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  1. TA0321

    Pledge Sale

    I don't expect anyone to actually pay me anything until there's been more updates from BCS, and the project is further along. I'm looking for interested members, not trying to get a sale done and over with as soon as I can.
  2. TA0321

    Pledge Sale

    That's why Paypal would, preferably, be used for the transaction, so this way the buyer has a way to start a dispute if any problems do arise. Ultimately, if you are suspicious there's not much I can do to allay that. Hard to do that with Kickstarter projects, and while you're not wrong, a lot can happen to change one's interests and thoughts over a year.
  3. TA0321

    Pledge Sale

    Nothing received yet.
  4. TA0321

    Pledge Sale

    If there's a more appropriate place for me to post such a topic I'd be happy to move it over. More exposure means a better chance at finding a buyer. My stance isn't likely to change, so if you ever do get the funds just keep me in mind. I asked through Kickstarter and the response was that a transfer should be possible once the beta has started, so I took that as to mean this is allowed.
  5. TA0321

    Pledge Sale

    So, for various reasons I've fallen out of interest towards Victory Belles and I'm looking for someone who'd be interested in taking over my pledge. I have the "We can do it," pledge level at 300 USD with another 20 USD already paid for shipping. If someone wants it, please send me a PM and details can be hashed out there. http://puu.sh/wjdT0/ba7a079100.png
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