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  1. Is there any connection between stores and classes or adventures? For instance, will there come a time that I will be informed I need Item x from store x to complete a class assignment or progress further on an adventure? I Now know of 2 shops and a catalog. Some items I have seen seem to give attribute boosts etc (these seem to be very costly and out of my reach), but other items I have seen, well I'm not quite sure why you would want them unless for some experiment or other use I have not yet learned of, or crafting. How important is it to discover as many stores as possible? Also, is there a way to tell what items are illegal on campus? I acquired some Caramel Chews that can reduce a little stress from an adventure. Are they permitted for me to carry as a food item or should I store them in my wardrobe? Cheers
  2. Lets hope year 2 will make crafting a rewarding and interesting mechanic. It would be very cool to create your own items etc. I also hope year 2 will allow more interaction in a class period. Rather than just a plain summary at the end of the day, actually involve using or practicing skills you learn in that class.
  3. Hi all. I am interested in starting some form of crafting in the game to make my own items, potions, food etc. I have some points in random skills that appear to be crafting orientated, like brew, cooking, forge etc. As I already have points in these skills I thought It would be a good fun to try out crafting. Does anyone know of a comprehensive guide to crafting to help me get started?
  4. Most excellent I will have to try and get some extra credit from Botany class. I also took Negation as a class, so this would be cool Is there a path to achieve this or is it a reward tied to an adventure where botany skills are needed and you have success in that adventure?
  5. Many thanks. I did not know that classes where tied to unlocking adventures
  6. Hi all. I am going to create another character, one that I can play as myself not just RP someone else. Don't worry, Bellatrix Lestrange adventures are not finished, just put on hold for this character creation experiment My name will be Victor Von Wulfen. I shall attend Durand College (Compulsory Classes: Botany, Negation, and Dialectic.) My chosen classes shall be: Incantation, Revision ( But I am torn between Zoology and Glamor as my third choice). In real life, I'm a bit of an amateur entomologist and botanist so I would like to take zoology but will Glamor be more useful to me? On my previous character I choose the same Collage and classes, the third free choice was zoology. As you can see its heavily magic based. On creating the previous character I choose options that added random skill levels to magical arts etc and only raised my base attribute by 1 intelligence point in another option that also gave random magical art skills during character creation. I thought this would be a plan to get me off to a good start. I have read a few guides and watched a few lets plays, and I notice Most of them use options during character creation to help raise base attributes far more than given random skill levels in the classes they take. If I get it right, your base stats improve the speed and efficiency in learning and using skills that are associated with that attribute, like Intelligence for instance. I am thinking of using this method of choosing options to boost my starting base attributes that synergize with the classes I have chosen to create my new student. But I'm worried that if I lose all the random magical skills points from choices in my previous build will set me at a disadvantage in class. Would it be easy enough to train or use an ability at the appropriate class or other location that gives a bonus skill points etc, to build up the magical skill points I would lose? What say you, fellow students? Should I concentrate this time on boosting my primary attributes?
  7. Many thanks, dyrhet. Are these adventures tied directly to attending zoology class, or are they random? Or are they part of the adventure action?
  8. Sorry about that. I did look and was reading some of the discussion but missed the download link.
  9. Are skill steps and new phemes learned while attending a class period random? I have noticed that sometimes when I attend a class I don't gain any benefit like a skill step, pheme or ability. While the previous period in class gave me benefits etc to my skills. Would these "attend class" periods where you appear to gain nothing, be the ones to target for skipping and using an ability or action to actually expand your skills etc? I know you would have to save first to find out that's why I'm curious if the rewards for attending the class are random.
  10. Sounds really good. Would you have a link to the mod and how to install it, please?
  11. Despite my fear of breaking my game, I'm intrigued by your mod. So the mod makes all class study periods worth attending my giving more rewards on the classes that may give a single skill step but appear to give nothing?
  12. Aha, many thanks
  13. Hi all, Just got my first ever item since I started playing the game, a deck of cards However, I cant identify it so "you do not have information about this item" text when I look at the cards. How do I go about Identifying items I come across on my adventures?
  14. Many thanks. But what is the above? Chemaire and Kaliri?
  15. Many thanks. Ill have a good read up on it. One thing though, these catalogs that have been mentioned, I don't seem to have access to them. Do I have to discover the catalog?
  16. Many thanks, maybe ill avoid skipping class in future. There seems to be plenty of free time to raise skills, adventure, explore etc. If I don't "Need" to skip classes in order to improve my abilities id rather not
  17. Just a quick note. The class I skipped which I believed gave no benefit ( I reloaded the save 3 times to check.) I used that skipped class to "Study the Fields" Ability and gained 3 sub-skill points and a skill point in botany. Botany is one of my compulsory classes and I had 0 subskill points hence no skill point in that class. This seemed to me, a good opportunity to expand my Botany by skipping a class period that appeared to give me no benefits.
  18. I'm a little scared of adding mods atm but thank you for the info. I may dabble in mods when I am more confident
  19. I'm still a little confused. So, for example, the morning period class seems to give no benefits but the afternoon class gives me some lore, new phemes etc. But the morning class even though there appears to be no benefit in attending may still be adding skill steps I can't see but will eventually lead to a skill point?
  20. Perfect I have already taken zoology. Many thanks
  21. Many thanks for the tip. What is a good way to raise insight?
  22. Many thanks, Bellatrix got away with just 4 vitality ok, ill ignore it for now until I find an action or location that will be more beneficial to using a free rest period
  23. On my new Character ( Victor Von Wulfen) I started with a Fitness attribute of 3. This gives me a starting Vitality score of 6. On starting my game, before I have done anything on the first days 3 free periods my vitality is at 4 (Red). I'm not sure why it's at 4 and not its max of 6? Are there any abilities, actions, spells etc that can heal my vitality to full other than resting?