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  1. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    I personal suspect the main bottleneck for BCS are their editor.
  2. Schwarzbart

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    A other dark idea for an adventure or event chain.
  3. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) Will player who get their money into the negative get a loan offered in year 2 or do all event and adventure still have to check that this don't happen?
  4. Schwarzbart

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    I think a other fun and money collecting event from older Vernin would be great! How about a race trough a parkour on flying items, like a cauldron, a elephant, a carpet, a Pegasus and maybe 2 more, that can only go to limited altitude. The watcher can bet on who will win and the winner of the races can earn some money. The player could either ignore it, join the race, bet on who will win or even play a prank. Natural both the racer and the gamble, including the player, might use magic to influence the outcome but if not subtile enough they will be removed from the event and the bet / entry fee will not be returned and the offender even have to pay a penalty.
  5. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) Is it planed that Glory at some point get split in 2 values one fore someone famed because of evil deeds and one for people famed because of good deeds?
  6. Schwarzbart

    Similar Games

    With my knowledge of the Chinese language equal to zero I sadly have to wait for the translation despite the game hit place 7 in the Steam chart recently. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/15/steam-charts-october-2018-2/
  7. Schwarzbart

    Similar Games

    Fallen London might be a interesting game but effective the Action Point system that only slowly refresh your action over time make this game uninteresting to play in the long run. It might be a good game if you play it during short train trips where the action point have time to refresh till the next trip but when the 20 or 40 Action point you maximum can have are used up you either have to pay money or wait 10 Minute to continue. At last for me there more enough other games waiting that I play them that I'm not willing to pay tons of money for a game that is a semi single player game. Sure It have some interaction with other player but they apparently only work when the other player react to the action of the other player within a short time … and yes it cost both player action points.
  8. Schwarzbart

    A Very Eccentric Playthrough

    There other already reported bugs as well because for Action the cooldown duration simply don't work and apparently this engine bug was never fixed.
  9. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    Anatomy as a fundamental area of research is clearly one of the taboos where you are facing restrictions Edit: 1) Have magic in the past changed how it works when humans reached a different understanding how the world works?
  10. Schwarzbart

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    1. for the Importer they not even started to work on it.
  11. Schwarzbart

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    Content and feature creep is for sure a issue at BCS. Just alone that they added nearly every player written content to year 1 via DLC speaks volumes. Edit: Also look at the number of free DLC, CP and updates they gave us … do you really think they did not come at the cost that while BCS made them year 2 development was at a hold? The main shortage BCS apparently have is their number of competent editors because they need to fix mistakes both in spelling & lore and then also have to enter everything into the game. Yes its exact the editor that also have the most to do for adding player written content or new content from their own writer to a DLC. Edit2: But the content they added to year 1 with all the DLC and CP also gives the problem of how they continue it in year 2. When even the wand crafting adventure that is clearly finished with year 1 is requested by many player that it should have a continue in year 2 you easy can see the problem.
  12. Schwarzbart

    Strong Relationships with LGBT NPCs?

    After player point out the age of the player characters even the till this point existing romance paths of year 1 where put behind a background. So No in year 1 there is no same gender romance as the real romance actions are start at earliest in year 2. Given that the same gender romance is against the regular conventions I suspect that same gender romance might show up in game even 1 year later then the normal romance paths. Also without the "new" NPC added by Mikka there would be no same Gender romance planed at all in Academagia. But if us player write such paths for year 2 I don't think BCS will say no to them if it suite the background of the NPC student and still suitable for the age category BCS aims for this game as lowest entry age (Academagia year 1 is a "game intended for audiences ages 9+").
  13. Schwarzbart

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    @Rhialto the Legate already gave us some estimations about the release date in the past but they all turned out to be wrong by years. So its quite understandable that he no longer is willing to do so at last till a beta of the (nearly) finished year 2 is running.
  14. Schwarzbart

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    Can hostile actions & spells against other students (like bully) in the next years get a CoD to simulate that they spotted by a professor or is reported to a professor?
  15. Schwarzbart

    Similar Games

    https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/02/valthirian-arc-hero-school-saga-out-now/ The Valthitian Arc: Hero School Saga sound like a interesting and kind of similar game but I don't have time at moment to check it out so I can't for sure say it. From the description you play the director of a Hero Academy and beside doing the daily tasks at the school you also have to lead team(s) of your student into battle. About the Harry Potter game I personal also have my doubts that it is anything interesting but we still can hope ^^.