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  1. Done But while I am at it... I just realized another bug. I seem not to be able to drag items from my knapsack to my wardrobe or to equip them. I tried the following things: Left click + drag Right click + drag 3rd mouse button + drag Ctrl (left / right ) + left / right / middle mouse + drag Alt + left / right / middle mouse + drag Alt gr. + left / right / middle mouse + drag Shift (left / right) + left / right / middle mouse + drag Items tested with: Letter from Gera (1-5) Jade Necklace
  2. Heyas folks, I got to admit that the game hooked me the moment I saw the first screenshot. There is something rather anoying though. When I am asked to choose the location to explore/where to train/etc. basicly anytime the location chooser pops up, i can read just the first 4-5 letters. My workaround: So every time I want to go to a location, I have to look it up in the Lore section and then remember the order of the locations with the apropriate starting letter. That is rather tiresome though. Solutions tried: Well I looked for a configuration menu or something... yet there is none. Then I tried the config.xml. It only contains background music = true, and nothing else (of content). So, I would be glad for any suggestions, for I fear when I go deeper into the game more problems will arise because of that issue. (To sum it up, the screen does not seem to have a right border, so the ui is placed outside the screen.) Best regards, Amu P.S.: Do you plan on releasing a soundtrack? I really like the composition of the pieces, although they are quite few. [update] The bug was caused not by the screen resolution, but by increasing the system DPI / Magnification. Reverting back to system standards fixes the problem.
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