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  1. I just used Practice Run and Succeeded but then No info about any Temporary or Permanent Increase of the Skills I selected.

    I only got the Message that the 5 Money was taken and that the Practice Run was succesfull.

    The Skills I thryed to improve wasnt changed at all ;).


    Now my Question is how this Action works or sould work.

  2. As soon I have the Tutoring Services (Milena di Montors Clique ability) Ability in my list of todays actions the game Crash if I want to call the Confirmation Orders screen.

    Error Message I get: "System error occured. Aplication will be Terminated"


    Btw the Description of the Ability sounds like its absolut the same as Train but is only usable once in a while so it sounds to weak.

  3. I think it would be nice to have at last 2 or 3 Bully Skills made aviable trough learning Schoolyard Education. (I have Schoolyard Education at 10 and are sure that I didnt get any Bully skills from it so that I only have Brute Strength there). Also would it in general nice if there would be more chances trough skill improvment to get "new" skills aviable.


    A other Suggestion is about the Support Area of this Forum. Maybe you can make a Pined Topic mit already known bugs/problems and what Patch they are intended to fiexed or if you need future help.

  4. After I finished my First game somehow I was a bit disapointed because there was no seperate Screen where some of the more interesting Facts of last year was displayed. (i.E my Character finished the Well Questline for Katja Qinnect what is a rater intersting point for the History or that he used to be most of his free time in libarys to study there)

  5. in my curent game after geting Brew to 10 (Chemistry to 9 & Poison to 8) with 2x Assistant Tonic Brewmaster I got a second Chemistry Subskill at 0 and I cant save any more after this hapend. Lucky I have saved right bevore this day so I can thry if I can reproduce it.

    Edit: Cant reproduce it sadly.

  6. Schwarzbart, you can just update your game manually.

    Lol tell this the one who post above me because I already manualy patched my Impulse installation Patch 1a a vew days ago and short after relase of patch 2 to this ^^.

    But your right its wort to mention it because for other games it dont work to use the devloper patchs with a installation from Impulse.

  7. Can you increase the chance of a random adventure for the "Serendipity" ability?

    As it is now I think its even worse then go on a planed adventure with the "Adventure" action.

    First of all you cant prepare for the upcomming adventure because you dont know when or if at all one hapen.

    Second a chance of 33% per day is only around 70% chance to have a adventure in this time from the ability. (I know you have a small chance to get 2 or even 3 but you gain random adventures even without this and I dont think it add a second to a day)

    Third you cant chose what adventure hapens.

    So I think the chance sould be 50% per day, 75% per day for 2 days or increase the number of days with 33% to a full week.

    Even with this I am still not sure If I would use it instead of adventure maybe the 33% for a full week would be enough for me to use it.

  8. I only have Trained Bond on my Familiar so fare and no Skills/Abilities/Spells or Phemes are Displayed at the Familiar Page

    Btw Observation that was used for my test if Selective Focus works is only once in the list.. (Train Familiar only add 1 Skill Point each time to the Familiar thats to less for my Tast to use it)

  9. Now Selective Focus have a selector with Patch 2 but some of my Skills are there 2 or 3 times what is confusing and the Bonds are also listed not sure if this is intended.^

    Edit : Is the Modivier not displayed? Becuase bevor and after the Need for next Level of my Observation Skill is still 4

    I got my Charm to 3 so the Need for next Level got to 2 and afterward I used Selective Focus and then use 3 times Study at the Library of Manetele but sadly only after the 2nd Step increas the Skill got improved so it not works!

  10. What I was Talking about is the Text to the Class Selection (in the Character Cration) there sould be what Attribute the Skill is Based.

    This would especial help People who complet new to the game andf have RPG expiriences but also it would help me so I dont have to look in old save Files/ my own list what Attribute each Class Skill is based.

    (Sorry that my first Post was confusing but I didnt whant to go to char creation just for writing the suggestion but now I haved to ^^)

  11. I don't know the spell

    Could you copy it's description here?


    Asking the Universe grants 3 point Bonuses to all the caster's Actions and Abilities; the effects last about two days.


    The greatest astrologers understood that they could never really “know” anything. Once you believe you have everything figured out, you will lose your value as an astrologer. You might be able to accurately read what’s going on in the sky, but you can never assume to know how this will affect people. Each individual is different, and the signs will treat them differently. The spell Asking the Universe will keep you grounded, helping you to remember that you don’t have all the answers.


    So its a great Universal Tool. Sadly curently its Buged and will corected in patch 3

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