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  1. To say it simple the higher the base attribute is the lower is the skillpoiont cost per level but it allways cost at last 1 Skillpoint (Some Subskills have even 2 or 3 Skillpoints as theyr base cost no mater how high your attribute goes). Thats why people sugest to use spells that temporary increase your Attribute when train for skills at higher level.
  2. To bring up Vitality isnt such a task as bringing up a attribute. (ended with 21 Vitality witout doing anything special in this direction)
  3. As soon you played through you will see the team list
  4. have uploaded the file and send the link per pm
  5. Have uploaded the File and send the link per PM
  6. I only have a save with 2 days to play (but the sunday dont realy count) will thry if I can reproduce it with this save and if so you get the files. (There is also the uber Fitness NPC ^^) Edit: Will upload now I could at last reproduce the all skills and research missing from this save after 5 or 6 times processing the day with all Study Gates and reloading direct from the Day report. (To get the crash at loading the thing with the missing skills and research need to hapen at last 2 times probably more)
  7. No becaus then he would have all attributes at very high level but the other looked like they where unbuffed. Edit: I looked 14 days back in the History and didnt see him cast a spell.
  8. In my curent game at the end I saw that one Member of my clique with the name Vincent Eins got to Fitness 22, how in the world did he manage this? Did someone else also expierence NPCs with this high Attributes?
  9. I think you increased your Base Attributes (like Int for Revision) after you accumalted points for this skills. The skillpoint you accumolated bevor the Attribute increase are still there but only if you spend 1 more point even if they are above the needed now you get the skill to the next level. So all in all its logic that you souldent increase in skill level after attibute increase because you also dont loose skill levels if you drop in a attribute.
  10. The Holiday "The Theneia" shows a to big Picture on the first screen. (it even overlaps some of the text) I saw the to big picture(s) in other places as well but dont remember when but at last this time I write a report ^^.
  11. I already reported at a other place (sadly didnt find it again) that I sometimes have problems when loading a game from the ingame menu because then sometimes all skills and Research is missing and also all Actions. In my expierience it hapens more times if I reloade from the Day report then from the Calender but it hapens at both but it only hapens long past the mid terms exam and the chance get higher towards the end of the game, it also needed some reloades before it happens. Why I think its a memory cleaning issue is that sometimes the difficulty shown in adventures is up to the value it sould have from the game point I haved bevore I loaded and not from the point the game is that I loaded. (But this might be a other issue) For some time its fine just load the game again with the menue after it hapend but after some time I use this I either get a CTD or the Skills and Reaserch keeps empty even after loading again. (Sure a new start of the game prefent this from happening again for some time ^^)
  12. Could the team please add some misc slots where a player could place the items that are not categorized for the other inventory slots in so that the abilitys of this items work? Also a Book Picture for the items flaged for the Book Slot would be good.
  13. I think its a simply mater that the variable the defines the item typ set wrong i.e. instead of 3 there is a 4 ups Legate was faster ^^
  14. Today I got some Food and put it into the Food slot without identiving it. To my suprise the action the item gives was enable and gives the complet description of the effect. (I didnt thry to use it because the effect didnt look like it was wort spent a time slot) Sadly I dont remember witch food item it was it. Edit: Herald's Whisker sould be a Sword acording to the description but it have the Bag Icon and cant equipt in a Hand Slot
  15. As mentioned at other places some rolls of later parts of a Adventure Chain can have a difficulty of 30! And as fare I understand it the Familiar Skills count 1/2 for your skill rolls.
  16. You have to overwrite the existing Files like academagia.exe with the one provided in the Patch
  17. Also have a CTD when using Stalking.
  18. I personal think Cleanse and Remake even sould become a Pray Ability and not a spell and yes it sould have a coldown even if I dont see to much use in Stacking this spell for Learning reasons. (lower then 1 Skillpoint per level is not posible ^^)
  19. I think Big. Piece. of. Wood. sould be a Hand item so it can use its Ability. Maybe the Instruments sould be Handitems as well even with limited to just 2 places.
  20. There is always the way of geting on his good side because usualy they only anger people they have 0 or less Relation level in.
  21. I also play MMOs sometimes but purple as the worst is new to me. But I avoid tradetional Fantasy MMOs like WOW.
  22. no mater how many Skillpoints you get you allways only increase at max by one Subskill level so the points that was to much are wasted. So if you can chose betwean 2 random Subskills of a Skill or on random Subskill of a Skill by 2 the first is usualy the bether. Later depnding on your Atributes you might see that a subskill need 2 or more Skillpoints to increase a level.
  23. Also dont forget that there are ways for you to temporary replace one skill with a other.
  24. You have to Fokus the Skills you whant to learn. In year 2 the specialisation probably get even worse.
  25. I also already have rated it 1 week ago ^^
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