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  1. Are this story about Icanix in a public library of Academagia or restricted in one of the remaining gate library of Academagia? Fun comment on the side I(ch) kann ni(x/chts) is dialect for (not sure how to clean translating it word for word its: ) I can (do) nothing ... but I think a better translation is I'm inapt
  2. Just curious how would the development of Academagia affected if VB fail to break even?
  3. Are working airship models a possible project for Academagia students? Was there one or more student in the past who had a familiar bound to a construct? Although spirt or ghost familiar are kind of rare but can they possess a device especial if it is special prepared for this?
  4. Any chance that the class list of the 2nd Year during our Year 1 will be released in 2020?
  5. so the familiar can be tricked into revealing important info of their master or accepting a spell on them without the familiar actual tell the master?
  6. Ohh, I see, Cyberpunk isn't a game I waiting for. That why I only know from the RPS page that it is delayed and that there is some shit going that they let their team work crunch times despite their announced that they wouldn't do so.
  7. quoting my self just in case this suggestion was overlooked.
  8. How about place them into the import tool so that the Import tool of Year 3 can give achievements for Y2 that would also need something from Y1.
  9. The Amazing Cultivation Simulator is now put to a release in November. But the news sound more like some situation (running out of money?) force them to do the release 1 month early instead that they are happy with the version they will have to put as 1.0 .
  10. Because I think Y2 should have no achievements that can't get with Y2 alone how about only have the pure Y2 achievements report to Steam & co while the one that need Y1 also are only reported in the game it self. (Yes I know this probably mean you losing them when move between PC or uninstall the game)
  11. I just want to remind that we already have not to few complains that the achievement are to much work to gain in year 1 and then we suggest now achievements that need players to have 2 different games?! I really hope BCS is not implementing achievement that need 2 different games although I'm sorry for all the thought some of us put into them. @Rhialto Please keep in mind that Year 2 is supposed to be a stand alone game, although you can import you save files from year 1 with a external tool! That why I think all you suggestions that need something in year 1 for a Year 2 achievement should have a extrem low chance to make it. (beside that I don't think it will be easy for the achievement check of year 2 to see if something was done in year 1 because most of the data of year 1 will be removed by the external import tool or BCS wouldn't need such a step)
  12. I personal would go with Kampfkunstbücher instead of Fechtbücher. But sometimes imported words of other languages have different meaning in the original language.
  13. 2) Fechtbücher? Not fencing books? 3) Are the maps that show multiple island's of a area consistent with the location and number of islands or are there differences depending on the knowledge of the map painter?
  14. Ok after 1 more try I finally figured things out. Looks like the guide I read was simply outdated. As soon you build the Observatory the Feng Shui effects get much more clear but this wasn't mentioned in the guide at all.
  15. Now skill beyond lvl 10, high Attributes, lot of money or equipment, friends all that have their own benefit that carry over to Year 2. I just suspect that research done in Y1 also might have a strong effect in Y2. Also don't forget that some good Background choices in Y1 might show their drawback in Y2.
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