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  1. Schwarzbart

    What Triggers are for Y2?

    I think its possible in year 2 because the team already managed to split the wand-crafting adventure for year 1 so that people that have the weed be able to join it in a later stage. Initial only people in the botany class could do it.
  2. Schwarzbart

    Question about mechanics of gaining new skills

    1) This sound like a bug with updating your skill list. In early game version the refresh of the skills and attributes was way to many times what caused some problems that why the team reduced them to a minimum and what you now report sound like there is a instance or more where a refresh is now missing. Could you report this as bug with more exact info what ability you use at the day when it fail to update? 2) Yes there is only the wiki or looking at the modbase via the mod tools. 3) You also can use the mod tools with the DLC 15 amm. Metis recently uploaded them again
  3. Schwarzbart

    Cheat Mod

    exact but this "cheat-mod" is published as official content and not as mod and so you have to decide either to use the cheat mod or Summer's Blush but not both.
  4. Schwarzbart

    Question about mechanics of gaining new skills

    1) The only way to do this is Gossip set one of your clique member or one student you have learned his /her secrets in one slot and check the relationship (s)he have in the other. 2) sorry don't know exactly but I think it start as soon as 2 of your clique member get into the negative.
  5. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    Actual I suspect that Ana if she is in your clique and you take care of the curse she might become the biggest rival for the best student in year 2 for the player.
  6. Schwarzbart

    Cheat Mod

    Sorry I personal didn't like this "mod" because its a replacement for the official content and not just a mod! Given the problems with running 2 official content I read about with the current steam release you for sure will missing many adventures, events and other newer content if you using this quite dated replacement.
  7. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    Don't forget that Ana Flavia, thanks to her "curse", put more time into learning the theory then anyone else. But what she will become in year 2 if the player manage to break the curse can only be pure speculation on our side.
  8. Schwarzbart

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    I think the new map will be ingame and the one BCS use for them self is filled with marker we player never should see.
  9. Schwarzbart

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    I suspect the converter is not even started as it was said its the last thing they will make before a release.
  10. Schwarzbart

    Steam achievement suggestion for Academagia

    Sorry I have to disagree on any Y2 achievement that require something from Y1 as this can't be done by player who only own Y2! Its OK that some things can't be done by character started in Year 2 but a achievement should never be something that require the ownership of a other game!
  11. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) Are there common known folk medicine that have their source in brew? (like against the common cold or to improve the healing of minor wounds)
  12. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    @Raydestroyer there different religions all over the world, some pray to the dragons, some to the "old gods", but in the corner of the world where Academagia is if you start to public pray to gods different then the "new gods" you at last will get reeducated but more likely killed.
  13. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    Who say rich people can't own a family estate as well. I suspect the rich just can't own title and serf.
  14. Schwarzbart

    will things we did in y1 affect our summer break?

    At last when I got a list of noble & royal she wasn't mentioned