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  1. Okay. I wonder if we will ever see a ....."serious" Soviet submarine. So far we have a traitor and an airhead on a permanent sugarrush...... but don't mind me. And yes, why not? The Dutch are excellent U-Boot builders. Ask the Poles. They were so eager to get Dutch U-Boote, they stole their own out of the Dutch shipyard.
  2. Wolfsrudelzeit? Wolfsrudelzeit! Mit Paukenschlag? Mit Paukenschlag! *breathes heavy in German*
  3. That was an rather interesting chat. I hope commando supremo approves of this. Also you're all fools: I choose uno, because the matter if I'm drunk is pointless here, it's a lack of courtesy. Lack of courtesy towards a possibly not sober captain.
  4. Yes, but that story is based on this man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Adams_(sailor,_born_1564)
  5. My favourite jazz pianist. You'll love him.
  6. This 50 minute documentation tells the story of a Russian crew shipwrecking in Japan and building a new ship with the locals. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/3016038/
  7. I'm honestly disappointed. And it is spring, not summer. @Gerrion can probably confirm.
  8. Some of you might've noticed it already, but there are two YT channels now covering, among other things, post-WW 1 and pre-WW 2 Germany. Or will cover it. One is the Time Ghost Channel and the other the The Great War channel which has moved on from the actual war and now covers what came after. Here are the links to the appropiate playlists:
  9. Since this was the BBQ update, I put this here:
  10. So I did my tiny research on "Junta" and found the site educalingo. As shown here in German the word was picked up during Napoleonic times and is quite common. And here in English one can see the word is even older in the english language. For Germany a "normalisation" of the word is done between 1903 and 1925. Those were the two oldest Duden (standard dictionary) I could find and it wasn't in the 1903, but in the 1925 edition. I still have to contact a possible source of a 1930's Merriam-Webster, but for now I feel confident to formulate my precise critique. My argument is, the using of the word "Junta" is more of an indicator Wichita is of "common" education and paid no attetion to the book. It is NO indicator Wichita is exceptionally well educated as Cavour concludes after her use of the word. And the vocal difference between giunta and junta is, at least for a German native, minimal.
  11. @TwoHeavens you asked for this. The title of the song is a direct reference to the fate of the Russian 2nd Pacific squadron at Madagascar in 1905. A story of the squadron can be found here. The Madagascar part can be found at around 34:00.
  12. I could find no hard evidence of her namesake being specifically the 1916 battle fought there. But I could find 5 other Battles or Sieges there and I specifically thought about the Treaty of Verdun from 843AD/1596AUC. But don't let my nagging distract you from that very interesting point you're raising. In Verduns case she could only be "at rest" from late December to late February. A horrible idea.
  13. A quick reminder of the importance of the ü in Lüdemann. that is her without the ü and just an u. Since the artist has no own website, here's the FB of his wife's Atelier.
  14. There happened more at Verdun, than "just" the battle you think of. So what if you have a really historically busy place or person? Liverpool is an unlikely target. Gets easily confused with Dublin. Believe me.
  15. I really hope those are overknee boots with a steel cap..... not leather stockings. And why is the turret config 3>2, when in reality it was 2>3? Anyways.... Wichita has an interesting "style" to highlight the personality of her interview partners. I hope she keeps it. With Conte I have a few issues on a very special level. She values appearance over efficiency for one and commands a very high level of self discipline, but then slaps Wichita in a clear break of that discipline.....*takes a deep breath* ..... at this point I really regret that Historynerd hasn't shown his avatar in a while. Maybe if I make a magical sign and shout "Pugliese" three times, I can summon him back? (Conte di Cavour was fitted with the Pugliese system and just google Pugliese TDS and look who argues about it everywhere.) I have some issues with her self presentation of her service record. In 1922 she hosted the King himself, but doesn't mention it. The Korfu-Incident was not about Korfu being Italian. None of the 7 demands demanded the Island, it was invaded as a very effective tool to pressure Greece into obedience. Italy left after 5 weeks without a fight. So it is interesting she claims the Island as "Italian" while at the same time calls the invasion "abominable", which it was. But because all killed by the naval bombardment were civilians, among them several children. Greece territory being Italian was only formulated later so it makes sense and is awkward at the same time to me. Yeah, Conte's quite possibly a child killer. Interesting how she focuses on the bad ruling systems according to Aristoteles. (Democracy and Oligarchy) I also beg to differ on the definition of Junta. Her definition more or less only fits the Junta Suprema Central from 1908 which fought against Napoleon I. And even that is faulty, because she specifically speaks of NAVAL officers. The liberation of Spain after 1908 is not really remembered for its famous naval battles (Trafalgar was 1905). Nazi fascism sees itself as a form of elected aristocracy btw., which is the good form of oligarchy. But the real question is: What is she referring to? What else do you call an oligarchy, when a group of royalist naval leaders seizes a government by force? Stratocracy is when the army seizes power..... a classical military dictatorship includes all branches of the military..... ..... ..... Naftocracy? All those names are highly academical and Junta is a very broad one.....and I just fell into the rabbit hole of researching, if the word "Junta" was in the Duden in the 1934 edition.... I'll post my findings here. Undermine me, and I will end you. - And yes, I react very well to threats...... *strike Conte from my fleet list* If I like her? I do, natürlich. She has excellent taste and a visit to Caffé Fiorio is actually on my "places to visit" list. I just can't stand her. Also any intel on her cap and the book she's holding would be much appreciated. On first glance it doesn't look like the "Scritti di economia".
  16. Okay, now I really want to know what happened to S-H..... and "something" in the Baltic or the Vistula waiting to be awoken, @Shirogane can you think of anything? Regarding the "national heroes reborn" thing I made a small, incomplete list of possible persons from Germany. I have no idea what you're talking about. *whistles innocently* And thank you very much Salmon, that's a really good start. Nikolai von Essen looks interesting.
  17. Since Belfast refers to the topic I thought I get a shortlist together with possible German heroes. Arminius also known as "Hermann der Cherusker" or in english "Herman the German". Annihilated three roman Legions in the German forests in 9 Anno Domini/762 Ab Urbe Condita, ending Roman expansion into Germania for good. Then got killed by his own family, because his success made him a bit megalomanic. Wieland der Schmied (Wieland the smith) Excellent smith. Learned his trade from dwarves and his blade could easily cut almost everything. He was so skill full he could smith himself metal wings to escape imprisonment. Siegfried (Sigurd) Hero of the Nibelungen and other sagas, most commonly known for the slaying of the dragon Fafner somewhere at the Rhine. Usually seen as the ideal German warrior (not debatable in 1939). Karl der Große elsewhere probably better known as Charlemagne, Carolus Magnus or Charles the Great. Legendary frankian king who united most of western Europe into his Reich. "Incorporated" the Saxons, Bavarians and Alemanni into his Reich and the Saxons into Christendom. (Don't mention too openly it's a hero shared with France in 1939) Widukind or Wittekind Legendary Saxon duke who fought Charles the Great around 780A.D. (1533 A.U.C.) ultimatively failed and even converted to christianity....and then got killed by his new friends. Still inspired the Saxons to fight on even after his loss, which bittered Charles enough to initiate the massacre of Verden, where he killed 3000 unarmed Saxon nobles, gaining him in some parts of Germany not the name "the Great", but "the Saxonbutcher". Ludwig der Deutsche (Louis the German) Solidified the East-Frankian Reich in the aftermath of the shattering of the Frankian Reich in the treaty of Verdun in 843A.D./1596A.U.C. It would later become what is now known as the German Reich. (Clasically seen as "start" of German national history in 1939) Otto I. der Große (Otto the Great) Ended the slavic threat from the east in the battles on the Lechfeld against the Magyars (Hungarian) and at the Raxa against the perished slavic tribe of the Obotrites. Gained the German crown, but also the Italian crown, enabling him to become the first roman emperor from Germany in 962A.D./1715A.U.C.. Friedrich I. "Barbarossa" (Frederick I. red beard) Became Roman-German Kaiser in 1152 A.D./1905A.U.C., solidified the Reich against inner struggles and the pope. Drowned on his crusade, but will return in Germanys darkest hour to save it. Until then sleeps under the Kyffhäuser mountain. Walther von der Vogelweide Most famous medieval poet from Germany. A lot of legends and poetry are spun around his person. Also his birthplace is claimed by almost any German tribe. Wallenstein Legendary field marshal in the 30 years war. Was, in contrast to his successor Tilly, respected by catholics and protestants alike for his fair treatment of protestant opponents. The latter made him unpopular in radical papal circles which made him first fall out of favour with the Kaiser and then got him killed by radical catholic officers. August I. der Starke, Herzog von Sachsen als August II. König von Polen (August I. the strong, Duke of Saxony as August II. King of Poland) Became Duke of Saxony in 2447A.U.C./1694A.D. and King of Poland three years later. Known for the height of the Saxon renaissance, introducing true Saxon porcellain and being so strong he could break and bend horseshoes with his bare hands. His reign in Saxon is considered a full success and he established it as one of the great powers in Germany. His reign in Poland a mixed bag, but in Germany, no one remembers him for Poland anyways. Friedrich II. der Große von Preußen (Frederick II. the Great of Prussia) a.k.a. der alte Fritz (the old Fritz) Became King IN Prussia in 2496A.U.C./1740A.D. Solidified Prussia as a major power in Europe at the cost of almost everyone else, but it enabled him to cut Prussia off of Poland and become King OF Prussia in 2525AUC/1772AD. Known for establishing Enlightenment and the potato in Germany. Under him the Prussian army got its fearsome reputation. Maria Theresia Erzherzogin von Österreich (Maria Theresia, Archduchess of Austria) Became Archduchess of Austria in her own right(!) in 2496AUC/1740AD. Much to the anger of the old Fritz. Had to make a deal with him which gave her husband the Kaisercrown and denied it to her. Lost a quite a bit of territory, but was very successful in making Austria a modern and efficient country. Luise von Preußen (Louise of Prussia) Became Queen of Prussia as the wife of Friedrich Wilhelm III. in 2550AUC/1797AD. She (and not her husband, who is remembered as a wimp) stands for the common German resistance against Napoleon and the (re-)uniting of Germany. Die Gebrüder Grimm (the brothers Grimm) Pushed for cultural unification of Germany by standardising German language and folklore. The Fairy Tales might be known to some of you. Also pushed for stronger German unification in the revolution of 2601AUC/1848AD. One of them even went to Frankfurt as a member of parliament. Started the first German dictionary. Friedrich Schiller and Wolfgang von Goethe The two giants of German poetry. Considered not the first but biggest German "national poets", shaping its cultural identity with their works. (i.e. "Die Räuber" or "Faust") Otto von Bismarck United Germany in the "small" German solution in 2624AUC/1871AD. Remembered as masterful statesman and true "pater patriae" (father of the fatherland). In reality pulled some very dirty tricks to ensure a Germany under Prussian dominance. Ludwig II. von Bayern, der Märchenkönig (Ludwig II. of Bavaria, the Fairy Tale King) Mostly remembered for building beautiful castles, keeping Bavarian identity and souvereignity in a unified Germany and drowing himself later, after he had gone mad, in the Würmlake (todays Lake Starnberg). Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Heroes if you're a socialist or communist otherwise probably not so much. Most known for their socialist theories and the "communist manifesto".
  18. I like Declassified. And don't be too hard on yourself. Who would've guessed Wichita is a witch by default? Now this will be interesting. I leaned myself out of the window, as I usually do. So in case the vote is now*, my vote is the one I riddled about the most: Verdun! And to answer to Wichitas call, there can only be one. The one update I had the most work and fun with yet. I would love to see the Zoroastrian Walküre from Update 87. What? Nooo, I don't want to get spoiled on the other one. But if my guess on the Russian was right or close, it would make me happy. *In the Original Update you wrote we have to wait until in the game and now you didn't. So, is it a vote?
  19. I just envision four USN Walküren singing that to a British Walküre about their captain.
  20. Yay, a new interviewing Walküre. I wonder if she's invited on April 30th.... anyway, I like the emerald Hatband. Also thanks for the popped corn.... which is the only reason I admit possible defeat. Yes, R8 in the mother's day special is very much likely USS Wichita. There is only a small chance USS Topeka also makes widespread use of popcorn... or is in the game at start at all**. Otherwise my guesses are the same as @Panay's Ghost's. Now I have a smol issue with Witchita: No. This might not be our mess, but the least we can do is make sure no one else’s senses are assaulted by this… crime against humanity. - Using such a vague concept, which was only hinted twice yet in 1939, requires a very specific set of knowledge. A reference to the "law of humanity" would've catched that slip. Especially if of all nations the USA* had an issue with the concept of "violations of the law of humanity" after WW1, which Britain and France tried to introduce. Mold’s fascinating. - .... Witches..... 🙄 I also like the hints how "Stadtwalküren" know or feel about their cities. That was nice. You hope to see… Wichita. A place as wild and desolate as...well, is there anyplace more wild and desolate? - It can't be THAT desolate according to this map. Look at all the railways! I was found to be a little top-heavy - I have to remember to get her a smaller hat, if I ever meet her. That’s some Leningrad-esque behavior, Mahan. - *burst into laughter* Report to the central committee, comrade Mahan. *snort* Now, where is that fleet excercise we were promised three months ago? *because the Walküre at hand is US-American. ** I don't know how, but I completely missed the fact of a USS Topeka not being in service between 1929 and 1944 as a ship name. I'm not even surewhich one I meant. So yeah, that was a massive miss by measly 5 years.
  21. Let's do a Hamburg-New Jersey double feature:
  22. Well as I explained, I meant all submarines, since to me all submarines are U-Boote, if I'm not overspecifying. So I ask this question again but different. This time with less national subtext. Who are non German submarine commanders that we as captains should or could look to as inspiration? Or which are favourite commanders of the non German submarine Walküren? Sorry, I'm so focused on subs, but regarding non German submarines I really wouldn't know where to start looking.
  23. First of all thanks to the crew for this informative Update to cover up for the awaited fleet exercise. The hint at Paracelsus is interesting. On my own behalf I have to clear things up a bit: When I write U-Boot, I mean submarine. I'm German. All submarines are U-Boote. I was actually more interested in non-German commanders.... I'll ask again in the appropiate place. My favourite prior to 1939 is Otto Weddingen btw. Sunk a lot of HMSs and eventually took the whole Grand Fleet by surprise, alone, in SM U 29(!), nearly sunk the HMS Neptun and it took HMS Dreadnought herself to finish him off.... no fact bending propaganda here.... nope. *whistles innocently* And he was a member of the best German tribe, natürlich. Belfast: I think we can all agree that they were both very, very good at sinking defenseless British trawlers. [...] - 🙄 You mean like the "HMS" Jacob Jones? The longest successful torpedo run in WW1 btw. Or the HMS Primula. I also think regarding Kapitän von Arnauld de la Perière, the Marinha Portuguesa might to object to the adjective "defenseless" in regard to trawler. Augusto De Castilho was capable enough to prevent an attack on a steamer. As thanks she became the target and got sunk. Belfast: I mean, you're still a terrifying German submarine, so I'm not saying I want to holiday with you. But at least you're not boring. - Why not holiday? Can't you rest easier if you know where at least one U-Boot is? And if Belfast considers U-Boote as potentially boring..... she should maybe rethink her take on ASW. Just saying. [REDACTED]: I could argue that we're spirits of war. Offensichtlich, we are! - Hence the German name for them: "Walküren", who are the spirits of war. U-29: We could have a Morgana beaten with clubs and beheaded. There's a kind of symmetry to it. - I'm sure that way you can get to the heart of a lot of Walküren. [REDACTED]: The Kapitän and I have been officially introduced now. It's done. - Nein, I don't even know your name. The redacted ship paying close attention to HMS Thetis might be HMS Achilles. Now there was a lot of German this time.
  24. I start with agreeing with TH here. She's incredibly well written so far. And she has some interesting character traits. No matter if she's hiding a troubled consciousness or she really takes pride in all she says: She is an excellent writing job. And yeah she totally glossed over her involvement in the 1932 Shanghai battle, by taking the initiative in this interview. And in all honesty I hope she's true on her intentions and words. I think it's important to have "Anti-"characters on your own team. Otherwise we just get one big happy tea party. Which would be boring. Also this writing ups my hopes on real Nazi-Walküren. So far only Nürnberg is really a Nazi. I feel there should be more. And the writers should be bold enough to go there. Now would I want Kaga in my (main) fleet? Absolutely not! Geez, girl has some problems, no matter how you look at her. And talking japanese carriers, Hiryuu is a very attractive alternative, both physically and character wise. But Heinrich Korky probably sees things very differently. He's gonna love a carrier who holds herself in high regards and has none for civilians.
  25. An idea for a Walkürenduo: I would like to see the Walküren teach some less experienced Captains a lesson or two in good conduct. The does and don'ts of high sea warfare or naval rules in general. You know, basic stuff, like not attacking lifeboats or how to greet properly. Stuff like that. I propose Exeter and D'Aosta as presenter. Maybe they can even run into a discussion on different views.
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