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  1. Are the mod tools capable of picking out the top 5 scores from an exam? If so, this is going on my "to mod" list.

    How does this sound:


    • +2 Merit for top scorer in an exam, possibly a memory for later use.
    • +1 Merit for 2nd through 5th.


    • +5 Merit for top scorer
    • +4 Merit for 2nd
    • etc

    This seems the sort of things Merit gets used for. Additional complications would award further Merit if a character got the top mark in 4, 5, or all of her classes.

    Players would get a nice summary message. Characters would get a reward for their hard work. Colleges would have further reason to celebrate the efforts of their most studious.

    (Top 5 is chosen arbitrarily. I can also see having a top 5 for midterms to encourage people and a top 3 for finals.)

    (If the program can support it, ties would push the next rank down. So, 2 people tie for 2nd, the next qualifying rank is 4th. But multiple people can share last place, so 3 people could tie for 5th which would allow 7 students to share the top 5.)

  2. 1 minute ago, Metis said:

    Basically a fight of some sort. The monsters, their attacks and the descriptions for both still exist in the mod tools, so you can get a decent idea of how things would have gone down.

    Can't do so, 'far as I know. Duels only work with students.

    Thanks. I shall tinker.

    1 minute ago, Metis said:

    Yeah, don't be surprised if it takes over 6 hours to publish. It takes forever.

    Ugh. Just as well it's time for dinner.

    1 minute ago, Metis said:

    You need multiple quotes to do that. 'Been that way since before the update 'far as I recall.

    For such a fancy bit of forum, very inelegant. Thanks for the info.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Metis said:

    .amm is an unpublished mod file, you need to publish it first.

    Monsters are indeed a mechanic that ended up on the cutting room floor, same as the Rimbal game. Though at least one monster ended up making a cameo appearance in a location adventure, so...close enough.

    Now I'm getting the long publishing time other folks talked about. Progress.

    Thanks for the Monster info. Has anyone tried staging a modded Duel with one? (Which adventure? Did it do anything or just be a bit of text?)

    Now, a forum UI question -- how can I step in and out of a quote. I wanted my first line to go after Metis' first line, my second after his second, etc. That shouldn't be hard to do.

  4. I'm starting to muck around with the mod tools and have some questions.

    1. Is there a collection of player mods anywhere? If I ever get my efforts into a decent shape, will I be able to circulate them?
    2. I'm planning on expanding the Research (action). I've seen MaskedHuzzah's efforts -- are there any easy ways to Expand a random or informed Research Topic? How about a random, circumscribed research topic (ex. any Astrology, Geometry, or Arithmetic topic)? I think I could do the later with Reference tables, but there may be an easier way.


    Wish me luck.

  5. I'm playing the Steam version of the game and experience a program terminating error in duels.


    Assorted details:

    • Steam version, like I said.
    • DLC 17.
    • Windows 10 (let me know if you want processor info and stuff like that)
    • Duel with Joana.
    • Quietus selected -- I tried "first blood", punched her and had my familiar defend, and everything went fine. I'll use that approach to move the game forward.
    • I set my familiar to defend, queue 4x "bind pheme to palate" , queue a punch and push the "end melee round" button.
    • I get a popup -- "System error occurred. Application will be terminated."
    • Click "OK" and application terminates.

    Save available. Tell me how to provide it.

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