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  1. None of the respectable German Belles would do let loose to that extent. Which is why I proposed the one that would. The reasons are obvious for most Germans. And I really have to bite my tongue here not to use very foul language and sound calm. @MisterBottle or am I wrong? For Lebi, I find the idea of ninja funny. It made me chuckle, so I go with it. I will otherwise not come up with an idea of my own on this topic. But if someone puts out a better proposal than ninja, I'll second that one.
  2. In our towns decorations are up around late November, but lit only after death sunday. We don't go around houses. We sing them on several occasions in preparation for christmas and christmas songs get played frequently over the radio. I wonder if anyone else has an Adventskranz.
  3. When we sing songs? Uhm, from the day after the sunday which is called "death sunday" (around 5 weeks before Weihnachten) until the 26th, which is 2nd Weihnachtstag.
  4. Don't fret. @Lolwut has that covered, if I'm not mistaken. Also I'll reinstall my Christmas pair of Leningrad and Pola then. And for DYM's Mardi Gras thing..... *inhales slowly*.....Köln..... *exhales slowly* if that's not possible I'll second Leberecht Maass.
  5. Yeah I read you. It's 2 Belles per season, and those are my votes or suggestions. Or where did you have in mind I should find support for my ideas if not in this thread? Now since I mentioned Hood nowhere all of my suggestions still need 5 votes and I can persuade or be persuaded. Or did I misread you?
  6. If Velasco is off limits, no one will hold my bet about dmnt choosing Canarias for one of the occasions I guess? Now to something actually contributing: Nenohi and De Ruyter for Easter. (Spring is best in the Netherlands. ^^) Espero and La Motte-Picquet for Bikini Voykov and Camicia Nera for Halloween Leningrad and Pola for Christmas
  7. @Shirogane Seemingly broken links: USS Stewart HMCS Saguenay HMS Ark Royal
  8. @Legate of Mineta I propose to change the rank of David J from "advanced member" to "best member" or something like that.
  9. Wilhelm F. Canaris – On the Führers secret service Kapitän zur See Wilhelm Canaris was given the command of the Schlesien on the 29th of September 1932. -Loving the Nazis- Aboard the Schlesien Canaris reportedly told his sailors “national socialism depicts everything a good German soldier stands for”. His superior noted that "I must emphasize the untiring efforts of Kapitän z.S. Canaris, in the second year by personal lectures to familiarize his crew with the ideas of the national movement and the principles of state building of the new Reich." The Nazis seemed to be for Canaris everything he hoped for. Throwing away the shackles of Versailles, uniting the country inside and geographically, restoring Germany to its former glory and, probably most importantly, restoring the German military to its former glory. Canaris also received the honor of seeing the Schlesien becoming the flagship of the Reichsmarine, when the former flagship, the Schleswig-Holstein was turned into a training vessel. Former SS General Werner Best said, Canaris was an inverted Nazi and Canaris felt the Nazis were better than anything that had gone before. In 1934 Canaris was moved to a “retirement post” as fortress commander of Swinemünde. It seemed like a dead end, Canaris was also already 50 years old, but that proved wrong. The chief of the Navy, Erich Raeder, seemed to have a close relationship with Canaris as he wrote in a private, friendly toned letter dated 11th November 1934: "I've always had the plan to put you in the position of Chief of the Abwehr Department, if possible. Unfortunately, the conditions in this before the 1st of October were not yet clear to see. Now, however, they have developed in such a way that a change in the leadership is possible in this winter half-year, presumably around January 1st, by order of the Minister. The Minister has endorsed my suggestion that you take the position." His predecessor, Kapitän Patzig, seemingly honoured his name (patzig translates to stroppy or snotty) and fell in disgrace with the Nazi regime by antagonizing the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) of the SS a bit too much. Patzig warned Canaris to look out for the SS who would try to harass him and his work to which Canaris replied: "Rest assured, I can handle these boys." Of course he could, because his old friend Reinhard Heydrich was inventor and chief of the SD and had become a close aid of Himmler, the SS-leader. This constellation lead almost immediately to a very harsh competition and both became best “frenemies” until 1942, when Heydrich was assassinated. Canaris moved with his family to Berlin and Heydrich became his neighbour. The families went together on vacations and they visited each other frequently when both men were in Berlin. At the same time their two services fought for influence and power in the Reich and both couldn’t overpower each other. Or as the man who succeeded both of them in the unified intelligence service after 1944, Walter Schellenberg, claimed: “Both have had each other completely with loads of material in hand. So no one could do something against the other, otherwise he would have put himself in danger.” Canaris supposedly had files about a non-Aryan grandmother of the rival, while Heydrich collected material about resistance in the defense. And while doing so the family contact of both families never broke off. In the beginning Canaris struggled a bit due to his low height and unmilitary appearance to get the needed respect and authority as head of the military intelligence service. But over time he showed everyone what he was capable of. He was promoted to Rear-Admiral in 1935 and came to an agreement with the SD in 1936. During that time he expanded the Abwehr immensely and professionalised it. He also had the upper hand in experience in comparison to Heydrich, who never had any real intelligence service experience prior to meeting Himmler and getting the job of forming the SD in 1932. A time when Canaris already had nearly two decades of service in secret operations. But his new post gave Canaris new insights into the Nazi regime. He came to refer to Heydrich as a “brutal fanatic” although Canaris subscribed to almost every idea the Nazis stood for. Hitler's nationalism, his social-Darwinist beliefs, his opposition to the Versailles Treaty, his belief in rebuilding a Greater German Reich, and his anti-Semitic ideology appealed to the Abwehr chief. Although one biography states Canaris suggested the “Judenstern” first in 1935, I can find more solid evidence it was Heydrichs suggestion, after the general idea of a “Mark for the Jews” was popularised as early as 1933 (yellow dot). -Canaris the international- Canaris talent for the spy game lead to the Abwehr becoming the most internationally connected service of all the German (secret) services. He had close relationships with the Spanish secret services, but especially with the military and with the Italian secret service. He also advocated and succeeded in the fostering of a very close relationship with the Japanese intelligence service. So close in fact, that the Japanese allowed officers of the Abwehr into the interrogation of a defected NKVD General in 1937. He was apparently one of the driving forces to side Germany with Japan instead of nationalistic China. (Canaris = weeaboo, confirmed!) But his much, much better understanding of Spain led him to build up an extensive network of spies and informants on the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish civil war started on July 17th 1936 and since the bulk of the Falangist forces were in Morocco at the time, Franco asked the Reich for ten Ju-52 transport aircraft. Canaris debated with Göring and Hitler about getting involved in the conflict and made the Lufthansa (not the Luftwaffe) send 20 (instead of 10) Ju-52. They probably even came with good looking stewardesses and a filled up mini bar (just joking, but even the CIA recommends the Lufthansa….). The Italians also send 12 transport aircraft. Without Canaris the coup of the Falangist forces would have been over before it even started. Canaris also worked to convince Hitler and the OKW (Oberkommando Wehrmacht – Supreme command of the military) to form the Legion Condor to help Franco in his battle for Spain. The nationalist forces in Spain also had the initial problem of having two disconnected sectors under control and insufficient radio equipment. Canaris helped them with that problem as well. The Abwehr managed all radio transmissions necessary. And eventually Canaris reached out to the Italian chief of intelligence, Mario Roatta, to suggest an Italian Legion for the fascists in Spain. Canaris was present on the meeting in Rome, where the Italian military high command decided to aid Franco. Canaris also frequently flew to Spain to ease tensions between Spanish, German and Italian forces and commanders. He also saw to it, that the ambassador of Germany in Spain, Faulpel, was replaced, because Faulpel often intervened when German prisoners of the international brigade were to be executed. He also took care to replace the commander of the Legion Condor, Hugo Sperrle, because he was an asshole who pissed off the Spanish generals with his arrogance, among other things, more than once. Spain also proves how complicated the structures between the Abwehr of Canaris and the SD of Heydrich was (and how much Hitler loved to put his commanders into rivalry, not caring about effectiveness). The Abwehr issued a part of the GFP (Geheime Feldpolizei – secret field police) as secret service of Legion condor, but it was staffed by the SD, but under the command of the Legion Condor itself and reported, if ever, to the local headquarter in Spain, be it of Legion Condor or the Spanish army. So Canaris was about everywhere involved in Spain, but his “core business” was kind of out of his hands in Spain. -Something changes- Up until 1936 Canaris fully backed Hitler and everything the Nazis did, saying "He's (Hitler) approachable and sees something, if you just give it to him correctly." and "If you're a really good soldier, you'll be a good National Socialist, too." But in 1937 something changed. And I as an amateur writer find myself in shallow waters, because now comes the part where some stories are poorly backed by evidence or fabricated to spin some kind of “resistance mythology” around Canaris. The only thing that’s for sure is: He changed the sides and fought the republic again (Nazigermany was still a republic, “just” an undemocratic one. Technically even the Weimar constitution was still in effect.) Canaris became aware of the true nature of the Konzentrationslager (KZ – concentration camps) and the bombing of Gernika left him reportedly shocked. Canaris asked in Winter 1936 Himmler if it was possible for some members of the OKW, including himself, to visit a KZ, because he had heard a bit more than rumors. They visited the KZ Sachsenhausen, north of Berlin, and were greeted by the inspector general of all KZs, Theodor Eicke, and some freshly tortured inmates on display. The KZ staff talked very chipper about torture methods and offered to show some of them to the guests. All of this served unwillingly the goal of Canaris, to show the OKW the inhumanity of the regime. And in autumn 1937 he told his predecessor Patzig that the Nazis “from top to bottom, they are all criminals who destroy Germany” and when Patzig asked how Canaris could remain as head of the Abwehr under such circumstances, Canaris replied: “If I leave, Heydrich comes. Then all is lost. I have to sacrifice myself.” Why “sacrifice”? Well Canaris knew with his attitude he was no anti-Hitler hero. He was just a normal German, who kind of was okay with the political targets of Hitler in general, who held the rank of Rear-Admiral and could do “things”, but if he tried to fully save the day a lot of stuff would go much worse than it maybe would go under his influence and who thought the Nazis “simply went too far”. In 1937. So he knew he would carry out what we define today as crimes against humanity to protect the small achievements and sabotages he hoped to accomplish. The first example of this is the infamous Anschluss of Austria 1938. -Anschluss and resistance- In preparations for the Anschluss Canaris staged a lot of missions against Austria to prepare the country for occupation and annexation masked as a vote. His service executed all tasks with excellence. But when it was achieved in March 1938 he got to the Austrian secret service first, seized the files about leading Nazis for the Abwehr and recruited two Austrian top-spies and told them: “Recruit me some people of your service. And bring Austrians, no Ostmärker, especially to Berlin.” Ostmark was the name of the province which Austria became in the 3rd Reich after the Anschluss. Canaris had changed. He organised and covered for two big resistance circles inside the Wehrmacht. And he was only one of two Navy officers I could find among them. In a very long list and beyond. If you know of another one please tell me (The other one was Korvettenkapitän Alfred Kranzfelder. Admiral Bürkner was in Canaris inner circle, but was not active part of the resistance). The navy probably had less “traitors”, because Raeder and Dönitz made very sure the Navy loved the party and showed it. And initially Canaris helped them as shown above. Also the Navy was part of relatively few crimes. The one resistance circle he was only passively covering up a bit was the “Anti-Hitler” resistance group around the judge Hans von Dohnanyi. The other one was the “Anti-War” resistance around the Oberleutnant Hans Oster, who was given an important position in the Abwehr by Canaris. The members of each circle changed over time, Oster himself even switched into the Anti-Hitler circle, but later than around early 1938. On April 1st 1938 Canaris was promoted to Vice-Admiral since his Abwehr did a good job, preparing the Anschluss in March. In the following months Canaris did little to prevent the crisis with Czechoslovakia and the Abwehr even helped to prepare acts of sabotage and terrorism in case a war broke out. The Abwehr also took part in preparations for a war against Poland. They recruited Ukrainian volunteers, also for sabotage when a war would break out. They also infiltrated the polish territory. The only “acts of resistance” were firm protest against the planned bombardment of Warzaw, which should be bombarded no matter how the war was going and Canaris took notes. Notes of a speech of Hitler on the 22. August 1939 about the war in front of 50 military officers of the OKW. It was forbidden to take notes, but Canaris not only took notes but read those notes to his inner staff, who were all in on the “low level” resistance plan. And one of them slipped an American journalist of the Associated Press a note about it, with a date for the attack and that journalist gave it to the British on the 25th of August 1939. And the Brits stepped up and stopped Hitler before he could do anything and the war was prevented, Poland was saved and…. Ah who am I kidding, we all know at least in general what happened. It’s also the point where the resistance activities of Canaris become more active. But I will now leave you hanging until at least the beta of VB is out. Unless @Legate of Mineta tells me otherwise, because I don’t want to spoil everything in case they have built Canaris or the Abwehr or some references cunningly into the game.
  10. I had a new idea for a pairing. I think no one else mentioned it before and when you read it, it's kinda obvious: Lampo and Hans Lüdemann. The reason is obvious I think. Both are engineers and both are different in doing their job. So the result of such a scene can be a lot of .... anything really. I would totally love to see them in one (boiler) room and see what happens.
  11. 5 IJN shipwrecks found off the coast of the Philippines: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20171207_21/
  12. History proves you only need one German battleship to keep the whole Royal Navy busy. So for the Morgana Leberecht Maass should be enough. HahaHA! And no, I'm totally not overconfident here.
  13. I'm the second to second Spee and also second the seconding of @Ninjapacman.
  14. Yes, and for that reason alone I love this weeks Update. And Backgammon. And the Alcohol involved. And Nawlins stating, correctly, that the war might change drastically by the decision we make. That was the second hardest nut to crack for me when considering my decision.
  15. After very much consideration. Maybe way too much of it. Option 1.