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  1. about Beatrix von Wetgen it was mentioned either here by the Legate or ingame that she is one of the person that can freely enter the Imperial reserve. (Think via a background the player can have this to)
  2. While year 2 special stand for Academagia, players of Holdfast and Scheherazade also waiting for the 2nd year of their game to be released that why I worded it this way.
  3. Happy New Year to all! Although its not the game I personal hoping for, its at last a new game from BCS that will see a release in 2020 ^^. With the crunch and bugfix phase of VB planed for for this year I have high doubts BCS will release any other game this year what is natural sad for the people of the other games that wait for the 2nd Year of the initial planed series.
  4. Did you clear both Academagia catch before you did start the new game? (I personal suspect that the catch also became corrupted during your game with the familiar selection mod) Also did you run the game with the familiar selection mod with or without the official content also enabled? If I remember right familiar selection "mod" contain a dated version of the official content and you really ask for trouble if you run 2 ore more official content at the same time. (a real mod is only a few Kilobyte big while a total conversion that contain the official content is some Megabyte big)
  5. In case you want it to expand more then 1 or 2 misc familiar slots have a look how pathfinder 1 have handled it for ideas how to set the beast slot templates. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/Magic-items/#Magic_Item_Slots_for_Animals
  6. Hmm equipment slots for familiar that will be problematic! For each beast (type) you have to set what equipment slots it can use, unless we just talk about 1 or 2 misc slots and maybe the neck as slot.
  7. Although Philippe is bad I would try it if I want the familiar, one problem with Philippe is his familiar (2 point of dmg)! So you have to spend some actions to get him from -4 to 0 or 1 as soon as possible but with luck he not taking actions against you till that is done.
  8. @Rhialto For Drinking straw I personal would make them a usable item that give a boost to 1 use potions the player have in the inventory. I suspect it should be possible to call a "adventure" using the straw and in this adventure you check for maybe one dozen different 1 use potions if they are in the inventory and allows to give the player an improved version of their effect while destroying the potion and maybe the straw. (I already used the inventory check to enable / disable different exits in my year 1 adventures)
  9. Why would drinking straws need their own itemslots when there are hand, and misc itemslots?
  10. according to this German "News" the wreck of the Kreuzer SMS Scharnhorst from the 1st WW was found 180km away from the Falkland Islands. (because I usually not follow this kind of news I don't know how up to date this news is, but at last it was posted only 1 day ago at this webpage) https://www.wissenschaft.de/geschichte-archaeologie/wrack-des-kreuzers-sms-scharnhorst-entdeckt/
  11. There should be no Brew or Alchemy class in this list because the lack of a teacher this year but when we play year 2 there should be one of this 2 as class from Vernin.
  12. At last in the last working Mod Base they are of Type Forge/Workstation Materials - Tools that have no slot, at last to my knowledge. Given the description to giving you +1 to the Forge skill its most likely one of the many crafting related items where no one ever reported that is is broken. It natural also could be that the +1 Forge work only during crafting a item what would also make the item (next to) useless in year 1.
  13. https://squeakywheel.itch.io/academiaschoolsimulator Found this when looking at the sales over at itch.io . At last its a similar name and share the Academy topic . Because its Early Access I only had a fast look at the shop info,so I can't tell if it is any good.
  14. Is there a chance that we see this before Christmas?
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