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  1. Lol looks like I skipped to fast past the first step(s) of this adventure in the past and now have to learn in the forum that there is such nice side info there. ^^
  2. Ohh so Oan actual did get a background? I thought the team refrained to do so because they want to give the player the ability to imagine it them self what College and so she is from. What College is she now placed in? The same as the player or some specific one? I might remember wrong, but wasn't she casting a complicated Incantation spell? Then she probably from Gondia.
  3. Some geologic processes have to be different then what they are on earth! The world of Academagia have no connection to the molten core for a very long time now what should resulting in no plate tectonic and no volcanos what also means all mountain get smaller and non larger. I'm personal not good in geology but don't need rock and some other materials certain pressure to form and I suspect the flying isle don't have enough deep to do so?!
  4. https://rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=11193 Quite an interesting PC RPG game list although many very old with graphics that show their age it might still worth a look if you looking for something "new" to play.
  5. I personal think Vernin and Morvidus have some of the best adventures in the game limited to their college only.
  6. Is his 7. post here so welcome is a bit late ^^ Anyway we don't know how much longer till BCS finally release Year 2 so you probably can play some more games of year 1 till then. In case you already looking for something different although there is no real similar game to Academagia but there some who have aspects of this game and they are mentioned in this thread: You also can check out some of the mods for your next game(s) of Academagia (I only have the link to the one I made)
  7. https://kotaku.com/being-king-doesnt-look-easy-in-upcoming-medieval-manage-1838701491 Sound like an interesting game
  8. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/09/26/king-of-dragon-pass-successor-six-ages-will-arrive-in-october/ So its now October when PC user finally can play Six Ages.
  9. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/142621/Holdfast-Record-of-the-Dwarven-Kingdoms-Volume-I Just looked at the Drive Trough version and unlike the initial announcement you never published a Character Sheet or the Kickstarter Add On! Was there to less interesst outside of the Kickstarter? (Unlike the App there is no one else then BCS to blame for not publish the already existing material ^^)
  10. I think we already had an answer to this "What is the record for the longest duel between two spellcasters?" in the past from the Legate and i was an interesting answer but my Astrology techniques are not up to it to find it in the short time I have right now.
  11. If it is good enough worded might I suggest to put it also into the Steam Forum as life sign for the team that year 2 is still worked at?
  12. Team don't want to answer on this?
  13. Sadly I have to agree The Sims 4 base game wasn't on release, and maybe is still not a good game. I think one need at last 1-2 of the good addons to really start enjoy it.
  14. The upcoming The Sims 4 addon Realm of Magic looks like it could be interesting to some of the Academagia playerbase. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/08/23/the-sims-4-realm-of-magic-looks-pretty-pottery/
  15. Because this thread is up again I think its fine to post about 2 other series I read recently: https://j-novel.club/s/crest-of-the-stars/ A SF series that was already translated some years back but the publisher didn't survive. Still I think its a great story with a focus on personal interaction especial between the 2 main actor. https://j-novel.club/s/infinite-dendrogram/ A VRMMO story that I personal think is a good read especial how the main actor manage it again and again to overcome enemy way stronger then him.
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