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  1. I think as soon one can disable the random events for the first month and also the Visit Rights work I also might thry it. (I think the char bevor my last one haved already nearly no relads after the first month.)
  2. Because of the Steam Requirement I wont buy CIV V anytime soon.
  3. You only can train the other skills of your familiar beside the bond skills to max the Bond level +1, as fare I know it.
  4. I prefer to continue my CIV IV game with the Rise from Erebus Mod (1.3) till next Patch ^^
  5. Maybe I have writen the name wrong ^^ The Famous Wanted. In the Captain Qeust Line he only have a short show up in the Orso Orsi Questline he is also a main Part.
  6. I will start my next game with Patch 5 and I am not sure if I then get this spell again so dont expect news on this anytime soon. Only thing I rember also is that the last rest with the char bevor I used this spell first was with Cleans and Remake active.
  7. I know that there are Captian, Inaro and Orso Orsi Main Quest but didnt know that the Pirat side is also Main Quest.
  8. No it just display that I was damaged (No it not even Show that I lost Vitality) in the dayreport but I didnt loost vitality and I am sure didnt rest. (Sadly I dont have a save where I can test it again)
  9. 2) There are 4 different Main Adventures (if the Pirate is also a Main) and as soon you start one of them the other are removed.
  10. There also Items i.e. in the Shop unlocked by the Mentor Quest. (Sorry I cant look at moment because I wait for the next Patch to start a new game)
  11. But also the extra downside that the vew skilllevels that increase parent aproval also dont give this bonus.
  12. No the broken Part is after you wone the duel because he/she still can use Hostile actions on you. So even after a sucessfull Duel one need to deal with the Bully in a other way and there was where I haved to decide use the law to push him complet out or get on his good side.
  13. So over all its only realy usfull when you know that a "attack" is coming on this day? (Even more reloading oO)
  14. There sould be still a way to get a NPC Student Susbended with the Civil Law line ^^. (Thought about using ths in my last game because Duel is kind of borken but then I got the Flowers and used them to get on the Good Side of my "Rival!)
  15. As soon I confirm the sunday turn and all Events and Adventures are processed the end starts without displaying resoult of the day or even go back to the timetable so its not posible to save after sunday is processed but this was posible in the very first game I played.
  16. Not posible because the End Starts right after the procesing witout going back to the timetable or show the dayreport
  17. The Sunday at the end have 3 time Slots and my FIrst game is saved after the processing of the Sunday but alle newer games the latest save is after processing the Saturday. So compared to the first gamne all missing 3 timeslots.
  18. I just looked back in my first game I played through and it was including the finished actions of the last sunday! So now I wonder why the ability to save after the sunday is processed was removed?
  19. I dont know when it hapends and the game is nearly finished but sure I will upload it.
  20. I have 2 Cartography Topics in my Research list one with 0 and the other with 3. Because I visted the Sphinx a loot of times in this game the 3 are probably from there.
  21. Will it be posible to continue already started Quests in year 2? I hope so because I still want to see the Familiar Quest to an end ^^.
  22. Thanks for the help. Complet missed that there are phemes that gives Bonus to Skills instead of Subskills.
  23. In my curent game I thry to reach at last 130 in each class because of this: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=857 Now my Problem is how to best push them (all Study are at 10 and the skills learned from Class maxed) Caligraphy (10 Forms 10 Illustration 10 Ink Compounds 10) Glamour (10 Glamour Methods 11 Glamour Phemes 10 Glamour Spells 10 Theory of Glamour 10) Music (10 Famous Songs 10 Notation 10 Voice 10) Rhetoric (11 Character 10 Confidence 11 Famouse Speaches 10) Zoology (10 Birds 10 Insects 10 Mammals 10) or what kind of Spells / Actions / Abilitys or Phemes are there that can Push the Score without increasing all 3 Subskills.
  24. I just discoverd the Riding Subskill and now I hope that when we can have more then 1 Familiar next year we can have a Flying Animal that we can ride as one Familiar Edit: Maybe the NPC AI sould be teached that Draining Merits from the College that is placed at last isnt a action they sould even consider. (Btw to my Expirience in my last 2 games first Aranza got the lead and after a time vernin thake over and keep the lead, with the exception of 1 or 2 times, till the end of the game. Avalia, Godia and even worse Hedi dont have a chance to keep up. Hedi is not even at half in the end without player help.) Edit2: I think it would be good if only the Highest Merit Action/Event of all its Students count for a College per day. Because this balance the coleges a bit more and gives the player more chance to influence the Merit war if he want to.
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