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  1. The Magical Diary also play in the modern time if I'm not mistaken where education of the children is common and not just a thing for the rich.
  2. In a "real" school of magic I personal would offer in the 1st year no actual choices! Instead I would teach the basics and prepare the children, and in the background the parents, to make their choice of magic topics they want to learn from the second year and on. Especial in an setting where past education is sparse you also need to teach read & write, as well as mathematics before you go any deeper in the magic arts. For Magical Diary: Wolf Hall I will wait for the release before I spend money on it even with Hanako have a high credit with me I don't trust KS any more. (KS especial take way to much money for not helping the backer at all after the project is founded although that its absolut necessary when you sell products that are nothing more then promises at the time of selling.)
  3. yes its sure annoying but at last give Toast a way to continue his game without waiting for a patch.
  4. Isn't this save bug from toast now the one that can get past when you start a new game and load your old game from there?
  5. A other small tip for The Scroll of Taiwu: In city build mode keep in mind that some of the advance building need to be placed next to your training hall or next to a production building. (Check out at your character under art the second screen the yellow house like icons you see when scrolling in)
  6. Note for the editor: step 1-3 could actual easy merged into a single step using some investigations. Because everything happen at a single evening I will add take a break at the places where go to step X isn't direct continue onwards. Step 3 The Place of the Casting As you move forward the place where this strong magic cis coming from slowly get into sight. Four person are standing around a circle and one more is standing on the side. Only half of the people around the circle having their faces in your direction and both are wearing white masks with a crude sad face on it and all 4 of them wearing typical outfit for mages. The person to on the side is wearing a full set of chainmail armor and wielding a large maul. Although you doubt your senses at first but it looks like the 4 people doing some kind of summoning, but its no incantation one! From the pheme they are using and your feeling about this magic it must be the forbidden gate magic! Between the casting all 4 mages repeat call "Gevatter Tot". 1) Investigation Vilocian: "Gevatter Tot" what is the meaning of this 2 words? roll Vilocian vs 11 Failure: You're not be able to make head or tail of this 2 words, your not even sure if it is Vilocian at all! Success: Tot means dead and Vater means father but you have no clue how this Ge- change the meaning of the word Vater. Anyway it must be something like father dead they are try to summon. Note for the Editor: The actual translation means godfather dead / grim reaper. But in my opinion that should be to uncommon knowledge in the Academagia setting that a year 2 Vilocian specialist might know about this. 2) Watch some more You decided to stay and watch some more Curiosity +1 (Go to step 4) 3) Inform some guards about this Requirement: not in Mineta This is bad they are using some strong gate magic so better get some town guards and let them handle this mess! Right now your probably not even allowed to use your own magic beside that it probably to weak to handle to power of 4 mages! After some time you found a guard but it took even more time till the guard believed your story but then he brought you to his higher up where you have to tell the story once again who in turn decided to bring you to the next higher up where you have to tell everything again. To make things short, till the guards gathered their forces the ritual was long over and all that was left where the markings of the summon circle and the marks of an intense battle that must have happening after you left. not sure about the skills in year 2 so I leave the reward to the editor (Adventure ends) 3a) Inform a Professor Requirement: in Mineta … (To late again) 4) Continue your trip home …
  7. You have to select only one because the newer one contain everything of the old one + new content + fixes, the old one is just there to continue past games. I think Summer's Blush is the new one but not 100% sure my self right now. In Windows 7 & 10 the log is at the hidden folder ProgramData > Academagia and is called Academagia.log Have a look at the 1st posting of the link below for other troubleshoot help
  8. The fan translation linked above is far from perfect and for some things the UI probably have to give more place or a mouse over. But with some thinking and experimenting its playable now in English. I started before the last fixes and actual the tutorial is where the fan translation was (is?) most lacking. One important thing I had to find out my self was that the game only save right at the change of the month and that is the only save you have.
  9. started to play The Scroll of Taiwu and its a great combination of RPG with city builder game as far I can say after 4 ingame years. Its except for the combat and 1 other mini game complete turn-based. (might be that there more mini games hidden that I just didn't see so far) Sadly this natural put a stop on my adventure writing -.-'
  10. @Toast For a short time there was a wrong DLC delivered with the game at Steam, but that is a long time ago already. Only for games started with this DLC there could be the problem I mentioned as the used DLC would be no where to get anymore but the game would need the right DLC to reconstruct the temporary files. Legate I really hope once Year 2 is out the team mange to find the time to fix this save game error and the adventure CTD error for Year 1.
  11. Anyways thanks for the fixes I hope I put them all in. Next time it would be great if you can somehow highlight the changes as I also want to learn from it and not just blind copy and past them in. I also made some changes at the next-to-last sentence of step 1 main text and the exits of step 2.
  12. didn't we already learn from you that also humans can have auras right from the birth depending how strong they where in the parents? Also there some people that offer the service to change the aura of an unborn, although they mostly charlatan.
  13. in this case I still think curiosity is the roll because its your curiosity that need to bring the drive to check out what is going on, no matter how much courage you have if your not curious enough you never would go to a place just because it show something that might be interesting. Beside that at this point I would put the courage roll at most at 5 but the curiosity roll I placed is at 8. Maybe I just rewrite the failure exit.
  14. Step 2 Going Home On your way home you suddenly spot traces of some strong magic. The place where this magic is going on is still out of sight and you would have to take a detour, but still - what is going on that that you can feel this magic so long before you even see it? 1) Curiosity Check it out, maybe you can learn something Curiosity vs 8 Failure: So what? There is some strong magic but at last today you don't care! Who knows what risk it brings to get close to the source of such strong magic. After a brief consideration you decided you just go home and ignore the whole mater. The rest of your walk home was eventless. Adventure ends, no extra reward. Success: When you move close it get clear that some extrem strong magic is at work that is way over what you could do currently. Go to step 3 2) Go Home Your not a hero or a curious cat, at last not today. So you decided to move onward on your way home. The rest of your walk home was eventless. Adventure ends, no extra reward. Edit 03.01.19: Added the suggested fixes from Rhialto and some changes to the exit texts.
  15. Work in Progress, if you find some mistakes please mention them. Requirement: 12 Pim, Evening Timeslot, Self-Playing WeiQi Board Step 1 WeiQi evening This evening you decided to play some games with your WeiQi board, so you headed out to a tavern with cheap but good food and drink. After ordering and paying for your food and drink, you started to play against your board. Because you recently won more then losing, you decided to reduce the handicap stones today. Nearly forgetting about your food and drink, you focus on the games. Still, luck is not with you today,with all 3 games being defeats for you. During the last game it was especial frustrating because the waiter told you that its late and that you should finish when it looked like you had a favorable position - but then you made a mistake because you wanted to finish the game fast. Anyways, time to get home. 1) Go home On your way back you decided to go the scenic route -12 Pim, + 1 lvl Logic Max, +1 Stress (go to step 2) <Info for the Editor: Because I expect that by the time the player get to this adventure a normal skill increase of the 3 skills the weiqi board gives are no longer of use I placed a Max increase in step 1 with some minor downsides. I try to write the adventure that it can be taken both in the Summer break and when back at Academagia. If by some miracle this adventure is placed into year 1 the max increase natural go overboard so I suggest to replace the Logic Max increase and the Stress increase with a Arithmetic sub skill increase in this case> Edit 03.01.19: fixes suggested by Rhialto and a small addition to the next-to-last sentence
  16. 1) Is there something within year 1 / early year 2 that might win a competition on its own beside the self-playing weiqi board? (beside Legate you have a private message)
  17. Edit: I tried to link the 2nd song of this playlist but no matter what I did I only managed to link the list with position on the 1st song.
  18. for one of the adventures I have written I did put together some random letter that it sound like it could be a name but when I searched for it it turned out to be a real name 😅
  19. 1) Are there stories of mage or user of a item that drained the memories of fresh deceased?
  20. There is a translation at "over 90%" for The Scroll of Taiwu over at Discord. https://discord.gg/nMSzuxa (Permanent invite to this discord)
  21. I personal stopped with the writing of the student I planed for Y2 because there is to less info around how students should look at the start of year 2 and how the adventures for Y2 should be different then the one for Y1.
  22. 1) Will the plant creature created by Girars de Periarde and the Player can have offspring or will it stay a unique creature where it gives no second one? (I ask because of the difficulty to change the Candidita and my doubts year 1 can handle this) 2) Who have the official right to produce Pims?
  23. I put the questions in front of each answer (except for New 9 & 10) for easier read.
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