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    OK, I found how to use the menu and save and exit the game. I had to wait till the current action (talking with my mentor) ended.
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    @ELWIN, @ORANGEKNICKERS: Thanks for replying. @ELWIN: I have found the button, but it doesn't anything when I click on it. @ORANGEKNICKERS: How can I "empty" the right side panel? There is always some text in this panel.
  3. Harschi


    Hi there, I just bought the game at Impulse's and the first gamesession is very interesting. Fine art and beautiful music. But...I can't access the MENU. I don't know how to save and exit the game. And there is no manual yet at Impulse. I hope to play this game a long long time... Greetings, Harschi the Pupil
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