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  1. Also don't forget that the last battles against the dragons all happened at the wall so the people see no reason to protect their homes from the dragons.
  2. A wagon load of food to keep the dragon from eating you ^^
  3. For an uber player char it could be an interesting early end that (s)he become the new Legate even before finishing all 5 years. (I.e. because the current Legate died protecting the Academagia and the player is the important "chess piece" that saved the day)
  4. 1) Although it would be falling mostly into Negation but I wondering if it is planed that influencing other magic will be its own class someday?
  5. And there I thought its glamour that is focused on misdirection, also that the forbidden magic have developed some way like gate warping the space around them self/the object or that Mastery even can let their aura appear different. Anyway one more reason to learn Negation when dabbling in the forbidden arts ^^
  6. 1) Are there magic known that prevent the typical find spells and if so what school do they belong to?
  7. @Rhialtoand @Urthor although there will be no problem in year 1 for using gate magic and mastery but the Legate told us that one of the things the import tool of year 2 will checking is if and how many times you used forbidden magic.
  8. @Urthor Gate Magic is the school of other planes, summoning and connecting 2 places so that you or other people can move over big distances fast. If you really want to learn it with a character I suggest you take the secret background as it give you a adventure so that you gain access to a school teaching its skills. But keep in mind Gate magic, as well as Mastery, is current forbidden by the law and even knowing a single spell can end in live long imprisonment or dead if the wrong people learn about this. Also check out the Wikia if you just curious what you can learn in year 1 about gate magic
  9. 1) Was there ever a strong tendency to move the Academagia to a other place? 2) Was there ever a split of a bigger group of students/mages that left Academagia to form a new College? 2b) When was the last time such a split happened and what happened with this former students)
  10. Didn't you tell us some times back that registered Gate artefacts from pre ban times are still allowed to be used? Edit: (new Questions) 2) Can Students who stay in Mineta (or have the Secret Background) become research assistant for a Professor or Regent during the summer break and is this a possible favor at the start of year 2? 3) For students who don't have the big money at the end of year 1 would it possible to request a favor from a Professor / Regent to get a place for their library?
  11. 1) Is it planed that the player character study outside of Academagia for extended times in a later year i.e. because he is joining the archeological expedition of a professor or select his tutelage Professor for year 4 or 5 outside of the academy? 2) Is it planed that one or more Professor resign their job at Academagia (i.e. because the political direction of the College or the Academagia change) but students still are be able to pick them as their tutor for year 5? 3) Because of the "bad" direction of Godina's regent is it planed that it will be possible to select a former Regent as tutor for year 5 (especial when the char did a certain adventure in year 1) ?
  12. The poor top students they get suggested to become a personal assistant to the regent, sought by many clubs and maybe even visiting Schohanwitch .... can't we get am time turner like Hermione in year 2?
  13. 1) Are there Club Recruitments day(s) at the start of year 2? 2) Have the team already decided if clubs kick out members that show no interesst in joining their activities? 3) If clubs tend to kick out inactive members are there clubs that try to keep certain inactive member just because of their fame? 4) Can we leave a club (especial the one we joined trough year 1) during year 2?
  14. If I limit it just to what we have in year 1 I think its Revision for me although Calligraphy have the action I use the most in my last games its no magic. For year 2 this might change but that depend on many things like if crafting becomes interesting or how the other students behave.
  15. The change of the Sphynx from 4 steps to 3 steps could be one reason to play a even older version and the change of the locations from actual giving you SS increases to just passive buffs could be a other reason to go way back. But as someone who like to go trough the adventures its either DLC 16 (for people prefer the old UI or want the class skipping bug) or the last release.
  16. @Metis Isn't Ana Flavia ending up with a different wand depending on what ending you chose? I personal want to see what the amateurish change in the core of the wand will have as effect in year 2 ^^. Also I think it might even have a small impact who end up with the illegal dragon part as I think to remember the team have planed something where you can use it in year 2. The Legate also mentioned here that when we lose/sell the items we find in Schohanwitch we might be in trouble in year 2 what hint in my opinion that it might be important for year 2 what items you keep or sell.
  17. Not sure if a bug but Quick Advance and Quick Retreat are both duration Action according to the ModBase despite they sound like they are duel only ability. (I found them while looking trough the modbase so they could also not even in the game)
  18. Urks so you don't know if there is a good way to train calligraphy in the game, so I have to continue my search.
  19. 2) Are there Historical records about spells beside weather magic or creature summoning that did level a entire city with just 1 spell? 3) Could you give me a hit if there is a good way to train the Calligraphy sub skill beside taking the class in year 1? (I talking about a action, ability or spell that give at last 1 step toward a random Calligraphy SS beside one or more other SS)
  20. In year 1 you only gain ability, action, locations, lore etc. till skill level 11 (with 1 or 2 exceptions) past this just the number increase. Although the Legate mentioned that we will get the rewards for actual (sub)skill level past 11 with the import tool of year 2, I personal wouldn't bet on this. But if the import tool don't fix this then rushing your skills past 11 in year 1 would actual a very bad idea because your end worse then everyone else in year 2.
  21. 1) Are Willpower and Endurance one of the broader resists? 2) Can we expect some surprises with year 2 Calligraphy or is it mostly around the same ability just more durable, bigger and better?
  22. 1) Is year 2 allowing to resist control effects especial Create Formal Invitation? Although in year 1 the NPC student can't reach a high enough score because they don't use stress bonus this will change in year 2 because of the higher Calligraphy upper skill limit. 2) If year 2 have more contested roll to counter hostile effects what are the main skills for countering them?
  23. @Metis Your comment is only partial correct as some spells have multiple difficulty listed with the base effect having the lowest difficulty and with higher success you get better effects. For this spell the Pheme increase the difficulty for all effects but its enough to get the base effect to have the Pheme working.
  24. @Crimsonthe difficulty of the Pheme you add to a spell increase the difficulty of the spell you cast. So if you cast a spell that have a difficulty of 6 and you add 3 Pheme with each having a difficulty of 4 you have to roll vs 18 instead of just 6. keep in mind that the roll is Skill + random (1 to 2*Attribute) what means if you have a high attribute it take a while till the difficulty becomes black or even red.
  25. new skill cap will be around 21 but we need to unlock each single level past 10 via research, class or probably other ways.