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  1. That's true, I just threw the classes out as an example, but it would be better to do something that was opt-in. The Good Noise At The Crier's Stone blanketly says that you will annoy someone, but there's nothing forcing you to use the ability. Even just "more like that" would be nice. Summer relationship degrading doesn't mean much to me for either friendships or enemies, since the whole point is roleplaying while you're at school. It also isn't a total reset. If you have max relationship with someone it probably won't hit 0, even if you do nothing about it. It just won't be max anymore. Alternatively, maybe more of the relationship gains could be opt-in, such as an action like "Study with Classmates" that can pair study levels with r-gains and other rewards, but no r-gains from the Study Levels themselves. I doubt I'll come up with any perfect ideas for exactly how this could be implemented, but it's the general character type that I think it would be cool to be kept in mind while developing. (And still keeping other character types and the majority playerbase in mind of course.)
  2. Yes, and they'll raise to 0 if they are in the negatives. You lose both good and bad relationships, because you're just not on people's minds. It's also been hinted that having high grades will lead to relationship trouble with certain characters. I think it would be cool if there were more ways to continue having trouble throughout the year, particularly relating to your character just not being good at people, that don't necessarily mean your character is actively trying to hurt others. Maybe attending class could give you a chance of either gaining or losing relationship with another character from that class, depending on the state of your Charm or Befriend, etc.
  3. I'm probably a minority in the playerbase, but I'd like it if it was a bit easier to unintentionally make enemies with other students. As far as I've found in the game, the way to simulate a character who is a little abrasive (but isn't actually deliberately harassing anyone) is with Make Good Noise At The Crier's Stone with a side order of Aventyrare's Private Office, but I'll only use them until the skills/study levels are maxed. Then using Every Planet In Its House for any students that I do want to particularly befriend. And occasionally getting the chance to butt heads in an RE, but those don't always result in an actual relationship loss. (I also start with the Bitter Hatred background feature, but Descended From Traitors is mutually exclusive with Black Sheep, which I can't not take.) But I get so much relationship gains from so many other sources, that it often just gets canceled out. I have to skip class just to avoid making friends. (That's the only reason, I swear!) I think it would be interesting if being generally liked was something that you had to work more at, especially if you have low Charm.
  4. Yes, you can simply not use the Gift, and go forward and replace your familiar. But that's what make the Gift a sacrifice for both the wizard and the familiar, in those specific circumstances. It doesn't make sense tactically. It's better to invest time in a new familiar. But it's because you love that familiar. You're right though that this also sounds like a specific scenario that is also very interesting, in a way I didn't think of.. maybe both are needed
  5. That seems really cool for people who are just doing it for the power. Immersively though, the Gift is mostly known to be used when a familiar is dying. It's tragic and emotional to think of a wizard giving up their ability to form future bonds, so that they can cling onto the last scraps of their familiar's energy. But I don't see the same way a wizard killing their other familiars who might all be doing fine, in order to not let go of the one familiar who is dying. On the other hand, I don't think we've heard any hint that it's possible for familiars to die yet, so it's probable that any players who do it are actually just doing it for the stats. So it would need to be separation between the lore and the way that the ability actually works.
  6. If a more advanced wizard who already has multiple familiars ends up using the Gift of the Familiar, do they lose the other bond? Can they just not make any new bonds?
  7. All very cool examples, thanks! I actually did know that about Durand and completely forgot, since my current focused characters avoid Glory like the plague. But I've never befriended Cinzia or Noemia. Courtenay de Surval's personal adventure should really give him Glory too but according to the modtools, it doesn't.
  8. This is the only official comment on that I can find offhand, but my understanding is that Summer's Blush is actually the newer most recent DLC, so activate only that one. The Steam page is old information and should probably be updated. Have fun!
  9. Excellent! In that case I will never write anything where they don't. /j
  10. Just something fun I was imagining and decided to try my hand at writing in an actual RE format. I'm probably missing a lot of considerations of what would actually be included as one, what are balanced rewards, etc, but it's fun to write and good practice. Even so, I'm still open to all kinds of feedback. In that vein, I don't know whether it's even possible for NPCs to get benefits from Random Events, but I noticed in the Modtools, there's an Adventure Stage for tutoring Philippe that is supposed to result in him actually getting an expansion and I thought that was the neatest concept. So I went ham with it. Also, asterisk denotes *italicized*. I leave it as asterisk in all my writing so I can copy-paste into anything and have my formatting stay the same, until I'm ready to final form it. Aaran (The Restricted Sequel) Requirements: study Mastery with Aaran in his Y1 RE, have a positive current relationship with him
  11. My hope is that it is just left to the player to decide for themselves what makes sense for the character to be able to do. Personally, I do take into account what I think the character's family would want when picking classes (along with other factors). The player has full choice, but that doesn't have to mean the character always has full choice. There are just too many different factors of potential backgrounds. For my Up From Destitution characters, I don't want them to have any influence or connections to ensure they get their wanted classes. But their parents also don't have the influence or connections to get in their way. If you're the Favorite Child then you could be smothered with concern and careful direction to your professors, or maybe you just begged and your parents let you have any classes you wanted. If you have Black Sheep then maybe the parents would never listen to your arguments, but you could also say they weren't paying attention or don't care enough to influence your classes. I know families are going to be more fleshed out and customizable in Y2, but it would be a lot of work to program in all the possibilities and also allow the player to pick the exact outcome and factors that lead to it. The same result is achieved by just letting the player pick freely in the first place, and imagine whatever process they want that led up to it. I would be disappointed if instead of all those different possibilities, all player characters just blanketly actually had a direct line of influence.
  12. So there are classes that are open to everyone, and classes that are only open to members of the college that "owns" the class. Has it ever been a thing for a college to offer a course that some other colleges can attend, but not all of them? For example, Aranaz offering a class that everyone can attend except Durand students.
  13. Hello, everyone! For the past few years since discovering Academagia, I've had a pattern of getting super into it for a month or so in the winter, and then setting it down so I can rediscover it all the next year. I've been lurking the lore questions thread for about that same amount of time. Figured it was time to say Hi!
  14. I don't think so, unless there's some outside indication (or I'm just completely spacing out on something). We meet the Prankster Society. There's a girl named Rylla, someone named Buttergump (which I hope is his last name, but who knows), Jere Niemela, and someone Rui refers to as Hobbie. Rui is at least the de facto leader, whether or not they have an official one. He gives commands to everyone, refers to having sent Rylla to follow Philippe, and no one moans about it at all. That already stands out to me because they're upperclassmen. It'd be even more unusual if one of them was his older brother. That doesn't make it impossible though, it's the school of the unusual. On the other side is just Philippe and a sinister girl (probably second year).
  15. Oh interesting! I know you meet Dexter Marchant in a Hedi adventure, as well as in the Strange Doll introduction, but Olivier Marchant is unseen (edit: at least in the Hedi one - don't remember the strange doll as well) because he's a big important fifth year. So if we see one of Rui's brothers as well, then that makes them mirror each other fairly closely. Anyone remember that adventure?
  16. Do (or did) either of Rui's brothers (or siblings? if I'm misunderstanding thirdborn son) attend the Academagia? Realized he and Phillippe are both the youngest of three, but we don't hear from Rui's brothers. Which is easily explained by them not being there, and it would fit his character very well if he was the youngest by a large gap. But it would also be interesting if they just didn't associate with or help him in any way, even in that Vernin adventure phase where he's in a very tight spot with some upperclassmen. (And a great contrast to the Marchants.)
  17. 1. Are there any faux dragons in the Wortham Fens? 2. Why does Blackheath give a point of Riding? Are you Riding anything more interesting than horses out there? Is it just the only way to travel in that area? 3. What is the quality of student life like in the background schools? Do any of them approach the Vernin dorms? Any of them anywhere close to the Avila boys' dorm? 4. I assume full scholarships are theoretically possible to any of the background schools, but if I was a kid in Elumia and didn't know if I was going to get any scholarships yet.. how rich would my family have to be in order for me to feel like I didn't have to worry about it, for each of the schools? 5. Is it common for people to travel great distances for the background schools, or is the student population generally more local than that of the Academagia? 6. Does graduation from Safaviore's usually come with an expectation of actual military service afterwards? Is it owed as part of the tuition? If so, can you buy yourself out of the obligation if you have the resources? 7. Does the term "second fiddle" exist, with the same etymology and implication of resentment, or if not then does an equivalent term exist? (Also, thank you very much for your answers to my last questions.)
  18. I like to imagine my Morvidus with faux dragon was invited because of it, given Storey's interest in rare lizards. Maybe it caused few problems with the student population because Storey helps out in keeping her unobtrusive? She does a lot of sneaky in the adventure too. Of course the Morvidus kids are gonna be the first to ask "where's your familiar, bro?" but the most curious ones are also quite likely to understand and not make a fuss about it, I think. 1. Does that belief also relate to Durand's -1 for dragging him into the dragon costume on the feast of fools? I never thought it needed more explanation, but that would make a lot of sense. Sort of like "this almost certainly isn't enough to put us in the power of dragons but why tempt fate." On a different topic (and apologies if this has been covered before, a search of the forums didn't turn anything up but I have a feeling there was something in this thread that I've read before): 2. How much information do the Secrets and Silence voices have (or seem to have from the character's perspective, in hopes of keeping this info unredacted) about the character? What I mean is... can they react (or seem to react) to things in the world around the character? Even things the character isn't aware of? As in, could you get a warning that Rui was behind you? Do they seem aware of everything that the character is aware of, but only after they're aware? Or only aware of things that the character intentionally tells them? Or do they not seem "aware" or talk directly to the character at all, but seem to change in response to the character, but it's more like tuning into different radio stations, and you pick up something different than usual because you feel sad? Could the character suddenly hear a series of words that sounds like a warning about pranksters, right at the moment when that warning would be helpful - but it's still more like the radio signal analogy, and it's the character's own Luck that caused them to tune into that station at the right time? 3. Assuming that 2 is redacted, could I please have any other random information about what the character's experience of the voices is like? Just would like a little more of a starting place for working on characters, but I understand if not.
  19. Late catching up on this thread, but... Does this belief apply at all to the faux dragon species, since it has the form of a dragon, though not the internal plumbing? Or does it actually have a distinct enough form (like the difference between monkeys and humans) and only vaguely resembles dragons to a human who isn't very familiar with them?
  20. Yes, as far as I can tell, the game usually considers adventures unsuccessful if you fail the first stage and have to stop the adventure and try again. You get text about the failure, but you're really expected to go back and try again, and then narratively in a lot of cases, it's like you didn't fail the first time at all. (Like in Aaran's adventure, when you fail and then he breaks the fourth wall a bit and talks about how you will have to go through the whole thing again, as though the first attempt had never even happened.) The problem is that with Carnage On The Fields and Once Discovered, you can fail at the first stage and then continue all the way through the adventure, including getting the final reward (or "reward"), and narratively it makes sense for that result to stand as what actually happened to your character. But failing the first stage still leaves it marked as "unsuccessful" which means you could go back and try again. The fact that this is possible seems like it might be unavoidable as part of how the engine works. But it's easy to work around, by just not choosing to play through the adventure a second time. My concern is just whether the game will actually remember what you did, if you use that workaround and leave it standing as "I got Diavesque but in a way that left the engine toggled to unsuccessful."
  21. Does the game remember how an adventure was completed, even if it was in a way that the year one game doesn't register as completed? It's possible to get all the way through Carnage On The Fields, and to get Diavesque from Once Discovered... but still have the game consider it "unsuccessful", with the adventures still appearing on the list of adventures, so that you could go through them again. If you get Diavesque, and then go through Once Discovered "successfully" and turn him down, does the game only remember the successful adventure? If you never complete the adventure "successfully" does the game treat it as though you never did that adventure, or does it always remember the last version that you went through? (The only way that I like to get Diavesque is the version where you fail both rolls, even though I usually have to deliberately nerf myself/savescum in order to pull it off, because it's just so much more dramatic and appropriate imo, but I'm worried I'll have to choose between the game acknowledging that I made an oath to Diavesque, or that I got my face kicked in first.)
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