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  1. 1 hour ago, Legate of Mineta said:


    "Yes.  It didn't rise to the level of scandal, but it was the subject of her first (of many) heated conversation with von Rupprecht."

    It is kind of sad that such info isn't transmitted to the player when creating a character. I.e. I had not to few character that only have Enchant or Calligraphy as "magic" class skills.

    Would student who can craft magic item by the end of year 1 also stopped to move on to year 2 if they  can't demonstrate a normal spell?

  2. but if you focus exclusive on familiar I don't think you can stay long in Academagia, even if your a Morvidus student. You might manage to get past year 2 with be great in handling your familiar and some non / not so magical subjects but I doubt they let you pass year 3.

    Hmm wait Aranaz have with history a pure non magic main subject now ... that make me wonder if there was someone already who managed to go through 4 or 5 years who can't handle the Palette - Pheme casting? (don't think it possible for the player as each skill have spells and pheme in Y1)

  3. 50 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


    ""Machines" in the sense of complex clockworks or automata, no.  Or at least they're not publicly known.

    Airships and the like, though?  There have been a few, and most of them haven't been healthy for their pilots in the long run - and they're extremely likely to end up haunted, as it happens.  That said, it's not illegal, any more than enchanted rings that respond to their wearers' wishes are illegal.  It's just one of those grey areas of enchantment magic that doesn't get heavily policed since consent seems inherent in basic function."

    let me guess there also some human piloted golem that use this method of control?

  4. We forum reader still need to remind us that there is still a lot of time before the release of a Y2 where even already announced things could be kicked out of the game again because they are no fun or not important enough for the still needed development time. (Like Alchemy was dropped pretty late from the Y1 development)

  5. ohh so the game use a uncompiled db? I found it actual a good idea to have to "compile" the db before it can use in the game not to bad although it took quite the time to do so. By going with a different db format between edit and use for the game one can use one optimized for edit and search while the other for fast execution and reduced space use.

  6. 3 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:

    Fortunately, at least this topic won't be on the table any longer before the end of this year. Probably it will exist instead about: 'where is Iowa?' instead. :)

    Unusual for you to give such a clear timeframe for a release, even if it is probably just a public beta or something.

  7. A bit mean question: Is the person that said we have to roll up the development and get to a release for Acdemagia and Scheherazade still working for BCS? I somehow have the feeling BCS is missing such a person now as there is always something the developer say they need to improve for a big game.

  8. From my understanding BCS plan to release Victory Belles next and with luck it might be this year, what means it would be "only" 3 years + some month late.

    Although the Legate said VB and Academagia have different teams working on it, I doubt it by now! That why I think Academagia, that is supposed to be released before BCS start to work on Scheherazade, will be earliest 1 year after the VB release.

    That brings us to Scheherazade there is no status change at all after your last question because the team not even started to work on it. I even wonder if our grand children will see the completion of any of this series given how slow BCS brining out new games, even if they somehow manage to limit them self just to the 3 Games and drop things like Holdfast.

    (If I be mean I would say BCS have the huge problem that they not find the point when to stop to add new things, and that extend the development till the point where the base engine got to old so they have to replace it ...)

  9. 1) Will a later year have penalty for the player for wearing outfit  of the wrong colour or pattern? (like wearing a magic item that have a design or colour only noble are allowed to wear)

    1b) If so can this mitigated trough magic? (I.e. Glamour and Revision that change the colour / pattern)

  10. Would it possible that a Gate magus trick other that a summoned ghost or other creature is his / her familiar and so is allowed to have it by his/ her side?

    (I don't have any story idea on this my self but this could be lead to an interesting NPC student or at later year allow a player who sacrificed the familiar to pretend to have a familiar while using i.e. a Library Ghost)

  11. Is it common that depend on the route the goods of a freight loan the protection of the goods with mercenary is required to get the freight loan? Maybe even down to what mercenary group need to hired or how many of what type of mercenary?

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