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  1. 3rd letter home Dear parents, soon we will have the mid therm exams and I would be lying if I told that I’m not nervous about the exam. I hope I did judge the Professor right and learned the things they will test during the exams. Because I heard we are allowed to use our own wands during the practical exam I bought me a powerful one for Revision. To gain some practical training my friends and me helped testing a combat simulator created by some Godina students. I never expect that there is a student with superior understanding in Glamour magic in this college but the simulated combat was really to live like! There where still some odd reactions to the creative usage of my spells but otherwise it worked greatly the few times we tested it. Academagia was under attack by some masked persons during the last Saturday and after all the training fights I did recently I thought that I could be of help. Good that they all focused on the Professor instead of the few Student that also where helping as in retrospect I don’t think I would have survived any of their attacks. After the fight was won by us the Legate was looking for someone who is willing to deliver a message to a former student during The Least Feast. I was the only one willing to going and so during the morning of the Holiday I was instructed with the message I should deliver. I still can’t believe it! The Legate used a Gate-artifact to send me to the Forest of Broken Pines where the receiver is supposed to live. So the academy still have things that using the forbidden Gate Magic and even let a student using it! I was really lucky to direct meet with the group of the Duke of Broken Pines and managed to deliver the warning while they where on the run. Not much later we where attacked by people wearing the same masks and attire as the people attacking Academagia the day before! Although I managed to assist the group of the Duke a fireball suddenly coming from a flying beast I never saw before knocked me out. When I woke up I was transported by a Gryphon and about to land at Academagia I got even one of the feathers of it as a gift. After I was bandaged and received some other medical care I still could attend the banquet in the evening. During a walk to get my head free earlier this month I saw a mercenary group that use a horn, the music instrument, as their main weapon. Just by playing on their horn they easy could burst large rocks. Because I was curios about it I talked with their training officer. He even gave me some basic instruction how it works and then gave me a horn to test it my self. It was quite difficult but after the 2nd try there where cracks at the stone I targeted. The training officer complimented me that I’m a natural and allowed me to join their training as long they are staying in Mineta. I only could join their training for a few times before they had to move to their next assignment. Still I managed to burst a stone with a horn, that is my own now, during the last training afternoon I could join. I hope they don’t have any thought that I would join their group as a mercenary later, as even a commanding officer in such a mercenary group would below the station of someone of our family. Also I think the violin suit me better then the horn if I had to earn my living via music. Next week Tuesday will be my Revision exam, what is just 2 day away, so I will do some more learning and training for it today after I send this letter. Honor and long living to our family, Your son Michael
  2. So to study geas one also need some knowledge in Astrology beside Glamour?
  3. Who of the Regency is a former player character in the BCS RPG group?
  4. Sound like some kind of crafting was / is planed for this item. In Year 1 you first need to find a receipt, then all the materials and then you even need the right (sub) skill high enough to craft something new. With the limited stocks in the shops we have in Y1 crafting is sadly a uninteresting thing.
  5. Are the stories about the dragons point towards that there might be different races and if so where there some racial differences how they handled humans?
  6. Maybe if a race-family have wide differences it might be good to write the species more exact in the text. I.e. if someone write there where birds drinking from the sea many people would assume a flook of small flying birds or maybe some ducks and not a few ostrich.
  7. For me a wyvern was always something like a pterosaur with a poisonous tail and not such a wide variation of species. ^^
  8. Isn't the story from Broken Pines inconsistent with what get told in Student Adventure Beatrix vonWetgen?
  9. the first day in Y2 still have at last 1 full day with 4 timeslot at the Academagia? If so my current char would still have 1 time slot to find a place for his books or pack beside the 3 time slot he have to spend on turn in lvl 10 Favor from 3 Regent
  10. Wedding Adventure 08 Leadership Exit have "You two talk. &Player Name&, why don't you help me figure out what to do with this wagon?"
  11. Can Astrology used to give other Astrology user wrong info about one target? I.e. to prevent that the target in question will/has learn(ed) Mastery. Can Gate magic be used to trick Astrology in some way that the study of Gate magic of the target isn't easy revealed? (I kind of expect that Astrology also have ways to counter other Astrology magic in some way. But for Gate magic I have my difficulties how this could be done to protect students to easy reveal the secrets)
  12. Could creating a new species as Girars doing with your help in his adventure also consider a year 5 project for Morvidus? Do I remember it correct that for most Y2 start requirements , be it how your parents react to your skills or what class / college you can continue in next year if you didn't take it a class in y1, a skill level of 5 is the just bare passing grade? Will Y2 have special class beside the special tutorship from a Professor for overachiever, like they going into a Y3 class instead of a Y2 one?
  13. Would the team mind to share the items that we might lost at the start of Y2 because their duration is over? (Aka that don't get imported from a Y1 save)
  14. So what is the gossip about her hair that did spread around? (If you don't give us her answer then we just have to go with what the word of mouth is as our chars for sure have heard it!!!)
  15. I hope BCS find a better solution for Y2 then to hand out relationship rewards that would target the familiar to a random student.
  16. Is it planed to have a Minetan Swagger like skill for all the different home locations our player character could have?
  17. Just wondering shouldn't the focus of BCS right now not finally getting a version out that could be (test) played instead of add even more features like new Belle?
  18. Should I upload the uncorrupted Friday save as well or is the already uploaded Saturday file where the corruption started enough?
  19. Ok just found out Friday save is fine, not sure if the corruption started with the Saturday save or the save files got corrupted after I tried to load them. Good I have the save for each day of a full week or this 3 day of corruption before I even realized something is wrong could have mean the end of my game! Doing now the very same actions again didn't result in a corruption so far, somehow I suspect that something during the 5h I had the game running in the background before did going back was the issue for the corruption.
  20. No, the only special I used was a spell that temporary increase familiar skills. Edit: you also need my mods for lading this game. Forgot to mention that. Edit 2: also complete uninstall, remove of the Academagia folder, GCC & CatchV3 did give me the same corruption after install the game in a different directory. Edit 3: If you can confirm that any of the 3 save are uncorrupted to you I will try get them over to my Laptop and try there ^^
  21. Sunday & Monday save reloading the Monday save the game did become corrupted but after it got corrupted even deleting GCC & CatchV3 don't help The Log don't show anything that looks problematic to me [Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:06:01.4865802+02:00] - [Info] - [ 936073360 ] [Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:06:02.7074042+02:00] - [Info] - [= 934691288 ] [Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:21:07.7851652+02:00] - [Info] - [ 938756400 ] [Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:23:12.3976725+02:00] - [Info] - [ 1040204456 ] [Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:28:59.4203016+02:00] - [Info] - [ 1078346632 ] [Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:36:21.336082+02:00] - [Info] - [ 909373816 ] [Academagia] - [2021-04-07T12:45:15.7781458+02:00] - [Info] - [ 921222896 ] link for Saturday as well Is Academagia, Steam or Windows 10 hosting a other catch for Academagia beside the GCC and CatchV3?
  22. How can the rabbit familiar handle glamour and incantation magic you teach him without a wand or other casting assistance device? (Familiar Bound Adventure Rabbit 00 & 01)
  23. (Looks like the question I have in my last posting got overlooked so here again) What happens when the mage draw a different Palette while a spell like Material Shaping is still active? And how many such effects can a Palette handle?
  24. Wow, so it actual work quite different then I imagined! It also brings the question how many such effects a Palette can handle and what happens when the mage draw a different Palette while a spell like Material Shaping is still active. Good that I have written in my story about Michael that he used a modified version of the Material Shaping spell ^^. (Probably modified to one target only and reduced time but with stronger effect on the target and Cleanse and Rework as reason why he could come up with that)
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