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  1. With this patch 30 do i get all the erlier DLC's too?? as far as i saw i only dot the option to activate the last DLC "6" in the mods option when i start a new game,,, do i have to download the dlcs 1-5 after installing this patch???
  2. Still the same did everything you said, EDIT,,,i just noticed that dotnet 3.5 Sp1 is 231 mb while dotnet 4 is something like 50 mb,,, so well downloading 2.5 sp1 then maybe that will solve the problem :S lets see Edit,,, IT worked this is out right rediculus 3.5 sp1 > 4 ???? what the hell,,,,but still it worked thanks a lot for your help
  3. same problem,,,and you PMed the other guys now i cant read wat the solution is I have dot net 3.5 installed I try to run as administrator but it say it cant because i have not entered the password,,,well i never did have any password for the administrator account,,i left it blank.plus as far as i remember Academagia used to run without having to do this administrator part,,, , help me out if you have any other solution EDIT,,,i have dot net 3.5 but somewhere i read you said dotnet 3.5 sp1 so well i am installing dotnet 4 now maybe that will help,,Fingers crossed :s
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