiyoda uses her chance and sails right past her and take the top spot. Belfast closes up to Hood and takes 3rd place, with which she's well acquainted from last season. Contes ladies take a break for a month. Tenryuu, Arizona and LMP take advantage of that, while Moskva and Kumano fail to do so. The (virtual) midfield is a bit moving, with Wichita and Leni winning each, Kongou getting at least 1 point, but Augusta failing to score any points in two matches. Verdun still has nothing to show for it and remains at the bottom. INPF 2: The two leading kamimaru, Kaga and Takao clashed this week in an indecisive match. Both also didn't win their second matches, but Kaga got at least one point, getting her right behind Takao now. Nevada also joins in the merry one pointer reign, giving Saguenay the opportunity she needs to surpass Nevada and place her on par with Kaga. (Despite losing the Canada derby btw.) Also Exeter scores 4 points, getting her into striking range for the top 3. Canarias opens the midfield by scoring 3 points, while her pursuers Kitakami, DUnkerque, PK and Bearn all fail to score. So they get handed down a few ranks after Scharnhorst and Köln start with a win into the new season and Nagato scores at least one point. (Note I switched Köln from female to male team, see in her team entry above) Gneisenau and Nürnberg on the other hand lost and thus join Pola and Aoba at the bottom of the table.
  14. Direct matches: Moskva 1-0 Leningrad Kumano 1-1 Kongou Nevada 2-1 Arizona Nagato 1-3 Kaga INPF 1: And INPF 1 comes out of the garage with a sensational defeat of current champion Leningrad at the hands of Moskva! That gives Moskva 4 points as a start and Leni has to deal with only 1 point. Meanwhile vice-champion Conte gets a clean 6/6 start. Kumano finally got company in the Nadeshiko League and her duel with Kongou ends in a draw. And between the IJN kamimaru the tables are turned similar to the Soviet ones as Kumano gets 4 and Kongou only 2 points, reversing their positioning from last season. For now. Belfast has already three matches under her belt, from which she got 6 points at least. Wichita ran out of luck, because she only got 2 points from 4 matches. Atlanta also got 2 points, but only 3 matches. LMP got 3 points, three more than Verdun got from her only match yet. Tenryuu might be unbeaten with 5/9 points, but Chiyoda has the better overall start for now with 9/12 points. While Arizona lost her cross table duel (how embarrassing), she made up for it with a win in the second match she got. The last, but certainly not least, our lady Hood manages to score a perfect 9/9 series and takes the table lead with the better points-to-matches ratio over Chiyoda. Some Walküren will only later join, but none will not play as far as I can tell. Over the course of September SLC, Houston and AGS should join, Algier in November and Perth in December. INPF 2: Saguenay starts her first season in the lower house with a respectable 6/9 booty. Köln continued where she left off last season: losing. Same goes for Pola. Exeter had a mixed start with 3/6 points. Dunkerque also has to wake up again as she scored 2/6. Nevada on the other hand had a perfect little start with 2 wins in two matches, one of them against 1st division Walküre Arizona. Hopefully for her fans this gives her energy for the whole season. Bearn scored 1/3 so on average not better than her compatriot. Aoba disappointed with her new club and lost both league matches she had. Canarias lost to herself and another island, but won against the continental competitor, so she got at least something to show for. Kaga scored solid seven points, three of those against Nagato, who herself only managed to score 1/9 points. P-K- was probably tired again and only managed to score 2/6 points in her two matches. Takao takes the lead with a clean sheet after 3 matches and the resulting 9 points and Kitakami starts the season at least not on last position, with one win in three matches. The Kriegsmarine will join only later this month and Axum probably only in December.
  15. As I said before it was a great read. Really liked the development and the "outing" of Falshaw. That was a real surprise there for me. Another surprise was what Manc wished for. Although I was a bit disappointed since I expected something more "spicy". But now we know why he's her captain. Best part is, both chapters made me think about what I will do, when I continue my own story.
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