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  1. Any news on this question: "Is there a common term for people of "Asian" heritage in the Academagia setting? (I ask because of my Heritage: Eastern background)" because I probably start to do my mod today or tomorrow
  2. 1) Is there a common term for people of "Asian" heritage in the Academagia setting? (I ask because of my Heritage: Eastern background) 2) Also is the Asian part of the world to the far east or in some different direction?
  3. Anyone already Played Six Ages? Is it good? Is it again without manual save? (from the screens it look like it is a evolved version of King of Dragon Pass)
  4. 1) What year do you think we really can do conversation with the other students when you suggest "you'd have to ask"? (Maybe at year 4 the number of student shrunk far enough that it might become a possibility but even then would the team add the answer to such questions ingame?)
  5. in the old per Steam Version we had this bug sometimes on reload while in a game and the way around it was to exit the game and continue after you restarted it.
  6. what you want to say is that a craftsman can use the scarps for some unique items but as soon you need to make 2 or more of the same the scarps just won't do it?
  7. Because the player used some Volauge scraps as new core for the wand of Ana I suspect it's difficult for it to complete lose its magical properties,
  8. Your right on this point I already had this thought (especial acrobatics isn't that easy to unlock especial compared to running)
  9. Haha your right it is supposed to be Running instead of Athletics, that happens when you not double check at the wikia and didn't play the game for some time ^^
  10. Thanks Rhialto
  11. I personal loved The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky but sadly the start of the 2nd chapter wasn't to my liking and so it ended in my big list of games I might play at a later point.
  12. 1) Is it possible to have the queen of hive insects (like a bee queen) as familiar?
  13. I think I suggested it already but one possible step toward unbanning Gate / Mastery magic is to allow old Masters of this schools to take 1 or 2 student who will then registered. If the player already have the right aura and crossed the path of one of this old masters in a good way this old master might offer the player to be his/her personal student at a cost in such a scenario.
  14. About question 3: For the Mastery sub-school of Syncrhonicity, that we already can learn through year 1, you need a licence! But if you read the adventure for it you should know this already. I personal suspect there some more sub school of Mastery and Gate magic that could be learned if you have the right licence (like Gate magic banishing or maybe even teleport) but its a big No for the general study of both schools. Still it could be a step toward complete allowing both school again to give some young students a licence to learn from old masters of this schools so that the knowledge not get complete lost.
  15. surre thing, I wont start with the mod for year 1 till next week.