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  1. Posible Bug in Casting The Spell Adventure

    I got the Incanation Spells Option as one of the 4 base Option even if it from the description sould only avaible after sucessfull go through the Decipher Handwriting Option.

  2. It was a Video from A Game Mag that I watchet in IE 8 (the Player they use need Flash and Java). (Think its mp4 because if I use the download instead of direct view it is a mp4 file inside a zip)

    But what I am rater sure is that all times I got this Problem was after I use the Load a Game from Ingame after a Failed Adventure/Event and its long past the Midterm Examens this started even in the last game.

  3. Today I got it again with my Pure Patch 2 game I Failed the Adventure A Shadowy Intruder and reloded the save I made at the start of this day but then the Skills & Research List was empty and also no Action was aviable any more beside that Save also dont worked (or else I would have upladed it ^^).

    There could be a other reason because I Alt Tab out to watch a short video during the load phase.


    After I loaded again the game was normal again.

  4. Could you please change the Buttons or change the Mouse to a sandclock as soon the Buton is clicked?

    The reson is that one can see that he realy have hit the button and the computer just takes its time to processing.

    The real Problem right now is that if you click again its counts already as a click at this position for the next screen!

  5. I think the 10 Points are good for now but at the lower Limit for the number of Options given. So as Soon ther is a expansion to the options aviable there sould be also a increase in option Points.

    But the Suggestion to Choose the Birthday and Familiar without spending Points sounds good as long its get balanced overall. (maybe reduce the points to 8 but give Negative Options also to both like Pamela that gives 1 Point)

  6. Acording to the description of the item Silphium Stalk it sould give the Ability Enjoy Silhium but I dont see it in my list and also I dont see it in items so I could us it from there.

    Even with Rest is better then the Silphium Stalk (reduce Stress by 5) I wonder where the Ability is that I sould have from them. (I have 3 in my Knapsack and even more in my Wadrobe)

  7. Using the Champions Room I managed to get the 1st Skill Bonus but not the second so maybe the Difficulty is off (or I have a Bad effect on me that I dont see)? Acording to the description the Roll is insight/planning what in my chase means 3(Insight)+2(Champions Room)+9(Planning)=14. I also have the Same Problem with the Work Loayout at the Times acording to the Description its Insight/Puzzles and I have 3+10= 13 but I only get Observation (except the second Roll is a differnt skill).


    Will upload a Save now

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