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  1. U-29 7 or 8 obscure relics
  2. "Retirement" .... Blade Runner 1959. But another thought: If the 1939 Belles stay around, form new ones on the ships build after the war @TwoHeavens @Ninjapacman?
  3. The pic von Lipstig postet means Germany occupied the US in that game?
  4. @Legate of Mineta thank you so much for calling German a romance language....
  5. Whatev's... let's get wasted while we can. (Meaning before the beta/game launches)
  6. You mean the VB inworld stories of the "common people"? That sounds like fun.
  7. I think how "romancable" a certain Belle will be, will be depending highly on her character. At least I hope so. A lot of them will put duty first, but a few come to mind who will probably try to get a shot at the captians heart. All the more fun if it's a Belle you don't really want to do so.... And how much @DrYuriMom dreams about a certain thing leaves even me cautious to even consider to talk to the turks for the danger of suddenly getting a certain ship and invoking jealousy. *sweats* All in all a nice update as a reminder to keep "it" in your pants gentlemen. Or as they say in my hometown: "Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen." (First the work, then the pleasure/joy) And the war against the bri... I mean the Morganas is a lot of work for sure.
  8. Okay I'm wildly guessing here but this is probably what a normal random, non-japanese person feels when playing as Japan in VB: Ad this is what a weeaboo feels like: But this is pretty much what it feels like if you are a german @MisterBottle.
  9. It's kind of a must for US game devs to include a halloween event as an opportunity for alternative costumes, innit? Not that I mind. Also one question will be: Are they all in spooky Halloween costumes, or in "normal ones" too? Like Panays baseball player suggestion for Mahan. So here are my speculations for the costumes: See you in port or on the sea, Korky
  10. A (late) Halloween update.
  11. Every Brit or Yank would get along with Mitsumasa Yonai very well afaik.
  12. I'm always sad how much a certain liquor is mispronounced in the world. To help you all train to pronounce it correctly I deliver you this. Please consider it a PSA. Also please tell me if you can't watch it, I'll put up an alternative source then, but this one is best quality.
  13. This idea developed in the lore thread: New Orleans and Kirov trying to convince Wicher to "join their cause" with arguments and booze. Or all three just sitting together and NO and Kiki ramble about anything (the handsome captain, maybe?), while Wicher is more or less passive.
  14. Oooh, then I want to see NO and Kirov getting more drunk by the minute, while Wicher drinks, and drinks, and drinks...... and finishes their drinks when they both fall under the table. At the same time Wicher has not a single line of conversation and just drinks and listens.
  15. I support this idea very much. We've seen very few bits of real rascal Belles getting a party started, only hinted, they'd probably start one. And hearing something about fondness for the captain could be amusing. ("And if you end up with a gal?" "Privet, ash long ash she'sh a comrade izsha....schnshi....izjashnyipants! Hihihihi." *hick*)