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  1. I have a second one. Oriabel's Adventure, The Collision in the Hallway, seems to be about hunting for ghosts. If you have the Ghost Familiar, Pamela, though, something be different. Even the option for you to show her Pamela and then having Pamela refuse, or being unable to find her, would at least acknowledge that you do have a ghost familiar and have seen a ghost. And does the shade count as a ghost or not?
  2. HDL

    Academagia Wiki

    THANKYOU! I'll add it to the list. Thanks. Are there some familiars that have been set to be rarer than others or is it just sheer random chance? I only saw the doll once, the faux-dragon has only appeared three times for me and the carnivorous plant and the shade seems really rare as well. Strangely I haven't managed to get the snake either and I would have thought that would be more common.
  3. HDL

    Academagia Wiki

    What exotic familiar as we missing from the familiar page? It's driving me mad trying to find it. I spent a few hours just starting and restarting the game trying to find the missing one. I've also been working on the student entries. I know they're a bit messy, I was just hoping to get the information up there and once it's up it can be prettied up. Once I get to the half-term exam mark I'll include which students are in which classes so we can compile class lists for them just in case people were curious who's taking rhetoric or music or whatever with you. I'm not actually keen on the idea of having all the descriptive text there. The game is a text based game. People should be buying the game in order to read the text, to explore, to find out about the characters and to read all the effort that has gone into creating a wonderful world. The wiki is just supplemental. I think my own biggest concern would be if people were to copy and paste the adventure text. The adventures are such a huge part of the game I'd hate to see the exact wording of them on the wiki and for people to be able to read through them without actually buying and enjoying the game. I think having a copy-paste function just opens a whole pile of problems even if it would initially make the wiki-work a lot easier to do. I'd much rather just type a short summary of each character, adventure, etc. I can probably summarise each character and their adventures in one line. Of course it's up to the game developers.
  4. Girars de Periarde has a quest where he speaks of how he wants a non-animal familiar, making it from plants, however, on his clique information it says he already has a rabbit as his familiar. Incidentally in the second section it does say you've seen all types of familiars but never a plant. That might be an issue if you have the carnivorous plant exotic, or is it set so that text isn't included if you do? Speaking of which, why do so many students have exotic familiars? I would have thought that the four standard types of familiars, cat, dog, owl and rat would be the most common type of familiar. So far I'm half way through the students and they mostly seem to have exotics. It seems a bit strange that taking a rat as my pet would be far rarer than most of the exotics.
  5. Is there any news on if there's a solution to this or not?
  6. HDL

    Hedgehogs Can't Fly

    I agree, the adventure should be forced to meet the ghost familiar. If it's not forced then when you meet your mentor in the adventure which discusses familiars you act as if you've already met the ghost, even if you haven't. By forcing the ghost encounter you manage to avoid the issues of speaking to the mentor about a familiar you've not already met.
  7. Sure if I notice it again then I'll make a better note of it. There's a bug in the monkey quest too about the rimbal game. (The Strange Jersey quest). On the very first part of the adventure it jumps from talking about a game of rimbal with your monkey to a mole wanting to look at some developer's plans.
  8. HDL

    Hedgehogs Can't Fly

    When my exotic familiar is a Hedgehog I had the option to take the adventure "Familiar: The Call of a Prophecy." I went on that adventure and it assumed I was a bird not a hedgehog. On failing the first bit of the adventure the option to return to it no longer appeared on my list of choices for adventures. There's also a few slight problems with some of the adventures where they assume my familiar uses a method of movement that it doesn't (I can't remember the specifics but I think one of them had my bird running when really the bird's going to fly). It's not a huge issue but might be something to take note of when writing further adventures that not all familiars move the same.
  9. I had the exact same issue. Actually there's quite a few adventures in which I found certain things only I didn't have an option to interact with them. I just assumed that it meant I didn't know of the appropriate skill to do so or something. With the wizened man curled up it was particularly frustrating. I can't remember the name of the adventure either other than it being one of the sections of Oan's adventure. And this also reminds me of another bug that I experienced. I found that several of the adventures didn't have a name at all on the list for adventures, just a blank line. But since I don't have a working save file for when that happened I can't remember which adventures it was.
  10. There have been a few indie games which I have purchased, from their developer sites, for full price and which have been riddled with bugs, sometimes to the extent of being unplayable. So Academagia is hardly the first game that's like that and it is something I tend to expect. Even the big games companies release games which then need patched and patched again. Now what I do resent is paying $20 for a game where I am pretty much paying for the 'privilege' of being a beta-tester, sending in all my bug reports, and finally when the game is relatively bug free that improved version of the game is released to the portal websites for $6.99. Such a huge price drop, especially relatively soon after release, always feels like a kick in the teeth to me. Now that I think gives indie games developers a bad name. But so far I've been pretty happy with Academagia, apart from the save files issues and that's getting sorted out. I don't think I've ever received as quick answers to by emails either by any games company. I got replies to my issues within minutes. I really enjoy the game as well as the scope of it. I like that it is so large and there's a variety of things that can be done. I would hate to see 1/3 of it scrapped. I do, however, think that Justin has a few valid point about the specific issues he mentions. The biggest one being "Some of that mass of skills is wasted though: too many of them seem indentical (awareness, perception, observation). This gets incredibly frustrating, especially when trying to complete adventures, and even more so in the random events when the chance of you having the right skill is generally pretty remote." At first glance the huge variety of skills is wonderful, however, having so many skills that serve nearly identical functions it's frustrating. I remember with my familiar quest I had to purchase one skill to get my familiar to convince his master to help him out, and then in the next section, the master needed more convincing and it was a different skill that I then needed. (Conversation for the first, persuasion for the second I believe). That was frustrating because it seemed as if both tasks were identical and I didn't see why either/or wouldn't work. I can see several alternatives. The first is trim down the skill list so you only have one skill for spotting stuff (and add the same skill to different parent groups so it counts for all of them). The second is keep the different skills but during adventures make it pick up that you don't have awareness but you do have perception, so roll that instead (maybe at a minor penalty for not having the exact skill, but at a bonus if you have awareness, perception and observation). It's not a vital change for this one but consider it for Chapter 2. I do actually like the wide variety of skills on offer. It's just when I don't have the exact skill I find it frustrating.
  11. I found the same problem, Vanan, (and sent an email about it). After installing the patch I can't access my old saves either (but I can start a new game, save files and access those). I have my fingers crossed that there will be a fix, I really don't want to lose my current game. Now if only I could work out where the save files are meant to live or what it's called.
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