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  1. 1) I expierenced it to that I sometimes dont get a random Skill but its probably that it just thryed to increase a skill you already have maxed (then it fails and in this case shows nothing). 2) the Study at Library of Longshade can only used once every week and then disapears for 7 days there are other abilities/actions who have a coldown as well. So over all you talking here about game Features and not bugs except you not have maxed any off your subskill already.
  2. The Passive Ability "Understand Poison (Skill)" dont looks like it works, the Training needed from lvl 1 to 2 is still 3 steps for me (Same as bevore).
  3. Schwarzbart

    Random Event

    I got this now as a Hedi Student
  4. I got Bond of Iron from using Imperial Palace: Emperor Sphinx's Room, thought this bug was already fixed?! I will make a save in chase the team whant it.
  5. I also hope this because I complet avoid facebook and other so calles social network pages. (i.e. Games that implement Facebook into theyr games are nobuy for me)
  6. Schwarzbart

    Random Event

    Random Event Rescue 3 I took the Research Option here because it was green and the text hinted that the research option sould give a curage option but this didnt show up. Random Event Performance 16 There is a option think Composure or Consentration where the text hint that it would give a new option somthing with bubblegum but no new option apear.
  7. I think this info would be nice to have in the Spoiler Room as soon it got a bit more clear what the real level would be.
  8. /Me start to wonder what very good Grades of the End Year Exam of year 1 sould be to have this (If compear to NPCs 100+ in all Classes would be good enough but when I see what other player get for score's and NPC have as theyr max scores it dont looks like this will be enough)
  9. I think this would be a interisting new Advance for the start of a game to chose to have 1 more class.
  10. Ups remberd wrong in my first answear, sorry. So replace Animal Handling with Animal Husbandry.
  11. I personal dont think that the team can put together a Filter by them self in a resonable amoth of time so it ends up buying it from a other company what in return means for just 4!!! Lines in the complet game you can enter something they would need to ask a vew $ more. (Because the programm is already sold the option to get the money in they have to pay for such a filter is a DLC and how many people you think would pay 5-10$ to add a bad language filter for a singleplayer programm?)
  12. There was a mention that the DLC's and expansions to year 1 are free. Also this game is so big that you can have fun in replay it again and again. How you managed to play through this game in just 8h is bejond me because my games usualy thakes much longer ^^. Btw I have played the game 4 times through so fare. Year 2 is scheduled for in 1 to 2 RL years and its a seperat programm with import function for year 1 chars so I think you then have to buy it.
  13. If the Phemes you need are already entered in the Wiki then you can have alook there from what skill you can get them
  14. Yes its sad that the Mentor Quest is broken with the actual game version
  15. have you trained the Duel skill he requestet you to train?
  16. Dont forget your spells first of there are spells that improve skills up to 5 levels for some time, second there are Spells that alow you to switch your skills for some time, and third there are spells that increase your attributes for some time (what is also great if you whant to train). So i.e. you have Animal Handling 10 add 5 to it through a spell and replace the needed skill with a other spell (or action) for the adventure with Animal Handling. (I chose Animal handling for a reson but dont whant to spoiler it ) And this all is without add extra Phemes to your spells what even helps more.
  17. The reason why I am unheapy with Study Mastery / Study Gates so easy aviable is that other places where you can get it usualy require to bring the right Subskill to 10 what is not necary for the Venalicium Libarary because you easy can get access to it via Music or Research. Even if you get the other places at last for gate there is either a diffcult skill roll involfed or it only can used once. A other Reason is that even without Study Mastery/ Study Gates the Venalicium Libarary is one of the more usefull places (It simply makes Study and Train unitl you drop obsolent). I also agree Gate and Mastery Spells sould be have a chance of detection.
  18. You even know its there if you look at the The Venalicium Libarary: Restricted Section you see you can unlook The Venalicium Libarary: Forbidden Arcives when using the action there so I dont see your problem. As it is right now one can get to Study Mastery and Study Gates to fast & easy. Especial because of the gamedesign after you got the skill(s) you can use other actions to increase and master the forbiden Magic. The other posibility I see beside restricting when you able to get the skill is to implemnet that Forbiden Magic Skills can't be chose as your skill to train with train or the librarys.
  19. Draigh the knowledge of Gate and Mastery is forbiden so I think it sould be inside the Restricted Area and if there is no mention about the topics of the Forbiden Archives on the outside of the Restricted Area you only would learn about to Study Mastery and Study Gate if you check the Restricted Area (with the higher chance of discovery) .
  20. I think it would be a good Idea to remove The Venalicium Libarary: Forbidden Arcives from get via Explore the Venalicium and add this to be get via The Venalicium Libarary: Restricted Section. So someone who get access to The Venalicium Libarary early like trough Music still have to use 1 action more to get to the forbiden schools of spells.
  21. Just whanted to ask if the Team was able to reproduce the issue from the save games?
  22. I think the much easyer solution for the team would be a option that give the parents tha ability to enter all 4 fields in front and make this entrys able to protect per PW.
  23. I dont think its work to add a big filter db just for 4 Fields where some one can chose a name. It's a singleplayer game so only people who play/watch it on this computer cna see the words at all! And if this is a problem the parents even sould block or add a filter for theyr kids for Mailing, sending Sort Messages, using Texteditors like Notepade ect. I dont think this is resonabel. Also because the game have to run with admin rights you realy bether have a eye on people use it beside your own! And if Laguage suport for other Languages will be added at some point bether complet forgett the idea of a filter because all known filter only work halfway resonable for 1 language and even can be tricked there with somethin like "h e l l o " and the kids know this also. And dont forget the colertar soch filter have in one of the MMO it was even so bad that every 2nd / 3th chat line got something filteres without continging any bad words. because they filter something like was just because of the as. If a cild know the words and also think its fun to add them as name in a singleplayer game dont you think the damage is done then already? And even if the team add a filter I hope its optional to install because I fear that the filter alone will add a huge db that will take unecary place on the storage device or even need a inet conecton to work at all.
  24. If it is not reported already, Research fail as soon you chose a other location then your room. At last Champions Room and Help desk are confirmed that you fail research.
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