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  1. I am not a girl, but if I were, I would go for Cyrus Dawes. I like beautiful people, especially when they are a bit bad.
  2. I am in love with Ausdauer Mollers, myself. She seems elegant and VERY intelligent. I always pick her to be in my Cliques, that is if she is not already taken. I would not mind dating Els Rottmundyn also. Miss Els is VERY similar in temperament to my current girlfriend, and curiously enough, my favorite great aunt.
  3. @ Legate Thank you for your kindness @ Schwarzbart I probably won't be playing another playthrough of Year 1 because I've seen most of the random events. But I am sorely tempted to do at least two more, just to experience the College-specific adventures (I've never played Morvi or Vern, haha XD) @Rhialto His fitness was 6; his finesse 1; his charm 11; his strength 3; his intelligence 6; his insight 6 and 2 luck. Bear in mind that I did not do an optimized walkthrough, it involved a lot of resting so I could probably have gotten another 3 points of stats if I had been in that state of mind
  4. Just finished my seventh playthrough of the game and gained 3 Glory for my latest character. It's probably not very much but IDRC. Great game! I am waiting for Year 2 with great anticipation
  5. @Rhialto I chose the inheritance character creation trait which gives me three books. And, yes, I've equipped the said books but cannot find the Ability to use them
  6. I have 3 books but cannot find the related Ability to read them. What do I do
  7. Thanks! Just noticed theres an Artifice skill that I can use to make stuff. Btw, how do I inform Forge???
  8. Can I use my Botany skill to brew potions? I've played for 4 hours and not encountered the option
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