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  1. 2) is the summoner of a creature or creator of a construct that became familiar of a other mage keep some influence on the familiar? (looking at Orso Orsi)
  2. Are predator familiar still hunt their normal pray even if it is also a familiar?
  3. Wouldn't this becoming alienating to other humans not also a problem for other animal?
  4. I just hope that the VB team them self is then large enough that they can handle the constant updates a online game needs them self after the release. After all online games that not bring new content soon get forgotten by most of the player base. Not to forget that there is a need to keep the security up to date with an online game what this forum show that BCS isn't really up to it so far (for how long is it not using https for the linking?) And yes I already had it with a other online game that lost the forum and webpage to an hacker attack because they didn't care enough for it.
  5. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/titan-quest-and-jagged-alliance-are-free-to-keep-right-now According this News you can get Titan Quest and Jagged Alliance till Sep. 23 at a 100% discount over at Steam.
  6. Are there still new items found that the temple declare as dragon origin?
  7. How did the first week of Beta go? Other question is the discord mentioned in VB Kickstarter just VB or a BCS one?
  8. Despite that I don't have the time now I got me the game at the 10% rebate because it was the only one missing from the Yuri Bundle and so I also got this rebate ^^. Also the Lawmage Academy looks promissing. Currently my main game is https://store.steampowered.com/app/1468810/_Tale_of_Immortal/ that allow one to play an new Cultivator what might interest some other people here as well. Just be warned ahead it have an action combat and the Char Gen need many reroll to get a good character
  9. The Beta for browser will start at a later point. To my knowledge the Linux/ Android variation used in Kindle by Amazon can't be used as android replacement.
  10. Maybe he also study mastery and try it on his friends?
  11. was this in celebration for the Cute Bite Steam release?
  12. If you have the disk space I suggest to make 7 or more save files that you use in following order. In my last game I also encountered a save corruption without realising it for 3 or 4 ingame days, because I keep 7 days of save I still had some older save that where fine.
  13. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1586960/Cute_Bite/ Cute Bite was released on Steam today
  14. was there ever a Professor in Academagia with the family name Astarta or Ofelia?
  15. Are there any famous Clockworks that already run for 100 or more years without needing to be wound up? So Professor CogSpring is the name of a company and the name of a figure they produce?
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