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  1. The problem is still in Patch 4 CP 1 Today I saw in Rumors from the Academagia: Rikildis von Kiep succeeded at using Investigate on Rikildis von Kiep I made a backup save in chase the team whant it for debuging.
  2. You can use F12 to see the Version Number you running
  3. Today somehow I managed the sewing choice of the "Dance of Fools" Holiday witout even have this skill. I only managed it because I first did the planing choice and then haved big RL Luck. I think it would be a good idea to give at last access to the skill if one take this option and either manage it or not. (Patch 4 SP1) Edit: I think it would be nice if there would be at last 2 differnt events per Holyday and its be chosen per random witch of the events come up or none at all. At last I think this will increase the replayability.
  4. Thats exactly the point one souldend need extern help just to find out under what skill a SS is hiden.
  5. In the Random Event Shoping 6, I think that the Debate Skill step increased by 25 (same amout as the Money I got from the event) is a oversight ^^. I dont rember the exact skill I chose but it was the option where I testet the Potion seller.
  6. Maybe you push your Research up first (could be easy done with Study at the Venalicium Libarary ... what I personaly got over Music)
  7. Today I got this line in Matters of Concern to you: You have learned about DELETE. I think its from the Mentor Adventure where I thryed to save the Professor with Glamour Flowers. (Game is Patch 4 CP 1)
  8. Ok no wonder I have so much because I already used Explore the Venalicium
  9. In my curent game startet with Patch 4 i got (if I didnt miscount) 27 Research Topics by week 3! Because I dont know what I did to get all this Research Topics I think its strange. I will make a backup save now in chase the Team whant to have a look at it. Other Question is the slow down of events in the start already implemnted in Patch 4 because this time I got nearly no events in the start.
  10. Nice so now a new game start for me
  11. Yes I think so that I encounterd at last 1 complet week without event (and without actual needing to reload because of something other) in the last 2 games I started. I also think both times it was in the second Month I encounterd this. (I played both games on diverent computers because my main computer haved heat problems) Because I reload most of the time when a bad event hits me I have no prove of this.
  12. In all the games I played so fare I expirieced a very, very high chance of random events in the first 2 weeks but after this I have even sometimes 1-2 week without a single event. Is this just me who is this kind of unlucky geting flooded with events right at the start or is it even intended? So fare especial in the 1st day I didnt mange to have it without a event, most of them school related, and you just arived on this sunday. As long the Events have fixed dificultys I think the chance of events sould start at 0% for the first day and slowly go up to the normal rate during the first month to reduce the necarity of relead each day a vew times just because of the events.
  13. For draining the casters own vitality by 5 it might be to week even in free chosing the SS. But as it is right now even the caster isnt drained of vitality.
  14. From the Description of "Positive Alteration of Organic Matter" the caster sould be able to select a target that is damaged and get the +5 Skill to him self. Sadly the Field where you sould be able to selcet the target for the damagepart is fixed for the caster. Also casting the spell in the text in Resoults of the Day says "You damage Yourself for 5" but my Vitality didnt drop. (Patch 3/3a CP1)
  15. Could you please teach the NPCs that they have to study/learn a bit more the skills thy will tested in? In my curent patch 3/3a CP 1 game in the end exam there are a loot of Students that only have a score betwean 50 and 80. A other thing that would be a interesting feature if you dont manage the required scores you have to retake the year. (Because in year 1 the Examen Scores dont mater this sugestion is for year 2 and later)
  16. As fare I read Dueling is (outside of just mentioned in Events) planed for year 2. And as fare you can see its already prety detailed out as a "minigame" because the actions are all there.
  17. I personal must disgree to the 1. point of oneman because from my view point is that more then a vew games messed up just because they added "minigames "that didnt follow the main game theme (like action in turnbased games) and force the player through them. For point 3 yes the you will be able to import your chars to the next year when it is released.
  18. My curent Char wonders already if she will manage year 2 at all when she already have to pray bevore each weekend for a Cleanse and Remake so she can study the more advanced topics she is interested in and have a small chance to suvive the adventures she is up to.
  19. I wonder how powerfull Students will become when they already can become very powerfull by end of year 1 and there are 4 more years planed.
  20. Advocate at Daribus Conley's Court the Money Reward isnt up to what is sayed in the text. I got only 10 Money but the text say I get at last 50. My Skills/Atributes are Criminal Law 9/10 (pushed it to 10 in the timeslot bevore) Int 5 but Cleanse and Remake is active. Btw. Cleanse and Remake works now in 3a but there is nothing about the negativ part in the resoult of the day.
  21. Play is still broken in Patch 3a because there is no Bond to select.
  22. Ok have to thake it back about Beginners Delving because I just got the temporary Negation Methods increase. So just the difficulty is to high for my char to pull of the temp. increases.
  23. Is Pray for Assitance for a random Attribute? Because there is a Fild with Increase Atribute but no selector and I fail in casting it with Religion/Prayer 10 + Insight 4 + Champions Room.
  24. I think Beginner's Delving also have this problem. So fare I only get the infos about the item and no future infos about the temporary skills improvment.
  25. Sorry its just one the random events and I reloaded the day after this so cant help future. If I rember right there was a Planing Option where I could Poison the grass but I cant remember the 3. option.
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