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  1. It is Random Event Student - Grainne
  2. Think it is in a random event but it is to long ago that I had it so don't pin me on it.
  3. Given that the player is already framed in year 1 by other students that (s)he using forbidden magic, I'm sure there gate and master mages that learned how to shift the blame for their magic to innocent humans.
  4. Is geography a planed class in a later year of Academagia? If so for what year is it planed?
  5. I think the reason why the "Zoedorf" region is called like a village could be something interesting for a ingame lore. Because I'm no lore collector I don't know if it isn't already in Y1 or planed for Y2.
  6. Are there any well known clockwork that present a dance or theatre show?
  7. It is already mentioned that during the holiday between Y1 and Y2 your relationships will slowly drop toward 0 if your not working on it.
  8. my edit 2 came to late so here again: ^^ I think it would be a good thing to remind the player early in Y2 again about the consequences they have to expect if ever it get to known that (s)he learn forbidden magic. After all for some player it might be years ago when they played Y1 or it even that Y2 is their first contact with this game.
  9. I hope in all adventures and events it is also considered that there player character who want to keep it a secret from the other students that he / she knows forbidden magic! After all a person that knows that the player learn forbidden magic hold the live of the player in the hand and so it something very stupid to do to give other students a hint that you know this magic unless the ban is lifted. Edit: Wasn't it even told during the pre adventure to join the gate school that if it is ever revealed that you know about this magic you have to go into hiding, and so drop out from Academagia, to prevent that you will reveal where to find other gate mages? Edit2: After I think trough it I think it would be a good thing if the player is reminded early in Y2 about the consequences if he ever reveal or it is revealed that (s)he know forbidden magic.
  10. I think it would be great when the player switched the familiar and had Pamela ,with both quest finished, or the stone would have both familiar at the start of year 2 but with a affliction to the bound skill. This affliction should only go away once the character actual have the skill to handle 2 familiar. Maybe the player would also be forced to take the Advance Familiar Handling Class as the 1st free pick for class unless (s)he is from Morvidus.
  11. Will Pamela have a special handling in Y2 if the player who finished her questline in Y1 switched to a different familiar afterward? (I suspect unless the adventures finished she is gone to the light if the player switch the familiar)
  12. Mask Of The Rose by Failbetter Games kicks off crowdfunding campaign | Rock Paper Shotgun The maker of Fallen London have set up a Kickstarter for their new game Mask of The Rose. Kickstarter: Mask of the Rose: a Fallen London romance by Failbetter Games — Kickstarter
  13. Are there familiar known that have bounded to multiple magus at the same time? (wasn't there something about a puppetmaster summoned via gate where this happened?)
  14. the thing here is that you can replace your familiar any time. So if it die normal you just loose your investment but you can start over with a new familiar, something we already can do in Y1! The gift is meant in my opinion when the magus is in deadly danger that the familiars offer them self so that the magus can go on although with the bound permanent broken. (Probably the magus can offer them self also to save the familiar given that the bound work both ways)
  15. Are there planed student drop outs or new joining, beside the player, for the initial Y2 release?
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