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  1. Draigh: same as you GMT+2 Legate of Mineta: Thanks for the Info so I will do other things today and load the patch then in the morning.
  2. I hoping for a early relase (within the next 4h or so) today so I can start a game today (my time) ^^.
  3. Familiar: Final Performance the Difficulty of this final step of the Muffler quest line is off! The Adventure in this line just bevore gives red difficulty at skill 6 and for the Final Performance a Skill of 1 is green! For me it was good because so I managed to complet this quest line in the last week of the school but still its feels like bug exploiting. (Btw finished my patch 5 game and now waiting for the next Patch )
  4. Can you please use the Hand Graphic for items that belongs to the Hand slot? I just deleted a Message where I whanted to complained that some items dont work that I thought should work in the knapsack but in reality where Hand items! (The items I thought are knapsack items are Lucky Sprite's Coin and Unicorn Tears) I still think it would be good to add 1-2 misc/pocket slots where such items then belong instead putting all this items to the hand slots that are already filled with weapons and wands, I even would agree to have Instuments as Hand items but not small things that you only need to have in a pocket on your body.
  5. this was already reported from me. The difficulty to sucess is buged here and 5 higher then what the colorcoding and the Resoulting text sugested.
  6. Random Event Rescue 3 Sucesse in Research sould give a Curage option but this dont show up. Random Event Patrol 1 Why should a Vernin Char care about Aranza students thry to sneak into Morvidus?
  7. I hope the Import in Year 2 will recalcualte the Stats because some things were added in later Patches (like Skills gained from the School Survival SS) and also there are some bugs (like Clique Abilitys, missing Reciepts, Vitality max ect.). I know this will need some time to processe the Data but I think its bether then to start year 2 with a buged char.
  8. Have you used it in the past days? Because it is one of the Abilitys that have a cooldown.
  9. To use this you need a Char who have picked the Background "Apprenticeship: Page" at the gamestart.
  10. Ok just haved the vitality problem again with positive alteration of Matter. My Vittality max is 18 my curent Vitality bevor casting this spell was 13 and I end up with Vitality 13 at the end of the day. Actions this day Attend Class, Cast the Spell at The Stone of Revision and the Adventure Prison Break in The Champion Room (using the Negation Spell path and successed) also I got the Rimbal 9 Event that I successful ended with the Compete option I pack the saves bevore the processing and afterward together and upload them.
  11. Amulet of Bloody tears (got it from the Awesome Community 7 Event) is missing the Amulet graphic instead its just a empty square. Beside that I find the text of this Event to much to read through even if it might be a nice storry. Edit: Clayer Owl Feather is a Hand item but dont have the Hand item Graphics.
  12. Its a game that was startet (After manual cleaning the Catch) with Patch 5/DLC1 and not updatet later
  13. Random Event Revenge 5 still dont give the Negation option if the enspell option was successfull. (Sorry if this bugfix was already planed for a other patch) The Color Coding after a Option is taken that increase the Chance of Success in a Adventure is strange! I.e. in Vernin Dreams - Time Pieces my color for clockwork got from black to red after successed in the puzzles option. (Btw. I am still on patch 5 DLC 1 without the quickfix)
  14. Just whanted to mention that In patch 5/DLC1 I got reprimanded for trespassing by using 3x"Study at Esteban Contu´s School of Incanation" at a Saturday because I already payed the Tuition I think I sould have the visitation rights.
  15. OK so the text will also coreected? Because it looks like I then get the success text but have still failed.
  16. Mentor Quest Part "Really... Big... Bugs" The 2 Options after entered the Circle are both blue and hint in theyr text for a other option (bird or noice) but no new option apear. So the questline still looks like it cant finsihed.
  17. Random Event Hidden Room 4 in the Text it says "(NEED TO ADD ITEM jade necklace)" after I sucesfull used a Drawn Key to open the Door.
  18. Just did Help at the Imperial Rangers for 3 time Slots at start my Vit was damaged down to 4 (mostly from Train at Schoh...) but after the Day was processed I still haved 4 Vit even though in the Day Report it sayed that my Vitality was decreased! I pack both saves (bevore and after the processing) in a rar file so if the team whant it I can upload it.
  19. In the Event Thieves Guild 15 there is a Opservation or Perception Option (not sure witch it was) and there it hints for a Spell Option but still I only haved the Persiuation Option left after sucessfull using the Perception/Observation option.
  20. Serra Quorro`s Courtroom still says one get 120 pims per shift but the Ability actually only gives 20. Edit Ok was wrong looks like I have the place but not the Ability so I confused it with a other Ability.
  21. It would be nice if the Familiar Training part of the "Request a Meeting with your Mentor" Adventure realy resoult in a skillpoint increase of your familiar if sucessfull.
  22. Thanks for adding the Charm Background I have requested.
  23. Maybe the Diffculty for the Workshop Days Event is a bit to high because Incanation Spells 3 and Finesse 2 is still purple and so early in game I dont think a fixed event sould expect more. (I think of all my games I only managed it once to get ther through with glamour but as fare I remember it was pure luck + old Pasive Block Puzzle)
  24. Thanks, needed also to clear the catch but for me it was stored in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Academagia\Cache !
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