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  1. My favorite of the colleges is probably Aranaz, mostly for roleplaying reasons. Also, Aranaz has some really interesting characters in it. To be fair, I don’t usually do the college specific adventures, so I don’t have much to say on that front.
  2. Wait, what’s the Belonging Brethren? Is it from a college specific adventure?
  3. What backgrounds would you suggest for a genuinely nice character. Like, normally I play really sneaky and manipulative characters, but for once I’m looking to play someone who’s kind just for the sake of being kind. Are there any backgrounds that help with the befriend subskill or ethics? (I hardly ever actually try to level up ethics 😅)
  4. Who’s your favorite NPC? (Either student or character who shows up in adventures) I really like Cirillo Laziosi, I don’t really know why, but he’s a fun character. I absolutely love his adventure (Cirillo Laziosi’s gamble) My favorite non-student character is the Captain of Mineta (I don’t exactly know if I spelled that right)
  5. I found Academagica via TVtropes (I was looking at the examples for ‘quicksand box’)
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