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  1. Ups thanks and sorry got confused in searching for it ^^. I have play aviable so no bugreport any more.
  2. I trained my Familiar Kinship to 6 and got Elegant Services. But I dont find it in use Ability or Choose Action. Because it is in the Abilities and Action list I wonder why I cant use it. (CP 1 Patch 2a)
  3. Yes but then you also can use Work the Fields sure it only reduce Stress by 1 but give 20 Pims and 1 to Transport
  4. In my pure Path 2 game I only failed purple and red and even Purple was probably at 30-40% sucess chance.
  5. I also think a Random Athletics Skill would be good here except there is a plan to reduce rest.
  6. I chose the College depending on the Skills I want and the Starting Attibutes I have.
  7. Schwarzbart

    Using items

    The Abilitie from the Vihuelan Lyre (Song of Vihuela) still dont show up in CP1 (with Patch 2a) also the Vihuelan Practicum dont show up in the list of posible Actions.
  8. Is it posible to adjust the difficulty of events in the progress of the year? Because at the start they are to difficult and if you get many of them especial with bad resoults like damage or skillpoint drainig it get frustrating.
  9. your right its not the maximum that was reduced but the skills also didnt get a temp reduce and 4-5 points of skillpoint reducement in the first 2 weeks is hard to keep up. (that would have hapend if I didnt reload)
  10. In oposit to this yesterday I klicked by acient on my old patch 1/patch 2 game in loading and managed to load it. (I didnt check if all is fine but I dont even whant to thry it because I aciential loaded it ^^)
  11. I hope you squese out this bug bevore you push the patch to impulse.
  12. Even Rebooting the Computer dont helps. Now I have the new Options 4 times. Looks like the CP 1 somehow permanent writes itself into the normal game each time it is selected! (At last for me running Impulse installtion + Patch 2 + CP 1)
  13. I just complet restarted the game to creat a new Char and now have the new Options 3 times in the list oO. As told I played my first game with CP 1 for around 2 weeks then I decided to start new and used the button to start a new game from where I can save/load and selected the CP 1. See ing that I now have the new Options 2 times I left the game write some messages her in the Forum and then started Academagia new. Now I whanted to create a new char and all of the suden the new options are 3 times there .
  14. it was different kind of events but all in common was that I ended up to have one off my Skill perma reduced. So it probably just was bad luck that I got 6 events in a row where I end with a skill reducment but it was very frustrating. 3 off the events even haved black options but all times I failed at them as I failed in 4 other I haved bevore with chosing black options. From the backgrounds I even haved a small bonus chance in sucess. I will now thry a game without Friendship: Actually, Bitter Hatred becaus its the only new option I chose.
  15. Looks like most of the Locations have be changed how they work / what they give in CP 1.
  16. After around 2 weeks of play (CP 1 Patch 2) I decided to start new and used the button ingame to start a new game. The problem is that after selcting CP 1 for this new game I got all new Options 2 times! So maybe the clearing of old mods dont work if you dont restart the game.
  17. I got a loot off events at the game I started now (CP 1 Patch 2) and black choises that worked nearly for sure are now all missing out. Maybe its pure bad luck but I got events around every 2-3 days and failed all so fare (because I for sure dont have the Skills within the first 2 weeks and even if its black its fails). So my question is have you increased the difficultys of the events or adjusted when what color shows? Edit: Hmm maybe I stop for today because even after reloding I got 5-6 times a Event at the same day where a skill got decrased in the end.
  18. It is for sure Mouse over Stress and it is Stress Maximum 0. It only apears when I haved Stress, if I have 0 Stress then nothing show up at mouse over Stress.
  19. I started a Game with CP 1 and Patch 2. Maybe because its not Patch 3 I got at the Mouse over of Stress the resoult Stress Maximum 0. My Fitness is 2 so I think it sould be 2 ore even higher.
  20. There are also some items that are illegal at the academy and as soon you get a reprimand they are thaken away, maybe this is one of this items.
  21. May I sugest you start a new char and give him the Access to the Law Buildings? Bully proved rater hard to get for me also. (I thryed one Bully char and only manged to get the 3th after 3/4th through the game). Brute Strenght (Bully) unlocked a other Bully skill at 9 or 10.
  22. I also wait for the patch to abound my curent game so I finaly can Play a Char that make use of its familiar because curent to many advanced familiar actions are broken.
  23. Yes I did set for this day the day bevor but the day bevore I didnt get any detention. (And its not the first time I got a message that I missed a detention when I am 100% sure I didnt haved one and didnt get one and just loading again at the start of the day and let it process anew usualy let this message fanish.)
  24. I know someone bevore sayed it already but could you please Put the examination Resoults and the Merit increases/decrease into theyr own sub group (i.E. College News) so one can see the real importent events faster? (I talk about the Resoults of the Day Screen)
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