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  1. I just sucessfull cast the Spell Cleanse and Remake (Insight 4 and Piety 10) but only got the first Bonus (+4 Charm) of this Spell and also the negativ Parts of this spell arent mentioned in the Resoults of the Day.

    So my questions are if the other partof this spell have higher or seperat rolls and why are the negativ effects not mentiones in the Resoults of the Day?


    (Sure the +4 Charm helps but its nothing compared to the full spelleffect)

  2. In the Mentor Quest Part "Search the abandoned warhouse for the hinted - a secred door" I cant continue at the End of Tunel Part!

    The "Okay.... talking to plants. ..." Option is green and I even find the little oldcreature lying but it dont open up the new option to talk to this creature!


    (Sorry I didnt find the Quest Thread here in Suport so I opened a new Thread special for this problem)

  3. Is there a roll involved in the Bound part of Play? Because so fare I got the Stress reduecment, the increase in playfullnes of my familliar but nothing about the bound.

    Btw. there is still a selector what bound you whant to improve but below this in the white field it says random. (Patch 2a CP1)

  4. CP1 - Character Creation:


    This occurred with five different new characters, two from the very beginning and the other three from using the in-game screen to go back and make a new character. I didn't notice the duplication on my very first character, so I don't know if the process of using the in-game screen somehow spawned the duplicates or if I scrolled past so quickly they didn't click.


    Bad Luck Magnet appears 6 times as choices with the same color text.

    Friendship Bitter Hatred also appears 6 times.


    Because of this bug there is this warningthread:


  5. Suggestion related to CP1: you might want to review the effects "Use the Athletics Fields" ability (-2 stress).


    The Rest action already reduces all stress (plus restoring vitality), making the said ability redundant IMHO.

    I also think a Random Athletics Skill would be good here except there is a plan to reduce rest.

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