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  1. At start I got the Drough of Extrem Frindlieness Potion and I put it into my Wardrobe now even if I only have the Incantor`s Wand and the Safaviore Insignia Equipt and my Knapsack empty I cant move it out. (Thryed at 2 different days)

  2. As it is right now (Patch 2) any place that gives 2 or more skillpoint training by visiting it is much stronger than actions/abilitys that gives 3 Skillpoint Training but forces you to 1 place because you can chose if you study, train or using a other action in the first.

    Now I have 2 diverent Ideas how one can balance it


    1) Actions/Abilitys like the liberarys that gives 3 Skills right now changes to visitng places that gives 2 Skillpoint training. Only Places that gives 2+X , is it Money a other skill, study ect., changes to a acction/ability with fixed place.


    2) Places that gives more then 1 Skill with just visitng it need to be Harder to be found, have Activations Rolls, High risk of be Found and/or Money Costs


    My personal tendency is toward the first because else the difficultys of many rolls especial toward the end of Adventures have to reduce.


    I also have 2 things about for the End of the game. When the games sould be imported for year 2 then one sould be able to make a save after the last day or else the last 3 timeslots are wasted. Also I got a strange resoult in my last game my Int was Improved the most in this game so I sayed it but at the start it was at 1 so one cant say that this char was smart at the start but the text just did this ^^, perhaps linking the answaer to oans quest at the start with the end.

  3. Posible Bug in Casting The Spell Adventure

    I got the Incanation Spells Option as one of the 4 base Option even if it from the description sould only avaible after sucessfull go through the Decipher Handwriting Option.

  4. It was a Video from A Game Mag that I watchet in IE 8 (the Player they use need Flash and Java). (Think its mp4 because if I use the download instead of direct view it is a mp4 file inside a zip)

    But what I am rater sure is that all times I got this Problem was after I use the Load a Game from Ingame after a Failed Adventure/Event and its long past the Midterm Examens this started even in the last game.

  5. Today I got it again with my Pure Patch 2 game I Failed the Adventure A Shadowy Intruder and reloded the save I made at the start of this day but then the Skills & Research List was empty and also no Action was aviable any more beside that Save also dont worked (or else I would have upladed it ^^).

    There could be a other reason because I Alt Tab out to watch a short video during the load phase.


    After I loaded again the game was normal again.

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