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  1. Yes, as far as I can tell, the game usually considers adventures unsuccessful if you fail the first stage and have to stop the adventure and try again. You get text about the failure, but you're really expected to go back and try again, and then narratively in a lot of cases, it's like you didn't fail the first time at all. (Like in Aaran's adventure, when you fail and then he breaks the fourth wall a bit and talks about how you will have to go through the whole thing again, as though the first attempt had never even happened.) The problem is that with Carnage On The Fields and Once Discovered, you can fail at the first stage and then continue all the way through the adventure, including getting the final reward (or "reward"), and narratively it makes sense for that result to stand as what actually happened to your character. But failing the first stage still leaves it marked as "unsuccessful" which means you could go back and try again. The fact that this is possible seems like it might be unavoidable as part of how the engine works. But it's easy to work around, by just not choosing to play through the adventure a second time. My concern is just whether the game will actually remember what you did, if you use that workaround and leave it standing as "I got Diavesque but in a way that left the engine toggled to unsuccessful."
  2. Does the game remember how an adventure was completed, even if it was in a way that the year one game doesn't register as completed? It's possible to get all the way through Carnage On The Fields, and to get Diavesque from Once Discovered... but still have the game consider it "unsuccessful", with the adventures still appearing on the list of adventures, so that you could go through them again. If you get Diavesque, and then go through Once Discovered "successfully" and turn him down, does the game only remember the successful adventure? If you never complete the adventure "successfully" does the game treat it as though you never did that adventure, or does it always remember the last version that you went through? (The only way that I like to get Diavesque is the version where you fail both rolls, even though I usually have to deliberately nerf myself/savescum in order to pull it off, because it's just so much more dramatic and appropriate imo, but I'm worried I'll have to choose between the game acknowledging that I made an oath to Diavesque, or that I got my face kicked in first.)
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