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  1. I know someone bevore sayed it already but could you please Put the examination Resoults and the Merit increases/decrease into theyr own sub group (i.E. College News) so one can see the real importent events faster? (I talk about the Resoults of the Day Screen)
  2. After a normal Patch theroetical you sould be able to continue your game after updating but there might be some strange bugs. But after installing a Content Patch like the next Patch will be one you cant continue your old game. The save file Import is only planed for importing your year 1 chars to year 2!
  3. Today I got the message "You been reprimanded for skipping detention" but so far I didnt get any detention! Is this a normal "Event" or some kind of bug? I make a backup save in chase you whant to have a look at it.
  4. with the curent bug that you can get points toward Research Topics from complet Random Skill Training you can also use this for now ^^
  5. Yes sometimes you get a Increase at the Skill max, sadly you curently allways get at 10 the text your skill is at maximum no mather if it is or not. And if you get a skill to 11 or above it shows again the numbers you need even if you cant increase the skill anymore.
  6. Ok looks like its this bug. But simply loading again didnt work I haved to complet exit the game and then load it again.
  7. At start I got the Drough of Extrem Frindlieness Potion and I put it into my Wardrobe now even if I only have the Incantor`s Wand and the Safaviore Insignia Equipt and my Knapsack empty I cant move it out. (Thryed at 2 different days)
  8. My new Char is now in Pramidi and got a loot of Research Topics at 1 the only way I curent can think this hapens is because I am using Stenephan Pastis Court: Observation Gallery as Place for my Study and this gives a complet random Skill.
  9. yes you need at last 10 pims so you can pay for it.
  10. I found at last 2 spells that can do it in my last game one of them is Beginner's Delving the other is Reverse Engineer.
  11. List of New Games on Impulse and after a bit research what this game is exactly and looking here in the forum I bought it.
  12. As it is right now (Patch 2) any place that gives 2 or more skillpoint training by visiting it is much stronger than actions/abilitys that gives 3 Skillpoint Training but forces you to 1 place because you can chose if you study, train or using a other action in the first. Now I have 2 diverent Ideas how one can balance it 1) Actions/Abilitys like the liberarys that gives 3 Skills right now changes to visitng places that gives 2 Skillpoint training. Only Places that gives 2+X , is it Money a other skill, study ect., changes to a acction/ability with fixed place. 2) Places that gives more then 1 Skill with just visitng it need to be Harder to be found, have Activations Rolls, High risk of be Found and/or Money Costs My personal tendency is toward the first because else the difficultys of many rolls especial toward the end of Adventures have to reduce. I also have 2 things about for the End of the game. When the games sould be imported for year 2 then one sould be able to make a save after the last day or else the last 3 timeslots are wasted. Also I got a strange resoult in my last game my Int was Improved the most in this game so I sayed it but at the start it was at 1 so one cant say that this char was smart at the start but the text just did this ^^, perhaps linking the answaer to oans quest at the start with the end.
  13. I also have a Question about Pamela. Is there a way that she not wanders of/ the player not cares in the End of year 1? Because in my curent game I pushed Bound up to 5 and Finished the Questline for her but still she wandered of and the Char didnt search for her. (Btw 2 nd time I played through but now I wait for CP 1)
  14. Ups I got 1 line to low when looking who was using this on me so it was a other student who has negativ Standing to me .... Sorry about this.
  15. Just now Basia Rydz used Squelaer on me even though she is in my Clique and have 10 Relationship to me. So my sugession is that it would be nice if the NPCs know if it is a bad or good action toward the target and use theyr Ralationship status to consider to chose a target.
  16. Eliana`s Escape - A New Home There are 2 Planing choises but it looks like the first on the list only sould apear after going succesfull through the second.
  17. Thanks, so because its not says its temporary I have this effect permanent? Even though I dont see much use in year 1 for this it might be intersting for year 2 when the NPCs act bether.
  18. Today I got a strange Message in Resoults of the Day part Matters of Concern to You. There I have a line with this Message: You increased Your Schoolyard Education Skill Level Minimum by 1. What is the meaning of this, never haved it bevore?
  19. Thats great (and Fast).So when I finished with the curent game I can Start a new game with Patch 3+CP 1 .
  20. Do I get it right that both Patch 3 and CP 1 are planed for this weekend?
  21. Posible Bug in Casting The Spell Adventure I got the Incanation Spells Option as one of the 4 base Option even if it from the description sould only avaible after sucessfull go through the Decipher Handwriting Option.
  22. Ok now I got it after sucesfull Adventure/Event and its hapens when I load from the Resoults of the Day screen. (No Tab out during loading the 2 times I get it now)
  23. I know this kind of Bugs are diffcult to find so if I get it again I will write here again.
  24. It was a Video from A Game Mag that I watchet in IE 8 (the Player they use need Flash and Java). (Think its mp4 because if I use the download instead of direct view it is a mp4 file inside a zip) But what I am rater sure is that all times I got this Problem was after I use the Load a Game from Ingame after a Failed Adventure/Event and its long past the Midterm Examens this started even in the last game.
  25. Today I got it again with my Pure Patch 2 game I Failed the Adventure A Shadowy Intruder and reloded the save I made at the start of this day but then the Skills & Research List was empty and also no Action was aviable any more beside that Save also dont worked (or else I would have upladed it ^^). There could be a other reason because I Alt Tab out to watch a short video during the load phase. After I loaded again the game was normal again.
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