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  1. What about having class as a location availible at certain times and you can engage in certain actions there without getting in trouble? Example: Astrology Actions- Befriend, compete, office hours, etc. You get the benefit from the actions AND the benefit from the class. It also makes more sense for a few actions since the normal arena of academic competition in a school is in class.
  2. I also am eagerly awaiting Y2. Can we get a few screenshots?
  3. In my new game, I found 8 increases in attributes over the course of 200 iterations. 4% seems close enough to the listed 5% that it doesn't seem to be a problem generally.
  4. Thank you. I'm going to try a new game and see what happens.
  5. Steam version with latest updates. First Days of Summer mod. When attempting to use the Investigate Magical Bond action, it lists the probability of increasing an attribute as 5%. Having tried many, many times, I wonder if the decimal point was moved accidentally so it is actually 0.5% chance.