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  1. MY Sugestion is that you download the newest Patch from here and ignore any Academagia Update that comes up on impulse. At last this is how I handle it.
  2. Started a new game with Patch 7 and this time with no Familiar. From the Request A Meeting with your Mentor Adventure I got a increase in my Bond of the Stars Skill. Because the Bond of Stars from Pamela is still 0 I fear its assigned to the Char. (I also got some lore oO )
  3. Thanks Legate, I hope to see the other houses (especiale the one with 3 fixed Classes) to get more Adventures in the next DLCs Somehow I expected Gondia to have a 2nd Questline that is the oposit off the one from aranaz.
  4. I know Aranaz have 2 Adventure Chains but do any othe houses have 2 Adventure Chains? I ask because with Patch 7 I dont whant to play Aranaz or Vernin so my choise probably would be depend on what other houses have 2 Adventure Chains.
  5. ups OK thought with the modifiers displayed we now can see when we hit max level.
  6. Thanks Legate of Mineta, So I will have a look every now and then for the webpage if the release is already is here ^^. Also that the Skill max display finaly will get fixed is great ^^.
  7. Any Infos if it will be a early release today or more likely a late release? Also will be everything listed in or is something alredy decided for a later Patch from the list?
  8. I am not sure when Impulse will put up the next patch and what version it will be. Patch 7 is expected to be relased here in the forum at the 27.09.10 but even if it would be directly forwarded to Stardock it will take some days till you can download it there.
  9. If he download from here he probably get Patch 7 tomorrow but if he whant to download from Impulse he have to wait longer.
  10. If you still have the save from my Char Salina have a look at 7. Veranix 1. Time Slot last increase there I got Puzzles Research Topic.
  11. Imperial Palace: Emperor Sphinx still increase Research Topics in Patch 6. (I write it here because Legate sayed this sould be fixed in the curent Version and my Post where I sayed its still there wasnt mentioned that Legate have read it)
  12. I think it would be nice if Study and Train could be still used then (if the Game Engine allows it) but without the ability to chose a other location then the character's room. @ Draigh if I know it right as soon your get this fare you bether dont do anything bad because your allready nearly at the point where they throw you out of the school.
  13. With my heavy use in the Sphinx and the many playthrough I have by now I think I have seen all.
  14. Legate Sphinx and Research also still exist (patch 6). If this is no longer on your Bug list then please add it again. (I think you can check it on my last save I send because I never used Research there) Edit: Can it be that there are mor forbinden Schools in later Years then just master and Gate? because Right now I missing a School about the Liveforce (some my call it Necromancy) in the game .
  15. Alert is a positiv Emotion from Stress (2 and up) the other 4 are negative ones. A Simple Rest will probably remove some of them but If I rember right not all.
  16. If the curent Patch on Impulse is still Patch 5 then there is a research Bug. I sugest to update from the Forum or at last load the Hotfix you can find here: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=902 Ohh and Patch 7 is expected for the 27.09.10 (so if they are on time within the next 40h)
  17. If I rember it right: pruple: No chance at all red: low chance black: around 50% Blue: around 75% Green: around 100% but some things like Chance of Success arent calculated in the colorcoding so it can be off sometimes.
  18. That Complet Random SS can give you Research (i.e. from the Sphinx) is a known bug.
  19. Bond is handled like a skill so at some point (depending on the Familiar Attributes) you need more the one skillpoint to increase the actual Subskill by 1 level.
  20. My game Freezes this time when reached the point where the Credits sould show up. Only way out was to close the task. Edit: OK I know what hapens when you tab out when the Credits are displayed they fanish and you just see the last Ingame screen where you cant click on anything.
  21. It would be nice if Temporary Boost in Study can push a study beyond 10 so that Abilitys like Courtenay's Prediction are still usefull when you maxed your Studys. Edit 1: The Adventure Spy School it would be nice if the Follow him option would be Espionage instead of Spy. I personal think its bad to have only 2 different exits and both reqiure the same skill.
  22. Is your C: Partition full? (Because one Save can take over 80 MB)
  23. If you have bought it at Impulse you usualy can download it imediatly from them. But if you bought it not at Impulse I dont think you will ever be able to download from Impulse (exept you got a Impulse Serial number or you also buy it at Impulse).
  24. Was the Catche Rework also hoped to deal with the fanishing skills after reloading and the CTD that are related to this? Because sadly I still encounter both with this update.
  25. Re Hidden Room 1 I took the Incanation path and the text sayed that I am feel smarter then bevore. But there is no report in resoult of the Day and also I dont think my Int or Insight have changed.
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