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  1. Will we see more about the "ego" of the Venalicium and probably some other parts of Academagia in year 2?
  2. when I asked "Is there a public count how many Library are at the Academagia grounds? And if so how many of them can be visited with the right donation?" I got this nice answer: There was also a lot about the Venalicium in the recent answers that I also should save over here:
  3. Wow I just asked for numbers and you actual gave me a big list of names (and it even included the library I have added). I really hope we will see some of the mentioned library that are not in the game so far in year 2 then.
  4. Is there a public count how many Library are at the Academagia grounds? And if so how many of them can be visited with the right donation? Edit: Is librarian at a library for books about magic a job exclusive for people that know magic and if so what level of education is needed?
  5. Around how many man hours did BCS manage to put into the code part in the last 5 years?
  6. When the writing was done 5 years ago I wonder what hold off the release for the last 5 years. Maybe the Legate want to say something on this ^^
  7. Do former Academagia Students keep the bound with Venalicium? Also do Contus School similar strange library that can be visited while your a "student" there?
  8. https://hogwartslegacy.warnerbrosgames.com/ Upcoming Harry Patter open world game. But given that this should happening way before the time of Harry Potter the trailer looks way to close to what happened to him.
  9. https://www.wissenschaft.de/geschichte-archaeologie/wrack-des-deutschen-kreuzers-karlsruhe-entdeckt/ According to this German news Karlsruhe was found 13 sea mile away from the Norway coast. @Käpt'n Korky
  10. So there more or less regular stranger enter and leaving the Academagia Grounds for a library similar to the pirate that try to snake in during a Y1 adventure?
  11. Are there library that students of Academagia can use for free while most other people could also use them but must pay for the visit?
  12. No similar game but I think there is some interest in this news here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/09/12/dwarf-fortress-shows-off-its-new-ui-with-a-lunchtime-shrine/ Demonstration of the new UI for Dwarf Fortress
  13. the Initial release is what is important for now because any more delay because you want to pack in even more would be problematic as you can see in the steam forum and here
  14. Is BCS still staying to their announcement that in the release version of Y2 there will be no player generated content except for continues of player generated content from Y1?
  15. Is a difficult scaling planed for year 2? Just wondering because early events in Y1 could become quite discouraging.
  16. So for walking disabled the usual method to move around are small cart because they usual not had the money to pay for Revision healing to restore their legs when they got somehow disabled?
  17. In short you reloaded a looot to get good results on favors and action / ability that random give attributes + adventures.
  18. Schwarzbart


    To be blunt there is never a good reason to steal entertainment as they all come down to greed! If your stupid and going public about stealing things then you only make it awkward for the people reading your imagined reasons and dangerous for your self! All your other talk in the forum became worthless the moment you started to talk about stealing the game! Even worse you devalued any good criticism you might have here about the game for other with your talk about stealing. Beside that in my experience when people try to justify why they stealing a digital good they are always going trough with the deed when someone try to counter their reason.
  19. Schwarzbart


    @Vouru If you don't like it that there isn't a continue then just don't play the game! But public try to justify stealing a big bundle of "chose your own adventure" short stories, where the developer have put in thousends of man hours work into it, is just plain wrong! If entertainment have a value of 0 to you then steal it, even if there is other entertainment out there that you actual could get for free without stealing. But as you correct saying there countless other entertainment out there that 1 live time isn't enough to get trough them and that make me wonder why you bother at all with a game you say you don't like!!!!
  20. Schwarzbart


    I just wonder how you ever could read books or watch tv movies as near all of them have some part of the story unfinished so they can make a follow up while it is unsure if this follow up will ever be released. Currently I read a story about a magic school where even the 1st year is split over 7 books (each costing US-$8 as e-book). Compare to this 7 books your character in Academagia can live trough a lot more if you focus on Adventures so over all the price of Academagia is a steal. Sure some of the Story don't have a real end but for each adventure chain you can reach some kind of ending in Y1and although it is uncommon, it is sure not unheard of that students leave the school after the 1st year.
  21. there 2 reasons to it in my opinion: 1) Revision is about the most useful magic in Y1 2) You most likely be in the positive with 2 of the most annoying characters in the game.
  22. I don't remember what this adventure is about anymore but there some newer adventure that you can't do after you into the game for some month or that you can't do once you have a certain skill at > 0.
  23. Where can a young student get the authorization to visit the Vernin, Avila or Imperial Palace collection?
  24. Does Academagia or Mineta have a museum / exhibition about unusual products of artificer?
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