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  1. karpatius

    Patch 30 Bugs

    The patch and a new version of .NET Framework seems to have fixed my application errors. Awesome! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date and expanding the game.
  2. Greetings, pal. No, my profile uses my RPG name. I just love to use an alter ego/avatar in games and see what doing things "my way" causes. So far lots of bad alchemy results... I work as a game tester and Academagia now has a eager fan in Finland. In the past few years I've drifted away from mainstream games since I find so little of interest there. Not many developers these days have the courage to do anything else than casual and I greatly appreciate the effort you made for us who want something else than bland casual on our plate. I really love the visual novel style of the game and am pretty impressed with the amount of detail. When you forget half or more of the stuff you need to remember you know youre not playing a boring game. Horray for the courageus Black Chicken Studios! You've served my picky and refined gaming palette well. Now I'm off to fall asleep because of all the late night hours Academagia has robbed from me.
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