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    Steam will stop support of XP and Vista

    Actual in my opinion is Autoupdate a extrem bad idea for everything outside of multiplayer games. The reason I think so is that forced updates (yes steam force the updates to you the next time you want to play) can destroy your current progress in a game if the developer is not extrem careful and it get even worse if someone mod a game. Stellaris is in my opinion one of the worst example how to not do it! They have change and even removed core functions of the game and still plan to change them even more resulting each time such a major change is pushed via update everyone using steam to complete lose all save no matter if its 10h, 100 h or even 1000h you played a single game. Edit Beside that there was already a game before Stellaris that removed parts of the game after it was sold for some time with them and put them in a DLC you have to pay extra for, thanks to Steam autoupdate this resulting that all who want to play the game es they where used before had to buy this DLC.
  2. Schwarzbart

    Steam will stop support of XP and Vista

    There other stores beside Steam so maybe for BCS it would be good to expand to 1 or 2 more stores for the games of BCS. I.e. Epic games opened recently a new store that don't sound to bad for Indi developer: https://kotaku.com/epics-new-pc-game-store-is-making-waves-even-without-a-1830945313 And there is also itch.io for Indi developer.
  3. I'm not good at giving names but I think this could be good Achievements for Academagica: (I original had this in a other posting but it probably would get lost there till the team come around to port Academagia Y1 for Steam) Long Letter You have read the letter from Gera (Introductory Letter) Friend of a 3th year A 3th year student count you among her best friends (Tutorial Adventure 20 success) Aranaz Student Finished a game as student in Aranaz Avila Student Finished a game as student in Avila Durand Student Finished a game as student in Durand Godina Student Finished a games as student in Godina Hedi Student Finished a game as student in Hedi Morvidus Student Finished a game as student in Morvidus Vernin Student Finished a game as student in Vernin Completionist You played a game with each College Student at 2 Schools You joined a other school beside Academagia to learn there also. Student at 3 Schools You still wonder how you managed to find the time to study at 2 other school beside your learning for Academagia Still at School? You did already know all you need by mid term for at last one class (Mid Term Exam Score 100+) Favorit Student Max your reputation with a professor Detention, Detention, Detention You spend a lot of time in detention (normal Detention + Special Detention + Ode to Pluiete Adventure) Bad Student Hall Session are boring as hell Unbelievable Bad Student You are among the few in Academagia's history who managed to get kicked from the Academy trough the first year Bully's 'friend' Become the enemy of our all favourite bully (Philippe Marchant -5) The Pranksters Favourite Become the enemy of a prankster (Rui da Casga -5) Headmaster Killer You defeated a former Legate of Academagia Broken Bond You broken the bond with your familiar (used Exchange Familiar or Gift of the Familiar) Outworldy Joined The Schohanwicht School Cog Spring Collector You collected both Battle Mace figures Games Of Academagia Collect items from at last 3 games in one play trough (Battle Mace, Wei-Qi and The Proving Ground) Violin Master As Master of Music you followed the path of the Maestinger (got Petrified Pinewood Piccolo and Master's Miniature Violin) Historian You discovered the truth about 2 important historic events and earned praise for that (The Dance of the Fools 10a Exit 1 & Dies Felicitatis 08 Exit 2 success) Book Writer You started to write your own book (used Write Travel Log)
  4. Schwarzbart

    Large Cliques

    use Gossip select one of your clique members in the first slot and check the relationship (s)he have with the 2nd slot
  5. Schwarzbart

    Large Cliques

    It actual comes down how good the relationship is between each clique members. As soon the relationship between 2 of the clique members get into the negative your clique start to break up. So you either you had used gossip a lot or was lucky so far. Beside that there some study and skill increases that also let relationship drop there also actions, abilities and spells that give temporary or permanent penalty to relationships. For year 2 its even planed that the relationships slowly drop toward 0.
  6. Schwarzbart

    Incantation Prodigy Bug?

    You also could use my Prodigy Incantation Fix mod
  7. Schwarzbart


    A other player reporting to have repeating crash, this time when using adventures. https://steamcommunity.com/app/533480/discussions/0/1742227264192888536/
  8. Schwarzbart


    @Rhialto unless something was changed in the forum only the one who uploaded the file to this forum can access it so you would need to use a external place if you want to make some file public.
  9. Schwarzbart

    The Academagia Gradebook (Year 1)

    although it would be a bit sad for the work you put into it but I hope that the Y1 import tool or Y2 it self provide a similar function like your gradebook.
  10. Schwarzbart

    Equipping Wrynt's Scale

    have you tried hand and the misc slot?
  11. Schwarzbart

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    I think stumbling on old info of element magic could be a interesting adventure with interesting follow up research. Something like elemental darkness could cover dampening and erasing other energies, something that is also possible with Negation magic, but also could cover leeching Health and Stamina. Researching it could improve Negation magic slightly but also add leeching Spells to the Negation Magic spells of the player / student.
  12. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) Do someone who build up a strong aura in one magic having problems to learn or cast magic from other schools of magic? Maybe even to the point where (s)he is unable to use some magic at all? 2) Are there problems with the aura when someone focus on 2 or more schools of magic beside that it probably take longer to build up the same strength of the aura then someone who focus on just 1 school of magic? 3) Is there something like opposite schools of magic? 4) Is there a magic college / school that teach magic based on a element theory instead of the schools of magic theory used by Academagia? 5) Any news on the quest block posted by freespace on the last page?
  13. Schwarzbart

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    Its my suspicion that people who change their familiar in year 1 and did all 4 related familiar quests could end with 2 familiar at the start of year 2 (beside that if the player had the rock as familiar it for sure come back)
  14. Schwarzbart

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    Yes my thought was that engine changes are updated direct to the game and the content via free DLC with a clear description. Especial if you add content that isn't needed for other DLC and don't have content fixes it would be great if the DLC added works like a mod so that you might have something like this: DLC 1 fixes & new content DLC 2 also contains DLC 1 DLC 3 Free Player suggested content DLC 4 also contains DLC 1 & 2 (maybe someone come up with something even better because this is still not optimal)
  15. Schwarzbart

    Academagia 50% off at steam!

    Steam Sale of Academagia Current Academagia is 50% off at Steam, although I have my doubts that someone looking at this forum still want to buy it, I still think I should share this info. Maybe the Legate (or someone else) can mention the time frame of this sale.
  16. Schwarzbart

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    For 2) The Legate already told us a while back that we can have more then just 1 familiar in year 2, but as always everything we got told about year 2 can still be changed before the game is be released.
  17. Schwarzbart

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    Thanks to the forced autoupdate of Steam when you start a game could you work with free DLC for the free content upgrades in year 2? I know that publish past versions via the Beta Version is a way that is taken by Paradox but it feels kind of wrong to me to force player who want to finish a game to activate the Beta Mod and select the version the where playing.
  18. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) So this means that the needed duration of magic that can change the Candidita of a creature no mater of animal, beast, human or dragon is depended on how long the natural span of live is? 1b) And for some "races" only enchanting can do this duration?
  19. Schwarzbart

    What Triggers are for Y2?

    Is it a previous college variable that is set to the previouse college the char was in but is empty or 0 when the char didn't change the college?
  20. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) So with Revision magic holding 1 year + a human superior race would be possible?! 2) Do this mean all children from people that already extended their live in some way become also long living?
  21. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) Are there animals or creatures that are known to be created by Revision experiments and that keep their changes for some generations now? 1b) If so can you name some example creatures?
  22. Schwarzbart

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    And there I thought Year 1 is still pre puberty, at last for the boys and many girls, and that is the reason why all romantic adventure was put behind a background.
  23. Schwarzbart

    A few in game questions

    1) Are people thinking of mercury as part of longevity potions or is it common knowledge for alchemist that it is poisonous, or maybe both?
  24. Schwarzbart

    New Skills for Y2?

    *final* means before it go out to any public closed testing or maybe even later?!
  25. Schwarzbart

    Idea Pool

    He created the Adventure but the Skill was actual created by the team. I think it was CremePudding who created Dispassion and to my knowledge it is the only Player created skill so far.