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  1. Käpt'n Korky

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    Okay, this shocked me a little. There is a very famous song, sung by students who take long walks or soldiers or anyone strolling around beautiful landscape here in Germany. I even know a Kindergarten variant, describing ironically the day of a child who goes to Kindergarten. Because the refrain is so easy and enjoyable. And you probably all know this song. Not the verses maybe, but the refrain. And this truly innocent song, so I've heard, is in France and Poland equivalent with the Wehrmacht! Another cultural crime commited by the Nazis. Not a big one, but a crime nontheless. Please take in the text before listening: Ein Heller und ein Batzen (you can switch to english on the left, sadly polish is the only version without the text) Also an alternative verse: "Die Zeiten gehen vorüber, die Zeiten gehen vorbei (vorbei). Wo früher stand ein Kirchturm, steht heute eine Brauerei." "The times they are changing, times are passing by. Where once was a churchtower, stands now a brewery."
  2. Käpt'n Korky


    Less a joke but funny german soldiers songs from WW2: (1) Wir sind vom Idiotenklub und laden herzlich ein. Bei uns ist jeder gern gesehn, nur blöde muß er sein. Bei uns geht die Parole um, seid doof bis in den Tod! Und wer am allerdoofsten ist, wird Oberidiot. We are from the club of idiots and offer heartfelt invitations. Everyone can join us, you just have to be stupid. Within our rank is the parole, be stupid even in death! And who's the most stupid becomes head of all idiots. (2) Ich wollte mal und konnte nicht und hatt ihn in der Hand. Und bin dann voll Verzweiflung in der Stube rumgerannt. Und wollt so gern und könnt doch nicht, das Loch war viel zu klein: Es paßte nicht der Kragenknopf ins Oberhemd hinein. Once I had a urge, but it wasn't possible, so I held it in my hand. And ran in desperation through the parlour. The urge was great, but it was impossible, the hole was much too small: The collar stud didn't fit into the shirt.
  3. Käpt'n Korky

    A fan artist appears

    Algerie is stunning.... the U-Boote are excellent too.
  4. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    Option #3 for me. It is the most interesting in my opinion. #1 seems boring, #2 I hope is wrong and they do fire faster closer to the Tenno and #4 will happen eventually on its own.... not at least because of the Royal Navy involved in the overall scenario. And I do feel the dutch might be a bit off, but since I'm not dutch I shut my uneducated mouth. Now excuse me I have to fanboy dream on about Mefrouw DeRuyter.
  5. Natürlich. You tell us what you're told to say. Oh, I considered the KS beta to be your version of a closed beta, but now you sound more like an "early access" type of thing. It does? Good for you.
  6. Are we just whipping up a conspiracy theory here? 🕶️ Closed beta parts of the forum could be hidden for people without the respective role. The concept of super secret closed beta is unknown to me, but then it is super secret so I probably wouldn't know. Signing a NDA is pretty common in a closed beta for several reasons. Keeping control of the information flow is one of them. But usually companies are nice enough to let people like the honourable Schwarzbart* or the most honourable Legate publish stuff from inside the closed beta on a regular basis. (dunno; weekly?) And no, participation was promised to the KS backers. Breaking that promise would violate the agreed upon terms for a business deal. Pacta sunt servanda! Semper. Also it is good to have inexperienced people in the bunch. You need at least their performance data too. But more often they ask the simple questions who are important in hindsight, but overlooked often by more experienced people. *according to his location also in possession of european sensibilities
  7. The prefix is decided by the register the ship is kept in. So if the Bismarck is put under british high command as part of the british fleet she would become HMS Bismarck. Like Prinz Eugen became USS Prinz Eugen after the war. But I wasn't and still am not sure about the rule inside the british empire/commonwealth at that time. Because ANZAC and Canadian troops were under british high command. Or did Canada have its own, independent admiralty? Did the first Lord of the admiralty command all HMAS, HMCS and HMNZS, etc.?
  8. I've only read the most recent chapter completely, but I like it very much. You have a good writing style and I see now how putting talk into separate lines helps the reader. The characters are well drawn in my book and it is a joy to read your fanfic. I like Lenny. If Korky ever comes across the Manc he makes sure to toss a bottle or two over. Hannah has plenty..... as long as the Nixen haven't blown it to pieces. My only worries could be Captain Falshaw going off on his ship, his crew or Korky himself due to his condition. But since Korky's unaware, he'd do it if asked convincingly. Is it bad I autoread "Manc" instead of Manchester from the get go? That Aussie sarge reminded me of that joke about how it is 'mate and not mate in Australia. Why? Well 'mate is short for inmate. I also would've put that shooting range at the spanish border. Just to piss them off with all the ricochets from beginners. But that's probably the reason why it's well away from it. What seems odd is airmen having trouble with noise. I mean if a Spitfire takes off, isn't it much noisier than 30 rifles? and if the captain is Canadian, isn't it HMCS Cossack?
  9. I slightly disagree with @DrYuriMom on the point of when BCS should "show" their work. I've made the case for an elaborate closed beta with unfinished UI more than once. In my opinion if you have a running, shit looking game you start the closed beta. Then you get your closed beta gamers on board and start asking questions: Which UI do you prefer? See any mistakes in translation? Anything we overlooked? But as I also stated, this might be an old fashioned way of doing it. Still there is so much valuable input even if only 10 die hard closed beta testers stay with you until you can finally go into open beta for stress testing, etc. Also I understand BCS doesn't has reached even that stage yet. There is still groundwork to do apparently, but I'm not on board with the "only release to any audience when perfect" attitude, because at least the cbt's should get on board much earlier. Otherwise it is impossible to be even close to perfect on actual release in my humble opinion. At the same time this should be absolutely clear to the cbt's: You don't get the perfect, polished diamond. You get the freshly broken rock and have to give your input and feedback and be the guinea pig to help make that rock into a beautiful diamond. Or cancer medicine, if you prefer that kind of metaphor. Sidenote: I'm not a cbt. I just have a strong opinion on this.
  10. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 115: Captain's Association Special: On Sleeping Belles

    The german navy has a different qualification. Every ship has a captain. So a U-Boot with at least a Korvettenkapitän on it becomes a U-Schiff technically. A mighty BB commanded by a mere 1st XO and no captain at all is not a battleship. It's a BattleBoat. (For all you nitpickers: A ship on which the captain dies stays a ship unless the surviving XO gets appointed commander of the ship, then a boat officially.) So if you're a captain commanding a rowing boat, it's not a rowing boat. It's a rowing ship! That simple. Note: A Kapitänsleutnant (KaLeu, or Stabskapitänleutnant/stabKaLeu) is not a captain. He's not addressed as "Herr Kapitän". Even though he has a "kapitän" in his ranks name. So "Das Boot" from the movie, commanded by a KaLeu IS in fact a Boot.
  11. Käpt'n Korky

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    I just (re-)read your post @TwoHeavens and thought about how some japanese Walküren would feel if a priest stands before them, presents the new inner shrine (usually not bigger than a chair) and tells her "Here's you new home!" .... Nah. Anyhow. I think you overthink the issue massively in aspects of ingame content. But we'll see.
  12. Käpt'n Korky

    Update #113- Gneisenau and Takao

    Did you forget to vote? See I wondered the whole time who would be a good allied cruiser to accompany my planned fleet core of the beautiful sisters. Now I have one. German is indeed funny. Especially if you realise what we call ourselves and what the anglophonics call the Netherlanders. You silly lot. I actually had more than one drunken conversation over the word "German". Option 1, natürlich. If it were for me I would just state it and cut that courtesy/appropiate blahblah. It is totally fine in this context. I somehow feel you missed the opportunity to put in some gratious German (*hihi*) when you wrote schnapps instead of the German (*hihi*) word. And who sets other ships on fire? I enjoyed the piece. My thanks to the writers.
  13. Käpt'n Korky


    Oh most honourable @Legate of Mineta, did the team get the news about the new games approval policy adopted by the USK* in Germany this week? In short games are now treated like book and films as the use of symbols as the Swastika in games is now subsumed under the exemption from the criminal code films and books already enjoy. So under certain circumstances Swastikas and other Nazi symbols are now legal to use in games. You have to apply with the game and it's all fresh and without any precedences, but the legal possibility is now there. §86 (3) StGB (german crimnal code) reads as follows: [Die Benutzung eines verbotenen Propagandamittels ist nicht strafbar,] "wenn das Propagandamittel oder die Handlung der staatsbürgerlichen Aufklärung, der Abwehr verfassungswidriger Bestrebungen, der Kunst oder der Wissenschaft, der Forschung oder der Lehre, der Berichterstattung über Vorgänge des Zeitgeschehens oder der Geschichte oder ähnlichen Zwecken dient." [The use of prohibited propaganda is not punishable], "if the piece propaganda or the (prohibited) act is used for the elucidation of state citizens, the defense against anticonstitutional endeavours, art or science, research or teaching, reporting about contemporary events or history or similiar puposes." Games can now classify as art or any other case of the above on a case to case basis. A bit like book or films. There is no general exemption as of now. Just wanted to tell you in case you missed. *USK = Unterhaltungssoftwarekontrolle / Entertainment software control. Those nasty bug... I mean friendly feds who give games an age rating in Germany or tell you to change it or suffer a ban (which is not a 100% ban, but it feels like one). To protect the kids.
  14. Käpt'n Korky

    Belle pairing ideas

    I have an maybe interesting Walküren Duo: Graf Spee and Duca d'Aosta. Both nobility, both heavy cruisers and both on the "same" side. Since Duca is clearly the younger one, Graf could impress her with her adventures in spanish waters, how she bombarded those reds in Malaga and give witness about italian troops seeing successful action in the siege of Malaga. (And also Canarias and Velascos role in it) And then they could decide to visit Canarias. Or something like that. If not: Fleet excercises.