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  1. Maybe they did have the right idea at Invergordon...
  2. calqueraas

    KS Update 202

    GIVE US ENTY YOU COWARDS Any guesses as to the unfortunate Belle who got duped?
  3. Just a thought: what if the Naval War College decided to collectively troll us all? What if the Enterprise is HMS Enterprise?
  4. In other news, who do you think A3 is? My bet is on Krasny Kavkaz, Profintern's (half) sister.
  5. Here you go. The Grey Ghost might be C1 or D2, in my opinion. But since I want to hear where Eddie has stashed Excalibur, my vote remains D4.
  6. Not sure where to ask this question, but...... How much of this is inspired by this?
  7. She's just there for the people who want to try their luck.
  8. No one asked, but now I deliver! Here's the new bingo I made. My vote has to go to Eddie though: along with more Morgana M-word shenanigans, I hope.
  9. And the new batch of interviews begin! Should we go by the bingo format again? I've got the sheet ready and everything. *puppy eyes*
  10. calqueraas

    update 184

    Well, this year seems to be approaching Orient-levels of ammunition explosion, isn't it?
  11. calqueraas

    update 184

    I know it's going to be quite annoying to hear NO DEV UPDATE again, so here is another question: How much time does the team plan to leave between the next dev update and launch? We're almost three quarters through the year at this point, and I don't know whether there might be enough time for the beta-testing, feedback and troubleshooting in the period of time left before the end of the year. Not to offend anyone here, but the pace of development (as we can see anyway) over the last 6(?) years does not really hold much promise. Of course, I have an absolute zero amount of experience concerning game development, so this question might not make much sense. Anywho, it's nice to see Yavuz again and see her go all "young whippersnapper" on Wichita.
  12. calqueraas

    Update 182

    Seconded, if she is indeed playable. It'll be cool to explore how she transformed from a loyal servant of the Tsar at Tsushima to the Revolutionary at Petrograd.
  13. calqueraas

    Update #181

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2903248 Algérie looks a bit...different. (Is that an alternate outfit?)
  14. That's too bad. You can't have everything in life, I suppose. *shrugs*
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