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  1. I was actually thinking about Genesys from Fantasy Flight Games. It is a generic system, but could be tweaked to fit the concepts fairly easily. I am fairly far along the rules, but want more lore to go with it.
  2. Is there a way to view all the lores in the game? Quotes about history, people, etc.? I would love to run a pen and paper game set in Academagia, but would like to have a bit of the lore at my fingertips to give to the students (Players). I saw the World of Academagia post, and it has a lot of good information, but less actual quotes and descriptions than you find in the game itself.
  3. Putting a setting in Public Domain would ruin the setting. Think of how many low budget crappy movies or books would come out if the setting was not protected for more than 30 years. Star Wars. Star Trek. Terminator. Alien. Every superhero ever. Heck, even Harry Potter turns 20 this year. Personally, while I don't always agree with the direction they go, having one entity in control does keep the line from degrading, generally speaking.
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