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  1. Ok after 1 more try I finally figured things out. Looks like the guide I read was simply outdated. As soon you build the Observatory the Feng Shui effects get much more clear but this wasn't mentioned in the guide at all.
  2. Now skill beyond lvl 10, high Attributes, lot of money or equipment, friends all that have their own benefit that carry over to Year 2. I just suspect that research done in Y1 also might have a strong effect in Y2. Also don't forget that some good Background choices in Y1 might show their drawback in Y2.
  3. Is Sapiento also responsible for the maps of Academia in Y2?
  4. You can move most of the furniture and workbenches but if you need them made from a different material because of the Feng Shui effect you have to make them new. Also Walls, Doors and Floor can only be destroyed and rebuild if you need a different layout or material. The problem for me right now is to find the right material and to know how you have to arrange things for the right Feng Shui effect. But maybe I'm just to stupid to understand it despite reading a guide 😵.
  5. Wow as soon you get the first Inner Discipline the game becomes complicated because you need to watch how you build your rooms and Inner Discipline no longer care for the normal work.
  6. current you need to sign up for a beta in Steam to get the English version but so far I didn't see any problems with this "beta". Also so far (~2-3h in the game) it really feels like towns in case someone beside the Legate and me knows this game ^^.
  7. Is it planed for later years that some NPC student reveal to the player that they learning secret or forbidden magic?
  8. Ohh so this was changed because some time in the past you told us that only imported chars will play the summer break while new chars direct start at the 1st school day like we did in the 1st year.
  9. I suspect that for the Y2 templates we still can say what the Char had as class in addition to the required core class for the college. For this class we probably would get high skill level (max 10) and the bonus coming from 10 in Study. Wondering if the Legate is allowed to say how far my guess is off. ^^
  10. I think the question should be how difficult will be the start with a new created Y2 character and not so much with a played Y1 char. Y1 chars have a to big strength scale from someone never skip class, never go to an adventure and mostly use train & rest to the uber chars some of us old players have done.
  11. Will we see more about the "ego" of the Venalicium and probably some other parts of Academagia in year 2?
  12. when I asked "Is there a public count how many Library are at the Academagia grounds? And if so how many of them can be visited with the right donation?" I got this nice answer: There was also a lot about the Venalicium in the recent answers that I also should save over here:
  13. Wow I just asked for numbers and you actual gave me a big list of names (and it even included the library I have added). I really hope we will see some of the mentioned library that are not in the game so far in year 2 then.
  14. Is there a public count how many Library are at the Academagia grounds? And if so how many of them can be visited with the right donation? Edit: Is librarian at a library for books about magic a job exclusive for people that know magic and if so what level of education is needed?
  15. Around how many man hours did BCS manage to put into the code part in the last 5 years?
  16. When the writing was done 5 years ago I wonder what hold off the release for the last 5 years. Maybe the Legate want to say something on this ^^
  17. Do former Academagia Students keep the bound with Venalicium? Also do Contus School similar strange library that can be visited while your a "student" there?
  18. https://hogwartslegacy.warnerbrosgames.com/ Upcoming Harry Patter open world game. But given that this should happening way before the time of Harry Potter the trailer looks way to close to what happened to him.
  19. https://www.wissenschaft.de/geschichte-archaeologie/wrack-des-deutschen-kreuzers-karlsruhe-entdeckt/ According to this German news Karlsruhe was found 13 sea mile away from the Norway coast. @Käpt'n Korky
  20. So there more or less regular stranger enter and leaving the Academagia Grounds for a library similar to the pirate that try to snake in during a Y1 adventure?
  21. Are there library that students of Academagia can use for free while most other people could also use them but must pay for the visit?
  22. No similar game but I think there is some interest in this news here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/09/12/dwarf-fortress-shows-off-its-new-ui-with-a-lunchtime-shrine/ Demonstration of the new UI for Dwarf Fortress
  23. the Initial release is what is important for now because any more delay because you want to pack in even more would be problematic as you can see in the steam forum and here
  24. Is BCS still staying to their announcement that in the release version of Y2 there will be no player generated content except for continues of player generated content from Y1?
  25. Is a difficult scaling planed for year 2? Just wondering because early events in Y1 could become quite discouraging.
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