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  1. I know that she was one of the most recent Belles interviewed, but I really would like to see Conte di Cavour... Oh, although Obi-wan Kenobi would be a pretty good choice aswell...
  2. Just like TwoHeavens, I just read again the first look, and what Korky says is right, this also makes me wonder... Will our dialog choices have any effect on the outcome or development of the Belle story and their character development? Or will we just use these to gain extra relationship points with the Belle for the "right" answer? Because if the first is the intention, then I agree that we should have more options on how to react to a Belle's shenanigans, in this case Scharnhorst's scheme, rather that just calling her out and opposing her, as these would open more ways of character development for her and other Belles in general.
  3. Ah, the glorious moment when waifu #3 gets her first look is truly glorious. Now all that's left is for waifu #1 Kongou to receive hers and I will be a happy captain. Although, I would be a little bit more happy with a Dev Update, just saying...
  4. I don't know about you guys, but I need a dose of some good old communism in my life... So I would really like to see Moskva.
  5. Wait a minute... Does that mean that I won't have to worry about being involved in a love triangle involving naval artillery? Because that would really save me from having to choose who to romance between my top three Belles...
  6. Wooo, finally back to these forums after more than 1 year... And in a new account no less. Either way... I imagine you meant to say Nagato no? Anyway, I would also support seeing her as the next Belle to be featured in this series. But what other Belles would classify as underappreciated? Belles from the Minor Nations?
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