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  1. 3) Where are some of the well known "paths for constellations relating to the New Gods" located? 4) Will Hedi students make the tapestry in year 2 as the Hedi Common Room description say? (Sound like a forced event or adventure) 5) Will the House Eqaullette still work in year 2? I wonder because the tapestry in the Hedi Common Room sound like great research material.
  2. 1) Is there a well known pilgrim path that represent a star constellation?
  3. So there will be probably a new one and we should forget about the current modbase 4?
  4. Because I play current the pre Steam version I best report here because I think its probably a still unfixed bug even in the most up to date version: For Familiar Adventure Monkey 01 when I manage to success with the investigation the exit 1 don't show up as it is supposed. The Existence/Memory/Library Dance School=[Existence]Prerequisite, Existence/Character/Actors/Actors/Adventures/Familiar Adventure Monkey 01/563873 check in the mod base looks very strange to me.
  5. I hope BCS manage to at last get to the closed beta stage of year 2 till summer because I expect the Beta to take at last 5-6 month given how big year 2 must be compared to the small changes DLC 17 of year 1 brought to us.
  6. 1. Can the player already join one of the secret societies of magic users that are keeping phemes/spells hidden from the uninitiated in year 1?
  7. Are seminars already planed for year 2?
  8. Just some things: - Brew is supposed to be a class skill of Vernin in year 2 - Crafting is mostly uninteresting in year 1 because of the very limited stock in the shops and to know the recipe you already need to own the item in question before. - There is the adventure The Upset Stomach that unlock a library that train Negation, Brew and Natural Philosophy at the same time and so if you want to focus on brew taking Negation as class might be a bad idea. - Brew as crafting skill is even more uninteresting because each use of a potion, food and so on need a full time slot in year 1
  9. use the buy from us button
  10. In this tread we have some of our character posted. My own characters start here: (same thread)
  11. The problem with revision is general that it wear off after some time and so the potion might have to be used within a smaller time window then with normal components. There is also the problem with Pheme interaction if you use 2 or more magical modified ingredients. Hmmm that could be an event for next year potions, the player bought some cheap components that where actual changed with revision and so the player have to handle the chaos from the Pheme interaction that happen during brewing a potion.
  12. The Law skills have a good way to train your wit if you get civil law early.
  13. From what I know of the previous answer from the Legate its the combination of 10 relationship with Legate Orso Orsi and good exam result what make you a predestinated Mentor. But you have to decide to go this route and also hope that becoming a mentor not end up on the cutting table.
  14. Its current a small beta group that have access and you would have to ask the Legate to be invited.
  15. Looks like the last minute change of the empty Player Clique at game start brocken the clique. I managed to add Neta to my clique but I'm not informed about her and also didn't get her clique ability!
  16. The Academagia setting go the way that beside very few extrem talented only the very rich or noble can join the school. If the child of a noble or even the royal family (who is considered to have the blood of a god) get killed what do you think would happen to a school that in many cases not have the strongest mages current alive? At very last they would have to answer how and why this could happen.
  17. No that is also not possible because during the early Beta before Academagia got released they had over 50% drop outs during the year what would be bad for a game that is planed to go over 5 years.
  18. @FictionfanSorry but everything you want to have changed is hardcoded in the game and so can't be changed.
  19. I wonder if I manage to finish my DLC 16 game before the Beta go out ^^
  20. 7) What happen when 2 Glamour magus try to affect the dream of the same person at nearly the same time? Would it result in a mixed effect of both glamour, would the stronger glamour win or the first/last glamour win over the other?
  21. in my DLC 16 game I failed VR's Pop Quiz 01 but still success it in this on the same call what resulted that I can now call the adventure again. As we had different adventure with the same bug in DLC 17 where a failure at the 1st step allowed to do the adventure again despite it was already finished I think its still a bug in DLC 17 as well. (this report is mostly in case you can't fix this bug with a engine change and so have to add a extra first step to all bugged adventures)
  22. I think that with certain Negation techniques integrated into a gate it actual could temporary shut down with negation spells as trigger, unless the negation spell used is much stronger then the one used creating this gate.
  23. I current think about falling back to DLC 16 for a Morvidus and a Godina game to exploit the class skipping bug once again with the changed playstyle I have now . Now I wonder what the things are that I will missing from DLC 17 beside the new UI ^^. - The Adventure to unlock the Arithmetic, Geometry and Economy School (hmm yes that would be great to have especial with the extra time I have) - The Background for the Mastery Library (As I don't plan to go the Mastery path with this 2 college its not that big lost) - Some new Avila adventures (as I'm not play Avila this time they not really count) - The Arithmetic adventure even if only for the Arithmancy mentioned (Don't think I will take the Arithmetic class) - The adventure from the Elegant Service Background (only a nice to have adventure in my opinion, sorry for the author) - The Spy background adventure (urks never played it because this background can't be taken in combination with a must have one for me) - The Library Club (As I want to go into Calligraphy that is a good adventure but there is no real follow up in year 1 and it probably will bind to much time in year 2) - The all you can eat adventure and even more adventure (Yea if I could get it more regular its a great adventure as it give some nice locations and is done in one adventure call but only saw it 2x during beta and then never again) What else is added in DLC 17 that might be nice to have or even must to have?
  24. for 1920x1080 its simply much better to read with the new version.
  25. Going Back to DLC 16 show clearly how big the UI improvement of DLC 17 is.