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  1. I think that with certain Negation techniques integrated into a gate it actual could temporary shut down with negation spells as trigger, unless the negation spell used is much stronger then the one used creating this gate.
  2. for 1920x1080 its simply much better to read with the new version.
  3. Going Back to DLC 16 show clearly how big the UI improvement of DLC 17 is.
  4. You really should make a good end in year 2 and the later years, like handing out your Exam results in a school report with a mention what jobs you could take when your drop out now with this exam result. Maybe in a later year you also allow our chars to sign up for extra certifications in skills we didn't had class in.
  5. 1) Will the parent of a noble NPC student bring up that according to a astrology reading the love interest with our player don't work out? 2) Will our noble or even royal blood parent also order a astrology reading when our char develop a love interest?
  6. Sorry I only remember the event but not the name or requirement.
  7. @Metis Yes, if I remember right there is a RE where the professor play chess with a other student in the class room and a figure is right at your place.
  8. @Legate of MinetaThere is a improved version of the solo play in Peripheral Code 2
  9. 1) Is more or less nutritious a different ideal from large and small?
  10. 5) After this long ban of Mastery and Gate magic I doubt its easy to learn the necessary magic to detect or even protect against them. All material that you would need to study for this is either in restricted library or was destroyed. Not to mention that the people that practice now this kind of magic use probably different magic then a few hundred years back when the current ban was put in place.
  11. 1) How is the chance to get our hand on the CP before Christmas?
  12. 1) Are there different factions at work in Schohanwicht like in Academagia, maybe even more extrem?
  13. Sadly BCS is extreme slow with their sequels because many of the team are actual working for free during their free time from what I read. Academagia what was released 2010 is also still waiting for the sequel and the Legate told us that this will be the next project they will release. Only Victory Belles have its separate team the rest of the games are all worked by the same people and so having 3 different sequel (Academagia, Scheherazade and Holdfast) to make stretch their resources already extreme thin and it sound like they still have a other project they plan to put somewhere between. (Also at last one of the professional writer who was working on Scheherazade is no longer working for BCS if I remember it correct)
  14. Academagia had an very small update today at Steam (512 byte) do you know what was changed?
  15. Its already more difficult in year 2 to continue as a students outside the right College because the numerus clausus / join test is only for the students not in the right college