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  1. In the Event where Grass is growing in my room ther is a Enspell option that I took and from the description it was successfull and hinted that a Negation Spell might work here. Sadly I didnt get the Negation option only the Enspell option fanished afterwards.
  2. So you basical say that this problem is in many Spells that have more then 1 effect?
  3. I just sucessfull cast the Spell Cleanse and Remake (Insight 4 and Piety 10) but only got the first Bonus (+4 Charm) of this Spell and also the negativ Parts of this spell arent mentioned in the Resoults of the Day. So my questions are if the other partof this spell have higher or seperat rolls and why are the negativ effects not mentiones in the Resoults of the Day? (Sure the +4 Charm helps but its nothing compared to the full spelleffect)
  4. Impulse now have the update (because I already have installed it from the webpage I didnt update there)
  5. Can you add a +1 Charisma Background in one of the DLCs or CPs? Because right now Charisma is the only attribute that cant be at 4 when starting a new Char. Also it would be nice if one can see the Background Options taken in a Screen after Char generation.
  6. Is it posible to give a Sheet of the collected Exam Resoults of the Char at The Passing and at the end of the game?
  7. In the Mentor Quest Part "Search the abandoned warhouse for the hinted - a secred door" I cant continue at the End of Tunel Part! The "Okay.... talking to plants. ..." Option is green and I even find the little oldcreature lying but it dont open up the new option to talk to this creature! (Sorry I didnt find the Quest Thread here in Suport so I opened a new Thread special for this problem)
  8. Today I thryed it one more time and still only Ballos: News Stand.
  9. Helpful Guide broken? I used the Clique Abilitie of Beatrix von Wedgen 3 times so fare and every time I got Ballos:News Stand as new location. (CP 1 Patch 3)
  10. A other idea is one have to have at last a Relationship of 5 or more to even have this npc on the list of befriend. This also will slow down this much.
  11. I think its better that Befriend again have a prerequisit because now the NPCs form theyr own cliques right at the start and even force the player in theyr clique bevore he even got a chance to learn about clique. (In my game there are 9 cliques now at workshop days!)
  12. Is there a roll involved in the Bound part of Play? Because so fare I got the Stress reduecment, the increase in playfullnes of my familliar but nothing about the bound. Btw. there is still a selector what bound you whant to improve but below this in the white field it says random. (Patch 2a CP1)
  13. Ok to say more exactly what I am asking. In the Confirmation Order Window it would be nice if we can see the chance of discovery at last for the ability with fixed location.
  14. Can you add the chance of discovery to Actions with fixed places?
  15. Because of this bug there is this warningthread: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.p...entry3018
  16. Ups thanks and sorry got confused in searching for it ^^. I have play aviable so no bugreport any more.
  17. I trained my Familiar Kinship to 6 and got Elegant Services. But I dont find it in use Ability or Choose Action. Because it is in the Abilities and Action list I wonder why I cant use it. (CP 1 Patch 2a)
  18. Yes but then you also can use Work the Fields sure it only reduce Stress by 1 but give 20 Pims and 1 to Transport
  19. In my pure Path 2 game I only failed purple and red and even Purple was probably at 30-40% sucess chance.
  20. I also think a Random Athletics Skill would be good here except there is a plan to reduce rest.
  21. I chose the College depending on the Skills I want and the Starting Attibutes I have.
  22. Schwarzbart

    Using items

    The Abilitie from the Vihuelan Lyre (Song of Vihuela) still dont show up in CP1 (with Patch 2a) also the Vihuelan Practicum dont show up in the list of posible Actions.
  23. Is it posible to adjust the difficulty of events in the progress of the year? Because at the start they are to difficult and if you get many of them especial with bad resoults like damage or skillpoint drainig it get frustrating.
  24. your right its not the maximum that was reduced but the skills also didnt get a temp reduce and 4-5 points of skillpoint reducement in the first 2 weeks is hard to keep up. (that would have hapend if I didnt reload)
  25. In oposit to this yesterday I klicked by acient on my old patch 1/patch 2 game in loading and managed to load it. (I didnt check if all is fine but I dont even whant to thry it because I aciential loaded it ^^)
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