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  1. To be blunt there is never a good reason to steal entertainment as they all come down to greed! If your stupid and  going public about stealing things then you only make it awkward for the people reading your imagined reasons and dangerous for your self! All your other talk in the forum became worthless the moment you started to talk about stealing the game! Even worse you devalued any good criticism you might have here about the game for other with your talk about stealing.

    Beside that in my experience when people try to justify why they stealing a digital good they are always going trough with the deed when someone try to counter their reason.

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  2. @Vouru If you don't like it that there isn't a continue then just don't play the game! But public try to justify stealing a big bundle of "chose your own adventure" short stories, where the developer have put in thousends of man hours work into it,  is just plain wrong! If entertainment have a value of 0 to you then steal it, even if there is other entertainment out there that you actual could get for free without stealing. But as you correct saying there countless other entertainment out there that 1 live time isn't enough to get trough them and that make me wonder why you bother at all with a game you say you don't like!!!!

  3. I just wonder how you ever could read books or watch tv movies as near all of them have some part of the story unfinished so they can make a follow up while it is unsure if this follow up will ever be released.

    Currently I read a story about a magic school where even the 1st year is split over 7 books (each costing US-$8 as e-book). Compare to this 7 books your character in Academagia can live trough a lot more if you focus on Adventures so over all the price of Academagia is a steal. Sure some of the Story don't have a real end but  for each adventure chain you can reach some kind of ending in Y1and although it is uncommon, it is sure not unheard of that students leave the school after the 1st year.

  4. Somehow I think that Necromancy would be the most interesting power-source here ;) The clockwork would conceal the working undead and the undead could even work at the steam engines. (Beside that we current have interesting locations for Gate & Mastery but not for the also forbidden art of Necromancy )

  5. On 8/7/2020 at 4:33 PM, Legate of Mineta said:


    "Clockworks, automata and spectacularly gear-based systems are more common in the north (particularly the Vilocian-speaking north) and in exotic parts of the Saisyne sphere than in Mineta - but you do have strange machines (albeit often powered by enchantment as well as fire and expanding gasses) around the docks and in certain merchant compounds.

    The most famous is the Palazzo degli Armeggi, a compound on the eastern side of the docks with a clock tower that tracks both commercial time (as strict accounting of hours and minutes is still sometimes known) and astrological phases and cycles.  The building complex is actually primarily a warehouse system, and has an elaborate system of pulleys, rails and self-propelled carts to deliver things and people to where they need to be.

    It's a wonder, and it does attract and welcome curious visitors, but it's also seen as something of a folly by most of the Minetan citizenry - a lot of trouble to go to just for someone to demonstrate they're so rich they don't even need magic or servants."

    How is the Palazzo degli Armeggi powered? Clockwork is only good for energy storage and transfer while steam engine need people to keep the fire burning what runs counter to "don't even need magic or servants".

  6. When it  comes to the supernatural then Chinese writer are quite different to the European one. 

    This already start with what the traditional focus of the Alchemy was, in European history the focus was to make gold while in Chinese history it was to find a way to extend the live. 

    While the European story more and more dropped the Alchemy part toward what we today understand as magic that use some kind of external energy source, rarely internal energy source, that is canalized trough words and gestures into supernatural effects.

    In Chinese story alchemy still stay strong and there 2 different versions of alchemy the internal and external one. The external alchemy makes lasting changes trough using different materials together. The internal alchemy, something we see in many cultivation story of the Chinese today, is how external materials make lasting change in the body, mind or soul (for lack of better word here) of a person so that they can do supernatural effects that go beyond what a normal person can do.

    Beside @Rhialto did you forget to put the link to the blog you talking about in your posting?

    (The reason I talk about European and not Western story are the superhero stories that mostly came from America where the initial change that make someone superpowered is more in line with the Chinese internal alchemy)

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