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  1. from the size it probably published as official content instead of a mod what for sure will give you problems as you then have 1.0.1 and the newest game version loaded at the same time. All of my mods that just add or change a background are a few kb big. A real mod just apply the changes that was made in the mod while something published as official content add everything from the game version it used as base as well. Just a tip when your Zoology reach 11 you get a ability to get you a new random exotic familiar so you don't need to spend points on your familiar if you want a exotic one later in the game although for some exotic familiar there is the problem that you don't have the bound adventure then.
  2. The only official info is here:
  3. 12. Is already clear what SS change their main skill in Year 2 and can you give us a overview about the class SS affected by this? @Rhialto 8. Alchemy is a Revision sub path from what the Legate told us so far (Also check out the Age-Stopping Potion Formula its a Alchemy formulary but say you need Revision magic beyond your year 1 knowledge) 9. Glamour actual can create pseudoreal stuff i.e. a bridge where you actual can walk over. So there is a big difference between what Glamour and Mastery can do. Edit ups missed 5. I'm not sure if the team did work it out more clear then my design what was:
  4. The adventure is called To the Fields! and its limited to people who have Botany as class but is named in the mod base "Botany Extra Credit Adventure" that why I call it like this above. There is a side entry to this adventure if you somehow gain the rare plant "Schwarzbart Weed" ^^ what then allow you to craft the wand with this adventure. (I.e. you can gain this weed with the adventure The Board Game )
  5. No the reason is the automatic updates from Steam and that changing the content could break old games started with DLC 17. Anyway lets hope the team now really can focus on year 2 so that we can see it during our livetimes
  6. Wow what interesting ideas of a other sphere. I like the idea the the memories of the dead and maybe their soul are absorbed by the plant live. That make me wonder if the bound we can do in year 1 is with one of the trees. Are there any info how high the yearly death rate of Schohanwicht is?
  7. Crafting the Negation Wand (can I.e. started with Botany Extra Credit) need you to have a specific item in your inventor to start and in later stages it will temporary store many items in your backpack that all are needed to continue. I think there other adventure as well the need you to have a specific item in the backpack that you gained in a earlier step of the same adventure.
  8. In my opinion crafting comes down to 2 problems that y1 have. Extrem limited stock in the shops even for common materials and to have the recipe for a item you have to own it first. The first point means you probably need to use 2-4 shop actions to even craft one item and for the next of the same type you have to find new shops. The second point means items for your own usage are useless and crafting to earn money is to time consuming for questionable gain as at last my characters usual have more money then they want to spend.
  9. I gave you the link to the forum thread above where the download link and additional instructions are. But here again:
  10. NO it just increase what you get thought over the year a bit. Geometry got the largest increase with 17 Steps over the year what is a increase by 30% compared to the original game. Other class got a increase by 7 or 8 Steps what probably is around 10% increase. Because we only can work with the data from version 1.0 to create mods all the newer Sub Skills are not possible for us to add and I also didn't want to change to much. On average you get thought 1 step per class time slot with my mod but natural its still random placed. So sometimes you get 1 step in all 3 class while at other class time slot there is nothing. (As mentioned during the 2 month of the exam class can't teach you anything)
  11. The worked with DLC 17 but I didn't got around to test them with the CP.
  12. First of all class give you skill steps not level but only once that skill step is enough to raise a full level you get a report. Then for the 2 month of the exams there no skills trained at all during class. The skills you get trained during the year in a class are all fixed in the data base but are random placed within +-3 class day around a fixed date. Over the year even if you not count the 2 months of the exam the skill gain from class slot is worse then train, that is why there if my class fix mod. (Be aware my mod only increase the skills you gain somewhat so that it at last can compare to train)
  13. I only remember the Reverse Engineer spell from Magical Appraisal 10 (Enchant) right now.
  14. There at last 2 spells that allows you to identify your own items but they also cost 1 timeslot. But I personal don't care because I somehow doubt that BCS really check all shop transactions of year 1 for illegal items sold as then they also have to look what shop it was where you sold it.
  15. The question is if year 2 not have this function already build in