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  1. Yeah, but who's counting? Witch made us watch seals as well.
  2. It not loading is interesting to say the least. That song should be well out of copyright. It's the 1932 German Version of the US song "Yes! We have no bananas!". So listen to that as comfort.
  3. Ignore the first second:
  4. In case anyone wants the complete reprint of Kapitän Mors adventures -and the first science fiction series of all time- in all its 165 episodes: 700 € and it is yours only until 05.05. That's 290 € off. It was all the rage in 1908-1912 and prohibited in 1916 by the military governour of Berlin! And a picture of the Weltenschiff. And whoever thinks, bah, Humbug, much too old. Care about another Sci-Fi legend?
  5. We already discussed your Eden mistake in private. I notice the fix. While the second and third part fit okay into your whole story, I'm a bit irritated by the sudden Turkish Virgin (by name at least) in the first part of the story. Your explanation is: So the yankii and the Anatolian captain have a yelling match - which in my head means yelling at each other on roughly equal terms. But the next sentence makes it look like the yankii was in the process of being humiliated. And the Limeys saved the yankii, but became drinking buddies with the Turk, for the yankii never to be mentioned again? Oh and she commands the RN Ostro... which was for what reasons in the vincitiny of Turkey? All in all that scene feels forced in. Dory is a bloody idk by all to me known European standards. She jumps on compliments even a German could pull? And next time please use this or comparable lists, if you employ known people in your plots. Or give at least a hint, why you dispose of the OCs. For INPF people this is obviously unnecessary, but you write "British ambassador", not "British INPF liasion". So you mean "INPF ambassador" (and you better do or why should you call a Português diplomat in his own country ambassador?)? But it obviously IS the proper ambassador to Portugal, since he answers back to Halifax. Also you can't have an ambassador to the INPF, except it has exterritorial status in its own rights by late 1940, which is a huge deliberation you're taking here for now. But the INPFs is explicitly a neutral, supernational force. So why should they turn down INPF requests? Especially with Morganas clearly in the waters? I totally get why they turned down a solely German request. Which btw implies there is an independent German Walküren fleet beside the German INPF forces, which also must exists as the continuing talk reveals. Why do they need our cooperation in the first place? And where is Mr. Pell? Okay. Why of all ships Canarias? What special kind of Franco loving fascist Swiss was able to get Canarias attention? Why not Velasco? Why the one Walküre that openly emits love and devotion for her Caudillo basically from the first moment we met her? Apart from that, appealing to the Bloco Ibérico is clever. But then "bringing it before the parliament" and saying they might allow this..... wasn't the parliament pretty much not in the position to decide such things in the Estado Novo? Who (formally) decided to give the US and UK bases on the Azores and Madeira in the 1940's? Parliament or Prime Minister? Apart from that, nice read I guess.
  6. My artist definitively needs more practice. I'm on it.
  7. Is it just me or is Belfast getting more vulgar? Sidenote: You'll have a hard time finding a German actually named Jerry, but a lot of Brits actually called Tommy. That's Tokubetsu Keisatsutai for you, island monkey! On the one hand it is preposterous to demand proof of a ship to be deutschblütig, on the other hand.... Nazis. Also I credit it to the fact, that Belfast is relaying the information, that said information is not really hieb- und stichfest. I guess they have made up a certain type of certificate for Belles, because it's hard to get an Ariernachweis (even a small one), if you're not born from lineage, but built. So I guess said Belle did not turn out very Aryan by definition of appearance. And thus she has or wants to get her stern under § 2 I RBG, but technically that would be a problem from the start, so I guess the legal vector to attack her Deutschtum is the BBG which asks for an Ariernachweis again, but she's a member/asset of the Wehrmacht and thus probably has soldier status, so she would fall under § 1 III WG, because she's a woman and that would require her to be a GERMAN woman so we're back in the RBG and that means we have to get into bloody details unknown until we know who she is and what casts the apparent shadow of doubt over her Deutschtum (appearance, creators, material?)..... but quite frankly it's a non-problem. If the top brass says she's German, she's German. That's actually the law. And even if she isn't, she's still owned by Germany and subject of the Führer. And as Nürnberg will happily confirm: Every German Walküre should have a legal status comparable to the defined one in the RBG. More interesting question: Do they have to take the oath? Yay, we captains are shiny beacons of hope. Well, well that Theseus thinking at the end is a bit cut short, if you keep in mind Walküren have memories of their former incarnations. So if you build a new ship from old material of the same heritage those memories should at least be so present as if they were the "old" ones to a point it becomes pointless to argue if the "new" Walküre is actually "new" or a transferred "old" one. A much clearer indication could and should be her physical appearance "before" and "after", which can naturally only occur after the 1st of September 1939 in this world. The most "fun" approach to this I can think of is taking parts and distributing them throughout the INPF and then building 7-XX ships with the same heritage in mind. And suddenly U-29s research gets a boost I guess. Kaga is right, oyasumi.
  8. Wichita = Mary Sue confirmed. Verdun is as grim as expected. I also miss a "Good, carry on option". I talked before about options and real options iirc. I will not repeat myself. Repetitio non placent. Please thank the team for the kind and caring words on my behalf, most honourable one. An regarding possible testers, if I consider posts in here and discord members over there.... we wouldn't even need a full Centurion to lead us. So a few is actually a few.
  9. She accepts both Fräulein und Hochgeboren. As I stated elsewhere: I'm very confident to be able to beat Ihro Hochgeboren in a round or 20 of Offiziersskat/Bauernskat. German children learn it to be prepared to learn proper Skat. I'm more and more convinced AGS might not be my go-to ship of choice to integrate into my Kriegsmarineflotte..... German check:
  10. Since almost all leagues involved are suspended over the Covid-19 pandemy until at the very least 22nd of March, don't expect any updates until mid-April.
  11. Direct Matches: Wichita 4-0 Houston Nürnberg 0-3 Scharnhorst INPF 1: Conte could distance herself, since Belfast lost. Belfast on the other hand slowly comes into range for Leni and LMP. *dun dun duuun* Otherwise no position changed except in the nether regions: Pola scored a decisive victory and jumps well above the danger zone, at least in places, if not in points. And Lady Lex used the wrecking of Houston by Wichita to leave last place. If your heart lies in the upper regions you might feel a slight bore. If it lies in the nether regions...... you probably need some meds to stay calm. INPF 2: Our 2nd division was.... unstable. Only Hood won in the promotionists group, bringing her up right behind Exeter. Arizona showed her old, lost strength and Scharnhorst sunk Nürnberg. Glorious victory for Gau VIII over XVI, making Scharnhorst the highest ranked Kriegsmarine ship on the table. Spee limped onto 3rd place, don't ask her about it. Canarias won as well and took 5th place away from P-K, but the midfield is as secure as it is hopeless to reach promotion ranks. Axum lost a bit embarrassing to a team literally called "Ethiopian Coffee"...... but at least she's still in the fight. Nevada won and can now start chewing up the IJN Walküren in front of her, who are completely helpless for now.
  12. Ha! Only ~60million incantations later! Ha! *catches his breath*
  13. Special note: Japanese Leagues and Cup got completely canceled until further notice over the COVID-19 crisis in Japan. Other countries represented opted for empty stadiums (like Italy). Direct matches: Saguenay 2-1 Lexington Béarn 2-0 Dunkerque INPF1: Belfast won and the rest of the top 5 stumbled. Leni and Moskva interestingly enough both against clubs from Moskva, not representing her. The IJN Walküren all suffer from the cancellation of their matches. In the nether regions, Saguenay wins a "6 pointer match" by beating her direct rival Lexington and steering free from relegation for now. INPF2: Same as in INPF1: All IJN Walküren do not play until further notice. Coventry makes use of another weak week by Exeter and sneaks up to her. In the fight for 3rd promotion place Spee takes a blow by Béarn who makes short work of her country woman Dunkerque. The Kriegsmarine shreds its opposition in a nice change of pace (for me) and wins all their matches...well except for Spee who draws. Axum ends her first seasonal leg with a loss. Nevada loses as well and thus gets stuck "inside" the IJN.
  14. I endorse Nubians way of doing things. Another Walküre that held true to her interview.
  15. Last, but certainly not least (but terribly endangered to relegation), I finally added Pola. Now all teams currently available for the Walküren have a description. Direct matches: Chiyoda 1-0 Perth Nagato 1-0 Aoba INPF1: Chiyoda and Perth met in direct match and Chiyoda sunk Perth and surpassed Verdun (same points, fewer matches). Also Tenryuu rejoined with a win and makes a giant leap out of the relegation spots. Apart from that Pola made 4 points and thus surpassed Houston, Lex and Saguenay all at once. Suddenly the relegation is a purely USN affair. For now. apart from that nothing changed on the first 8 places. Everyone except Belfast and Conte have someone to fight with for rank. INPF2: Exeter got nothing from two matches. The Kriegsmarine mostly failed, only Spee won. Which gets her back into promotion ranks. Axum played her last match for now, but the result will only be in next week. And her timing is horrible, because the IJN behind her sprung almost entirely back into action. Kaga is back with a loss. Nagato and Aoba immediately went after each other, with the Battleship besting the cruiser. And Takao at least got a point. The last USN Walküre, Nevada is also back, but got nothing to show for it. All of this shakes up the lower regions nicely. Inactive Walküren: Kumano, SL City (INPF1) and Kitakami (INPF2)
  16. I added Хьюстон Direct matches: none INPF1: Almost all teams left points on the field, with Algerie and returnee Kongou as exceptions. While Kongou climbed in front of Perth and Augusta that way, Algerie wasn't so lucky and Moskva made 4 points and thus got in front of her. In the pretty broad danger zone (Kumano and below) duds were had left and right with the notable exception of returnee Lexington. She scored 3 points. I also finally applied the secondary sort of fewer matches = better, so those 3 points catapulted her right out of the relegation zone. INPF2: The top 4 Walküren all went flawless, but Hood and Exeter again scored twice. so the only hope is the cropping at the end of the season will draw them closer. I still haven't decided how to manage the vast differences in matches at the end of the season. There were also a lot of draws this matchday in the 2nd division. The whole Kriegsmarine i.e. Axum managed to use her point to push past Kaga, making the dormant Walküren now the end of the table entirely. Apart from that nothing changed at all. Still dormant Walküren: SL City, Kumano and Tenryuu in INPF 1 (3 out of 20) Kaga, Nagato, Aoba, Takao, Nevada and Kitakami in INPF 2 (6 out of 18)
  17. I'm so glad you asked and join the ancient ranks of one of the oldest documented practical philosophical problems known to Europe: Is the ship of Theseus still the ship of Theseus? Welcome to the Theseus Paradoxon!
  18. Still no beta..... But I totally loved Espero and am glad she is exactly the Walküre I suspected after her interview and fell in love with. 😍
  19. I added Saguenay and Kitakami, finishing all INPF2 teams. Direct Matches: Parishkaya Kommuna 1-2 Béarn INPF 1: Clear winners of the matchday are the Soviets. Leni and Moskva crushed the opposition and are the only two Walküren with more than 3 points. Getting Leni up into the top 3 again. There were also a looot of postponed or canceled matches for the ladies, so 0 points doesn't mean defeat. Except you're Conte! Yes, the Italian lady stumbled, ending her latest 7 win streak. Belfast also got defeated. In a nice change of things our two bottom Walküren, Pola and (back in action and honorary soviet) Houston won each once. Pushing Lexington to the very bottom. And if you dislike Canadians: Saquenay lost twice. Next week I eye Kongou and Lady Lex to rejoin. INPF 2: The Top 4 all won, so no change at the top. However Béarn managed to prevent P-K from scoring. And Canarias scored 3. So P-K now has Canarias breathing down her neck. As a little side note: All three french clubbed Walküren in 2nd Division have very strong French 3rd division teams. Ironically the table leader, Dunkerque is the worst of them in INPF2. But maybe not for long. Scharnhorst equals the core with her sister, but apart from that there is no change on the table for today. Still dormant Walküren: Kongou, SL City, Kumano, Tenryuu and Lexington in INPF 1 (5 out of 20) Kaga, Nagato, Aoba, Takao, Nevada and Kitakami in INPF 2 (6 out of 18)
  20. I added two Yanks: Lady Lex and Nevada Direct matches: Parishkaya Kommuna 1-1 Dunkerque Arizona 0-4 Wichita INPF 1: While Conte continues in her perfect flawlessness, Belfast managed to at least score 6 points an close the gap a little. La Motte-Picquet used a thick 6 point week to send Leni out of the triumvirate of leadership. Talking about Leni: She's back. Mixed start with 3 out of 6 points. At least she can now fight that French pirate. Her sister was a bit more busy and got 9 out of 12, keeping both Verdun and Perth finally at bay. Algerie had a bad match and Perth again only played remi, so Verdun now snuck up to her. Köln went emptyhanded, so did Pola who rejoined the active teams. Oh and did I mention some non European Walküren started to warm up and played matches? *takes a deep breath* Augusta did fine and scored 4 points, so did Chiyoda, our Canadian Walküre Saguenay restarted the championship with a win and Wichita came out of the box with a double strike, one again Arizona from 2nd div as a friendly. All of that shook up the lower regions of the table quite a bit, but the beauty sleep leaves a lot to catch up. Next week more will join. INPF 2: In the second division Exeter stumbled heavily with 0 of 6 points, which Hood used to at least see her in the distance again. Bearn and Spee also made 3 points, so they follow in equal distance hand in hand... or kicking and screaming.... P-K and Dunkerque met and fought to a remi, see above. An opportunity seized by Canarias who snuck past Dunkerque because of it. Arizona got devastated, but in a friendly way, by Wichita from 1st div. So no points for her. Gneisenau and Scharnhorst on the other hand scored a whole point each. Nürnberg even got 3 points, pushing her past Kaga and Axum used her own 3 points to jump directly behind Nürnberg. Speaking of the IJN Walküren, they'll mostly join at the end of the month. Still dormant Walküren: Kongou, SL City, Kumano, Tenryuu, Lexington and Houston in INPF 1 (6 out of 20) Kaga, Nagato, Aoba, Takao, Nevada and Kitakami in INPF 2 (6 out of 18)
  21. Muhahaha, Alpha test confirmed!!
  22. I added some irrelevant Walküre.... hasn't even had a first peek or something.... tsk. And our only submarine of the league: Axum she also completes "Team Africa". Direct Matches: none INPF 1: Conte did her best and got 6 points, while Belfast got sloppy and lost. This makes Conte a very lone first, indeed. The pursuer of the top too left feathers, but the lowest of the active Walküren, Verdun and Köln managed each to win, bringing them to safety. And the US and IJN fans should slowly get some blood pressure lowering medicine or opiates...... INPF 2: The top 3 all fumbled a bit and only gained 1 point, giving AGS the opportunity to close up again and she used it. Apart from that a mixed bag, but Canarias got 4 points and finally left the twins behind her. Axum sadly could not advance behind Nürnberg, but at least she gained 1 point, which is more than Nürnberg got. Reactivated ships: none, probably Pola next week.
  23. Yeah, maybe in the allied forces.....
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