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  1. I suspect Exchange Familiar only switch out the familiar for a different one, that means all ability you unlocked for the player during familiar adventure keep on the player! So the year 2 import need to handle the remove of this abilities or give the 1st familiar back to the player.
  2. Legate told us that Mr. Pebbles will return in year 2 when you exchanged him for a other familiar and I doubt this will end good for the player char especial if the adventures of him are also not done. But about the CoF I doubt it go away as you only change the familiar not any additional effects and the CoF is a additional effect (you also don't lose player ability you unlocked from the first familiar adventure)
  3. Don't forget that the X% Chance of Failure are rolled first then the X% Chance of Success and only at 3rd position you have the normal roll.
  4. The fix I done for this issue with my mod was only change the Incantation Methods increase with one for Incantation Theory as the engine have the limitation that you have to be informed on the skill before you can increase the max. This fix together with the needed text change took about 5 Minute of work and then many hours of waiting for the mod publishing. Maybe the team consider my mods as semi official content and that is the reason why they didn't fix it them self
  5. That is an interesting answer as it allows to add Relationship penalty or max reduction for this background then without much explanation what helps balancing the background in the next years.
  6. Edit: Updated description with the suggested changes from Rhialto Your parents or grandparents are immigrants from a country far to the east. You have eyes that people in Mineta and the Empire of Man may consider strange (5 random student -1) Although your parents never talk to you about the country they came from, they taught you some basic skills with a game called wei-qi that is unknown to the other children whom you played with. (+ 1 Properties of Arithmetic, +1 Strategy, +1 Logic) Your parents also trained you in some combat techniques that seem unknown to the Empire of Man.(+1 Fitness, +1 Acrobatics, +1 Wrestling, +1 Wrestling Max) ------- For year 2 summer break the parent would give the player a way to train "martial arts" in some way the game (mod tools) allows. This Heritage can be used in combination with other Heritage because as immigrants they could have settled at any region. I hope the negatives and higher number of positives are kind of balanced for a background. (For now this is planed as personal modding project but as always BCS can pick it up if they ever want to go back to year 1) I think such a background is nearly the only way to add a bit eastern Martial Arts "Magic" of the Wuxia novels to the game for the player. Edit 2: You find the download over here:
  7. You talking about this thread Freespace?
  8. My priority for backgrounds are: - get each attribute to 2 (maybe with the exception of Insight if I know I can get war to 2 in the first week) - get Wealthy, after all in year 2 the wealth of your parents limit how much money you get every other week. - Secret Background / Academy of Thei (or is it Thai?) if I want Gate / Mastery magic - Apprenticeship Page because level 10 Favor from Professor can give skill max increases (because with this background you can get skill max increases with 3-4 actions the skill max increases in other backgrounds are nice but no longer that great) The remaining rest go to flavor
  9. So they still didn't fix it? I suggest then that you use my mod that fix this issue. (it have also the advance that you get Contus Incantation School unlocked right from the start)
  10. Only tested if everything worked trough the character generation till the 1st day with this mod and it looked fine so I added it to my mini mods zip file.
  11. Added the Heritage: Esteri mod to the file
  12. All my mini mods are made with compatiblity in mind and should work with past and upcomming DLC's. There is also a very high chance that the save can imported to year 2 without the need of remaking this mods in year 2. Work Until You Drop The Ability of this name now also gives out a random School Survival SS and only cost 1 point stress instead of 2 Work Until You Drop was changed in DLC 16 so this mod was removed from the pack! Incantation School A New Background that pay your tuition for the Esteban Contu's School of Incantation at the game start. (Be warned this probably need to be recreated for year 2 bevore you can import a char using this mod) Known Bug: The "Exploits: Unhappy Parrents" Background only apears when you have selected both backgrounds and so you probably have to move away from the Family background and go back to see it. Old Familiar Spell A New Background that increase your Animal Handling SS and gives a Spell that boost the Atributes of your Familiar for 1 week at a time for a price. Class fix A Mod that hand out a few more skills to different class so on average you get 1 increase per class timeslot. The ODF is a table where you can see what skills you would get thought. Study Battles Study Battles now also give +1 to a random History SS. You can get this action from History: Famous Campaigners background. Heritage Make most Heritage Background to a flaw because of the long travel time you have that shorten your summer break and because you have no access to anything from Mineta (i.e. the Sphinx) trough the complete summer break in year 2. Update: 05.01.2015 Now also called Heritage in the mod selection. Prodigy Incantation Fix Replace the Incantation Methods increase with one for Incantation Theory so that the maximum increase works. added 16.09.2015 Mantle of Stars Mantle of Stars give +1 step to skill of choice, random Astrology and Danger Sense Bookworm New Background Aptitude: Bookworm that give +1 Int +1 step to Concentration, Decipher Handwriting and a random History skill. added 11.08.2016 Discoveries The Drunken New Background Discoveries: The Drunken that unlock Mineta Shipyards: Assembly Yard, Glamour Classroom: Professor's Podium and Professor Valentas Back Office but also gives you 2 Stress added 02.02.2017 Work Until You Drop Cheat Warning this is mod is not balanced and should be considered as Cheat. Changed the Background Prodigy: Curiosity to give 1 point instead of costing 1. Changed the Action Work Until You Drop to 1 Step to a School Survival SS of choice, 1 level to a Random Research SS, 1 Level to a Study of choice, 2 Random Research Topic increased by 1 each and 1 step increase with a random Professor, while still keep the cost of 2 Stress. added 16.08.2018 Heritage: Esteri add a new Background that make you a 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant from a Asian country. It give you Fitness, some skills and Wrestling max +1 at the cost of 5 Student liking you less. You can find the exact details in this thread: Download for all 11 mods in a small zip file: (89kb) 11 Mini Mods by Schwarzbart Extract into your Academagia - The Making of Mages/Mods directory In case you update a older version of my mods with a newer please clear the catch and the corresponding directory in GCC before starting a game with the new version. You can find the catch here: C:\ProgramData\Academagia for Windows 7 / 10 and C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Academagia for Windows XP The GCC sub directory can be found in the directory you put your mods in
  13. All ways around this issue feel kind of wrong also (why just males or why from specific college over others as excluding a college or student isn't possible in year 1) and so I think its better to accept that from time to time Miya don't like you so much then try for something else. (Beside I already finished with the publishing and unless there is a bug I won't publish the mod again because of the time this needs)
  14. Put the description changes to first posting and publish the mod now. If anyone want to try the untested mod after publishing is finished say so ^^ (Will take some hours) Although Miya is a Estera she can also by target by the Random Relationship -1 but that is a engine limitation.
  15. Thanks, "Heritage: Esteri" sound good
  16. Any news on this question: "Is there a common term for people of "Asian" heritage in the Academagia setting? (I ask because of my Heritage: Eastern background)" because I probably start to do my mod today or tomorrow
  17. 1) Is there a common term for people of "Asian" heritage in the Academagia setting? (I ask because of my Heritage: Eastern background) 2) Also is the Asian part of the world to the far east or in some different direction?
  18. Anyone already Played Six Ages? Is it good? Is it again without manual save? (from the screens it look like it is a evolved version of King of Dragon Pass)
  19. 1) What year do you think we really can do conversation with the other students when you suggest "you'd have to ask"? (Maybe at year 4 the number of student shrunk far enough that it might become a possibility but even then would the team add the answer to such questions ingame?)
  20. in the old per Steam Version we had this bug sometimes on reload while in a game and the way around it was to exit the game and continue after you restarted it.
  21. what you want to say is that a craftsman can use the scarps for some unique items but as soon you need to make 2 or more of the same the scarps just won't do it?
  22. Because the player used some Volauge scraps as new core for the wand of Ana I suspect it's difficult for it to complete lose its magical properties,
  23. Your right on this point I already had this thought (especial acrobatics isn't that easy to unlock especial compared to running)
  24. Haha your right it is supposed to be Running instead of Athletics, that happens when you not double check at the wikia and didn't play the game for some time ^^
  25. Thanks Rhialto