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  1. Nabirius

    Other media/versions of academagia.

    Thanks! Where can I contact BMT to do this?
  2. Nabirius

    Other media/versions of academagia.

    So, I have an older co-worker who is a big fan of Harry Potter, and I thought that this would be a thoughtful Christmas gift to give him a copy. However he's an older guy, and isn't going to install steam. I was wondering if I there was a way to get a physical copy, or even make one, by downloading the game with a download code onto a USB and giving it to him. Please let me know if there's any such option available.
  3. Hi from the conversations on the board I figure that you are a developer. I am looking to give the game as a gift to a co-worker of mine. However they are an older guy who doesn't have (and probably won't download) steam. Is there a way to buy a download code, or better yet a physical copy of the game?

  4. Nabirius

    Exploration Help

    Cool, all good to know, currently I've been focusing on skills that I have some way of leveling multiple subskills at once with, like the Religion subskill and the Temple of Iudocia, or Glamor and the teacher's podium. Is there such a place for Explore? Or even a place I can train explore subskills along with others, or is longshade the best place? Also why is study totally unrelated to things like 'theory of incantation'? That seems weird.
  5. Nabirius

    Exploration Help

    So, a few questions. I take it selective focus is a high-end ability from concentraction, but what is a training modifier? Is it the number of 'steps' needed to level a stat? Is it governed by the associate attribute? What is longshade? Is there no place to gain multiple subskills for explore?
  6. Nabirius

    Exploration Help

    So I just completed the Request a Meeting with you Mentor set of quests, but now I'm stuck at a pretty hard stop where my only 2 choices are to levels exploration, which I want to do, but don't really have an efficient method of leveling, or level scouting which is way easier as a single stat, but seem way less useful. How is there a better way to do this, and how can I efficiently level my explore skill?