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  1. The relationship decrease will only occur in summer vacation, right? After that not a point loss per month or anything like that yes?
  2. That's a cool wordplay, good find. I can nix(nothing) A bit poetical, considering gates usually involves pacts, deals, voices in your head and things like that which will sooner or later should take its price
  3. Whoever designed Cinzia should get a raise
  4. One question about the queens of old Were Queen Avila and Hedi good friends? I like to think they were quite sympathetic to each other, while Icanix, Icanicyx? was looked with suspicion due to gates
  5. There are a few things i disliked in student adventures: Vettor: it's a matchmaking type of adventure, i tend to dislike those in general and it pushes him toward Amanda, possibly the only +2 max in relationship from Vernin girls and a likeable character overall. Olivia: In order to complete her adventure, you have to steal Cinzia's notebook about potions. You gain glory, but is not by your merit and stealing from classmates its not the way i would prefer, especially when it involves the best girl. Tacito: you would think his personal quest is about him, but it ends being about Ausdauer instead. Magalda: same matckmaking kinda of deal, except that its not only about her and her crush, you also try to get Marc and Cordelia togheter.
  6. ASMR: Astrology, Synch, Mastery and Relaxation at 15
  7. Nice, amazing some thought it was put into. Say, i added one question later so ill repost here if you can get this one more 1) Is Cinzia the year 1 student council president? I know she is part of the council and is said to be in charge in one meeting from aranaz adventure but i dont know if its as the president or just a pontual meeting
  8. 1) Are there philosophical questions about Astrology and evil( like some curses)? As in why the gods would teach something like this etc 2) Is Cinzia the student council president? I know that in the aranaz st. council adventure at some point the player says "who put her in charge" but could be a pontual thing so a clarification please
  9. I was checking the steam release a few years ago, and i remember that after it was greenlit, it took a long time to make it to steam. I thought: "they must be timing with the y2 release". Boy, was i wrong 😁
  10. Nice, one more thing, the same way a lv. 11 skill is awesome for a 1st year but poor for year 5, love should get a higher cap as year goes by, think about at least Emotions in general should be rescaled, as calm in year 1 requires a value above x, year 2 x+5 for example
  11. Can you give year 2 a new version of etiquette 8? Meaning increase relationship max as skill reward
  12. A few thoughs about it If the Herald is a dragon and he teaches you "disorder the heaven's" with is classified as spell type Astrology, it can be seen dragons can use it, but its a bit meta and a cool theory the darkness between the stars part and the idea they could develop something similar for some cases. Being a fan made adventure it could be seen from the dark modder, but i checked the topic and there is a different spell, a Mastery one When i think of Astrology the first two things that come to mind are divination and good luck but i can see multiple dnd archetypes here : Cleric - as the pilgrim of Iudocia Wizard - with the divination specialization, default avila student Witch - hexes and curses, i remember a case about a professor using astrology to steal the youth of her students Oracle - a bit more mysterious Psychic - the esoteric starseeker subclass, for the purple wizards On the familiars part, the analogy was pretty good
  13. 1) I remember reading here Astrology could not be used by dragons and familiars, but between one adventure and game mechanics was this changed/retconned? 2) Can you have your familiar fight in your stead in a duel?
  14. Can y2 be modded to add more timeslots on the calendar?
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