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  1. That sound like the first thing we heard in the past that it might be in year 2 that is now on the cutting table ^^
  2. For 6) I think for Morvidus it could be instant shelter a revision spell that create an underground home at the place you touch. Although I'm not sure if such a spell exist at Academagia but if not it have to invented (Reason I think its more difficult then fly is that it have to deal with many different materials and spaces while create a reasonable good place to stay for a day or longer.)
  3. 1) Is there still a fencing club at Academagica despite the discurrage of the current Godina regent? 2) Was fencing once a official class in Godina? (I suspect that when a more mercenary / army orientated regent was in Godina fencing was even taught as full class because it help a lot when the ranged bombing could defend him / her self for a time against attacker at close range and fencing is doing so in style.) 3) How common is it that a Professor live trough 2 or even more Regent of his/her College and can you give us a more recent example for this?
  4. Nice so its only some tester and programmer that still working on the CP while the rest of the team moved on to different projects (like year 2).
  5. 1) Do the year 2 adventure / event have a function that go to different result depending on the degree of success?
  6. No as the closed Beta not even started (At last according to freespace) ^^ and we all know Beta with a bigger test group can find many problems that need time to fix.
  7. 2) What Colleges have 2 or even more different set of uniforms that a student can chose for depending on the weather? 3) Do the automatic starting event / adventure allow for a event that start only when the player have started an adventure chain but somehow "misplaced" the items that are important for this adventure?
  8. 4) Can items prevented from be sold or given away in year 2?
  9. How to gain the 2 items I mentioned before: If the player decided to search for the other soul-fragments he can find one in the bone-arrow that stick in a severe malformed stag (or some other prey) that the player have to kill. In home city that have no nearby woodland its a straying dog that got mutated from a hit with that arrow. Otherwise the player find the same arrow later on his trip to Mineta as stake in a card game, if the player not win it (or decided to pass on it) the arrow go to a sailor what give the player the opportunity to steal it from his chest. If the player skip all this then the sailor even come to him and ask if this thing is magic what give the player the opportunity to buy it or if managed to come up with a intimidating story about the curse even get it for free. The 3. item a belt is at the docks of Mineta in one of the many chests there but only during the first month after school start afterward the player can buy the belt from a shady vendor. Giving away just the ring to Professor Briandy is as said in the 1st post but having 2 of this items make the player spend 1 day in bed after the Professor had to break the connection this 2 items already formed. If the player come to her with 3 item she tell the player she actual have to research how to break the bond this item formed with him/her and it probably will cause some lasting damage. If the player visit her again to break the "curse" he lose 1 permanent Insight and have to stay for 1 day in bed. Because we can't prevent selling the items it might be a bad idea to give negative effects on turning them in to the Professor.
  10. 1) Are there woodlands with hunting prey near each of the different non Mineta home?
  11. Anyway the question above still stay as some tools and libraries that are used to make games offer a 64 bit version now that is compatible to the 32 bit one.
  12. If I remember right I already had Windows XP 64 back when year 1 did come out or short after and so a company who have development cycle of 5 year + could already jumped on this back then.
  13. 1) Will year 2 require a 64 bit OS? I ask because according to a recent update of one of my backed projects at KS: "The latest Steam Hardware Survey shows that over 97% of gamers now use a 64 bit operating system" but that also means some people will not be able to play it. Still I think its a must step for a memory hungry game like Academagia as 32 bit OS can not even full address 4GB of Memory (depending on other hardware it can become even less then 2 GB) .
  14. 1) So you say I would have to set up the result for the item each day separate and there is no way to just do a reference table with like 5 or 6 result and the game select one random result for the item each new day/ or better each time the player hit the process turn button? That is not really practical. 2) Will the actual knowledge of spells and pheme become more and more something separate from the skills in the next years? (I think it was already tried in year 1 but with the limited usefulness of spells, bad favor and shopping system it not really worked out)
  15. I ask if it would be possible that a item get each day a random effect from a table? So I.e. Monday you take some damage Tuesday some attribute is boosted for this day Wed. curses you got damaged once again Thursday A Skill got temporary boosted Friday A other Attribute got temporary boosted.