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  1. Played trough Crytalline and they had a great idea in there that could be ported to Academagia (maybe its even something that happened with the Gate magic) I put it in spoiler in case someone want to play this VN
  2. For people that love VN with a male main character at a academy setting that also have a romance with different girls going ACE Academy might be worth a look. Sure its not really a similar game but the story kept me going to play this game in 1 day (Steam say I had it running for ~10h when I was done with the 1st playthrough). Downside is that the game use a timer to force a fast answer at some points, especial during the combat. Lucky you just can scroll back or load a previous save to undo a bad choice. I only did the Yuuna route so far and with the different female character other routes are possible so there might be a replay value,
  3. A other 10 month have gone and still no news about the app or Holdfast 2?
  4. Yes I talking of the Exil what is in the view of the Dragons a Banishment of the rebelling humans. So please Legate answer to my 2 questions.
  5. Actual there is the way that for Year 2 character the team add a background that give one or more interesting adventure related magic items at random. Edit: But the Legate already told us that items are usually not necessary for adventure and event follow ups instead they might be helpful for them if I remember right.
  6. 1) How long ago was the Banishment again? 2) Are there many recorded history about lands that did fall down and if so is it more in common recently? No magic works for ever as far we know and the Banishment is some kind of magic! Resulting from this my guess is that the increasing chaos factor of the gate magic is actual the first indicator that the whole Banishment magic start to weaken.
  7. 1) Are other magic pillar beside gate magic have some magic that are known to have random side effects? (Astrology maybe?)
  8. @Legate of Mineta I suspect your game must be long past the usual 20 lvl, are you using any official / semiofficial rules for the level past 20?
  9. I suspect if they write something like this its probably a D&D / D20 / Pathfinder product. Reason is because the idea started as a (A?)D&D game and with the popularity of the D20 systems they might have a bigger target audience then with a pure Academagia world book. Also I agree e-book with or without a print on demand option would probably the best. Still I think the extra work needed for such a book would do no good for the overall development of Academagia even if they could make money with this idea.
  10. If you ever consider a paid DLC for year 1 I think adding 1 month or longer time pre Academagia time can be the way to go. Depending on your background choice you either spend the time in one of the pre schools or in Mineta. I think because of the pre school it could be a development for the summer school that is supposed to make it appearance in year 3. Because your supposed to have no contact with your professor, the other student and such there quite some things that have to be locked in this pre Academagia phase and resulting from this it might be to much work.
  11. Isn't "The New Girl" adventure (Not Even a Mouse) give you a lot of punishment by Von Rupprecht if you use the wrong default exit at step 4?
  12. From year 1 to year 2 there is no dropout and end of year 2 is probably even unsure till year 3 is out. After all there still such thing as summer class, Parent, Regent or Legate decision that can overrule exam results.
  13. And here I hoped you might give some hint as year 2 is still so far away.
  14. 1) Although we probably see it in year 2 but playing trough Chinese Parents make me wonder how extrem is the pressure the parents build up for their children to get good grades? 2) Are some hits with a stick still an accepted punishment for children that not behave as expected (i.e. because their grades are to bad)?
  15. Although for the game "Chinese Parents" the game Plus where you play the child of your previous Character is great (currently playing my 4th generation there) , I suspect for Academagia it is an unreasonable idea. First of all Academagia will be split over probably 5 games what means year 5 need to make a export file that then can be load with year 1 what is for sure no easy thing. Then is the question if in 20 year + we still can play year 1 on the device we then will play year 5. Lastly there is probably the issue of the way to long play time to get one char from year 1 all the way to year 5 and then start the same thing over for the second generation.
  16. Given how long it takes to develop year 2 it might be a good idea for a later year to change the timeframe from daily X slots to weekly X slots, maybe even doing 2 years together into one game. I also think it might be a good move to reduce the number of timeslots you have per year if we look at the full planed 5 years. If we look at year 1 on its own the length is good, some might even think it is to short! But if we add year 2 as well that supposed to have 34-50% more timeslot it suddenly becomes a very slow game to play if you really want to go from day 1 with a new student.
  17. I played 中国式家长/Chinese Parents for a few hours now and its really interesting, kind of remind me on Kudos 2 but it can handle way larger screen resolution. It is also currently at a -33% sale at Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/736190/__Chinese_Parents/
  18. So far I don't get warm with the hunting for food of this game.
  19. think there 1 or 2 more exotic familiar where because the adventure start at the intro it can't be done when you get the familiar later in the game. (To lazy to look in the mod tools right now who they are)
  20. you are aware that you can get a exotic familiar ingame once you reach zoology 11?
  21. Then Y5 will for sure break this record if this count, as Y5 was also more or less announced with the release of year 1 and the info that it is supposed to be 5 years.
  22. It might be just me, but after over 2 years of silence there could be something about Academagia again over at your twitter. (hopeful something about year 2 or a fix to year 1 )
  23. for BMT you can either ask the Legate to resend you a download link or try http://download.bmtmicro.com/ if you still have your e-mail If all you still have is the e-mail address where you bought your game you still can ask the Legate for help, some years back the people at Positech Games managed to help me with just the knowledge of the e-mail where I bought a game from them. But sure if you no longer owner of the e-mail you once used to buy the game and also no longer have a own backup of the game then your out of luck but if you i.e. no longer own the e-mail address you used at steam you earlier or later will lose all games you have there (at latest when you use a different PC).
  24. There where other shops in the past Impulse … after take over by Gamestop they stopped to sell Academagia Beamdog but they no longer sell products beside their own GamersGate BCS removed the game from there once they managed the Steam release (probably because the store is by today mostly only a key reseller for Steam) There was also a Cloud Gaming Platform where you could buy or rent the game but that is also closed by now According to the Legate they also tried to get on GOG but got refused From my understanding there only 3 shop beside Steam, GOG and BMT that could be interesting for BCS - The Ubisoft Store: but I'm not sure they should try this store out before their next release as this store also try to start a game abo program and might give away games like Academagia for free (yes that means BCS would get nothing at all from this for free sales) - Humble Bundle (Although most of the games they sell there are also just keys for Steam) - itchio indie game store that take everyone … I mean really everyone resulting even the best games get drowned there and its actual a lot worse then having a store like BMT on your own webpage. Despite all the hate Steam is the platform with the most potential customer and offer a lot of service for the developer and gamer, combined with BTM that sell a complete DRM free version every taste for a shop should be covered from a buyer perspective.
  25. 1) With the history focus of Aranaz is it one of the possible topics for the last year project to research why a pillar did fall out of favor and what it still can offer for a modern mage? 2) Although it is typical for Vernin to craft an object for the last year is it also accepted to put up an paper with research of a specific enchanting / artifice method , even if it is from pillar that no longer is in use? 3) Is the project for the last year chosen freely by the student or is the mentoring mage select it for the student? 4) Because Pheme are one of the important part in modern magic, where there last year projects that focus on a specific / or group of similar pheme in the past and if so in what college(s)?
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