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  1. Legate, I'm indeed using the latest patch. The relationship between the two is now +1, but Joana is not even in my clique anymore, but I'm still missing the benefits from Emilia's gift. (And she is definitely still part of my clique).
  2. Ah okay, I'll try to investigate that further. Thanks for your help, it's really appreciated!
  3. But is the fight still ongoing when Joana already left my clique? (Only had three members in my clique, but apparently the wrong two) Is there any other solution to it? Will definitely check the gossip option, thanks
  4. Hi, I'm not sure whether I just overlooked something, but there was a strange occurrence with Emilia Picotti and my clique. There apparently was a conflict between Emilia and Joana (both members of my clique) and I sided with Emilia (at least I think so, because she is still in my clique while Joana has left). However, I have lost the positive effects of Emilia's gift - charm went back to 5 as well as skills. What might be the reason for that and is there anything I can do about it? Thanks in advance.
  5. I guess I should sue Mikka for introducing Echo Bazaar, and reminding me of my old love "Alter Ego"....I already abandoned a lot of serious duties for Academagia, but now I'm really in trouble
  6. That sounds pretty awesome to me, SabinStargem...though I don't know if and how it can be added to the game, but I say to me (as the amateur I am) it sounds rather easy to implement.
  7. I can only wholeheartedly agree with this. I can't even remember any game that I played through so often without real breaks between the playthroughs. I'm still trying to persuade myself that Year 2 will be released within this year (yeah, I know, totally impossible, but don't discourage my fantasy), simply because I can hardly wait.
  8. I'm seriously interested in that question, certainly subskills that you never learned in any playthrough, but which you know through the forum, the wiki, or other sources. This thread could show which subskills are hardest to come by, and how you can learn them. Subskills I haven't seen in ANY playthrough: Accounting, Lip Reading, Intrigue, Civil Law, Biology, Anatomy, Drive Carriage, Piety, Prayer, Theology, Rimbal Positions, Logistics. I'm interested to hear how others learned about those subskills, if they offer any rare bonuses in certain levels, or with which subskills other players have problems.
  9. Please publish it now I'm in a mood for translation, and in the middle of October university will start again, leaving me no time for anything else
  10. With my latest game there appeared a very strange bug. I've the latest patch installed and played with the DLC activated. Suddenly when overwriting the save game for this character, the save literary disappeared. The save still appears, but its size is "0 KB", and under the load and save options within the game it is not there at all. Have never encountered that before?!
  11. I think there are way too many social actions that are way too similar and/or easy. Most social actions improve your relationship with 1 student by 1 point, externalized desire, flirt, befriend (whether successful or not), encourage a fellow student, set example or brag on friend come immediately to my mind (the latter ones have advantages for the other student, but not for you). Those actions could be a bit more varied, maybe even with some downturns or a slight chance that something positive(negative alongside will happen.
  12. I think my character defines that rather pragmatic Praying is Religion, not magic, thus allowed, same goes for Astrological abilities and actions, as long as they don't require a wand or spells. Ironically, he just had an exit with Astrology --> casting a spell, (which was a blue choice), but instead he chose to wrestle (red choice)...with a rather unfortunate outcome He's now into the third month, and what surprised me, it was never required to use magic in any event. And none of my former characters have been in detention that rarely (only once) that early in the game.
  13. Not really. I mainly wanted to exclude Skills with Phemes or Spells Subskills - basically all Skills unlock certain phemes, or spells, and I won't use those unlocked stuff either. But Astrology itself as study subject is more theoretical...at least in the opinion of my character
  14. Name: Marlon DiMarteley College: Avila Courses: Geometry, Astrology, Botany, Grammar, Rhetoric, History Fitness - 2 Finesse - 3 Charm - 3 Strength - 1 Intelligence - 3 Insight - 3 Luck - 2 Background: Astrology: The Comet Heritage: Auncish Omen: Shattered Mirrors Family: Sports History: Artisans of Skill History: Descended of Traitors Station: Wealthy Prodigy: Center of Attention Friendships: Actually, Bitter Hatred. Midterm Scores: Final Scores: Biography: Marlon despises any kind of magic. Whether it's revision, negation, incantation, enchanting, enspelling or glamour, he refuses to use it – ever. Considering this attitude and the slightly complicated history of his family it's kind of odd that he decided to attend the Academagia, and it's even more baffling that he was accepted. Probably the most charming, yet highly unpopular First-Year student at Avila, Marlon aspires to become an indispensable asset to his college, while developing friendships with students that would not even talk to him right now. Still his family's past might continue to haunt him, and his resolutions might crumble quicker than old cookies. Diary: 5. Pramidi: When a storm is threatening your homework, knowledge of Revision or Incantation would have been helpful. Personal Observations/Explanations: 1) I will never use any magic with this character during the whole year, except for Adventures/Random Events without any non-magic-involving exit (don't know if that even exists). That means no spells, no use of the magic skills, except for, maybe, if it works out, as is hinted in the bio, the forbidden arts. We'll see how that turns out, especially with all those negative relationships and a rather weak physical condition
  15. Exactly...even if I should have less time in coming years (very likely) or lose interest in the game (ehm...less likely to impossible) I will buy all sequels without a doubt. Edit: After emptying the cache, the game always crashes when selecting the new mod, even if running as an admin.
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