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  1. Do you mind telling us why Herland Wheelwright was only Legate for 2 years? (My name memory is bad and you might already told us)

    Was there ever a student that did go trough 4 or more college before manage to graduate? 

    Is it planed to allow a player to change the college each year so that (s)he did go trough 5 different college after year 5?

    How would such a character be viewed if the college changes wasn't because of bad grades?

  2. I think rebuilding the great steam engine via magic could be an interesting year 5 project for player from Vernin and Aranaz (or clique with students from both college).

    Adding the Zoo would make this project to big but just the steam engine maybe with a  magic way to heat it that isn't direct part of the engine should be good as it is.


  3. Wonder what would happen if a student suggest to rebuild the great steam engine with revision magic as his / her last year Vernin project.

    Somehow I suspect it could even be a Aranaz project or gods beware a combined project of a Aranaz and Vernin student.

    Edit: That bring up a question is it possible that more then 1 student working on the same last year project, maybe even from different college? 

  4. 13 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:


    It turns out it was a bit more elaborate:

    "It was used to power kind of a room-sized, clockwork "zoo" that had been built on top of the engine itself.  Elaborate metal animals would move back and forth in complicated ways, driven by a system of gears under the floor of the display.

    The creators of the piece actually had people shoveling coal into its guts back home in Priestadt.  At the Academy, though, students just enchanted a few hundred stones to give off obscene amounts of heat whenever the sun was in the sky.

    Nobody even thought it was cheating."

    The "it was" means this "zoo" is no longer there?

  5. I still think it powering something like a sawmill because I suspect that there enough people who can't beliefe that something powered by wood, charcoal or coal could move anything without magic. Unlike in our modern time where it is common knowledge that you can use fuel to move a car in Academagia working example are still rare to find so that this common knowledge is missing!

  6. I suspect you came up with this idea because it is said that the aura of an unborn can be manipulated by some experts. I personal expect that a unborn still count a part of the body of the mother. If my suspicion is correct both the aura change and the enchanting of any bone of the unborn baby is best be done by the mother to increase the chances for it to work.

    Beside that Academagia have a way to enchant ? your hands that they partial work as wand replacement but the duration of this magic is probably counted in months and not years.

  7. That bring up the interesting question what magic beside Gate magic can transport messages to a location you can't see.

    I suspect Incantation should be the most reliable i.e sending a message with the wind if it is known that someone can hear the wind at the destination.

    Astrology should also have ways but the question is if at the destiny the message is interpreted the same way as the sender intended.

    Calligraphy could have enchanted papers that copy a message written on one of the papers to one or multiple linked papers.  Because this method need the papers transported to the different locations first I suspect there also some that clear the written messages after some time so that they can used many times. 

    For Revision and Glamour i right now can't see how it works unless it is made into a set of items.

    (Probably BCS imagined other way then the few I came up just now)

  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/738270/Ciel_Fledge_A_Daughter_Raising_Simulator/

    Ciel Fledge was released some days back. Its a daughter raising game where you plan the weekly actions of her. You can set 1 action for each day but have to set all 7 days of the week at once  after you confirmed the week the game go trough the actions of the week and sometimes give you the option the join in event. This events require fast actions from the player using the same system with different goals and rules each time. You can set the game to reject this events by default but you still have to use the event system for the fights during the explorations and you be forced to do at last one week long exploration that have multiple combat events.

    Because I'm current only in year 3 and the 1st stage of 3 stages in this game I can't tell if you have to do more explorations then the forced one or if later some other forced events are showing up.

    After Chinese Parents I think this is the next game showing how time slot management games could be done over years in a good way.

  9. Not sure if someone, maybe even I am, suggested this already but allowing to visit the shops by region so that multiple (unlocked) shops of the same region can visited with one time slot use could improve the shopping system.

    For catalog shops I think the best would that you could order at them all during one timeslot if the downside that you can't sell to them and the delivery delay stays.

    Beside delivered goods need a better reporting as I always was surprised to find the ordered items in my inventory at some point. A message like a parcel have arrived yesterday would be great.

  10. I'm sure there also changes and content that was added just because of some "Player" suggestion in the Suggestions & Improvement thread so you have to look there also.

    Beside I'm also not sure if all my bigger suggestions are in the writer corner, I think one or 2 where delivered in a more direct way.

    If I remember right some of the integrated player created adventures are supposed to have a continue in the 1.0 release version of Year 2, but we have to see if the team actual manage this. (Especial the player Created Familiar and Students will sure need content added in a 1.0 Version)


  11. I doubt you still can get the real 1.0.0. Version anywhere and even if this is possible you will miss out on a lot of bugfixes. 

    To get a 1.0.0 Version of just the content you could try to Publish the AMO as official content with the mod tools and use the result instead of the official content.

    Just keep in mind that no one can guarantee you that this will even work. (There will be lot of strangeness if it works because Adventures where only 1 step per adventure call despite written as if many step happen at the same day or the complete location bonus was working different then it works now)

    If you don't have the AMO or the Modtools check out if one of the downloads at this thread still works:


  12. personal I suspect sometimes 2021 but even that might be to early for BCS.

    Reason why I don't think it will be 2020 is Victory Belles and BCS hoping to finally launch it this year. Although it was mentioned that VB and Academagia Year 2 have different team working on them, I suspect that until the 1st after release Patch many of the team working at Year 2 have to help with VB. Also BCS will most likely do at last a 1/4 year test of Y2 with some of the forum member before it will be sold to prevent some of the problems happened with Academagia 1.0

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