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  1. Spee was, as commander of the whole squad, also commander of Gneisenau. So I'd guess AGS got a "close/trusted friend" status with both.
  2. Geeze, I really forgot to update teams for a while now. Have Москва́ and Парижскую коммуну Action this week was only indirect. Well... Moskva played with herself and won.... but that doesn't really count, does it? INPF1: Our most noble Conte slipped a bit this week with only 4 points in 2 matches, while Leningrad got the full 6. Belfast won, but missed one match opportunity. It was postponed until further notice. None of the bottom 3 scored, so every USN fan can take a deep breath. Remember USN Belles are dormant for a while. So it looks like the table moved, but it did not really since all movement was push down of USN Belles. INPF2: For an INPF2 it was quiet. Most notable in the upper regions AGS snuck closer to Exeter and Bearn managed to surpass Hood. Biggest surprise however was Scharnhorst getting 6 points out of two matches which shoots her up the table quite a bit. Didn't see that coming. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Axum had her first match yesterday, but the courier with the match results takes a while from East Africa, so I get the results only next week. I hope. (srsly google lists the league finally nut can't produce results younger than 48hrs) Doesn't matter. Nürnberg and Kitakami wait for her......
  3. Here we go again after another national team break. In which btw all European INPF League countries and I believe even "misplaced" ships like Pola (today in Croatia) qualified for the Euro-Cup next year. Yay! (Correct me if I'm wrong) But on to the league. Direct matches: INPF1: As expected most dormant ships loose at least one position or will soon. While the top remains de facto unmoved, Belfast did not excel the best she could and Algerie looks farther back than she is, since she is also 4 matches short of the others at the top. At the bottom of the table Köln and Tenryuu managed to score for a change, so they climb a little, but everyone below Verdun is in severe danger of relegation. But then the season will only reach half time, when the other Japanese ships and their teams fall dormant in December. So all can change. INPF2: Good news: Axum should be game by now. Bad news: I might not know until December, because I found a way to follow, but they update with a small delay of a week or two... Anticipation rising. For the already competing ships ...WTF Exeter! 4 matches! You're supposed to be a third league team! And what a run! Damn.....see you then Graf Spee. Now Spee probably regrets losing Copa Libertadores to a Brasilian team double. Over all the top half of the table did quite well for themselves. The lower half not so much. Nagato and Kitakami failed to score completely. Kitakami will fight on for two matches, but with little hope. Her team will drop from J3 league to JFL, but since that's a national league and easy to follow she will also rejoin us next year. So if you like Kitakami, get out your tissues. Scharnhort dropped quite a bit, but will probably correct that soon, since she is now stuck directly behind a bunch of dormant ships. New Dormant: Nagato, Kaga, Aoba and Takao since J2 has ended. Aoba before Kaga ended up pretty much in the middle and Nagato below. Tako was nearly relegated, but they'll all stay in J2 and will come back in spring. Curiously only J2, but not J1 or J3 ended yet.
  4. One more thing: No one in Germany knows the term "Ponzi-scheme". So the captain would've to explain it to her. And she would recognize it as some form of "Schneeballsystem" (snowball system).
  5. Okay, the US Walküren are out of the picture for now. So are some Japanese and soon they all will follow, since they're the only two countries with a "calendar season", instead of starting in the summer or, like Ethiopia, in autumn. Direct matches: Damn..... Leipzig has no official Walküre. Anyways, to answer the question from last week: Tenryuu 0-1 Chiyoda AND in a sudden twist of events, Takao 1-0 Nagato INPF1: Nothing new at the top, but Belfast was probably distracted by the recent update and let Leningrad surpass her. Algerei and Kongou will soon sack the defensless Augusta, but if the miserable 4 at the bottom of the table will ever get past her, I seriously doubt. While Pola and Perth at least scored, the loosealot Köln has now a loss streak of 6 consecutive losses at her keel. INPF2: The two top teams didn't make the best of it and are no on equal points. Meanwhile Hood got close to snatch rank three from a dormant Arizona. The biggest gain had PK who is now in the upper midfield and Aoba and Takao surpassed the dormant Nevada. And Kitakami at least scored one point this week. Axum still has two weeks to go before possibly, hopefully joining the fun.
  6. Ugh... the awareness Deutschland has in 1939.... best not to think about it.
  7. No dev update = German nonsense. Note how the lyrics fit the update.
  8. I could say something about that, @Panay's Ghost, but I bind myself to not talk to enemy captains about such things. I believe however, U-29 meant Dr. Wolfgang Metzger, currently in Frankfurt at the Goethe-University and a member of the party. *hugs the Belfast*
  9. Okay, one thing I talk about sometimes is my fear of the writers going to "easy" on players and story morale. I feel this is an example for it. Option 1: Disapproval - accusing Scharn of Fraud Option 2: Disapproval - accusing Scharn of thievery Option 3: Disapproval - calling Scharn stupid Only Option 3 is not rightout opposing her, just calling her plain and simple, which she doesn't like to be called, thus antagonizing her. There is no real choice and the pretext steals the possibility for any. There is no possibility to approve her action. Or to even turn it to 11, by topping her in some way (which would still be possible with the given pretext). This piece of text is what we call "Moralinsauer" - moralising. And that concerns me in terms of captain development potential.
  10. So here we go again. Some teams went dormant. I coloured them Orange. Direct matches: None. But just theoretically..... in a naval duel Tenryuu vs Chiyoda, who would probably win? INPF1: Conte di Cavour slipped a little in her winning streak, but got 3 points from the Derby della Mole. Forza! The table leadership equaled its match scores and it turns out, La Signora is still comfortably leading by 6 points before Leni and Bell who are equal in points as well. In the forseeable future no other Walküre will be able to join them up there. At the bottom no one really escaped, but Köln is now in serious trouble after a serious losing streak. Also the USN fans might stock up their pills..... dormant team might get dumped down easily and the new season only starts in late February. Perth did it! She surpassed Kitakami (INPF2) as worst ship, by securing her first victory against @Wellington99 (Wellington Phoenix). All US Navy ships are now dormant, since their teams have been eliminated before the final match of their league. Same goes for Kumano as her team is done with this years season. The current match counter would be at 10 atm. INPF2: The leading ship, Arizona went dormant, since her teams season is done for now. Same goes for Nevada.... so Nevada fans might need to get some tranquilizers, in case I open a third league table before February. So now Exeter and Spee will try to race past Arizona as far as they can until Arizona rejoins in spring. While at the bottom Kitakami is hopeless, Aoba, Takao and Nürnberg are making themselves comfortable in front of her. If this goes on, I seriously doubt Kitakami can get past dormant Nevada..... And good news for Axum. She won't get eliminated!!
  11. No Dev Update = German humour. Without side by side, comic only.
  12. If anyone noted, there was a break in the calendar, so I could rest a week. 🤔 But I could start a INPF nations ranking..... or not. Direct matches this week were: Augusta 1-0 Lexington (no Deja Vu, but the Yanks have started their playoff phase and by coincidence Augusta and Lex had the last conference match and the first play-off match against each other. Since its a one leg pla-off, LEX is done for this year.) Nagato 1-0 Aoba I added Algérie and Scharnhorst in the club descriptions. INPF1 La bella d'Italia cruises on at the top, while beneath her, Belfast made a three victory in a row stroke and forced her way back on second. Forced, because she has one match more than the Ladys around her and in theory even Augusta, Kongou and Algérie can get past her. For the same reasons Lexi is out for now, some of the Northern American Walküren didn't gain anything. Their league finishes off and they're done until the new season starts in February again. So US fans need a bit of nerves since their Ladys will be falling a bit soon. I predict none of them will be Winter champion. The most "busy" Walküren were Köln and Kumano, our women team ships. Köln lost two consecutive matches and Kumano won two consecutive matches. Which sent Köln down quite a bit, but Kumano into a very safe place from her perilousstate last week. Oh and Perth scored for the first time. INPF2 Arizona let AGS come even closer and Exeter forced herself right behind the two. It mirrors a it Belfasts tour de force with the same problem. The only other ship keeping contact to the leading group is Bearn, because Hood had a terrible time with two lost matches. Other big losers are Canarias, she lost the most places and Kitakami also gained zero out of two matches and remains on the last place with actual matches. Axum gets until November, if she has no matches by November 15th I can find, she's out for now.
  13. No Dev Update before 1940.....
  14. One direct encounter this week: Augusta vs Lexington: 3-1 Added Augusta and Dunkerque to their respective club despriction lists. Anyone remember Dunkerque? Maybe we should put her name past Wichita.... INPF1 not much changed at the top. Conte di Cavour reigns supreme.(Skip to 3:50 in the video for context.) Leningrad however slipped an stagnates. Luckily for Leni, Belfast, Kongou and to a lesser extent Algerié slip as well. But Augusta seized the moment an shot up on third place, bringing her slowly into striking range for Leningrad at least. Nothing changed at the bottom as all teams their either lost or had no match this week. INPF2 similar to the upper house, Arizona was pretty safe in her top position, but behind her Admiral Graf Spee managed a small victory row and now is in striking distance to Arizona with only two points behind. Exeter, Hood and Béarn all left points on the pitch and now find themselves below AGS. The only other action was Scharnhorst climbing from 11th to 8th, but that area of the table is all pretty even. Axum still has the remainder of this month to prove to me that her team will have a season 2019/2020.
  15. *sips his tea* Nice. >Admiral Bertrand, is our resident Belle, Axum. So the captain tells Axum, that Admiral Bertrand is our resident Belle? Does the Admiral know? A Dev Update is much needed. I hope it comes soon, but this year will be sufficient. So, Ark Royal would be nice too.
  16. Been a bit busy, so no club updates today. But a short overview about the direct duels this week: USS Salt Lake City vs USS Houston : 2-1 HMCS Saguenay vs USS Augusta : 1-1 Dunkerque vs Béarn : 4-1 (last week) Scharnhorst vs Nürnberg : 0-4 INPF1: Conte and Leningrad start to distance themselves a bit from the others. Now the hunter group of Belfast, Kongou and Algerie have to already hope for a mistake done by those two and can't simply outrun them. The midfield now is basically the area where the US Walküren steam around and with Houston they also define the beginning of the danger zone. Pola and Kumano could limp ahead of Moskva this week, taking them temporarily out of immediate demotion area, but not by much. Perth had no match this week, so no points were lost there actually. Maybe they win, next time? For the first time? INPF2: Not much changed at the top. Béarn catched up with the pursuers of Arizona since all three top ships let some or all feathers this week. The bottom however is a bit more interesting, since Nürnberg and Nagato got ahead of Takao, who was pretty midfield last week, but now became the border between the mediocre and the bottom area. Aoba left last place by kicking Nevada and Kitakami one down each.
  17. Fifth matchday is done. I added the clubs of Leningrad and Admiral Graf Spee in the league descriptions..... and the club of Rawalpindi, for a sad reason. INPF 1 is again topped off by Conte di Cavour and Leningrad managed to squeeze in on 2nd place, pushing Belfast one place down. But Leningrad has also one match more than the others under her belt. While Conte is stil lwithout defeat, Kongous first defeat cost her 5 places at once. At the bottom a lot happended at once. Pola won her first match, getting her on par with safe placed Walküren. At the same time a result of Perth was corrected, from victory to loss.... so she's now the only ship without points. That was my mistake, I misread a score. Also i switched from the Kölm mens team to the women team, which gave Köln a small boost in points. INPF 2 ... I start with the bad news: I eliminated Rawalpindi from the competition. After I picked up nothing, then something, then a bit more, but confusing news about pakistan football, I now suspect there will be no domestic club matches in the foreseeable future in Pakistan, at least none I can pick up. Sorry Rawa. Another "bad" news: Arizone is no loner USS Undefeated! She had to take in her first loss. This brings Exeter, Hood and even Béarn (two matches less than Arizona) in striking distance for the next matchday to snatch the lead position from that Yank. The bottom sees Axum still without matches, but unlike with Rawa, I have no reason to believe the season will not be held.... yet. So she stays on. While Kitakami couldn't score, because all teams not participating in the Tenno-Cup had no matches, Nevada and Aoba could. Aoba however failed to get any points, so she fell onto last place of teams with matches and Nevada could keep touch with the very narrow lower half of the table.
  18. This is it. This is the turning point. A few things I'd like to add: The Altona incident was very important to the Nazis own mythology. I read the Abel letters and a lot of Nazis mention it in a very "this was the uniting moment, where we found ultimate resolve to stand together against the forces destroying Germany" tone. And some even acknowledge that a) the police = the state was against them in that moment but b) had finally come to terms with the Nazis saving Germany. The move Göring made in the Reichstag (by being completely caught off guard, stubborness or cleverness, idc) actually was a sign to the public that you could make politics with the Nazis. Think about it: He tried to protect the Reichstag and he held a vote of no confidence against THE representant of the "old" Germany and it was a proposal by the KPD, the communists he eventually put through, although it was immaterial. It was a very misleading sign, but it helped consolidating their voting numbers against the negative impact of street violence. Oh and he broke the rules of the Reichstag by ignoring von Papen.... so yo ucan say the Nazis ignored it the moment they gained any power in it. But that's a truck full of hindsight. At the same time it showed (also falsely) that the Communists were actually the only force standing up if not for democracy, at least against all forces trying to destroy it, also giving them something positive in contrast to the negative impact of street violence caused by them and the Nazis on their image. Btw Hinderburg and von Papen had anticipated the commie move, by pre signing a dissolution order which only needed a date on it. That's how it only took 30 minutes to get it ready and into the Reichstag. Ironically its reason was "the try of the Reichstag to abolish my (the presidents) decree from November 4th" .... which did not exist.... yet? The Center party btw are not centrists, but political catholicism. They lost almost all voters after the CDU managed to form their idea in an all-chistian party, making the "Zentrumspartei" pretty much obsolete. Where the video stops is, what did von Papen have to say? If you saw the video, the only planned topic for the session was originally his declaration of government. Since there was no Reichstag in session anymore, he gave it via radio. In short summary: He complains how the Reichstag mistreated his government. He pats himself on the back for getting rid of reparations, without mentioning the 3 billion end payment (which he would've mentioned in the Reichstag along with heavily scolding the other nations.) Everyone talks about disarmament, but only Germany has to forcefully disarm itself in a world full of gunnuts. No wonder the Germans are afraid and at the same time don't believe their state can protect them. Von Papen actually heavily references Mussollini on this who declared that Italy is the only "Versaille state" to take Germanys concerns serious. He uses this to bridge from "Germany the suffering" (economically for the world, but the world does nothing for Germany) to "look how well my government handled economical reconstruction". On a personal note I'm a bit shocked how often he uses the word "social" here.... I thought that was a thing only after the foundation of the Bundesrepublik, but already in Weimar, even the most right wing monarchists had to signal with it not to be some "unsocial" coldhearted monster. Even if they were anyways. (In short: He's social, because he fights unemployment. His opinion, not a fact.) Von Papen then give the German economy runners, company bosses, whatever you call them, a carte blanche. Wow. (The free development of the economy will not be hindered by the government. The wording comes accross more drastic in German.) And then comes the good part: Weimar Republic is a failure and has to be replaced! He proposes a system similar to modern France, where the president is sometimes called "elected monarch", but with even less parliamentary power, no parties at best and the voting age lifted above University age. So at least 25 or older. He enviosions a (paraph.) "all-German strong leader with only the best for Germany on his mind".
  19. Dear @TwoHeavens I only agree on you on the use of the term hovercraft. The concept itself was in the heads of several minds long before the 1930s and it is only a very small fictional step from rocket science being spread by magazines, including blueprints of DIY rockets - which is a historical fact, without such magazines the manned moon landings would've never been done- to magazines like the Amazing Stories one in which Ziolkowskis stories he apparently wrote (yeah, looked that one up) would fit just fine. The other thing is, that we move ina fictional universe and one which was used before by another game. So if Sheherazade gets any hints at hovercraft/glideboats enthusiasts or magazines in the 1931 update (if it ever is released), your point is completely out of the window.
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