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  1. PSA (Personal Support Announcment): since i just found out, my home club (without any Walküre....yet) has a partnership with Iwate Grulla Morioka, I feel obliged to declare for Kitakami! Kitakami, banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Direct Matches: Tenryuu 1-2 Nagato Arizona 0-4 Wichita INPF 1: Chiyoda concludes her season with 4 points from her last two matches, bringing her up to 68 total. With Conte only gaining 3 points from her single match and Admiral Graf Spee getting only 2 points out of two matches, Chiyoda is 2nd for now, but probably not for long. Also AGS basically shot herself out of the title race, now needing 17/21 points. And she stumbles too often for that. Leaving the top group, Moskva and Leni follow the leading group with a win each. Verdun and Tenryuu keep in touch with both by making also 3 points each. La Motte-Picquet ends her season with a draw and right in front of Hood. Algerié misses her chance of overtaking both, by scoring just enough points to get right behind Hood. The USN Belles rejoin the fray, with their pre-season friendlies. the proper season starts later this month, but I always count friendlies, so I can start with them as well now. Less number malarkey later. So, Lady Lex and Wichita and have a mixed pre- season, with 4/9 points so far, but at least better than Arizona who loses to the US Witch and has only 3 points to show for from 4 matches. Kongou is next in line and also back with her team. She blows the start a bit with 2/6 points to the table. So any change on the table now relies completely in the bottom 5 Belles. And Kumano delivers with a perfect matchday (and 9-0 goals!), while Perth only gets 3/6 points, so she gets overtaken. Not to be a bore, Augusta even surpasses that and returns to the fight with a 10/12 points matchday, even immediately linking up to Kongou. Now with the bottom two, there is a twist. Because why not US Soccer? Why not? Houston will only join us next time since the NWSL starts its challenge cup on April 9th, ends it on May 8 and then starts its season..... So Houston will end up with no complete season. Salt Lake City has the problem of no team anymore. At least not a female one. It simply disappeared, because in the US you can sell teams. And here comes the kicker: it got sold to Kansas City. So starting next week, Wichita will switch from Kansas men, to Kansas women team. Which reintroduces SL City to her mens team again. Which had one match, which was won. so the bottom two stay the bottom two. For now. INPF 2: As last active Belle of the current top 3, Parishkaya Kommuna gives the matchday a bumpy start with only 2 points out of three matches. Almost blowing her chances of winning the second division entirely. To win it she will now have to win all three of her remaining matches. Scharnhorst also only draws, probably blowing her promotion. Still, one lucky punch and she's in and also has three chances left for it. If it were not for Kitakami sneaking up on her with a solid 4/6 matchday. And two more matches on the tab. Pola makes a nice 3/6 matchday, surpassing Kaga, but with only two matches left in any case too late for the promotion race. Gneisenau also saves her honour by winning again. Next match will be her last. She also distances Bearn with finish line in sight, since Bearn only gets 1 point today and has two matches left. Nürnberg seizes her chance and overtakes Bearn with a win, while Köln is back at losing. Nevada will join us at the end of the month again and Saguenay next time. Aoba uses this to finally overtake them with a win in two matches.
  2. It's an international break, so ALL leagues are pretty much suspended. So let's give you this.
  3. The hunt ducks with a baseball.... by throwing it at each other head? (Ente, fang! Ente!) Also: Sing.: Cactus, cacti, cacto, cactum, cacto, cacte Plu.: Cacti, Cactorum, Cactis, Cactos, Cactis, Cacti You're welcome.
  4. Direct matches: Verdun 1-3 La Motte-Picquet Aoba 3-4 Tenryuu Bearn 3-1 Dunkerque INPF 1: Belfry is in for the last time and makes at least 9/12 points with her last matchday for this season. So 81 points is the checkmark for any Belle aspiring to be champion. And after ten wins in a row, Conte gets reminded of her team also being only mortals! Conte loses a match and wins another. AGS misses the chance to surpass Conte, but can at least shorten the distance from 2 to one point. Chiyoda grabs a mixed bag with 7/12 points in the end. But that's enough to get her in front of both AGS and Conte! But with only two more matches on the tab, she will end at 70 points at best. Moskva and especially Verdun loose steam, so they're now out of sight of the top. Leningrad uses this relative weakness to catch up to her sister. Tenryuu has not only a perfect 6/6 points matchday but also a lot of goals in her matches. Highlighted by her win over Aoba. LMP beats not only Verdun, but wins actually 2/3 matches and uses this steam to stay in touch with the rest of the midfield and surpass Hood together with Tenryuu. Algerie continues her solid run with 5/9 points and more matches ahead of her than all active Walküren in front of her. Perth however drops for the first time into a negative points to matches ratio and remains stuck in a sea of USN Belles. The latter which are still out of the fight, because they wait for April. INPF 2: P-K opens the table 2 race with a 1/2/0 performance, keeping her dream of promotion to INPF 1 veeery alive. In theory she can push Exeter from the throne with the next three of her remaining 6 matches. Scharnhorsts matches were postponed, so no change there and Takao blows her minimal chances with a draw and a loss and does not get past Scharnhorst. Tbh this is quite a twist. Iirc at the beginning of the season only IJN Kami-maru were bound for promotion. Looks like none of them will actually make it at the end of the season. Same for Kaga, she scores a solid 4 points, but fails to gain nay more places. Takao and Kaga drop out, but Kitakami takes up the fight again. A bit late to the party from an IJN perspective, because she plays in the lowest possible tier. She scores 4 points on return, closing an IJN block and still having chances on promotion. As the only IJN kami-maru. Köln only makes one point. Nürnberg scores two and gets even with Köln at lesser matches. Bearn mauls Dunkerque to get past both with 4 points from two matches. Nagato ends her season with a weak 1/6 points matchday, which leads to Dunkerque overtaking her with her last steam by winning the "other" match she has. Before losing to Bearn on her very last match. Talking about steam, Gneisenau whips up her boilers and gets 6 points shortly before closure. She is no herself only 2 matches away from season end. Pola sees this and takes it personal and makes an outstanding 10/12 points matchday. The best she had this season if I'm not mistaken. It slams her from bottom third right into a mid table position. Aoba loses against Tenryuu, but still manages to score a win. So at least she has finally catched up to Saguenay in front of her.
  5. I'm currently reading her logbook from when she sets out from Swinemünde to Danzig. (Bundesarchiv RM 134/311) And i was wrong. She knows why she's in Danzig. The Kapitän informs the crew on 24th of August at 1200 Zulu about the whole gig. BUT! Storming the Westerplatte was actually his idea. The original order told the Marineinfanterie and the Gruppe Erhardt to just "secure" it, so the Poles won't get out - and yes, everyone assures the Kapitän it would be easy. The Polish deceit worked. On the 25th around noon, the Polish representative to the city of Danzig makes a visit under "peace ceremony" appearance. (Dunno, all Marineinfanterie was stacked bleow deck and the rest whistled innocently around?) S-H was received with great "Hurra!" (enthusiasm) in Danzig much to the dislike of the Police and Militia, who were on Germanys side and had made clandestine preparations for the attack until then. About said preparations: The original order to attack at 0430zulu (Y-time) on the 26th arrives at 1648z and gets taken back at 2120z....ten minutes before the Marineinfaterie was about to leave the ship and attack. "The company is very disappointed" Problem on the 26th..... disguising and concealing the Marineinfanterie, because they "need to get some fresh air". In the greater picture.....finding the balance between "battle stations" and "appearing as a "peace visit". Sailors get shore leave as long as they stay on the pier. Entry 0800z Westerplatte seems to have "calmed down"(?)..... do the Poles know what's (not yet) coming? Entry 1200z: Yep, they know it. Defensive installations got faced towards the ship. Subsequently during the Afternoon: Relocation of the S-H on Kapitäns orders from the position A ~south ouf the "n" in Kanal in direct opposition to the street "Salz S."(peicher) to the position B on the very edge of the map right next to the word "Hafenoberkontrolle Zollwache". He fears a raid on the S-H by now prepared Polish troops. The Zollbuilding gets even mentioned later in the day, since there is a cinematic event that evening to get the morale back up. Crew gets ferried across the channel. Commander of the Marineinfantrie (yes, I refuse to call them Marines, since that's confusing a heck in a Kriegsmarine setting) sneaks out to scout the south of the Westerplatte. Later that day Kapitän half-heartedly regrets to have put down a breakfast invitation by the Polish commissar for Danzig, who visited the ship the day before..... but the Reich wished it. DURING THE MOVEMENT OF S-H FROM A to B THERE IS A ALARM GOING OFF ON THE WESTERPLATTE! OBSERVERS GET OBSERVED TOGETHER WITH MG POSITIONING AND "A GREAT UNREST" IS OBSERVED. During the night reports reach the ship of "great business" in the part of the Westerplatte facing the ship now. (Why not move it around the next days to xxx the Poles up for a few days? But this idea did not make it into the log) 27 of August: Great Katzenjammer in the top brass meeting. Everyone expected to be killing Poles by now. Accepting an invitation by the Netherlandic chairman of the LoN harbour commitee to give a peaceful impression..... at the same time air recon of Westerplatte (which apparently did not happen before?). Kapitän is a bit miffed about the discrepancy what he was expecting and what he finds in that regard. They figured the Westerplatte would be taken in one day. 28th: Nothing really new. Only now true coordination for the attack starts between ship and land forces. 29th: Topp hoisted in memorial of the Tannenberg battle (of WW1), Kapitän gets the assurance of 500t petrol for the next day from..... the Polish Petroleum Company (is anyone else laughing in disbelief?). 30th: The PPC delivers 500to of petrol for the S-H..... 1920z: News of the Polish mobilization (those war mongers, right?) reach the S-H. Shore leave canceled. At 2100z three polish destroyer are reported heading North are reported 30gnm north of Rixhöft/Rozewie. ~2400z Report of Königberg about three "darkened" ships heading for the Sund (Danish waters) with high speed. 31st: At night a darkened trawler cruises near the harbour entrance. At morning, not possible to do recon on Gdingen or Hela, since the weather is shite. 0830z Report about the completed flight of the three Polish ships (Operation Peking). Report is allowed to be reported be the press. 1145z A "certain arranged" report reaches the Captain form the liaison of the Marineinfanterie, which indicates Y-time is now early 1st of September. 1615z Kapitän informs "I.O." (First officer - yes. That's corrrect. Kriegsmarine has first officers, not XOs) and Marineinfanterie commander are informed about the attack the next day, to recalibrate their preparations. 1500z meeting with the harbour builder in chief and the commander of the Marineinfanterie about Westerplatte. Marineinfanterie asks S-H to blast holes in the wall so a diversion can take place there, while the main body of the attack will face the "Iron Gates". 1835z radio signal with code word for attack on Sep 1st. Affirmative radio sign at 2400z only makes its way to the Kapitän at 0345z. Preparations start at 1850z however and are completed at 2100z, so no problem. 2100z: Marineinfanterie gets shored with heavy equipment. 1st of September: Done at 0100z. At the same time 6 MG crews get sent to the old position of the S-H to take up positions on buildings to strafe Westerplatte from the side. 0400z S-H ready to attack, dawn breaks fast, no special sighting on Westerplatte. Marineinfanterie is supposed to have taken positions on the Mövenschanze (Mewi Szaniec, if yo ulook for it). 0430z "Alert!" to all stations. Since only one trawler can assist, so the other won't block the line of fire, S-H manouvres around to get into a favourable position. 0443z S-H clear and steams towards Westerplatte. Radio to all stations "Schiff geht zum Angriff auf Westerplatte vor!" (Ship moves in to attack westerplatte) 0447z Permission to fire! 0448-0455z 8 shots main battery, 59shots middle artillery and 600 rounds MG fired (all in 7 minutes!) towards the southwestern part of the Westerplatte. Main target is the "Hafenbauressort" (on the map on the right edge visible with the letters "Hafe"), because it blocks the line of fire towards the Westerplatte. It is immediately engulfed in flames since it is wooden and full of various fuels. The German-Polish war has begun. ... and the rest is V-B history from here on out.
  6. No dev corner, Salmon goes well with hazelnuts and more reasons to keep Wichita out of my port. Disappointing and also no need to change my vote in the Bingo. In diesem Sinne....
  7. General announcement: All US football leagues have postponed their start well in April, so they get an extended deadline, if they need one (currently June 30th). Direct matches: Tenryuu 1-3 Takao INPF 1: Well, we kick off the matchday with Belfast -again- and maybe for almost the last time. She makes a perfect 12/12 score today and has only 12 points to gain at max. 4 more matches and she's done for this season. So her current 72 points can "only" be elevated to 84 tops. Conte however stays flawless as well and has still 16 fluffy matches to go. With AGS also losing no points on her way to the maybe top, the top 3 are uncatchable today it seems. But! The IJN is back in the fight! Chiyoda comes back out of drydock with a strong 7/9 performance. Just in time, so AGS can't shake her for good. She is however only 6 matches away from a complete run, so her title dreams from earlier are much thinner than when she left. The sisterly battle in Russia turns into Moskvas favour as she can score two wins in two matches, while her sister only saves 1/6 points and falls behind. For now or was it the decisive matchday for those two? Lady Hood loses her steam in the end and also only gets 1/6 points. Denying herself a symbolic last huzzah over Leni and now being a sitting duck getting immediately taken over by Verdun, who also sacks Leni. Luckily Tenryuu seems to be stuck in winter quarters. She is back in the fight, but graciously scores 0/6 points. Lucky for her, LMP does the same today. Lex, like the other US Belles remains in drydock due to the pandemic (see above), so now threat there. Algerié has a classic mixed back of 1/1/1 in three matches, but it's enough to at least even the score with Lex and overturning her with the better match ratio. Kongou and Kumano have Nadeshiko League Teams. They will join on the last weekend of March, so maybe first scores will be in in early April. This leaves Perth, with a mediocre 3/9 performance, getting her out of relegation, at least on paper. INPF 2: With Exeter done, INPF 2 starts with P-k who also starts the hunt for Exeter. Since she was busy, showing you around last week, she only played one match, but managed to win it. Canarias goes out as well, but with a win, giving her chances to promotion a final, desperate push. Especially since Scharnhorst fails to deliver the killing blow with only 2 points in two matches. In the 2nd division, the IJN Kami-maru rejoin the fight, some of them with only little left to fight. But Takao wins over INPF 1s Tenryuu. With her other match a draw however, her chances are pretty much theoretical, since she can only check Canarias. Kitakami would be next in list, but since her team plays in J3 league, she restarts to play only in a fortnight. Kaga already only fights for her honour, scoring 3/6 points and having also only two matches left. At least overtaking Kitakami. For now. Köln only scores one point. With only 5 matches in reserve, her chances for promotion are on paper only as well. Nürnberg doesn't fare any better, but has more matches left. Nagato and Dunkerque do the same and thus we enter the bottom of the table. And there Gneisenau suddenly shows signs of life! With 4/9 points she shows a performance getting her at least in front of Nevada for now. But Bearn beste her nonthelesswith a rare 6/6 matchday. Nagato, Dunkerque, Bearn and Gneisenau also have now entered their endgame with 5 matches or less left. At the very bottom, the losers duel sees two furious performances! Pola scores 6/9 points and Aoba 4/6. They're not done yet and Pola underscores it even by overtaking Nevada for now in a big leap!
  8. Perfect couple, tapping into both the illoyalities of each other. It was nice knowing them. But in honesty, while we have seen dodge Belfast the religious bullet once or twice, I think you imperialist capitalists should cut P-K some slack on her allegiance and attitude. Hers is one of the most tragic fates I know of any Belle. And when I really think about it.... naming her P-K is.... actually a subtly back firing name change....
  9. Since I basically settled for bi-weekly updates, let's give you a treat regarding Parishkaya Kommunas team:
  10. Direct Matches: INPF 1: The three active Ladies at the top, Belfast, Conte and Spee conclude this round of matchdays with two wins each, but only Conte stays spotless, as the other two suffer also a defeat. Conte matches now her initial 9 wins in a row with another 9 wins in a row. And maybe counting. With ten whole matches less than Belfast, she's pretty much bound to take the top spot. Leni made it like the higher ups with 6/9 but the direct competition, Lady Hood, had a terrible almost last matchday. She only has two matches to go with her team and only scored 4/15 points this matchday. LMP fails to use this, while also having a 5 matches matchday behind her. But she only scores 2/15 points and falls a bit behind in the pursuer group. This also constitutes a critical weak phase. She has 6 matches left. Through this Verdun actually overtakes her compatriot. But Moskva kills it with 5 victories in six matches and shoots right up next to her sister. And even overtaking her because of one match played less. Algerie can't keep up and stumbles on with a loss and a draw. Last, but not least, Perth continues her slow climb with a win. It will be interesting to watch if she can keep it up, when next week other Belles rejoin the fray. INPF 2: Exeter is the first to conclude the (four matches shorter) season in the INPF 2 and total. She leaves it with two victories, setting the benchmark at 56 points. This thins out the possible competitors for first place quite a bit. Canarias on the other hand overtakes Scharnhorst momentarily, but she only has one match left, 39 points and even if she makes it to 42 next time..... that will be an easier nut to crack and her position is now only third and she is already under direct threat from Scharnhorst with 6 matches to go who had a mixed matchday, with a 1/1/1 to show for. Wait? Third? When she overtook Scharnhorst who was in 2nd? Oui! P-K kills it this matchday in the INPF 2 with 10/12 points, rushing past Canarias with already 40 points and a whoping 10 matches to go. Which also makes her the only real threat to Exeter at the moment. Scharnhorst and Canarias can't get to 56 anymore. The nether region of the 2nd division starts with a Köln who loses 3 and wins only one. Dunkerque had 4 matches, putting her into her last 4 matches as well. With three draws and one loss, she cements her midfield position, no more, no less. Gneisenau has an abysmal 0/9 points booty. Something Nürnberg actually uses. In fact she firmly puts her into the midfield with two wins, jumping up quite a bit. Pola is the last one to cross the 50% buoy and does so quite terribly with a 1/15 score..... Actually I have to fear for Gneisenau and Pola still being with us next season if they can't turn their ships around. Bearn fares better and scores 4 points which she uses to get even ahead of Saguenay. -Chances to kick Exeter from her throne lie only with P-K. Kitakami (if she has a perfect rest run) and Nevada(12th, but only with 10 matches!), luckily for the other well performing Belles, three of them can get to INPF 1, but they have to fend off those three as well.
  11. I wouldn't mind if I rescue some British port town and they name a ship HMS Insufferable, because they can't get themselves to name a ship after a German captain, but basically everyone knows what's up, including the Belle.
  12. Hey Hey, My My @Wellington99 😉
  13. Direct Matches: Nürnberg 2-5 Scharnhorst INPF 1: Belfast begins the match as table leader and opens with a solid 4/6 result. AGS is also back in the victorious track and scores a win. Conte dashes with might through this matchday and delivers an amazing 12/12 matchday. Taking AGSs 3rd place. Below the top, the Ladies have a bit more trouble. LMP wins one and loses one, while Hood goes on a bouquet of scores and makes a 1/1/1 matchday. But that's enough to push past LMP for now. Leni and Moskva both return to the fray. Leni takes no prisoners and scores three wins in three matches. Getting her immediately reattached with Hood and LMP. Moskva has a much rockier start, but after her loss in Poznan, she returns to the motherland and takes 7 points from her enemies, pulling herself out of the lower regions, back into solid midfield. Where Verdun just arrived and prepares with might to climb further. She has an amazing 9/9 matchday, putting her above Lex.After a dreamy start, Algerié now got some sand into her gears. Of 18 possible points, she only manages to get 6. Enough to keep pace with Moskva, but not to stay in front of her. 6 points is also what the returning Perth manages to get. This at least gets her off the bottom and her hopes high to remain in the first division, now that she's up and fighting again. INPF 2: Exeter is not only in the lead, but now only two matches away from finishing her season. And she will set a worthy benchmark with 50 points or more. It could've been over 60, but her matchday, by the looks of it, almost her last, ended with a disappointing 5/15 points. As if the table leader of INPF 2 gets suddenly a weakness spell. But not only her. Canarias scores only 1/9 and has no, with 4 matches left, no chance to win INPF2 this season. All she can hope for is to get as close to 45 as possible an then have enough to land on the 2nd or 3rd place. While others are already nearing the end, others, like P-K just cross the 50% mark. But she disappoints as well with a draw and a loss. Scharnhorst has two losses, but also two wins to show for. that's enough to make Canarias extremely nervous, as it makes Scharnhorst the new runner up to Exeter. And she has much more matches to go. Nürnberg crosses her halfway point dead in the water. 0/12 points gets her nowhere. Scharnhorst says "Danke" and takes the three points. This makes Dunkerques three points more than enough to overtake Nürnberg, but not enough to keep a place in front of Köln, who has a moment of relative strength and scores 7/12 points. Gneisenaus matchday was at least to get her in front of Nürnberg, but 6/15 is hardly a success. Bearn shows at least a sign of life and scores a win in her last of her four matches. the future will show if it brings her anywhere. For now Pola returns and tells Bearn, that it's not enough to keep her in check. Most of the "dormant" Walküren, if not all, will return in March. A point where Exeter, Canarias and probably Hood will already be done. So then the turns will table. Also, AXUM is actually eliminated. Her team got relegated to Ethiopian 2nd division (the league got cut, and they were not last three places last season, so only guesswork why). And the 2nd division is nowhere to be found with my resources or doesn't play this season.
  14. Tough choice. Buuuut, I want to know the shopkeep more. But I also have a duty. And when duty calls...... D3.
  15. But do her Kielbasa bring all the Germans to the yard? Nice seeing Wicher again. I too want Eddies interview rather sooner than later.
  16. Direct Matches: Verdun 1-0 La Motte-Picquet INPF 1: The new year starts slow for most teams. Belfast starts the new year with a win, and so does Chiyoda. The latter even winning the Japanese League cup. Omedettou! A contrast is AGS who had to play four matches and had a rather.... mixed performance. With only 4 points from 4 matches. Giving her the push past dormant Tenryuu, but then losing steam significantly to reach the top.....Hood however basically copies that result with 4 points from 4 matches, overtakes dormant Lex and then stops. Conte sees this weakness and uses it. She scores 2 wins in 2 matches and gets past Hood that way. Still topbound. Leni and Moskva have to stop playing for the time being, because of the still ongoing pandemic. Our French ladies had a direct duel, which LMP decided for herself. Apart from this both only gained 2 points. Overall it brings LMP into the front pack and Verdun ploughs post some helpless competitors. She also gets to her halftime of matches played. And from the depths of the table Algerié rises. In a stunning 12/12 matchday she makes up enough ground to put herself from back end position to a comfy midfield position. And given she has even less matches than Conte, she's now in the position to strike. INPF 2: The table leader of INPF 2 seems to be always bound to start struggling. Thus Exeter disappoints with a 1/6 performance. But since she's comfy in front and her "direct" competition is asleep, she's safe for now. P-K also does her the favour of losing, but in a sudden twist o events, Canarias scores a 3 win streak an is now in 2nd, behind Exeter. Scharnhorst also doesn't too bad and scores 6/9 point, which sets her in a position to perspectively compete for promotion. But she crosses the 50%, so she'd need a strong second half for that. Nürnberg on the other hand loses her momentum already and drops dead in the water with 1/6 points. Dunkerque does the same. Köln surprises everyone with one of her rare wins, but gains nothing for now. Gneisenau had one match, got a point from it. Also dead in the water. Bearn had it even worse. She had three matches, like Köln, but gained zero points from them. All three Walküren have reached their 50% of matches now.
  17. Wow, Mahan scheduled her. That was way back then..... I like the hint about Scharnhorst. Now I really want her and Lebi in one fleet together. Even though I won't hide my disappointment of Gerhard being used as comic relief. And given her sister is August... that makes for a missed opportunity. What's so demeaning about it? And if all of them feel that way -as Bellies reaction suggests-, why was the admiralty board so mean? Or crude? Or both? *plans to go rogue intensifiy* Can someone please explain to me Auld Reekie? I get the words, but who or what is it referring to? A mascot skunk? Mascot skunk confirmed?? And who killed it? Can we avenge it? And what's "barry" in the given context? On a different tune, I actually posses a written version about the events in question at Glencoe...... Talking about things familiar and starting with "Glen" (yes, I know what a Glen is, too), the last time I had Glenkinchie was ages ago, see, the story starts in 2001 and..... but I digress. Why Glenkinchie? Nearest distillery to Eddie? Only Scotch the author knew? Tell me about it. Ohohoho..... she speaks on behalf of the Town-class sisters..... so there's more than just two of them in the game? Just to anger Mr. Wells, I hope for Glasgow and Liverpool. "Of the names in their foul language from the uttered only in depths of Hell" - yeah, yeah, just say it already...... Ah yes, that cute thing at Invergordon. Worked like a charm and well "mutiny" is such a harsh word for it. Kiel was a mutiny. Invergordon was...cute. It was an ordinary strike. Cry me a river. Treating the officers with respect.....pfff.....mutiny. Also it was successful AND embarrassed the Royal Navy...so much they struck the Atlantic Fleet and renamed it. And nobody died. So what's not to like? What's warm sporran? And how does it taste? They say "och" in Scotland, too. Noice. Overall I'm a bit ambivalent about Eddie. On the one hand her positive attitude, especially towards alcohol. On the other hand I'd probably need to be tipsy the whole time to endure her skittish and apparently unreliable nature for longer terms.
  18. I'm German. I call every U-Boot an U-Boot. Also German is an official Italian (regional) language. In Südtirol the Germanophones will call it U-Boot as well, no?
  19. Okay here's a little more sophisticated look at the video: One Morgana we can identify for sure is "Fire" on the far right of the Morgana spectrum. 0:45 reveals the front Morgana to be Dismay, the far left to be Mistrust and reminds us of Avarice (next to Fire). 0:49 shows Mischief to be left to Dismay. 0:54 gives us Despair to be to the right of Dismay. Wait had I just forgotten how she looked? And 0:56 completes the set with the last missing one to be Venom. @NinjapacmanWhat do you make of the wooden plank of the Japanese kamimaru between Lampo and probably Jaguar? I will point out U-37 was a prime predator. And looks good. :3 At 0:17 point out every shadow and win the respect and admiration of this forum. Tfw you think "wait those were only 10 nations" and they hit you with a giant Swastika!! Lebi 🥰 The teaser hands us a prime opportunity to ship Verdun with any aircraft carrier. :3 I really like the new world map. Are the Morganas depicted the local "bosses" or "just" Morganas present at that location I wonder. Regions map looks interesting. So you have an area with paths, which you can scout and progress on. Reminds me of another game in which I liked that mechanic. The resources shown are (probably) Crew, Fuel (a barrel of oil, even though my fleet runs on the power of love! Yankii developers....), Ammo, then two construction resources maybe (Steel and stones?) and the last one I have no idea. Range? Radiation? We'll find out. There also seems to be time limit. And can you deploy your ships at will or will they be auto-assigned (in the first screen 4 ships in 2x2 fleets)? There are also harbours? Hm, what purpose might they have? :3 In the second screen, the one with pupper Pupper you can clearly see Hainan imho. And yes, who is #2? She seems to hold a slingshot? What is that gold V medal on the Kirov and Aoba screen? And is that Venezuela? The cloud seems to indicate "weather". I totally love the moving chibis. I want to look at them all the time!! Oh and I notice different "waves"..... Oh, I don't think we have been introduced to Calamity prior. I'll codename her Jane. For obvious reasons. And our old flame Corruption is there too. Short musical intermission, see below for why: Next up are Sedition, Sabotage and Mischief.....followed by more Sedition and Sabotage and then Vanity, Sin (hello there) and Sedition again.....Sedition all over the place.... Is there a Sedition song? And Queen Mary gets revealed. Which renews the debate of Team SSS (2 members) vs Team QM (everyone else it seems). See my previous post. Then more Morgana enter with Treason, Despair, Starvation, Confusion and Murder. Anyone counting and keeping track? Cause I ain't! And now we have to add Venom and Asphyxiation, who we already know of, courtesy of U-29. And slingshot girl is Boiky! Morganas still not finished with Injustice popping into view....briefly. Oh and Fire gets confirmed I guess (see above). Injustice - only blind on one eye...hah! And then we have a nice change of screen: Levelling up. NO needs (counterclockwise) Special Acknowledgement, Mardi Gras Mask, King Olivers Kreole ...radio, Zora Neale houston....books, Borbon Milk, CA Pacific International Expo.....blah, U.S. Protection Kit.....which consists of papers? .... Not condoms? Feel free to tell me something about it yankii. I'm always curious. Anyway there is an honour, accoutrement, music, library, recreation, good luck charm and home front support slot in that order. So speculate at will what it could be for YOUR favourite Walküre. there is also some interesting info about NOs weaponry and what gets affected by levelling up on the right side. The equipment peak screen is at 1:03, tmi to comment on all of it. the little stars in the top left corner look interesting. Wonder what they'll be for. Also I guess the "base screens" are revealed here. Please have a look for yourselves. But what might "commissary" be? 1:04 - wait a sec, you can outfit each battery? Whoa. And QM with a FuMG. Nice. :3 Maybe Ninja is right after all. I will still not budge. Where would be the fun in that? And i see the RM-1. 1:07 reveals everyones favourite money drain: The shop! ***mis the Mayan Goddess..... HMS Artemis? AND the star stuff resource is revealed: Shop currency. Yummy. And who might our cute shopkeeper be? And you can buy Amenities and...diplomacy?? Gosh, since I saved myself -and my money- for this game, I will be all over the place. And then there is yet another new Morgana, with Disease. Love the face mask. Some fighting to round out the video aaand done. thx Mahan. @Shirogane I found the following new ships confirmed, so you don't have to read all of this or watch the teaser in such detail: British DD Zulu, Italian DD Antoniotto Usidimare, German U-37, Italian U-Boot Archimede, British Passenger Liner Queen Mary and Soviet DD Boiky.
  20. The trailer is warmly welcomed by me as well. And I love it when I'm right. Don't you? Like here and here. In stubborn defiance I will call Queen Mary a red herring. I will stick to SS Scharnhorst. Streng dich an Lebi! Wir glauben an dich! And i like the new revealed German sub. Achja, frohes neues Jahr euch allen.
  21. Frohe Weihnachten. And yes, I own all of the things they mention and use them.
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/3058143
  23. Direct Matches: Tenryuu 3-2 Takao Leningrad 3-1 Moskva Aoba 1-1 Kaga INPF 1: As the year comes to a close and a VB Trailer lingers on the horizon, Chiyoda shows her skill one last time for this year with a double victory exit. She's also the first with only 10 more matches to go. Belfast had more matches and while not perfect, manages to snatch Chiyodas lead on matches alone. Tenryuu also reaches the 10 matches to go mark and sends Takao home into the new year with a win over her. AGs uses a very good 10/12 points matchday to overtake the dormant Lady Lex. Contes rise on the other hand takes a hard dampener with only 3/9 points. She rules at home, but was a bit out of her water in international waters. Hood can capitalize on that weakness with a mediocre 5/12 performance, but it probably will not last since she's already on twice the matches as Conte. Leni got rather frustrated (and the author rather delighted) with a loss internationally. She apparently vented her frustration not only on Moskvas Dynamo, but also on Moskvas Spartak, just to hammer the message home. It at least brings her past two dormant yankii, if nothing else. Moskva gets a very used matchday, not only but also thx to her sister. This finally separates the Russian siblings. Kongou lost her shot at the Empress cup in the third round, giving her at least 3 points, while Kumano sadly lost in the second round and goes empty into sleep until March. LMP puts in a real effort and now trails Leni, just like last season, but farther down the table. Verdun also has a very good matchday -compared to the season so far- and breaks contace with the relegation zone. After a cautious start, Algerie leaves Perth in the dust at the bottom with a 10/12 matchday and makes an attempt to get out of the relegation zone. And since Perth lost against Chiyoda last matchday, she has to let it happen, since she will be dormant until late January. INPF 2: Exeter has an average matchday with 3/6. How much it will save her in the end is uncertain atm, because of her huge lead in points and matches to any competitor. Like P-K, who only has one match, but at least gets a point to show for it. Kaga (and most of the other IJN Kamimaru) concludes her season for this year. She, Nagato and Takao have only 6 matches to go. Kagas end of the year is disappointing with only 2/9 points. Her duel with Aoba gains both only one point each. Takao on the other hand gives herself a nice push towards years end. Only losing one match against INPF1s Tenryuu and winning the other two. Same goes for Kitakami, so both push back into the promotion spots. Nagato only manages to score 3/9 points an thus loses contact to the IJN block. Canarias scores a win and pushes past Nevada. Dunkerque reaches 50% of matches with a disappointing double loss. This helps Scharnhorst with a round of everything (1/1/1) to take back a position in front of her. And even Nünberg saily by, with 6/9 points. Gneisenau only had one match - onoe point, okay, maybe, not helping certainly. Talking about sailing by... the fact Pola rests until late Jauary sailed past me. Bearn performs also poorly with only 1 point and Aoba seems to have already lost her steam with now only 1/9 points this time. Köln on the other hand can keep her small momntum and scores 4/9 points, getting her behind Gneisenau and of the bottom. And very bad news for Axum. Apparently the Ethiopian Premier League was cut back from 16 ti 13 teams and I can't find her club anymore. Which means she is eliminated. Which makes me really sad. It also cuts the matches to play in INPF 2 by 2.
  24. Christmas Eve is "Heiliger Abend" (Holy Evening) here.
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