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  1. I dont think so because the Legate of Mineta mentioned at a other place that the reson why Black Sheep is fixed to 0 is that negativ numbers in parent aproval complet prefent one from earning Money.
  2. Even with Improved Familiar Handling be able to train 4 Skills at one time slot and to train Bound Subskills as one of this, I think the difficulty of the Familiar Quest lines are set to high. The main Problem with the quest is that they dont thake care of the Attributes of the Familiar and so the player have to train his Familiar in Subskills where the Familiar only have a attribute of 1 or as just now for me in a Skill where the atrribute is only 2 and so the 3 subskill need to train even over 6! (6 was still red) As it stands right now I dont think there would be a reward in the game that would be enough for the time one have to spend into this.
  3. OK so I have to train my Insight 1 Familiar a Insight Skill to 4 or up -.-. And the Bonus is also not displayer in the report page.
  4. In "Familiar: Opening a Tab at the Orsi Bar" is the Conversation option green to me but dont give a bonus to success and also dont opens a new option.
  5. Can the team please rework the graphicframe used for Hedi? I ask because the 5. Knapsack slot is nearly complet hiden by it and so becomes very hard to select.
  6. You get 1 extra Background point from chosing this. (If not its buged)
  7. It is confiremd that a wand is just a helping tool but not absolut necary to cast also why have the Familiear the Category Spells, Phemes and Abilitys if they cant get them.
  8. I wone a duel against Philippe Marchant but not even 6 days later he use Bully on me! Souldent a Sucessfull Duel prefent him from using such Hostile Actions for the rest of the year against me? (I have a save bevore he bully me and one after he bully me sucessfull)
  9. I whant my Familiar to be able to cast a vew simple spells so I teached him Glamour Methods, Phemes and Spells to 5 but so fare my familiar didnt get any spell or pheme. Now my question is How is a familiar suposed to get spells and phemes? Also the Familiar didnt get any Abilities so far even with some other skills beside Glamour.
  10. Now except for my fist char I allways max all Study bevor Midtermexams also somehow I end up to have Forge and or Engineering maxed with all chars. In char generation I almost allways take all Attribute + backgrounds. Also I thry to avoid actions that only gives 1 skill oder 1 study. I am also happy that most of my chars didnt see any detention (because of reloading then ) but this changes with the newest char who loves to visit the Sphinx. Also my chars are all Parents loved ones because at last till the Midterm Exam they write weekly home. Edit: (07.11.11) Wow this is kind of dated, the only common things of my chars by now is that they start with 2 in every attribute, have the secret background and spend lot of time in "adventure" and at the Sphinx.
  11. I know he have at last the one that give temp 1 dmg 1 stress for 2 turns because he used it outside of the duell against me. Edit: just looked back he casted Minor Bends around 1 week bevore against me. Edit2: How long is a sucesfull Duel suposed to protect? Because 6 days after the Duel he already Bully me again.
  12. Schwarzbart


    In my Duel today I casted "And so invite the wyrms of ruin...." a vew times because it was the only dmg spell I haved left but the strange part is that in oposit to the description the Spell gives all Students Stress including the Caster.
  13. Just wone my first Duel and then even against Phillipe Marchant. It was kind of strange because I didnt understand why some Actions/Spells fanish after they used a vew time and because we where stuck at distant range and both couldent close in. What also was strange is that Philipe Marchant didnt cast any spell to damage me, he only cast the same debuff spell over and over again.
  14. To make it clear I didnt planed ahead at all so it wasnt what Hausellama suspected.
  15. Sorry I dont even have the save from the day bevore so I cant thry it out if it was repeatable. So I keept one save to less ;( .
  16. I made a backup save right after it hapends do you need this save file?
  17. Then you still get the report of the increase.
  18. Maybe somwhat related. Today I got "You have been reprimated for trespassing!" but cant see any detention in the next 2 weeks. I would'nt think of anything if I didnt get already detentions because of trespassing with this char but so it looks like a bug.
  19. Calomantia's Gym: Athletic Room is a passive Location that have a 75% Chance to train 3 Random Athletic Skills think this sould be active and with a 100% chance.
  20. Ok then its buged because I got it every time I used the Ability and that was 4 times so fare.
  21. It would be nice to have more then one "Adventure" resoult when using "Explore the Sunken Palace".
  22. Schwarzbart


    The Teach and the Education Pheme both missing a Subskillselector. (I was using the Spell "Material Understanding")
  23. Ok then its a probably a bug. In this case I would make a backup save in case the team whant it.
  24. It would be good to report failed skill increases ind the day report because especial with the random skill increases its hard to figure out why there is nothing.
  25. Schwarzbart


    The Spell Revision of Skills is kind of confusing. First of all I thought in reading the spell descrition both skills will be switched for the spell duration but the resoult is that only the first skill you enter will be replace with the second for the time. But then there is also the issue to knowing witch skill replace witch because where you enter the skills nothing is mentioned. Also the Problem is that the new Score used for rolls isnt displayed anywere and even the difficulty displays in Adventures only display the difficulty of the orginal falue. From the resoult I get out with the Adventure I am not even sure if it is the second that replces the first skill because my first thry was wrong direction and I sucessed and 2 more thry with the "right" switch failed. My test was switching weaponsmith (12) for conversation (1) and the adventure is Oh, to be Popular.
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