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  1. Can it be that the Color Coding of The Final Battle (Hedgehog Questline) is off? Because I thryed this quest for sure over 6 times with blue color for the Negation path and failed all even though I haved sometimes the 15% Chance Bonus from the Armor.

    Edit: It would be also nice if one is good at gates by him self one get some bonus here :)

  2. I haved 2 Detentions because of skiping Class (thursday and friday) on both days I skiped class again Thurdsdays detention continued but fridays detention ended but I got a new reprimand for skiping class.

    The Issue now is that I only have the thursday detention on my list so I didnt get a new detention from the reprimand on friday!

  3. Ok but it still would be nice if for the skiping classes when there would be a imediatly difficult check when you get this about a class skill and if you success you dont get the detention (but still you illegal items are confistated).

    Because this time by 2. Aurit when I train only one more Skill by 1 point I could imediatly thake exam and score all with at last 100 points. (And no I didnt help the skills maxing on prupose)

  4. Yes exactly. There was just the line with the dentention but noting about confiscated so I continued and wonderd why Skiping classes detention didnt took my items just to discover later that I miss the 2 illegal items I haved ^^.

    Edit: Just got the Joy of Music - Catalog A window using Emperor Sphinx`s Room I incresed at the 1st slot Lute by 1 step to 4 and this called the shop.

  5. Thanks then I will drop Zoology from my Study list of the next Char because the Improved Handling (with 4 slots) was the only reason for me to have this as Study Topic. (Also without the Improved Familiar Handling I will go back to not taking a Familiar at start because the special Familiar Adventures are now much to hard)

  6. So its corect that the player dont get the "Follow your Parents description" Action any more? Because thats what I was missing compared to my Patch 5 game.

    I get the same thing I got in Patch 5 when using "Follow your Parents description" just by visiting the location with some other action.

    And sorry if because of my copy and past mistake above you thought its a other bug.

  7. Aveline Cincebeaux (Aranza College) sucessfull used Defame on Aranza!

    Why did she do such a stupid thing?

    (I made a backup of the save because its 100% reproducable from this day)

    Edit: I also miss the Follow your Parents description Action (Yes I have the background and I also have Euneycia`s Haven) but when I do any action at Euneycia's Haven this Adventure starts.

  8. Just saw the first time negative Merit Points for a House ^^. (Avilia -5)

    In my expirience of the last game and this game its hard to keep up with vernin at the start even when I am with Aranza and do some Compete Vernin keeps ahead. (Sure it just was "only" 5 times I used compete in the first 2 week but still)

    So I think I bether start a new game and complet ignore the meritpoints (as I usualy do) to not waste the important time slots.

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