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  1. Wouldn't the fact that it's loaded before the DLC in the mod order make it still valid? I need to empty my cache to use it, but I've had no other problems with it.
  2. All adventures are done through the adventure action. What dyrhet meant is that by having zoology as a class certain adventures are unlocked. For Zoology these are: Naming Beasts, The Chipmunk Problem and Splash. Never had Zoology as class, so can't tell you anything about the adventures themselves. Apparently there is talk that in Y2 there will be more random events involving your actual classes, but I'm not sure even those are as involved affairs as adventures.
  3. Catalogs are the Academagia equivalent of net shopping, you buy stuff and it's delivered to you, but you can't sell items to them. It's a more secure way of buying stuff since you can't get caught with illegal stuff on you. There's also a time lag between purchase and delivery. Catalogs are discovered the same way as most shops, through skill level ups. List of catalogs: and while I'm at it all shops:
  4. The Academagia equivalents for say January and June, month names.
  5. If you want to make the most of your time slots, skip exam period lessons (Cheimare and Kaliri), since those don't teach anything. Edit: Oops, no idea where Chemaire came from.
  6. Yes, what Schwarzbart mentioned is that it may give you skill steps, but not notify you if it did not reach a full skill level. As an example, let's say your skill level in theory of incantation is 1 and the required skill steps to level to 2 are 0 of 2. The morning lesson may give you a skill step, but since it will become 1 of 2 and not a full skill level, it won't notify you of any skill gains. The afternoon lesson would then possibly give another skill step and it would become 2 of 2, in another words a full skill level, and inform you all gained phemes etc. Note that incantation (or any class) is only taught once a day, so my example is purely theoretical. So, to maximize your time efficiency you'd need to check your gained skill steps for all class sub skills, so... not really worth the pain and effort.
  7. @Schwarzbart Do these work with the new DLCs? Meaning specifically the class fix mod. Seeing as how the new mod base is broken for the old mod tools or do the new DLC even matter for the classes? Kinda curious as to how it balances out with how BCS intended things.
  8. Yes and no . You'll always learn the same skills and phemes from a class, if you attend all of them. In which classes you'll learn these is the random part. That's the optimal way of doing it, however that'll require an ungodly amount of save scumming, so not for me. I believe the rewards are fixed at the start of the week, so once you'll know which classes will give those out they won't change.
  9. One of the 42 people here . This is a great tool for people that wish to have a fuller picture of what's going on in their Academagia. So, thanks for your effort and time in making it. After all, without it I'd never know Zoe Melis somehow managed to skip her Zoology midterms by being in Hall Sessions. I have no idea whether this is a bug, she really took the exam and I was merely not informed of her score, or what.
  10. Yup, but fixing the exploit wouldn't really fix the issue with the time slots. So, I tend to use the exploit as compensation for the time slots.
  11. This is the best way, although it also borders on being a cheat/exploit. Logically it doesn't make sense; you give the merchant the item and they tell you what it is and what they'll pay for it, and then you'll tell them: "Oh, so that's what it was? Thanks, I won't be selling it after all." and walk out the door. I can imagine the look on the merchant's face. Identifying/using items takes a whole time slot, so it's needlessly time consuming and thus decreases the value of active items. This in turn forces to use exploits, such as the merchant thing. I really hope items are buffed in Y2 for time slots, this would also improve crafting.
  12. This is meta gaming, but since you asked... I generally explore for two locations. The Incantation classroom, if I don't have the course, and the Imperial Palace: Grand Library. The incantation classroom (region Academagia, surprise ) informs you of the 'Theory of Incantation' subskill in turn needed to enroll in Esteban Contu's School of Incantation, the best place to learn Incantation. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library is a good way to unlock the The Library of Longshade (region Imperial Reserve), without the RNG of the Venalicium Library. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library can be found even with a fresh character, but if you want to find it in one go, some save scumming is needed.
  13. It's more stable, and who knows how the cliques will work in Y2, but I'd imagine purely one college cliques would have less trouble. That said, cross-college clique are certainly possible. I'd avoid rival college cliques.
  14. Pretty sure npcs can do/get most of the things the PC can, just not adventures. So with a bit of bad luck your clique can get broken, with no fault of your own... does sound a bit broken. Sneaky edit: Actually, that's a no. So it pretty much had to have come from a skill increase.
  15. Pretty much the same logic I use, although I kept a very close eye that no "outsiders" snuck in. My clique consists of five members, plus myself; 3 Hedi, 1 Vernin, 1 Avila, and the oddball myself from Durand. This seems a likely assumption. Would also explain why it went unreported.