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  1. I didn't think the stories would be that interactive, but I merely thought about how and where can I get crew (buying/recruiting in a harbour) and what was hinted at with the diplomacy stat (access to harbours). And stuff to buy often comes in Tiers in such games.
  2. Direct Matches: Kongou 0-0 Chiyoda INPF 1: Conte can finally take a break after her team was surprisingly eliminated in the last competition by a French team which is not PSG. And thus she ends on exactly 50 matches. Leni also won the Russian Supercup - round of applause- and will continue with the new league season, as mentioned last week. For Moskva, League has restarted again with a win. Kongou and Chiyoda lost points to each other in a draw, but Kongou also scored a win, so good for her. Perth had two matches and won one of them, so yeah her. Tenryuu also won....against my favourite Japanese football club. *swears in German* Pola lost her last match of her season, but will remain in the 1.HNL and.... in good slavic fashion it seems..... plays through this year by going again next week already. And on time for her update: Kumano won! But despite all of this, no positions changed. But with at least 6 points to go for everyone active..... even Kumano could get away and put SL City into a misery. INPF 2: Both US Walküren won their matches. For the IJN the bag is naturally a bit more mixed. Kaga and Aoba won, but Takao and Nagato lost. Kitakami played a draw. For Nagato this was the final straw and Nevada now takes her place, breaking up the IJN formation. With some skill, she can take over Takao as well soon. Arizona continued her climb and now put PK behind her. And the beautiful twins aren't really in safe distance for the last two matchdays. Season ended for: Conte di Cavour (INPF 1) Sidenote: The best modificator for the final results is currently 2,4 points per missed match for HMS Hood of INPF 2. The worst is at 0,9 for both Saguenay and Lexington of INPF 1. Conte and Exeter won't get any missed match bonus, since they're the respective benchmark.
  3. First of all my condolences as well. I've been losing a couple of family members the last 15+ years..... it doesn't get any more normal. Then I jump in to the favourite topic of the bunch: Crew recruitment. An element I understood would take the "fire" out of the debate was diplomacy. After all I can only shanghai recruit new crew, if I have access to a harbour...... or regularly raid passenger ships, which are very likely scarce in the wake of the Morgana crisis. So at the start of the game to recruit a French crew for my Hannah would not only not happen if Alfred Korky had a say in it, but also impossible, because there are neither harbours which would let me in, nor POWs which could be pressed on my ship....yet. And even if they have to let me in under some INPF treaty reason, they can keep a close eye on who enters and leave until I'm more on the Frenches good side of things. ... probably by accident. On the other hand getting and HMS full of French could be comparatively easy. And if I had to choose between a bunch of untrained Sardinians or Bavarians to let on my ship...... well one is an island, the others three biggest bodies of water combined are about the size of Elba. And several hundred Kilometer away from any open sea. Quite frankly, if diplomacy has no effect on crew recruitment via mooring rights or (de-)escalating privileges while moored.....what else is it for? Two ships racing against each other over/with the captain...... why do I have to think of Pola and Belfast? Also remind me when was the last time we got Mail? Just to change the pace, maybe.
  4. @Shirogane beta is closing in, you need to get busy again. 😄 I'd be surprised if she's playable under the now revealed circumstances.
  5. Direct Matches: Aoba 1-0 Takao INPF 1: Contes team won Italian Serie A, congrats. In the end it was a closer call than anticipated, but won is won. Contes season is not over yet, since the UEFA Champions League is still on their schedule. If they make it to the final, they will be active until August 23rd which now marks the new enddate of the INPF-League season. Zenit has a pause for now, but will continue to play Russian Supercup on the 7th already and Russian Premjer League resuming on the 11th(!!), Leni will probably have no break at all. Running straight through to the next season and so will Moskva then. Which also means Moskva is just on hold, not done with the season. While Kongou made a solid 3 points, Pola did this as well in an important relegation match. Tenryuu won the day however with 4 points. Each of them take over another, defensless competitor. Kongou Algerie and Tenryuu and Pola Köln. Chiyoda, Perth, Wichita and Kumano scored zero. In Wichitas case it means end of season as the US tournament has ended for her. The last Walküre to be in it. In Kumanos case it might mean relegation in from the NJ Div 1 to Div 2. When I created the INPF League, I could not get a proper hold on Div2, but I hope that has changed by now. Otherwise the consequences will be dire. INPF 2: The US Walküren scored all they could and gain each a position as a reward. On the other hand, the Japanese ladies had a mixed bag. Apart from Takao losing to Aoba, Kaga also has nothing to show for this week. And Nagato managed at least 1 point. In a sudden plot twist, the two bottom Walküren scored 6 points each, making things down there interesting again. Season ended for: Wichita
  6. Could also be Mistral or Siroco or Ouaran or Cyclone...... I guess there are also RN and RM ships with "windy" names. And some Japanese winds are.... A bit very unspecific, don't you think @Ninjapacman?
  7. > no-one has taken Torpedoes so far as Britain! - *plays rule Britannia on a kazoo* Let's play a round of [redacted] Bingo. Marseillaise is probably the French Bulldog The IJN pair is probably Nagato and Mutsu, which aligns me with Mig on discord. Il Duce probably take Giulio Cesare as living proof to be able to root his movement in Roma and her imperium. >though, as an unapologetic pedant, I feel obligated to note that it presumably [Redacted] until [Redacted] - I don't get this sentence at all. Assistance anyone? Who else but Deutschland could be expected to be the symbol of the Reich? I'm fixed on this. Especially after betting on her on another occasion. And I even have a hunch what Belfast believes to sense. She's also my most anticipated Walküre..... want. her. so. bad. I'm lost on two more Walküren: The yankii one and the wind one. Too much of both of them. Aurora and Glorious as NPCs, that's rather interesting. So all speculation about Schleswig-Holstein might be in vain as she is my German top candidate to be a NPC now. HMS Bulldog is manned by Bretons and Welsh people? Interesting. But sure, reminding people they're of German origin by calling them Anglo-Saxons is maybe a bit counterproductive for her. I will also offer both laz and ninja some weapons. Maybe they have a need for them. My shop is on the western brother. It has only one town, can't miss it. If the shop is closed, I'll try to intercept [redacted] on route to Dioskouridou.
  8. Direct matches: Salt Lake City 0-2 Wichita INPF 1: Conte suffered a rare defeat, not that it will hamper her impressive point load so far. Leni managed to score two victories and the RUSSIAN CUP! Applause applause! Her team will also have a last match against Lok Moskva for the Russian Supercup. Moskvas team however is finished for this season, sadly with a loss. Also done for is Augusta. In a shocking twist of events she scored 0 of 9 points and thus her team failed to progress over the first stage of the US tournament going on atm. Same with Houston, but at least she got a point to show for it. Saguenay and Lady Lex managed to proceed, but were knocked out immediately after that. So two more Walküren out of the league for this season. While Wichita is already in the Quarter Final, SLCs* fate will be decided later this day. Meanwhile Kongo** encroaches to Algérie with two draws and thus 2 points. And Chiyoda does the same with the now "unarmed" Augusta. Kumano sadly scores 0 points, but she's now the only one who can get out of relegation on her own. Pola on the other hand is a special case. Her poor position in the domestic league made her bound for relegation playoffs there. So while she lost the last regular match, she will have 2 relegation matches to come in the near future and thus is still active and not completely helpless against her pursuers.... but no matter what: Houston and Lexington are stuck for now on relegation positions. Kumano has to surpass Saguenay, easier said than done with maybe 3 matches left and 7 points to score. INPF 2: All Canarias matches were canceled. Probably due to a resurge of the virus outbreak in Spain. So she beats AGS by one point...for now. Arizona got nothing to show for it this week. Nevada had a week off. The IJN Walküren still steam in formation, with Kaga and Takao winning and Aoba and Nagato losing, nothing changes in the block. Kitakami meanwhile had her only 2nd win this season! Omedettou!! Season ended for: Moskva, Augusta, Saguenay, Lexington and Houston for INPF 1 and last week already: Canarias for INPF 2.... matches got canceled over renewed Covid-19 outbreak in Spain probably. *I had to creect SLCs result from two matches ago from a 0 to 1, so that explains the sudden rise in points. ** Cerezo Osakas women team now plays in the NJSL, so starting next season I will change to the womens team. With the end of the season ahead, please keep in mind there will be a modifier to emulate everyone had the same amount of matches. Details after August 11th.
  9. Where did you find the character sheet?
  10. >We picked out a another piece of music for a different victory condition- something a bit more somber bittersweet, for when you win, but lose a Belle permanently. It's too bad it will *never* be heard because it's a lovely piece of music. You guys *are* going to take care of your Belles, right? Right? - Yeah, as long as she's connected to Eurasia I will take the utmost care. >Voila, you mean? - Wichita has to up her French, walla(h)! >Smell it. SMELL IT. I’ve never smelled anything so heavenly. I'd put it, mmmm, a close second to aviation gas. - Wichita sniffs kerosin? That might explain a thing or two.... like the one she promptly demonstrates with cinnamon. While the choices are again "choices" (I would've agreed with her, the player can't do that here), I very much like what Algérie offers here. I think I like her even more. Yep, definitively different.
  11. Direct matches: none INPF 1: Conte and Leni circulate undisturbed on the top, while Moskva was able to gain some ground on LMP. Augusta, while championing the start of the season last year, now has three zeros in a row. Which naturally gets her nowhere and ruins her prospects for the catch-up calculation. That way Perth and Chiyoda are gonna put her even into the lower half of the table rather sooner than later. Pola btw managed a remarkable draw against the Croatian super power... but it still only got her one point. Wichita and Tenryuu also got valuable points in the fight against relegation, while the others drifted further into the danger zone. I.e. Saguenay lost the Canada Derby. And Kumano finally came back, but also picked up where she left with losing. INPF 2: Canarias crashed her winning streak spectacularly with two times zero. Most other teams gained points, but due to the big gap in points between Nürnberg and Kaga, nothing changed, except Nagato closing the IJN block by surpassing Axum. The exceptions can be found at the bottom. Nevada and Kitakami scored nothing and thus stay where they were. The most interesting action will probably be, if the IJN keep close formation in the end. No new teams ended their season.
  12. Overall the results are wild. Some Walküren had their seasons broken off, like the French ones and Algerie, others a big or a small break and some will restart only about now. So I will check after August 11th (end of the US Walküren tournament) how many matches were played by each team and then decide how to end the INPF season. One certain thing is my problem of handling teams with comparatively low match score. Some Walküren didn't even reach my 30 matches mark. So, I'll cut it probably at a point where I can have the actual result of roughly half of the Walküren on a table and those with less matches will get some points boost, based on their performance in the last 10 matches. Also I saw some teams with cut off season have matches scheduled, so I check on Day X, if they had any since today. If anyone has a better idea, feel free to share. Direct Matches: Saguenay 0-1 Lexington Aoba 2-0 Nagato Tenryuu 2-1 Nagato INPF 1: 5 Walküren already had a lot of matches: Pola, Köln, Moskva, Leni and Conte. Conte and Leni put it to very good use, putting themselves very firmly into 1st and 2nd place. Moskva could not yet pass La Motte-Picquet, but she has a few matches ahead of herself. Köln and Pola, while not stellar, used the opportunity to put some points between them and the nether regions. Belfast, La Motte-Picquet. Algerie and Verdun all have the problem of a broken off season. They got no more points and will get no more points. Everyone else has just restarted, with Houston and Kumano having their first match under the belt next week. Among thse Augusta, Wichita and Saguenay blew it and started with 0 points. Everyone else at least scored something. This means our new relegation group is Lex, Kumano and Houston, with all three having less than 20 points. INPF 2: In the lower leagues attached to the INPF 2 table, cancellations were much more common. Also a lot of season have ended by now. Active are only the Japanese Walküren, Canarias for a little while and the US Ladies. The German Walküren got the biggest boost out of it, with the notable exception of AGS, whose team plays in a different country and Argentine cancelled. Exeter was allowed an English playoff and thus gained even more matches. Nevada will only join next week. With Tenryuu being in INPF1, but her team playing in the same league as most of the INPF 2 IJN ships, I really have to watch out for those direct duels. Anyway it's a mess. Canarias had a good run and still a few opportunities left. She bombarded herself right into 3rd place, for now. She will not be able to overtake Hood, since she can only score around 10 points at best and already has one match more. So there will be no boost involved at the top. While the beautiful sisters were able to make "something" out of their run, Nürnberg pretty much blew it and had a lot of matches, but not a single rank to climb.... against defenceless opposition. Arizona was helped by the fact to be back in action slightly before Nevada. Of the low lying pack of Japanese Walküren, Nagato truly had the worst start. She was not even able to overturn Axum amd lost both direct matches. Kitakami picked up where she left and only gained one point in three matches, staying firmly where she was. Season ended for: Belfast; La Motte-Picquet, Algerie, Verdun and Köln in INPF 1 and Exeter, Hood, AGS, Bearn, PK, Dunkerque, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Nürnberg and Axum in INPF 2
  13. I suggest you bugger off, since opening completely new stuff takes time and effort away from getting the game done and I don't like that. We already got the dev corner and BCS only less than 6 months to deliver. That said, I kinda expect new interviews either after the beta came out, to figuratively level the field for the then "unknown" Walküren or if BCS blows the promise and comes crawling out from under the Weihnachtsbaum admitting nervously the beta/game won't be happening in 2020. Because then compensation truly is in order.
  14. After I've succeeded in making Germany (and me) a bit less liked on discord, for good reasons, I really should elaborate on these two parts. Especially after I decided in late May to drop the act and be nice again. But so much to do, so little time..... First off: The critique I formulated truly is the only negative stuff I could find. Some stuff is even pulled out of the text by hairs. Me exempting two whole parts in general from all the negativity and the sea fight completely just shows in how much trouble I was. I only did it btw because Mr. Wells kept asking for any sort of review. You all (on discord) could've prevented this, as I publicly announced my act. I just wanted to fulfil his request, because no one else did. If it got you into emotional trouble over my exaggerated criticism (some might call it a bluff), my sincerest apologies. I assume otherwise you got the memo as well. Your entry is really nice. You hit me as a reader without "warning" and immediately I got the urge to find out more about her. Adding a Turkish Captain into the mix is also a nice tone and seriously a character challenge for your protagonist and his lancer. Excellent writing there. And despite me saying otherwise: It is plausible. I could only construct the "forced in" negative concept, because what I like with the sudden appearance and all, other reader actually might feel irritated. And my Turkish is extremely limited. But I checked over it. If there had been any major flaw I would've hanged you for it. As you might've noticed I exempted the fight completely out of my response. Guess, because it is a thrilling read and you had the advantage of being in a scene you could basically do whatever the frak you wanted. Trust me I tried to pin you on something there, but it was so good and so enclosed in total (believable) fiction..... no chance. And I had the ambition to give at least plausible negativity, so a defence would've taken at least some effort. Completely baseless BS would've maybe blown my act. And tbh I really like Manc after that fight. The third part, in Portugal, is a nice epilogue to the drama which happened in act one and two. The heroes (all of them) get to cool down, again your protagonist faces a challenge, but one the reader knows will not kill him. And seeing the protagonist "out of his water" quite literally is always good for delight. And you tread the line between "delight" and "silly comic relief" very well. Since you seem to have laid out your captain as a sincere character and leave the little "light hearted" stuff you put in to more lively characters like Manc this was basically him "going in" without any backup. And it was lovely. You took the scene seriously and handled it nicely. Two things though: The Canarias + Swiss Captain question really bugs me, but in a good way. Dory is a puritan t***, for reasons I stated above and uphold here. But that's not your problem as a writer, but my problem as a reader for not liking her. So yeah. It is not only a nice, but an excellent read. Well done Wells.
  15. Lebi! 😍🥰 Worum geht's?
  16. Hm, I wonder if the birthday cake had something to do with the reduced velocity. If there's no room in the program of the Goebbelsschnauze..... there is no one stopping me to listen to Italian radio once at sea. They want me to appear in a radio show with a Brit, who led their propaganda bureau in the great war and admires the UdSSR? Hah! "Stormy Friday" is what they call it in the states? *chuckles* I doubt the Poles will be so trivialising. >I don't know if you've seen the human version of USS [Redacted], but that's what I'm thinking here. Blonde, moxie, legs from stem to stern, if you get my meaning. - No, I don't, but that's probably my problem. All the ship educated yankii still reading sure know which ship redacted is right away. >we want an actress whose voice sounds like straight whiskey. - Can't think of anyone fitting the bill. Nope. Not a clue. >I don't know, throw a dart at a map and get back to me. - Knock yourselves out. (Might need to switch settings to work.) >I'll put together a bible[...] - Like... a tihuana bible? I'm sure someone is working somewhere on one already On a sidenote, do you think "Kapitän Siegfried Eisenhammer und die Walküren der Gerechtigkeit" could get past Dr. G.?
  17. Instead of an answer... 😂🤣 You Anglos and Yankii and your superficial goals. 😘
  18. > Beauty is a morale booster in times of war and peace, and there’s no better way to enhance one’s natural beauty than with the proficient use of a makeup brush. > You'll thank me once the rationing sets in, and you have to become creative. Remind me, what age rating are you aiming at again? > Hood: Hold on a minute, Captain. Laborer… YOU, laborer! Is that the English as his majesty uses it, HMS Hood?
  19. With even MLS and J1-League restarting soon I'll probably pick up the INPF League early July and continue it until August 11, which is the end of the MLS tournament, if I'm not mistaken.
  20. Art. 435 has two side agreements between France and the Swiss Confederation yes and calling 1919 "medieval diplomacy" is interesting. The main point however is the third written guarantee of the neutrality of Switzland (after 1648 and 1815), but the first Italy signed, because it didn't exist the previous two times in its entirety. And somehow she got those puppies from St. Bernhard directly, so she claims. And St. Bernhard is located fully on Swiss territory. So the Savoy neutral zone has nothing to do with it.
  21. Über den Deutschen Wäldern liegt Ruh and we're pretty much back to normal. Yay, my favourite Italian valchiria. Even when it could be debated, if she violated Art. 435 of the treaty of Versailles. Keep in mind she is Duce d'Aosta, not Valle d'Aosta... and the hospital is only half in the valley anyways and fully not in Italy. Violating the treaty is sexy in 1939 Germany. *schmacht* Here a puppy for distraction.
  22. Interesting update. I think my captains sidejob is the right idea. And U-29 should be careful, she just spilled some water on the SSs mills. A thing I remember her of not being fond of. And I'm glad she found a new hobby. Everyone should have at least one. Y'know, to ease the mind.
  23. Would never have guessed Mahan would mug Wichita one day. But I remember old conspiracy theories from a long, long time ago, when we theorised Mahans reappearance would mean beta would be imminent. But since we allegedly lack a dev update or two on the way to it.... let's see what the next two weeks will bring.
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