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  1. 1) Will a later year have penalty for the player for wearing outfit of the wrong colour or pattern? (like wearing a magic item that have a design or colour only noble are allowed to wear) 1b) If so can this mitigated trough magic? (I.e. Glamour and Revision that change the colour / pattern)
  2. Would it possible that a Gate magus trick other that a summoned ghost or other creature is his / her familiar and so is allowed to have it by his/ her side? (I don't have any story idea on this my self but this could be lead to an interesting NPC student or at later year allow a player who sacrificed the familiar to pretend to have a familiar while using i.e. a Library Ghost)
  3. Especial when you just add a forbidden Pheme to improve a normal spell I doubt anyone would step out and put them self in the spotlight to also know about the forbidden magic.
  4. I just hope the combat engine is also turn-based as there only few games that managed to mix turn-based and real-time elements well.
  5. Is it common that depend on the route the goods of a freight loan the protection of the goods with mercenary is required to get the freight loan? Maybe even down to what mercenary group need to hired or how many of what type of mercenary?
  6. Is the concept of insurance known? And if so what kind of insurance are actual offered to the wealthy? I suspect there might be some kind of early insurance against piracy from mercenary group that offer money in case they fail to protect the ship and goods, or pay money to the family when one of their fighter get killed or badly wounded.
  7. I.e. things that would need new artwork or licenced music.
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1189630/PathOfWuxia/ Path of Wuxia the new game from Heluo Studio sound interesting, but not sure if there will be a English translation when they leave EA as their last one didn't have one.
  9. Was / is the lockdown in Russia helping the development of Y2? Also any news on the class list?
  10. At what level is the nonmagical medicine? (I suspect when it comes to surgery , wounds and anasthesia quite advanced while cure for sickness is thanks to the belief far behind maybe even behind the level of herbalist/ witch doctor) At what level is the health care for your normal serf / peasant? given the adventure and even students from a magic academy going to a "wonder-healer" I suspect most hoping for miracle.
  11. Depend on the wealth of the parents it would for sure affect how they see you if you donating 1000pim. Unless your parent are wealthy or extrem religious I think it would change the opinion of your parent to the negative if you throw out your money like that and they learn about it. I suspect that some parent even force you to pay the tuition for Academagia afterwards your self!
  12. 1) At what year is it planed that player character can actual join research projects of the faculty or maybe even senior students? 2) At what year is it planed that player can or have to do a research project on their own, maybe with the help of other students of their year or below?
  13. [REDACTED] here = Spy? Because it was made public to the player that he has worked as Spy in the past (check the video at Steam).
  14. interesting, never assumed the Legate to be good in Astrology.
  15. Do Academagia have security magic / enchantment that is transferred to the current office-holder when (s)he take over? Or have each Legate / Regent to set up their own security magic?
  16. Before it get lost in the general question thread
  17. So St. Huld still is a place you can go to learn before joining Academagia? What is/was tutored at St. Huld? What are the requirement to join the education at St. Huld?
  18. Do you mind telling us why Herland Wheelwright was only Legate for 2 years? (My name memory is bad and you might already told us) Was there ever a student that did go trough 4 or more college before manage to graduate? Is it planed to allow a player to change the college each year so that (s)he did go trough 5 different college after year 5? How would such a character be viewed if the college changes wasn't because of bad grades?
  19. A Towns like city builder with a martial arts / cultivator fantasy mid - end game? Sound interesting but I wait if it ever make it out of Early Access and give us a English translation.
  20. I think rebuilding the great steam engine via magic could be an interesting year 5 project for player from Vernin and Aranaz (or clique with students from both college). Adding the Zoo would make this project to big but just the steam engine maybe with a magic way to heat it that isn't direct part of the engine should be good as it is.
  21. Wonder what would happen if a student suggest to rebuild the great steam engine with revision magic as his / her last year Vernin project. Somehow I suspect it could even be a Aranaz project or gods beware a combined project of a Aranaz and Vernin student. Edit: That bring up a question is it possible that more then 1 student working on the same last year project, maybe even from different college?
  22. The "it was" means this "zoo" is no longer there?
  23. I still think it powering something like a sawmill because I suspect that there enough people who can't beliefe that something powered by wood, charcoal or coal could move anything without magic. Unlike in our modern time where it is common knowledge that you can use fuel to move a car in Academagia working example are still rare to find so that this common knowledge is missing!
  24. What is this Great Steam Engine powering during demonstrations and what fuel is it using?
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