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  1. Oh, there aren't any new portraits, at least not so far as I am aware; my apologies for not being clearer. I meant that the DLC's portraits were overriding the ones I changed in the game's OfficialContent-->Resources folder. But it's actually not a problem -- I realised that the portrait files associated with the DLC are in the CacheV3 folder in the ProgramData folder for Academagia, under either the "9e7817f5-e996-4b3d-8306-64151e6e5159" folder or the "ee6e198e-1643-4805-afa4-9d638564e236" folder, and so I replaced their entries in both of them with my own. I'm pleased to say that the portraits were effectively and easily replaced and showing up in-game, even with the DLC active. I'm feeling a bit of chagrin that I found the solution to my problem so shortly after posting about it here, but oh well.
  2. Sorry to necro a really old thread, but it seemed like the best place to post in about the problem I'm having. I'm trying to replace some portraits and have done so successfully with the method advised earlier in the thread. The problem is that, with the release of DLC 17, its portraits override the base files that I altered; while the portraits are changed without the DLC's mod activated, I'd prefer to play with the DLC active. I can't open the "mod" associated with the DLC with the Mod Tools application to replace the portraits (given that it seems to be an MDM not associated with the Mod Tools, though maybe I just tried to open the wrong file), and I'm not certain if making a new mod to add my portraits is a sensible course of action, both because it would take a long while and because I'm concerned about any instability between Mod Base 3 and DLC 17. Assuming I haven't misunderstood something, is there a way to access the DLC file(s) and add my portraits that someone else might be aware of?
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